Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates

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tlc uk

tlc uk

Hace 4 meses

This couple are so cheap that they share one toothbrush, take two minute showers together, and even share the same piece of dental floss when cleaning their teeth!
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Julia Torrez
Julia Torrez Hace 5 horas
These fuckers are dumb they can get everything they need at the dollar tree and still be cheap
Miriam T.
Miriam T. Hace 7 horas
this is so extra
sam meregildo
sam meregildo Hace 8 horas
so are you telling me... what she uses on her body... he uses on his face?... what abt when she needs to shave her pussy-
2muchtv Hace un día
Cremation may be cheaper.
2muchtv Hace un día
You're not supposed to put a tips in your ear. Save money by not doing that.
Immotarobot Hai
Immotarobot Hai Hace un día
Fucking gross🤮🤮
Beverly Ogden
Beverly Ogden Hace un día
Those people are super duper shmooper cheapskates
Beverly Ogden
Beverly Ogden Hace un día
You can get a entire pack of toothbrushes at family Dollar for like 2.50
Fido Girl
Fido Girl Hace 3 días
Crazy people , need mental help .
Mimi sweet
Mimi sweet Hace 5 días
That's not cheap that's disgusting
Chereon Redhead
Chereon Redhead Hace 6 días
Who else noticed he was wearing his watch during his shower?
Uchiha Sakura
Uchiha Sakura Hace 7 días
Are you telling me you're not using the same towel too??
Yessica Lizeth
Yessica Lizeth Hace 8 días
That’s gross af that’s white people stuff
Truth Carter
Truth Carter Hace 8 días
$25 dollars for a pack of razors?! um no ma’am you can get a value pack from the dollar store
King Killer2o479
King Killer2o479 Hace 9 días
If it was me I wouldn't flush and then make her get a tally for flushing for me
CoCa CoLa
CoCa CoLa Hace 10 días
Bacteria high level
Allison Thomas
Allison Thomas Hace 10 días
Her : I don’t really care if he dies , I just care about the bill after Him : nods
Christine Mills
Christine Mills Hace 10 días
Sadie Jackson
Sadie Jackson Hace 11 días
sharing a toothbrush is gross you can get one for like $1soooo
corrigang forever
corrigang forever Hace 11 días
She said can u put me in there with me 🤣🤣😂😂🤚🤚
masi m
masi m Hace 11 días
0:47 the poor camera man
artsy Madison
artsy Madison Hace 11 días
That's weird ewwwwwww
Alfaramz3 Hace 12 días
u know what whatever works for them works for them at least they are both into it tbh
venn xkxnxcxnxdxllx
venn xkxnxcxnxdxllx Hace 13 días
Why not bury urselves in your backyard aaaannndddddd just wrap urselves with plastic like the one they used in john wick where they clean up his house. Heres a much better idea u can do it right now so u wont spend anymore money with you... Thank me in heaven 😁
venn xkxnxcxnxdxllx
venn xkxnxcxnxdxllx Hace 13 días
Or better yet burn whoever dies first and put the ashes in a coffee can like in the movie due date
ItsMeAlexandra Hace 14 días
I packet of razors is not 25 dollars 😭😭
Clint Jones
Clint Jones Hace 14 días
That’s Actul Oretty Cool.Their methods were cool
lover803 N Gacha
lover803 N Gacha Hace 15 días
The fact she said men die frist
alemon22 Hace 15 días
next time when u go to toilet use one side toilet tissue and keep the other side clean for next time or for him to use it :D
alemon22 Hace 15 días
if such a stupid/mad woman will take decisions in the house i wonder that man how can he accept it lol...... i'm woman and if take decisions i take the right ones not being stupid or mad lol this video isn't suitable for men to watch warning they will think all women are stupids/mads :))))))))
alemon22 Hace 15 días
lol wtf yacks and so damn cheap, more worse than being economic if u know what i'm saying
Matthias Boodhai
Matthias Boodhai Hace 16 días
Sharing dental floss is not hygienic
Gavin CoolioYT
Gavin CoolioYT Hace 17 días
I’m ganna get sick
Marion Kirgotty
Marion Kirgotty Hace 17 días
6:56 his face killed me
Yasmin Styles
Yasmin Styles Hace 18 días
At this point they are not husband and wife , they are business partners
R Navarre
R Navarre Hace 18 días
I'll go broke. I eat a lot of fiber. Tons of flushing.. I need a money tree
Anna Victoria Rodriguez
Anna Victoria Rodriguez Hace 18 días
Wait she’s 26 😳she looks way older then 26
Leonóra Galamba
Leonóra Galamba Hace 18 días
hahaha “i just have to be on top of each other *dead*” “okay that would probably work” i’m dying
