Chiefs vs. Broncos Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

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Hace 9 meses

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Xavier JOnes
Xavier JOnes Hace un mes
That is a good won for KC in life only at the time of the day okay.
Brayden Carithers
Brayden Carithers Hace un mes
Wow flaco’s only good throw is to the fullback #32
DrQuadmaster4000 Hace un mes
Honestly, besides Flacco getting sacked many times, the play call to go for the 2-point on the opening touchdown and to go for the fake punt when you're only down 4 in the first quarter were bad.
Noel Teter
Noel Teter Hace 2 meses
Flacco has a rifle for an arm and French fries for fingers. Dude can't hold onto the ball for his LIFE
PJ KICKS Hace 2 meses
The look on Andy Reid face when Mahomes went down.
PetroFor3 Hace 2 meses
The chiefs lost mahomes? Damn season must be over. Bet they won’t do anything in 2019
Sonic live boy
Sonic live boy Hace 2 meses
Sonic live boy
Sonic live boy Hace 2 meses
SIR CHARLIE Hace 2 meses
Remember when joe flacco won a super bowl
BigtimeNadj SoldierWarriors
BigtimeNadj SoldierWarriors Hace 2 meses
I want chiefs to win I wanna se Sammy Watkins and Tyreek hill and Damien williams
Ramundo Moscahlades
Ramundo Moscahlades Hace 2 meses
I love the Kansas city chiefs!!
Quentin Hace 4 meses
Broncos defense did everything they can but the offense was horrible
Callum Harrison
Callum Harrison Hace 4 meses
🔥 *how much excitement there is* 0:51 💘 👇👇👇👇👇💝
Elias Arapahoe
Elias Arapahoe Hace 4 meses
Joe flacco sucks and Drew lock is better
Stanley Edwards
Stanley Edwards Hace 4 meses
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *i can watch and play all day* 0:36 💞🎥🔥 👇 👇 👇🧡
Grayson TV
Grayson TV Hace 4 meses
i love mahomes
Joe Winter
Joe Winter Hace 5 meses
As a Broncos fan I see this video than I see Joe Flacco is the QB and wonder how the word highlight relates to the Broncos.
Pig entertainment Corp.
Pig entertainment Corp. Hace 5 meses
fat guy: jumps on mahomes also fat guy: I have not done anything
Pig entertainment Corp.
Pig entertainment Corp. Hace 5 meses
this hsowed me how bad dever really is they kc lost MAHOMES and still lost 27-3
Premium-services Services
Premium-services Services Hace 6 meses
Dever needs to get used to this. Ass whipping year after year from KC
1ZosoLZ Hace 5 meses
Same way we whooped your ass every year before 2015
TopSecretVid Hace 6 meses
Moore did pretty darn good after settling in after being thrown in...
Travis Stoudt
Travis Stoudt Hace 6 meses
Wow seeing Mahomes go down this game I and I’m sure mostly everyone watching this game thought Mahomes would be done for the year now he is a Super Bowl MVP and has an amazing career ahead of him
thenewjord50 Hace 6 meses
Who came after mahomes won the super bowl
H_ cipher
H_ cipher Hace 6 meses
lets goooooo
Jayne Gilman
Jayne Gilman Hace 6 meses
Without Peyton Manning they are not gonna ever beat the Chiefs
The broncos did beat the chiefs with tebow
thenewjord50 Hace 6 meses
Now who came after mahomes taking the chiefs to the super bowl
Kenny L Garrett Jr
Kenny L Garrett Jr Hace 7 meses
That throw from Matt Moore to T Hill at 6:52 was LITERALLY A PERFECT THROW!!!!!!! Matt Moore has always been so underated it kills me.
Quentin Hace 7 meses
Joe flacco is a lazy object that doesn't move he knows the pressure us coming but he says uh idc I'll get sacked and I will fumble Fans: JOE YOU SUCK
3qui1i6riM Hace 7 meses
This has got to be the most embarrassing performance from an offense I've ever seen. Its like the Broncos weren't even trying.
Chiefs4Life / StarWarsMarvel
Chiefs4Life / StarWarsMarvel Hace 8 meses
5:47 The sound i make in bed
TopSecretVid Hace 8 meses
Moore did alright..
Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree Hace 8 meses
It comes down to say " who wants to win more?" BRONCOS GOTTA HAVE THAT MENTALITY
Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree Hace 8 meses
And also defend the blitz better
Drew Wallace
Drew Wallace Hace 8 meses
Joe sacko
Frank Hace 8 meses
I'm a big fan of Pat Mahomes, hell the only reason why I'm watching the Chiefs is because of Pat. Personally, I don't think Andy Reid knows how to run or use a clock, I've watched way too many close games and Andy seems clueless. But is it just me or does the Kansas City defense play better when Pat isn't in? It seems like the defense knows they have to step it up when Pat is out but when he's in, they feel like he should win the game for them?I I just feel that if Andy Reid knew how to run the clock most of those close games would have went to KC. I think if the defense played this hard all the time KC would be on top.
Kenny L Garrett Jr
Kenny L Garrett Jr Hace 9 meses
And people can say what they want about Joe Flacco, and he is having a rough time this yr, but he's proven n the past that he can b a good quarterback. Especially with that championship ring on his finger. And I'm not even a Ravens fan. But credit should b given to anybody where/when it's due.
