Carol Burnett - The Family: "Ellen's Anniversary" (Uncut)

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Eunice and Mama visit Ellen (Betty White). Unedited as it originally aired on March 5, 1978.

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William Torres
William Torres Hace un mes
Betty white was gorgeous
Anny Conda
Anny Conda Hace un mes
Who disliked this? What kind of monster dislikes this classic and epic tv moment?
justmeandshit Hace un mes
How the damndid they do this!
mizzmarlowe Hace un mes
I use to love this show when i was a kid
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala Hace un mes
Greatness. Amen 🙏🏻
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Hace un mes
Wow 🤩 Betty looks 🔥 🔥 in this dress!!! I’d even wear it!
NoahLewis Smith
NoahLewis Smith Hace un mes
Mama's Family who came from the Carol Burnett show has always been one of my favorite. It is just a calm and funny show. Betty White as Ellen was great. The only character I wasn't thrilled with was aunt Fran. Rue Mcclanahan( ?) had so much talent and proved it on The Golden Girls as Blanche. But her character on Mama's Family was dry and not very funny. Her character came accross as more annoying then funny. No one could replace the other characters. Iola was great. Ellen was great. And Eunice was my favorite was really great. Sadly she wasn't on Mama's Family much. Just a handful of episodes in the first 2 seasons. Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence were great together with Ed. And having Ellen on just made it better. Vincent and Naomi characters were so so at first but then become a big part of the show. Strange how the cast was cut down the middle in the 3rd season. Funny because in season 2 Iola was mentioned but not in a positive light by mama. Mama called her and her family crazy and the Harpers stayed away from them. All of a sudden she became part of the show. The mama's family crew had to feel blessed because changing so much about a show is not something that usually works out. I think the same strange character of Iola saved the show.
ilovegoodsax Hace un mes
I never knew Ellen had kids! I watch old episodes of "Mama's Family" on Logo quite often and her daughters have never been mentioned on the show.
lux Hace un mes
Sad that families are really like that. I’m glad Ellen had the guts to get and started initiating no contact.
Clara Salaam
Clara Salaam Hace un mes
Felix Almeida
Felix Almeida Hace un mes
Betty White! She takes the cake, doesn’t she!?
Slated 4u
Slated 4u Hace un mes
Pure genius, they played these scenes as realistically as possible, they didn't try to milk it for laughs. Remember, tragedy is the basis of comedy.
Win S.
Win S. Hace un mes
So Mama's Family was a spin off from this show??
T Tagg
T Tagg Hace un mes
My fav 3 girls still going strong 💪 2/21/20
Aliana Gutierrez
Aliana Gutierrez Hace un mes
Wish I did tht to my family. & not joking I’m being for I rather block thm from my life for good
Janeen Hobbs
Janeen Hobbs Hace un mes
Tyler Perry really Madea truly you göt alot from Mama Family
yani -
yani - Hace un mes
Ellen shes bringing up the rear Omg Eunice . Mamas same dress .Duke Reeves. Ed
dasheaira Davis
dasheaira Davis Hace un mes
Why mama sitting with her legs wide open 😂😂💕
Ross Miles
Ross Miles Hace un mes
She's airing it out ...
Tanith Jackson
Tanith Jackson Hace un mes
Isn't Ellen a little overdressed and made up for an informal gathering at her home? Or is that the way she dresses all the time? She's really trying hard to be a member of the upper crust.
Christina Vines
Christina Vines Hace un mes
Wow this is amazing when Betty White was so beautiful is pretty fantastic what funny is when over both of them were talking about this that is probably is totally weird 😬
Christina Vines
Christina Vines Hace un mes
This is pretty sort of Completely Complicated though but is awakard
Miss Candace
Miss Candace Hace un mes
Roots. Thank you Carol.
WonderWhatHappened Hace un mes
I tried so hard not to like Ellen in this clip but then I remembered she's Betty White so I know that would be impossible.
Tania Jones
Tania Jones Hace un mes
Watching Betty White in Mama's family makes me think that she would not have been a great "Blanche" in Golden Girls. Her southern accent is not great, I loved her as "Rose".
Jana Stuller
Jana Stuller Hace un mes
The start of ungrateful adult children.
jimmy blais
jimmy blais Hace un mes
Brilliant acting between these two. loves it.
Cali Girl
Cali Girl Hace un mes
Is this show what gave a spinoff for mama's family?
Cali Girl
Cali Girl Hace un mes
@Peter Neal Thank you. Because I though Mama's family had a son or two & her daughter in law. I loved that show.
Peter Neal
Peter Neal Hace un mes
Yes. Mama's Family was a spin-off, but in an alternate universe. It's isn't a direct progression. In The Family skits (The Carol Burnett Show), Thelma had more sons (three in total, if I remember correctly, but I probably don't). Also, Thelma died in the tv movie that aired before Mama's Family came out. Certain things stayed the same, though...Eunice's outfit being one when she appeared!