Sirena Spades
Sirena Spades Hace 21 un día
They keep calling this couple "the parents", when there is nothing about children. So why don't they just call them the couple? I keep thinking that their parents are going to show up.
Sirena Spades
Sirena Spades Hace 21 un día
It takes longer to share a shower.......................... plus its a hassle
Kaarina Moongo
Kaarina Moongo Hace 21 un día
They actually make a cute couple
Lulu Chang
Lulu Chang Hace 22 días
WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE SAME COFFIN!? That’s so weird!!!!!! They should just buy 2 coffins from all the money they save from!
Alfredo Romero
Alfredo Romero Hace 22 días
She looks like a Jamie Lynn Spears on METH
Veronica Mojica
Veronica Mojica Hace 24 días
This bitch.. made her husband pay 15 cents for a *chip* WTF..
OrthodoxofUSA Hace 25 días
I hope that I can marry someone who is as cheap as me, or even cheaper!
Jenifer Hernandez
Jenifer Hernandez Hace 25 días
They can ask to get a free tooth floss from the dentist and they will be happy to give it to you
InfiniteJdogg Hace 26 días
These people share floss, and a toothbrush and I don't even share TOOTHPASTE WITH MY BROTHER
john tran
john tran Hace 26 días
Looks scripted lol. Cause in the real world you don’t save much by doing this anyway. Time is money then wasting time doing crap like this. You get an education, skill sets., connection and make a decent amount so why would you do shit like this. If this is really true they can do this for another 50 yrs my home and money is way more than them. Based in this video
beerlula ali
beerlula ali Hace 26 días
Uff, Waar waxan uraya Bal eega
Quentin Gilbert
Quentin Gilbert Hace 27 días
They give free floss and toothbrushes at the dentist? Do they not go to the dentist?!?
Jusalilhindi Hace 28 días
What packet of razors is 25$ 😂😂😂 stop this is just nasty
Kalani Nolan Vlogs
Kalani Nolan Vlogs Hace 28 días
Why don't they just poo and THEN at the end of the day they flush the toilet
Erika Contreras
Erika Contreras Hace 29 días
The doctor tells the wife you need to purchase a kidney in able to survive!!! Oh no that means I will live longer and the longer you live the more expensive it would be
fay sayed
fay sayed Hace 29 días
1 bottle of shampoo saves us for couple of weeks 🧴
Shea Finch
Shea Finch Hace un mes
Why do they share cotton swabs because when you use one side on each ear you are taking the germs from that one ear and transferring those germs to the other ear
XxLynnxX XxDinhxX
XxLynnxX XxDinhxX Hace un mes
I can't belive they share floss and a toothbrush they have germs because they are not family
Ajaun Chappell
Ajaun Chappell Hace un mes
I can admit this one isn’t that bad
Dennis Moser
Dennis Moser Hace un mes
"Whoever flushes more owes more on water and electric " .... Since when do toliets use electricity??? I'm confused
Softball girl_56
Softball girl_56 Hace un mes
Hmmm how about kids
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae Hace un mes
*This is gross!!!! Hell, instead of sharing some of the Healthcare items, there are many many other ways they can go to save money and use different ways!!!! I'd be embarrassed if I were them!!*
NeDibles sweet
NeDibles sweet Hace un mes
Where do they get their estimates 😂😂😂 $25 for razors ??
Lee Potier
Lee Potier Hace un mes
Trench mouth has entered the conversation
squckers Hace un mes
I'm not the only one saw that car....
Music Lover
Music Lover Hace un mes
Using the same toothbrush 😷😖🤢😝
Kim Beeb
Kim Beeb Hace un mes
That should use a box instead
Pink Milk
Pink Milk Hace un mes
Literally threw up in my mouth when I found out they share the tooth brush and floss.
Battering Juggernauts
Battering Juggernauts Hace un mes
I just start the shower and slowly move my body towards inch by inch the water.(we have only cold water shower here)
Hunter Wooten
Hunter Wooten Hace un mes
Sharing shower: aight that’s fine Sharing cotton swab: uhhh ok Sharing deodorant: aight this is getting a little weird Sharing toothbrush: hell naaaaaawwwwww Sharing tooth floss: aight imma head out
Robert Castro
Robert Castro Hace un mes
15¢ per chip😂😂🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
Lillypop Animations
Lillypop Animations Hace un mes
Abigail Del angel
Abigail Del angel Hace un mes
Dis cos tan🤢
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