Cardi B - Get Up 10 [Official Audio]

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Cardi B

Cardi B

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Cardi B - Get Up 10 from Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy available now!
INVASION OF PRIVACY merchandise available here:
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_ Vicky_
_ Vicky_ Hace 2 horas
Most underrated song from her omm
queen brinda
queen brinda Hace 11 horas
Shannah Stanton
Shannah Stanton Hace 12 horas
Queen Cardi Get up 10 My Anthem!!!! Foreva!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Thao
Linda Thao Hace 23 horas
Omg I love this one
Boris Perla
Boris Perla Hace un día
One of her best songs... she the Queen of Rap.😘
Imam Mahdi
Imam Mahdi Hace un día
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Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez Hace un día
2020 squad wya 😛🥰
joao vitor nascimento
joao vitor nascimento Hace un día
(i love that song)Cardi b i love you......................
lisa Hace 2 días
I want a video cardi. Where is it at.!? ❤❤❤ this song
Tiger Hawk
Tiger Hawk Hace 2 días
This song makes me want to cry and simultaneously punch everybody who's ever made fun of me
Cary Sontag
Cary Sontag Hace 3 días
Talk like a niga girl lol
Cary Sontag
Cary Sontag Hace 3 días
Deandre Junior
Deandre Junior Hace 3 días
HopeWorld Hace 3 días
Billie B
Billie B Hace 4 días
Ik this song word from word 💯
Ceren Yilmaz
Ceren Yilmaz Hace 4 días
Andrea Baldridge
Andrea Baldridge Hace 4 días
I waited my entire life to shit on these bitchez!
Flame 030
Flame 030 Hace 4 días
Fuck cardi b wtf why did you win the grammy
Flame 030
Flame 030 Hace 4 días
Fuck cardi she should of never won the grammy
IlllANnnn Hace 3 días
asia c
asia c Hace 6 días
The fact that this shit really hit home. Still blasts this in the hood 🤷🏾‍♀️
Eviee Langelier
Eviee Langelier Hace 6 días
"When you see what I've seen you end up like this" hits me so hard. Goosebumps
BhadBabie Hace 6 días
This remainds me "Queen of Nightmares" by Asian doll
Frankeya Edwards
Frankeya Edwards Hace 6 días
This song when I knew cardi was hot❤😎
Sandra Cabrera
Sandra Cabrera Hace 6 días
Ststst Tssst
Ststst Tssst Hace 6 días
raime strong
raime strong Hace 7 días
ItsYaGurl G
ItsYaGurl G Hace 8 días
Learning this verse: Look, they gave a bitch two options: strippin' or lose Used to dance in a club right across from my school I said "dance" not "fuck", don't get it confused Had to set the record straight 'cause bitches love to assume Mama couldn't give it to me, had to get it at Sue's Lord only knows how I got in those shoes I was covered in dollars, now I'm drippin' in jewels A bitch play with my money? Might as well spit in my food Bitches hated my guts, now they swear we was cool Went from makin' tuna sandwiches to makin' the news I started speakin' my mind and tripled my views Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs Get money, go hard, you're mothafuckin' right Never been a fraud in my mothafuckin' life Get money, go hard, damn fuckin' right Stunting on these bitches out of mothafuckin' spite Ain't no runnin' up on me, went from nothin' to glory I ain't tellin' y'all to do it, I'm just tellin' my story I don't hang with these bitches 'cause these bitches be corny And I got enough bras, y'all ain't gotta support me I went from rag to riches, went from WIC to lit, nigga Only person in my fam to see six figures The pressure on your shoulders feel like boulders When you gotta make sure that everybody straight Bitches stab you in your back while they smilin' in your face Talking crazy on your name, trying not to catch a case I waited my whole life just to shit on niggas Climbed to the top floor so I can spit on niggas
David Jones
David Jones Hace 8 días
Iam KaylaNicole
Iam KaylaNicole Hace 8 días
She really a goat.💙🥵
Stephanie Ladner
Stephanie Ladner Hace 9 días
When you see what I've seen you end up like this. 💯
