Cheese Expert Guesses More Cheap vs Expensive Cheeses | Price Points | Epicurious

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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious brings back cheese expert and noted author Liz Thorpe to guess which one of two cheeses is more expensive. Liz breaks down brie cheese, cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, and washed rind cheese. For each round of cheeses, Liz looks at, smells, and taste tests before guessing which cheese costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Thorpe explains why a specific cheese making process costs more and dives into the specifics of how to make the different cheeses.
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Cheese Expert Guesses More Cheap vs Expensive Cheeses | Price Points | Epicurious

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Joks iZantos
Joks iZantos Hace un día
6:20 Me in summer wearing our black slacks at school 😂
Father Loaf
Father Loaf Hace un día
bruh imagine having a child and having them grow yup to be a cheese expert
Distorted Wave
Distorted Wave Hace 2 días
So basically just find the cheese that is uglier.
Angel Morgan
Angel Morgan Hace 2 días
2:22 I’m dead
C _
C _ Hace 3 días
I got them all right! #expert lol
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh Hace 4 días
My favourite "rind-cheese" is Chaource. Liz, what is your opinion on Chaource. I like it best, when it is not real ripe, but rather like cream cheese in the middle more sour and not so mushroomy. Don't smell your fingers if you've touched washed rind cheese. The only reason cheese B is orange is because it is "painted" orange with carotine. In a way that is cheating. Imho
Abdullah Tariq
Abdullah Tariq Hace 5 días
wasn't there a video similar to this on this channel?
venus xx
venus xx Hace 5 días
ok i love how she probably spent quite a bit of time observing,tasting and being around cheese so she could know all this and i basically went ,,this looks more expensive,, and i was right. Thank u boujee kids from school
The Bob 147
The Bob 147 Hace 6 días
Ngl I don't have to understand the scientific details behind it I don't need to smell them nor eat them to see based on their looks which are more expensive
NEVBB24 Hace 6 días
She’s very educated in the cheese world!
TheFay7 Hace 6 días
Her eyes are sooooo pretty
Ken Carter
Ken Carter Hace 6 días
How does one become a,"Cheese Expert?"
K H Hace 6 días
I don't even eat dairy and I want to go buy some expensive cheese.
Mochi Mochi
Mochi Mochi Hace 7 días
The One that looks cheap is expensive and the one that looks expensive is cheaper Your now a cheese expert
Danielle C
Danielle C Hace 7 días
She was bummed when they didn’t give her buffalo mozzarella
Arturo Chacon
Arturo Chacon Hace 8 días
I work at a cheese manufacturing plant and it is hard work
N1njaSnake Hace 8 días
It’s wholesome content: a charismatic person who clearly loves her jobs, sharing her passion with us.
Who da lee who
Who da lee who Hace 8 días
You had me at Farty Smell
dont do it
dont do it Hace 11 días
Chicken Nugget Scientist > Cheese Expert
Funny Chips
Funny Chips Hace 11 días
I could watch this woman eat cheese all day.. and proceed to buy each cheese each week. Omg so delicious
M Fro
M Fro Hace 11 días
Objectively, I could eat all of the cheese there.
Karlijn Herijgers
Karlijn Herijgers Hace 13 días
to me dutchie gouda cheese is the only CHEESE, the rest I don't eat or just call them by their name (like brie is brie, mozzarella is mozzarella) (also I was surprised to hear her pronounce Gouda correct!!)
Alice Nieri
Alice Nieri Hace 13 días
I almost had an heartache when I saw the B mozzarella 🤣🤣🤣
Davey Robinson
Davey Robinson Hace 13 días
More? Are there more of these? I need to see her do EVERY CHEESE IN THE WORLD!!!!
Davey Robinson
Davey Robinson Hace 13 días
There's a Cheese Whisperer?
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide Hace 13 días
16:05 "Smells like diapers, smells like dirty socks" "Mmm this i could just eat this entire thing" Nasty lady
Aryanna Herasme
Aryanna Herasme Hace 7 días
I mean if you took a bite of cheese that tastes like straight up bacon I'm sure we'd all wanna eat the whole thing too!
Royalty Hace 13 días
I bet you she likes smelling feet
L Rogers
L Rogers Hace 14 días
Chocolate, cheese, bread...I'm in heaven.
Avrila Vyne
Avrila Vyne Hace 15 días
Lol. I'm no cheese expert but I guessed everything correctly. Uglier = more expensive apparently :) wish I could have tasted those cheese also
Alexandre Géhin
Alexandre Géhin Hace 16 días
Brie is a cheese most people find a simplistic, but the thing is, good brie is definitly very interesting cheese, like the brie de meaux (pretty expensive but it's delicious)
Johnny Apples
Johnny Apples Hace 16 días
Cheese expert @ the B washed rind cheese: "What are you?" Me, cheap deli worker: "ma'am that is muenster cheese" aka american imitation of french munster cheese, the orange-y rind is caused vegetable oil added during the process of making it
Jill Penhorwood
Jill Penhorwood Hace 16 días
the *ding* every time she says something "right" definitely needs to go...
