Carol Burnett Reveals Prank She Pulled on Her Crew

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Carol talks about turning 85, visiting her grandson at his school for grandparent’s day, going around the country doing Q & A’s and reveals a prank she pulled on the crew of “The Carol Burnett Show.”
Unnecessary Censorship - Avengers Edition

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Carol Burnett Reveals Prank She Pulled on Her Crew

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Sahuto Keyho
Sahuto Keyho Hace 2 meses
She is 85 and she looks younger than 60 years old . Wow 😂
Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr Hace 2 meses
She is beyond amazing.. Just a lovely, lovely person .. and an entertainer's entertainer. Pure class.. I hope some of it rubs off on Jimmy.
tiffany p
tiffany p Hace 6 meses
I love her so much omg.
Brent Edwards
Brent Edwards Hace un año
Her stories are a gas!
Bombay mix
Bombay mix Hace un año
There is no freaking way she is I acctually jumped!!!
Sun God
Sun God Hace un año
She is awesome and a fabulous comedienne. Thanks for having Carol on your show, Jimmy. She is such a treasure. I hope she lives forever. But just in case, I hope she is cloned many times over.
Jason Bryant
Jason Bryant Hace un año
85? Really? Damn. Looking good.
ArtsyMark Hace 2 años
she is a great story teller.. i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. she really gave it to her crew!
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins Hace 2 años
85? Wow. Carol Burnett and Betty White must go to the same doctor.
Liane Layman
Liane Layman Hace un año
You're joking right.
NEPatriot Hace 2 años
You want to talk about a living legend? Just say Carol Burnett.
C M Hace 2 años
National Treasure!
Javier M
Javier M Hace 2 años
kristen rock
kristen rock Hace 2 años
Carol and I have the same Birthday . She has always been my Idol for comedy , since I was 11 .
Liane Layman
Liane Layman Hace un año
I have the same birthday with Drew Berrymore.
flynnbrown2001 Hace 2 años
Burnett sounds exactly like she does, in that great film - the front page - walter matthau & jack lemmon & susan sarandon et al
Simply Visual
Simply Visual Hace 2 años
Now I want to search for that specific episode, because knowing this back story would make it that much more hilarious!
happylilsunbeam Hace 2 años
Wow I can't believe she's 85. She looks so vital. Just fantastic.
dxmx b
dxmx b Hace 2 años
She Looks Amazing,no botox just good skincare she's amazing
Tito Tim Travels
Tito Tim Travels Hace 2 años
I really miss the old variety shows. Carol Burnett and Dean Martin were comedy gold! Living Color was the last one I can remember...
Patti White
Patti White Hace 2 años
she is still a hoot
duffydo Hace 2 años
my mother loved carol burnett now my mom is gone
Al D
Al D Hace 2 años
God bless Carol!
gukaizhi Hace 2 años
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Carol burnett. She's a genius at what she does. I hope she lives to 100 and still makes us laugh and happy!
Auntie M
Auntie M Hace 2 años
If that is what 85 looks like, WOW. I can wait though🤗
Jako32 Hace 2 años
85!! 8*o EASILY going on 60-ish..max!! PURE talent living legend x 100. Nothing comes close or will ever again come close to Burnett Lucille Ball, Carson, Norman Lear (still living!) etc...Better looking outside AND in than 90% of the plastic goldfish, dazed/confused, horror shows infesting Hollywood.
JustNess78 Hace 2 años
Carol is a national treasure. "We love you, Miss Hannigan!" :)
Sonja Dawn
Sonja Dawn Hace 2 años
My birthday is the day after Carol Burnetts - woohoo! (I'm slightly younger)
Ashley Mellor
Ashley Mellor Hace 2 años
I love Carol in Annie
Alexandra Maricela
Alexandra Maricela Hace 2 años
I love Carol Barrnet
barbarino2000 Hace 2 años
Man, the Carol Burnett Show was SO good to watch back in the day. She was (and still is) so sharp and witty. A great set of comedic actors, who had perfect chemistry. Quality!
AfterTheWind Hace 2 años
85 years with Carol, 29 years without Lucy.😢
Amarie Hace 2 años
Damn good lookin' 85. Legend in comedy.
On 2Wheels
On 2Wheels Hace 2 años
I seriously thought she died a few years ago..
Lynn Turman
Lynn Turman Hace 2 años
Dam. I woulda tivo'd.
Nichet Tucker
Nichet Tucker Hace 2 años
She looks fabulous. I wish her well with her Netflix's Show❤️
Brad Robb
Brad Robb Hace 2 años
Jimmy says at the end “If you like this video click subscribe every time you do one of your enemies gets destroyed” What do I have to click to destroy Jimmy?
jeaniebird Hace 2 años
HAHA! NOW they know!
jeaniebird Hace 2 años
I kinda thought she was dead since I haven't seen her on teevee in quite a while. So glad she's not only not dead but looks like she's not even close! I love women with a sense of humor. Thanks for being a fine example of a human being, Carol!
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson Hace 2 años
This woman is why television was invented. That moment when she was at the top of the stairs, dressed in the curtains, looking down at Harvey at the bottom of the stairs looking up. That moment when they locked eyes. THAT moment is gold!
William French
William French Hace 2 años
