Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates

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tlc uk

Hace un mes

This couple are so cheap that they share one toothbrush, take two minute showers together, and even share the same piece of dental floss when cleaning their teeth!
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Lowkey_mee Zi
Lowkey_mee Zi Hace 3 horas
K bye I'mma shower.
Peyton Hasselman
Peyton Hasselman Hace 3 horas
They are going to share a coffin sad
MAJORness Legend
MAJORness Legend Hace 3 horas
What if they got divorced there gonna be dead and still have to be face to face
Tia Watson
Tia Watson Hace 15 horas
What’s the point in saving money when your not going to do anything with it??
Skylar Gordon
Skylar Gordon Hace 17 horas
CherylBunny Hace 18 horas
Sharing a tooth brush can cause infections or even cancer So getting it cancer removed is even more than having another tooth brush
Sophia Jackson
Sophia Jackson Hace 23 horas
I stand in the shower for an hour...
Shamuriel Bush Pineda
Shamuriel Bush Pineda Hace un día
Oh my God, jees
uwu Ashley
uwu Ashley Hace un día
imagine being their child 😭🤢
Emma Leblanc
Emma Leblanc Hace un día
these people are so stupid
RustRabbit Hace un día
fuck that
Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler Hace un día
We actually share spitwater
Bailey Hardesty
Bailey Hardesty Hace un día
wE aRe gOnNa sHarE a To0Th bRusH
Louise Star
Louise Star Hace un día
Oh helllll naaahhhh
maybel sla
maybel sla Hace un día
Kepping snacks idea loked is good idea
Blue Turtle
Blue Turtle Hace un día
Ok but I can take a 90 second shower and still wash myself.
sweet tweet
sweet tweet Hace un día
SummeryTester49 123
SummeryTester49 123 Hace un día
Those health insurance going to cost more from sharing that toothbrush
namjoons chopsticks
namjoons chopsticks Hace un día
Fernando Le
Fernando Le Hace un día
Thalia Larriuex
Thalia Larriuex Hace un día
Go to dollar tree
MITZ Hace un día
A tooth brush costs like 1 3 dollars a freaking dental floss cost like 90 cents pr 2 dollars bruh
MITZ Hace un día
Play fortnite broke niBBa
Moodeh YT
Moodeh YT Hace un día
Just so you know THEESE people Are millionaires
FlipdClips Hace un día
Wtf Shampoo- dollar store Floss- up to $1 Toothbrushes- you can get a pack of 4 for $1 Deodorant- Dollar store Snacks- FREAKIN DOLLAR STORE JUST USE THE DOLLAR STORE SMH...
Aaron Watt
Aaron Watt Hace un día
Razors are not 25$ in the UK there £2
Roy Lessa
Roy Lessa Hace 2 días
All I gotta say to this is wow. Nothing else
Aaron King
Aaron King Hace 2 días
MiniLadd needs to react to these 😂😂😂
lexi w
lexi w Hace 2 días
There is a dollar store you know that right and you can get like 8 tooth brush for one dollar
Kyler Mattson
Kyler Mattson Hace 2 días
5:13 my great granpa is 103 my great grandma died at 91 so try me bitch
Bettylily Karioki
Bettylily Karioki Hace 2 días
WOW?!? ...
CARRYYYFN Hace 2 días
You nasty bitch
Gamemonster90 Hace 2 días
Cheap bastards.
duckymaxiduck xox
duckymaxiduck xox Hace 2 días
My internal reaction to this: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 (Mainly the start with the toothbrush, floss and showers 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮)
Zedeye Hace 2 días
who says you're gonna be together for that long and also it seems like she's more concerned about how much a grave is gonna cost than about her husband dying lol
Marcanthony Martinez
Marcanthony Martinez Hace 2 días
She must really love that man cause yeah#yuckmouth
Zedeye Hace 2 días
OMG nothing more do I want to do than give them a toothbrush like srsly I have probably 5 unopened toothbrushes like geez