Shardae Rogers
Shardae Rogers Hace 9 días
I dont want to hear sneak b💥💥💥💥💥💥
Joseph PICKETT Hace 9 días
Okay no
Tiffany Kyer
Tiffany Kyer Hace 11 días
Florence Smith
Florence Smith Hace 11 días
This song is so motivational for a real bitch loool love her for this one morning playlist shit lool ❤🖤
Shakina Hampton
Shakina Hampton Hace 11 días
Still my #1 ❤❤❤
Cindy Mell
Cindy Mell Hace 12 días
Cardi B is the best thanks for sharing u talent
Latosha Adams
Latosha Adams Hace 12 días
Hott ass hell..she sick
Michele Spadoni
Michele Spadoni Hace 12 días
fake doctors
Michele Spadoni
Michele Spadoni Hace 12 días
theres fake nurses
Michele Spadoni
Michele Spadoni Hace 12 días
hi i work at clarkcounty detention
Michele Spadoni
Michele Spadoni Hace 12 días
they thought I was homeless
Michele Spadoni
Michele Spadoni Hace 12 días
they make front of me being different..... hoe
Michele Spadoni
Michele Spadoni Hace 12 días
hi iam the real cardi b
Marcelo Iler
Marcelo Iler Hace 13 días
I like This song I love Cardi B ❤
Rochelle Williams
Rochelle Williams Hace 13 días
Straight 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Elaina Allen
Elaina Allen Hace 13 días
2020 who still listening
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez Hace 13 días
I heard this somewhere for first wtf u got in your mouth ma ! Music is clearly not for you 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones Hace 13 días
Luis Vazquez we laughing at you baby, every song from this album is GOLD or PLATINUM first artist since Taylor Swift to achieve this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 so shes gonna keep making music!
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breakfast at Tiffany's Hace 14 días
Every women I've ever know has stabbed me in my back but that's ok. There's gonna be a comeback. Get what you give.
Theedra Dawsom_salem
Theedra Dawsom_salem Hace 14 días
Listen to JT first day out... She has the same instrumental as this one for some reason
Teresa Tucker
Teresa Tucker Hace 14 días
This shit would always be my favorite period
Joleen Drakes
Joleen Drakes Hace 14 días
I love cardi in.matter what anyone says cause she's savage and this song just proves she is a awesome rapper and song writer and if they knock her down 9 she'll get up 10
Cheyenne Brown
Cheyenne Brown Hace 15 días
This song boost up my self confidence
Keith Mckee
Keith Mckee Hace 15 días
She spitting the song of R...Ah
Serenity Climpson
Serenity Climpson Hace 15 días
This song is fire
Jaleesa Talbert
Jaleesa Talbert Hace 15 días
I hope she collab with dababy
Sonia Gonzalez
Sonia Gonzalez Hace 15 días
I love this song
Briana Charles
Briana Charles Hace 16 días
My favorite song by her
About Remí
About Remí Hace 16 días
Same baby
Shanna Cooper
Shanna Cooper Hace 16 días
Love you so much you changed me so much cardi this song alone got me stronger💜
Nevaeh Bodden
Nevaeh Bodden Hace 17 días
Love you❤
angle Tolliver
angle Tolliver Hace 17 días
I wish this phone had emoji
angle Tolliver
angle Tolliver Hace 17 días
I love this shyt I love you . Cardi Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar
angle Tolliver
angle Tolliver Hace 17 días
Say that Cardi
Natasha Whitaker
Natasha Whitaker Hace 18 días
I love this song thank you Cardi b ❤️🖤💯🥰
QUEENDOM Hace 18 días
She didnt write this.
Siaffa Chidinma
Siaffa Chidinma Hace 7 días
And so
latisha jones
latisha jones Hace 18 días
I could never be tried of this song....speak to much of a every day life.! #Reallife
Robin Simmons
Robin Simmons Hace 18 días
She Bodied Dat Shit🔥
Seia Carter
Seia Carter Hace 19 días
She gon do what to who? Quit lyin. I think yall got your stories screwed up. I dont want yo punk ass man. Im too tough! Head shot!
Adp Zo
Adp Zo Hace 19 días
Dreams And Nightmares? First Day Out?
NOPE Hace 18 días
Dreams and nightmares
west ham boy
west ham boy Hace 19 días
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