Eskamo Bob
Eskamo Bob Hace 21 un día
I think this is the first time I have ever seen one of these experts call out that costing more doesnt always mean its better. Pretty damn refreshing to watch, especialy from episodes like the tea one where he pretty clearly enjoyed the cheaper tea far more every time
Kobe Rochon
Kobe Rochon Hace 21 un día
You’re telling me I’ve been eating cloth
Kobe Rochon
Kobe Rochon Hace 21 un día
Also wax
kris wilkinson
kris wilkinson Hace 23 días
Cheap Brie smells of butter and milk, expensive Brie smells of farts *makes note never to buy expensive Brie
Ricky Lopez
Ricky Lopez Hace 23 días
Did someone say nuts?! I love nuts!!!
KittySnicker Hace 23 días
LOL “a farty smell.” And I love me an aged cheddar.
Ariel RV
Ariel RV Hace 25 días
FINALLY, Laganja stopped being a victim, she grew up and decided to go to cheese school. So proud of her.
Fresh Aguacate
Fresh Aguacate Hace 22 días
infracta300 Hace 27 días
Is that weird xylophone / bell sound in the background music driving anyone else crazy? It's slightly manic
Jerakk30 Hace 27 días
"Cheese is priced by the lb and that's enough for 14-16 people"... apparently I'm 42-48 people.
Kamrul Islam
Kamrul Islam Hace 28 días
Cheddar is an English cheese. What is American style cheddar ?
hopeless heathen
hopeless heathen Hace 17 días
Its just the rectangle blocks of cheese pakeged in plastic
Magic Plants
Magic Plants Hace 28 días
You could have said anything but you said "Farty" we're talking about FOOD here dude cmon! "Sulforous, methane-y, etc" anything other than that
Volatility Hace 28 días
15:52 she really enjoyed that
ウィーブウィーブ Hace 29 días
There is only one job in the galaxy that gets you this rich.... C H E E S E E X P E R T
Ken Ruamthawi
Ken Ruamthawi Hace 29 días
This is so white
Watcher Hace un mes
Like how everything got explained so well even the different knifes that were used. But there was something that bothered me a little. I’ve read that when taste testing cheese you should use a different knife for every cheese because else you will mix up the flavors, especially with the creamy ones.
Megan Webb
Megan Webb Hace un mes
Can i hang out with this lady and eat cheese with her
Mahir Mahota
Mahir Mahota Hace un mes
Man, those knives are so beautiful.
Model RC
Model RC Hace un mes
But I can immediately tell which one is more expensive?
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 Hace un mes
best thing ever was when I got a meatball marina sub at subway, and they put FRESH mozzarella on it XD god it was so good-
Elizaveta Alekseeva
Elizaveta Alekseeva Hace un mes
I love epoisses
Elizaveta Alekseeva
Elizaveta Alekseeva Hace un mes
Yep I got all right
Irina Girleanu
Irina Girleanu Hace un mes
For a cheese expert she has amazing skin. She's also a very beautiful woman; I got lost in those doll eyes a couple of times, girl crush alert!!
Douglas Thomas Hayden
Douglas Thomas Hayden Hace un mes
late to the game, but in honor of Terry Jones (R.I.P. today): "...blessed are the *cheese*makers"
Pòw Hace un mes
Il give it two years before there’s a rapper called young cheese
Pòw Hace 23 días
Ysaack Franco lil cheese, young gouda, lil Stilton, lil applewood, lil Monterrey jack, the possibility’s are endless 😂 I went to the supermarket last week and saw ‘young spinach’. made me crease
Ysaack Franco
Ysaack Franco Hace 23 días
lil chee$e
m güleşen
m güleşen Hace un mes
ben daha uzmanım hepsini sadece bakarak bildim asdfg
雷特 Hace un mes
Comparing bries of different maturity somewhat lame. It looks a bit like that the price difference is more or less based on how slow the shops are willing to sell it. Brie should be let to mature after buying anyway. Why would you even think of comparing the taste before that? It's like tasting beer right after adding the yeast to the wort. And comparing mozzarella sold in brine to industrial style pizza topping? That isn't even the same kind of cheese.
neha doe
neha doe Hace un mes
smellier and old looking are more it
VenomSnake1984 Hace un mes
find you someone who treats you like a cheesemaker treats the expensive cheese theyre aging
JL Humor
JL Humor Hace un mes
Yall gotta just give her small pieces of cheese to taste for christ sake. I picked all the better cheeses and I eat my scabs.
JL Humor
JL Humor Hace un mes
The average annual salary of a cheese expert is 44,617
Dmitriy fed
Dmitriy fed Hace un mes
Haha she cut the cheese
fododude Hace un mes
I don't trust her. She's too thin.
zsazsa dhysha
zsazsa dhysha Hace un mes
lowkey flex about her knives
Paul Bolin, M.D.
Paul Bolin, M.D. Hace un mes
Wow. I honestly never thought I'd say this, but I could watch this woman eat and talk about cheese for hours. I feel like I learned so much in 19 minutes. The description says she's an author...does anyone know what books she writes on cheese?
BubbaTheParrot :3
BubbaTheParrot :3 Hace un mes
Omg im so hungry now
1954 FA Cup
1954 FA Cup Hace un mes
"It's satisfying when I'm right." It's her video, of course she's right, she set up the filming. Duh! :(
vabvaab Hace un mes
uh she definitely doesn't run epicurious or make their videos
Reiko Day
Reiko Day Hace un mes
I love cheese
Carrie Miles
Carrie Miles Hace un mes
Please tell me I’m not the only one who can tell which one is more expensive right away?
Swastik Nandgaonkar
Swastik Nandgaonkar Hace un mes
"Haa that's satisfying when I'm right"....... Literally every women ever even when they r not right😂😂
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