Helena Hetlage
Helena Hetlage Hace 9 meses
Wondering if mahomes will play for the cheifs today 11-3-19
Cliqz Hace 9 meses
The quarter backs voice is so annoying for the broncos
Joe 711
Joe 711 Hace 9 meses
Ok to prove all of you wrong about saying Flacco is bad. Do you think Patrick Mahomes would still be an mvp performer and still produce the same amount of td’s if he had the broncos offensive line? Be honest cause I already know the answer.
vales verga flacco
Scott McFall
Scott McFall Hace 9 meses
I don't recognise these guys. They're not my Broncos.
Edward Mancilla
Edward Mancilla Hace 9 meses
Flacco isn't that good tbh
alana pehlivan
alana pehlivan Hace 9 meses
Packers are destroying them tomorrow
alana pehlivan
alana pehlivan Hace 9 meses
Darkwolfe Hace 9 meses
One of the most dynamic athletes?! I think I recall that being said about RGIII as well. Talk about hyping it up, good player, yes, most dynamic?! Yeesh.
Mark Blaine
Mark Blaine Hace 9 meses
It was Count S.VanDuleki a subsidiary of The Madden Curse by way of Mayberry, North Carolina
Stoner Blaz3
Stoner Blaz3 Hace 9 meses
Flacco trash 😂😂😂 glad he's gone
Jose Mateus
Jose Mateus Hace 9 meses
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种花 Hace 9 meses
Seahawks Fan9000
Seahawks Fan9000 Hace 9 meses
I can't believe they traded Frank Clark away so dumb
Bible Liberation Movement
Bible Liberation Movement Hace 9 meses
Old Era.
Josh Ahrens
Josh Ahrens Hace 9 meses
denver, where is your o-line? absolute garbage. I'm offended and I'm not even an broncos fan.
Josh Ahrens
Josh Ahrens Hace 9 meses
broncos fans, you cant blame flacco. the whole team is playing like trash
Rock Hace 9 meses
That black ref is really good makes some great calls
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Hace 9 meses
chiefs replacement qb...
Daniel Larsen
Daniel Larsen Hace 9 meses
I see alot of complaints about Broncos Oline. An oline has to believe in their qb to block for him. I have been a lifelong cursed Vikings fan and I know when I see a qb who is not interested and the rest of the team is too. Flacco's performance throughout the season is the look of a qb with nothing left. Trade Von Miller for picks as it is going to be a good 3 years before the Broncos will be relevant again. The time is now to rebuild.
Daniel Larsen
Daniel Larsen Hace 9 meses
Lets face it, nobody had Denver as a potential super bowl or even playoff team. Elway threw out a shitty product from the start.
verticy Hace 9 meses
Elway should be fired, we make the worst draft selections ever. The problem will always be our offense, but elway will always want a QB when we could use a better o line. After trading Talib, we could really use a better secondary. Chris Harris is still great but he hasnt been making big plays. This situation is like going to the dollar store for something. We always pick players that are washed up and have no big name. We need big name players like Leveon Bell, Jalen Ramsey etc. Bigger name players are usually better but we always go for the washed up, trashy players. We need a big rebuild
fredie464646 Hace 9 meses
what will chiefs do now ?
mdub2000 Hace 9 meses
Damn chiefs defense is good....their pass rush kept eating up denvers o-line!
Stories to Tell
Stories to Tell Hace 9 meses
Chiefs secondary is the weakest link
kfekadu55 Hace 9 meses
What was that play by the Broncos at 3:13? Lol 😆
Igor Giovanni
Igor Giovanni Hace 9 meses
To be fair, Denvers D got ruined by a backup
92Rafay Hace 9 meses
Denver offence making KC defense look elite
ManzanoMan Adventure
ManzanoMan Adventure Hace 9 meses
Time to fire Elway. I had a lot of respect for him as a player. But now as a GM, slowly he is ruining bronco nation.
James Gerkins
James Gerkins Hace 9 meses
The madden curse countinues patrick mahomes cover madden 20 gets injured
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Hace 9 meses
Flacco did a decent job, the offensive line and defense definitely did not show up
Frankie Rollins
Frankie Rollins Hace 9 meses
Joe Sacko
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace 9 meses
I’m starting to believe that the Madden curse is a sure thing.
Chadwick Tiliaia
Chadwick Tiliaia Hace 9 meses
The madden curse strikes again.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Hace 9 meses
3rd quarter the Broncos were so demoralized they gave up. --Dave
WinterXL Hace 9 meses
flacco is dead inside, just there for the paycheck
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace 9 meses
offensive line. The Broncos just look awful!
40thStangGT Hace 9 meses
Broncos Offensive Line has more holes than a pool table for the defense to storm thru no QB has a chance to make a play with an O line like that. And the Bronco Defense is nill
majesticspeedrun 98
majesticspeedrun 98 Hace 9 meses
So glad we have Lamar Jackson instead of Flacco lol
Frank Furlacker
Frank Furlacker Hace 9 meses
The Chiefs are never going to another Super Bowl.
Frank Furlacker
Frank Furlacker Hace 7 meses
@Billy baggins Nope, Ravens/Saints
Billy baggins
Billy baggins Hace 7 meses
How about now?
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