She got the idea of Q&A from Gary Moore - who hosted a long running she that she co-starred on for a number of years. He would do the Q&A either before or after the show, not on camera.
Shane D.
Shane D. Hace 2 años
Ayyy Mrs. Burnett really out here! 😄 Bless her 🙏🏾 my mom & dad loved her show back in the day!
Elias Andre
Elias Andre Hace 2 años
Fish excited prize zvmokx wish portfolio flow produce virtually painful.
Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen Hace 2 años
Carol Burnett the Queen of Sketch Comedy. I love watching her old shows, specially the ones with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. She was just so brilliant as a writer and sketch comedian. Todays best comedy shows are not even in the same universe as her show was, nothing today comes close to being that funny.
Buthy ful
Buthy ful Hace 2 años
Thank you internet.. for introducing me to Carol Burnett Show.. Thank you Carol Burnett Show for introducing me to laughter that brings tear to the eyes!
M Butwin
M Butwin Hace 2 años
Carol Burnett helped to make an otherwise miserable childhood tolerable. Ms. Burnett, thank you.
abqguy69 Hace un mes
I can sure relate to your comment! Her show was a friend when I was in my teens.
uknow who
uknow who Hace 2 años
She's a master storyteller!
Luis H.
Luis H. Hace 2 años
U know Coral Burnett is a hilarious grandmother, mom, and wife!!!! But an even better person in real life.😀👍👍
Jason Bean
Jason Bean Hace 2 años
A legend for a reason.:)
Two-Face Hace 2 años
Love her in Annie
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker Hace un año
She is FOREVER Mrs. Hanigan, and Tim Curry her brother Rooster.
Ashley Mellor
Ashley Mellor Hace 2 años
Two-Face Me too I love her in Annie
Valley Girl
Valley Girl Hace 2 años
Two-Face We love you Ms. Hannigan!
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Hace 2 años
Icon personified. This woman is amazing. Loved watching her every Saturday night as a kid.
Shams Hace 2 años
HAhah, only Carol can pull something like that off. And she looks really good too. I recall Julie and Carol did an opening where Julie made fun of how OLD carol looked...super funny, i think the tables turned!
Pum2018 Hace 2 años
I LOVED watching The Carol Burnett show back in the day.
Breeze Incognito
Breeze Incognito Hace 2 años
She was the best comedienne when times were more gentle
Steve Zilla
Steve Zilla Hace 2 años
This fine lady is on pace be 135 years old.
Sun God
Sun God Hace un año
May they clone her many times over before she leaves this world.
New Message
New Message Hace 2 años
I remember being 5 or 6 years old.. sitting on the couch.. watching her show and deciding I wanted to be funny. And nothing gets a bigger laugh in class than asking a 6 year old what he wants to be when he grows up, and he answers 'Carol Burnett.'
Terry Miller
Terry Miller Hace 2 años
New Messa
Michael Weston
Michael Weston Hace 2 años
so do you live on ESwomen? i barely go a day without seeing you post on something
Frank Holguín
Frank Holguín Hace 2 años
😂🤣😂🤣😂 that was your funniest comment by far, and I’ve seen you all around ESwomen, here, at Jimmy Fallon’s, on Trevor’s, at Stephen’s, everywhere
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme Hace 2 años
Your childhood dream is dead then, because you definitely aren't funny after all these decades of trying. 6 year old you needs to stop begging for attention now and turn to something else.
Layla Bradley
Layla Bradley Hace 2 años
She is Gold..
Bruce DePenha
Bruce DePenha Hace 2 años
Legend! She's doesn't look 85!
Jess Montes
Jess Montes Hace 2 años
85 Years Old. She looks Amazing!!!! Looks and acts like she's in her 60's. Wow.
Liane Layman
Liane Layman Hace un año
Yea Ken Berry from Mamas family died not long ago at 85. No cosmetic help because if you see close ups of her you can see wrinkles.
LikeBreezy Hace 2 años
Wow you people..., she is a Hollywood personality. Don’t you think she has some cosmetic help?
Jess Montes
Jess Montes Hace 2 años
Lawrence Dodard I absolutely Love her!!!
Shane D.
Shane D. Hace 2 años
Jess Montes She’s spent a life bringing joy to everyone :) A Great life will always lead to Great health
Sebastian Johnson
Sebastian Johnson Hace 2 años
One of Tv's greats
MsRainbow Brite
MsRainbow Brite Hace 2 años
The one and only Mrs Hannigan
Two-Face Hace 2 años
MsRainbow Brite she must have hated being with those kids
Stephanie Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez Hace 2 años
She does not seem 85 wow!
BadaBing BadaBoom
BadaBing BadaBoom Hace 2 años
My Top Fives: 1. Lucille Ball 2. Carol Burnett 3. Mary Tyler Moore 4. Julia Louis Dreyfus 5. Tina Fey
HR 95
HR 95 Hace un año
Joan Rivers and Dame Edna lol
Bombay mix
Bombay mix Hace un año
Yaaaassssss I love lucy!!!
AfterTheWind Hace 2 años
If only Lucy were still alive. Imagine the continued stories that her and Carol would have. I would love to see a program with Carol, Betty White and Julie Andrews all together just talking and telling stories.
Jozz Wheeden
Jozz Wheeden Hace 2 años
BadaBing BadaBoom If you love those lady pioneers of comedy, you should love her too. Wouldn't be surprised if she moved up your list.
BadaBing BadaBoom
BadaBing BadaBoom Hace 2 años
josh scott Haven't caught up with her, yet 😟
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