D-jay Shawn
D-jay Shawn Hace un mes
Betty White will be the First Lady of Entertainment to live past 120
K March
K March Hace un mes
Damn, that was savage asf!
M J Hace un mes
You’ve GOT to love that blue carpet and window dressings!
Hana the writer
Hana the writer Hace un mes
@M J 🤭🤭😄
M J Hace un mes
Hana the writer Nice. The only thing that made me stop liking blue carpet for a while was when I was working for a Christian tv network and the station had a prayer chapel in it. And they had not updated this chapel in forever. So it had thick blue carpet. Long blue drapes. And a bunch of long pew-like benches. (Which you’d think i would have liked). BUT, it was always dark and too quiet and it reminded me of a creepy funeral parlor!!! LOL
Hana the writer
Hana the writer Hace un mes
@M J 😊 Thanks. It's quite old-fashioned tho. Mom disagrees with me she thinks green and blue is old fashioned not the elite beige and burgundy. But those blue details have a lot of nostalgia about'em. That's why I liked them, I guess.
M J Hace un mes
Hana the writer I love beige and burgundy together too! They go well together.
Hana the writer
Hana the writer Hace un mes
M J I noticed them too. I kept looking at all the details. Never thought blue would look nice all over a living room. Mine is beige and burgundy.
The Rolls Royce Trent
The Rolls Royce Trent Hace un mes
Betty White is absolutely beautiful in this video.
Leon Adams
Leon Adams Hace un mes
Look at Mama's smile in the beginning.
Wendy Baryl
Wendy Baryl Hace un mes
You are so good with these awesome videos!!! Thanks for your time 😊
horsepill Hace un mes
To see Betty White to go from snooty Ellen here to simple Rose on The Golden Girls shows the talent she has.
Nathan Bugg
Nathan Bugg Hace un mes
Ellen was the only one that got a wardrobe change. I always wondered why.
Margie Cisneros
Margie Cisneros Hace un mes
Ain't she fun...... my mom!
Sahiry Gnobehi
Sahiry Gnobehi Hace un mes
Derek Williams
Derek Williams Hace un mes
Incredible comic acting.
Dr.Cheryl Cuttineau
Dr.Cheryl Cuttineau Hace un mes
"Oh set it to music, Mama!"
꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂
꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂ Hace un mes
Poor Eunice. She could never catch a break from that miserable mother of hers.
Chris Buhrman
Chris Buhrman Hace un mes
Eunice is a great Daughter who’s heart was just too big . Mama was always saying the most hurtful things to Eunice and she gave back nothing but love and devotion sure she expressed her anger . Ellen always took Mama and the rest of the family for granted and always thought she was better than the rest of them.
Jessaca Rowe
Jessaca Rowe Hace un mes
Hold up..."come over from Africa"😐
Shanda Absar
Shanda Absar Hace un mes
This episode makes me hate Ellen. I know sje doesn't like her family but dje should hsve been nicer to Mama. Mama always stuck up for Ellen.
CrazySexyCoolmeisha Hace un mes
She really must have been a terrible mother. none of her kids like being near her. Eunice is only there because she was mentally the weakest, so didn't leave like the others
Rainey Karu
Rainey Karu Hace un mes
CrazySexyCoolmeisha Lol - you sounded like my Great Aunt Ceretha when she talked about her soap opera people. Glad you know it’s not real. 👍
CrazySexyCoolmeisha Hace un mes
@Rainey Karu u do realize these things happen in real life, right?
Rainey Karu
Rainey Karu Hace un mes
You do realize this is a fictional comedy skit, right?
Olivia Blackburn
Olivia Blackburn Hace un mes
My grandma was just like her except no country accent. She wondered why she was alone all the time. She had five daughters and all of them but one who is blind moved away. If that tells ya anything.
Gods Eye View
Gods Eye View Hace un mes
Betty looks timelessly gorgeous here. That dress, that hair do, fantastique.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson Hace un mes
It's too bad Betty White didn't hang onto that or the Rose Nyland character traits later in life. When she hit 90, she became foul-mouthed and lewd in her performances attempting to maintain the interest of an audience that had become needy of that sort of thing.
Tava Patton
Tava Patton Hace un mes
That smirk 4:45...😁
Cathy Rasmussen
Cathy Rasmussen Hace un mes
all times Betty White is on do they every show Ellen's husband? I can't remember them ever showing him.
Endymion Gladstone
Endymion Gladstone Hace un mes
Cathy Rasmussen he’s one of those they mention but never show. Like Eunice’s sons. Or Mrs Boylin.
2006glg Hace un mes
I used to *love* this show. Couldn't wait to get home from Bible study and used to try and rush my mama to leave so we could make it home in time to watch.