Ben KT777
Ben KT777 Hace 2 días
Have they heard of couponing and dumpster diving? There’s episodes where ppl buy thousands dollars worth of stuff for free
Jayla Szold
Jayla Szold Hace 2 días
So they see each other private parts
bangscion Hace 2 días
My name is Carissa
Shae and nat
Shae and nat Hace 2 días
Do u no that I can get gum deses
Clearly ImToNice
Clearly ImToNice Hace 2 días
wife: what are you going to get me for my birthday husband: close your eyes honey wife: oh I can't wait husband: open your eyes ! wife: oh 1 dollar i love you honey husband: I knew you would like it
Clearly ImToNice
Clearly ImToNice Hace 2 días
these people nasty and cheap asf
Catsareadorable_ 34
Catsareadorable_ 34 Hace 2 días
Honestly isn’t sharing a toothbrush a bad idea? You have no idea if your spouse is sick or has a contagious illness
Isabella Mounts
Isabella Mounts Hace 2 días
She can't get shampoo but she can get makeup and jewlrey 😫
Mujtaba Mohammad Balouch
Mujtaba Mohammad Balouch Hace 2 días
Nigga actually names the fucking eggs I wish they don’t have kids bc they are you going to run away
Angie Mull
Angie Mull Hace 2 días
*Can't buy a toothbrush or razor but they can buy jewelry and makeup*
falam boy
falam boy Hace 2 días
i know this is fake but why the heck would you record them when they are taking a shower
Ashley Baker
Ashley Baker Hace 2 días
thay cant share snacks but can afford a lock and Chan
Layla Floyd
Layla Floyd Hace 3 días
So why dont you go to dollar tree?
Sid Poop
Sid Poop Hace 3 días
i mean....Their not that bad unlike the other cheapskates but i think this is the first couple that doesnt do that much disgusting things
K I L L J O Y Hace 3 días
First word that I said right away clicking the video: *_eww._*
EM Fishing
EM Fishing Hace 3 días
Excuse me but What the fuck
Itz.angxl209 Hace 3 días
I'm in disgust
5 Subscribers with out any videos
5 Subscribers with out any videos Hace 3 días
I understand like to share toothpaste and like share snacks but like they took saving money WAYYY TOOO FARRR
Sam. Bennett
Sam. Bennett Hace 3 días
Okay, but sharing the same suds from your hair is actually disgusting because ur sharing your germs from your hair and just yuck!👎🏼☠️😭 :P
snickerdoodles Boo
snickerdoodles Boo Hace 3 días
One packet of razors $25 dollars. Umm, beyond nastyness. I hope he never cheat on you so you dont get no disease
Dee Love
Dee Love Hace 3 días
girlfriend : *uses the shampoo suds on her boyfriends hair* lice : *transfer complete*
pineapple gacha
pineapple gacha Hace 3 días
you can get toothbrushes for free legit?
LigmaGamer 69
LigmaGamer 69 Hace 3 días
Weird dang people
yasmin Sourour
yasmin Sourour Hace 3 días
BryceSullivan Hace 3 días
If your really that desperate to share a toothbrush just live in a trailer
Chloie Iturriaga
Chloie Iturriaga Hace 3 días
The funeral thing is scary though
Spillz A
Spillz A Hace 3 días
Do they really shower in 2 min I do that for like 3 hours
Lies lies lies
Lies lies lies Hace 19 horas
25 min for me
JuicePack Hace 3 días
At least they could have sex in the shower
Rockyrose arts and gaming
Rockyrose arts and gaming Hace 3 días
What the heck you could go to the dollar store to buy a bag of razors, toothbrushes, and floss for a dollar like come on 😂
Meatball3000 Hace 3 días
Man go pee out side poop in the toilet 300iq
Marino Glavičić
Marino Glavičić Hace 3 días
Bogati vi ste bolesnici
Sebastian Roman
Sebastian Roman Hace 3 días
Jason Cruz
Jason Cruz Hace 3 días
Hell nah these people are goss
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