David Hearns
David Hearns Hace un mes
I luv Betty but she can’t speak with a southern accent to save her life lol
Dark Feather
Dark Feather Hace un mes
After hearing Betty White play Rose since I was in eighth grade, hearing her try to sound like Blanche now in my forties is very jarring and weird for me!
Krew Ashton26
Krew Ashton26 Hace un mes
Betty White is sure almost a 100 in 2 more years it's almost insane of how much she goes back in life I've always admired betty white from the Golden Girls she's the last Golden Girl
Harmonizer87261 Hace un mes
SO Betty White is 56 here. She looks amzaing!!
the has heart hasheart
the has heart hasheart Hace un mes
i really like Betty White, but I had read that she did at one tie have a facelift,
Maritza. Trenche
Maritza. Trenche Hace un mes
Vby0 v FCC UFC chi
Maritza. Trenche
Maritza. Trenche Hace un mes
Leon Adams
Leon Adams Hace un mes
Is she really 56 here? She really looks good.
Chester Izzy
Chester Izzy Hace un mes
It always bothered me they didn’t make Vicky Lawrence look the age she played. No wrinkle makeup etc.
PensiveCzar Hace un mes
Wasn't necessary. The clothes and the performance made her more than believable.
sMart MouF x
sMart MouF x Hace un mes
When you're a good actress you don't need all of that. Vicky did a fantastic job playing that crotchety old women with her acting chops alone.
Jim Buchelt
Jim Buchelt Hace un mes
Ellen plays the 'snob,' so well: giving subtleties and acting entitled, yet she plays the oldest so well with all of the dynamics involved where as Eunice lived in Ellen's shadow, even through adulthood.
Jennifer B
Jennifer B Hace un mes
Wow what a beauty Betty white was when she was younger! Just beautiful! so strange to me to see her look so young in this as I grew up with watching her in the golden girls! Lol! gorgeous hair and skin! Wonder what she does for beauty products etc! She’s glowing!
the has heart hasheart
the has heart hasheart Hace un mes
i do thing she is beautiful too, but i read that she did have a facelift .
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze Hace un mes
The question is: Is Ellen healthy for getting out or is she selfish? Or, did she not go far enough, since they know where she lives.
Patrick McMillan
Patrick McMillan Hace un mes
I love the restaurant episode when Eunice orders a pink lady for a cocktail. I can't seem to find it anywhere on You Tube.
James Jones
James Jones Hace un mes
bdinchi Hace un mes
I think this was the last "Family" sketch, as the Burnett show's final episode was just a few weeks later.
Chillmax Hace un mes
That peach dress, so effortlessly draped, but creating a spectacular goddess effect, wow to the wardrobe dept & hair for the gods as well xx
Chillmax Hace un mes
We didn't get this in the UK, it has a very particular American style that I guess didn't translate then. Wow, Betty White just looks like a Fairy/ Angel in this, totally amazing & luckily, we did get the Golden Girls ;-) Thanks xx
Hey_ Joe
Hey_ Joe Hace un mes
This program and Golden Girls were the only times i ever liked Betty White.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hace un mes
Hey_ Joe What about when she was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show playing “Sue Ann Nivens, The Happy Homemaker” on WJM-TV? I loved the her character chased Ed Asner’s character Lou Grant. I never watch “Hot in Cleveland” even though I loved Betty White and Wendie Malik. 😊
lady boywonder
lady boywonder Hace un mes
Ahhh! FAMILY! This reminds me of my in-laws Such a delight to live far away
Sparky Runner
Sparky Runner Hace un mes
There you see the two Burnett sisters together One is called Carol the other one is called Chrissie. No they are not one an the same person !!!!
Mary Hace un mes
Hahahaha !
Kimberly M
Kimberly M Hace un mes
I would love to see these three ladies reunited again. It was amazing watching this show when it originally aired and it's just as amazing to re-watch them again as an adult. This show is timeless. Thank you for the upload.
Terry Cassidy
Terry Cassidy Hace un mes
Haven’t seen Betty on anything for at least a year or two. I know she just turned 98, but wonder how she’s doing
Donna Miller
Donna Miller Hace un mes
Love Ellen's dress
Markxxx Hace un mes
I love how in these sketches, Eunice dislikes Mama, but tries to suck up to her, only to have it backfire on her.
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly Hace un mes
Who is seeing this for the first time and loves it ?
Team TinyTurtle
Team TinyTurtle Hace un mes
First time I saw it. I laughed the hardest at *4:42**.* No words, just the right face. 😂
Trina Patterson
Trina Patterson Hace un mes
“Awe, hell! I don’t know what I’m saying!!” Something tells me she forgot!!!
Deltadivaix Hace un mes
I love the Alex Haley Roots nod!
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