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Cardi B

Cardi B

Hace 23 días

Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)
Directed by Bruno Mars and Florent Dechard
Choreography by Tanisha Scott, Phil Tayag and Bruno Mars
Creative Consultant - Phil Tayag
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ashley strong
ashley strong Hace 12 horas
3:32 look at Cardi B face
King Maker
King Maker Hace 12 horas
I think that my Cardi B hit the pinnacle of entertainment.
Khrystal Booze
Khrystal Booze Hace 12 horas
Cardi brings the freak out of bruno PERIOD
just nessaaa
just nessaaa Hace 12 horas
Laaawwwd the way Bruno looks at her 🌶🌶🥵this was HELLAA SPICYY offset who 🗣👀😂😂
Rafa voronkova
Rafa voronkova Hace 12 horas
Muito bom mesmo👌
lele jenjen
lele jenjen Hace 13 horas
Who is better? offset=like Bruno=comment
Laezel14 AJ ღ
Laezel14 AJ ღ Hace 13 horas
👨🏻‍🦱 👕 👖 👞👞 This is Bruno. He is 0 years old. With every like he gets 1 year older. Now let’s see how old he can get. 👴🏻
Sasha Allan
Sasha Allan Hace 13 horas
Lol. My pussy suda
Janna Erouslanova
Janna Erouslanova Hace 13 horas
Offset is jealous now
ruvimbo dakura
ruvimbo dakura Hace 13 horas
man l just lv e vid
Magic princeps xd
Magic princeps xd Hace 13 horas
Que alguien hable español joder
Rita Flor
Rita Flor Hace 13 horas
Why does Cardi B looks like a deschendant ?
사랑해녤깅아 Hace 13 horas
한국인 없나...?
San' Dy
San' Dy Hace 13 horas
Gia S
Gia S Hace 13 horas
Trashy video.. Shame on both of them and record company that released it.
EarlGray007 Hace 13 horas
Lok Qi Ng
Lok Qi Ng Hace 13 horas
Bruno Mars and cardi b perfect match!!!!
Tyra Francis
Tyra Francis Hace 13 horas
Almost 100milli in less than a month
Meraal Mohsin
Meraal Mohsin Hace 13 horas
Did Bruno hold Cardis breast at 3:14 ???? 😱😶
Kally ́s fan Officiel
Kally ́s fan Officiel Hace 13 horas
Like: cardi B Comment : Ariana Me,Ariana ´
Kally ́s fan Officiel
Kally ́s fan Officiel Hace 13 horas
Ariana ❤️❤️💟💟
Chloe Scanlon
Chloe Scanlon Hace 13 horas
I'm sorry, cardis body looks so good, like she only had a baby a while ago
Serenade Of A Star
Serenade Of A Star Hace 13 horas
Why does the restaurant let this happen?
Robbin de Pobbin
Robbin de Pobbin Hace 13 horas
2:17 zet dan de video op pauze😂.....
Lucy Constance Mae
Lucy Constance Mae Hace 13 horas
Bruno Mars y Cardi B son perfectos juntos 😍😍😍🍑✨💕💗
Katarina Horvathova
Katarina Horvathova Hace 13 horas
Bruno your voice OMG
Ariana Grande fan
Ariana Grande fan Hace 13 horas
are they together
고파 배
고파 배 Hace 13 horas
kikou lilou
kikou lilou Hace 13 horas
Les français vous êtes où ? 😂😂👋🏽
The Real West
The Real West Hace 13 horas
Make your reservation,s for the p____y you gonna eat out. Gud stuff
marcus long
marcus long Hace 13 horas
Awesome collaboration!
B 290
B 290 Hace 13 horas
Bruno Mars owes teddy riley so much credit if you know you know! #newjackswing!!!!! Dope tune! If cardi can make hits like this for ten years straight! Then she will be compared to the others Kim Nicki etc but for now I don’t no where I’ll put her in the great female rappers list just yet
The Real West
The Real West Hace 14 horas
Make you sweat the weave out,. Please Me.
Ellen Mariana
Ellen Mariana Hace 14 horas
Iyonna Gabriel
Iyonna Gabriel Hace 14 horas
Offset who ? Be together
anjazr oljaca
anjazr oljaca Hace 14 horas
Mama Alkja slkja Ttra
Leocádia Ribeiro
Leocádia Ribeiro Hace 14 horas
Alexandra Fernandez
Alexandra Fernandez Hace 14 horas
They are a hot duo 🔥
Rgw17 Gaming
Rgw17 Gaming Hace 14 horas
Cardi b is ugly asf having her in this song is just plain odd
Tom Holland-Fan Official
Tom Holland-Fan Official Hace 14 horas
Oh fvck🤬🤬
Siyawati Paikra
Siyawati Paikra Hace 14 horas
This is my favorite song,
Goutam S8ngh
Goutam S8ngh Hace 14 horas
Who's the good rapper in Females Nicky Minaj Cardi b Iggy azalea Write in comment ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌
BLACKPINK Y G Hace 14 horas
Who is queen ?👸 Nicki and ariana = Like 👍 Cardi and selena = Comment 🗯
Kanye W3st
Kanye W3st Hace 14 horas
Does anyone else ship them?
Stunny V
Stunny V Hace 14 horas
tiana Tompson
tiana Tompson Hace 14 horas
I like this song so much ya did do good
Muerde tetas
Muerde tetas Hace 14 horas
Why they dont dating? lets ship them, other song like that.
Eatinsomtin Hace 14 horas
Why da hell this song not reach 💯 mill This song actually deserves an Oscar Like if you agree 👍
Adson França
Adson França Hace 14 horas
Alguém do Brasil?
Eamon 95
Eamon 95 Hace 14 horas
can we only concentrate on bruno
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Hace 14 horas
I love porn but this was so so stupid....and DJ's ripping off classic rock riffs ....c'mon people
jaylyn johnson
jaylyn johnson Hace 15 horas
The only Cardi song I semi like
YoItsMeEvelyn Hace 15 horas
sporofyta χανια
sporofyta χανια Hace 15 horas
cardi you are my favourite singer but I DO NOT like this song
why you bully meh
why you bully meh Hace 15 horas
Y'all know y'all had that hair style when y'all was kids that cardi got cuz ik I did and beads
Rob G
Rob G Hace 15 horas
You're feral. Please quit.
Alfridus 02
Alfridus 02 Hace 15 horas
Please me baby cardi..💋
satish sharma
satish sharma Hace 15 horas
Lyrics: No buddy , I can't type that much .
Beryl Walubengo
Beryl Walubengo Hace 15 horas
Sing for me Bruno!! ❤️
Maria Kim
Maria Kim Hace 15 horas
omg Bruno is 33 he looks like he’s in his 20’s omg Cardi B is 26 she looks like she’s in her 30’s NOT TO BE OFFENSIVE JUST GOT SO CURIOUS AND SHOOK 🤭
08ly4 Hace 15 horas
Offset left the chat.
Nadia Jannat
Nadia Jannat Hace 15 horas
Hotness overloaded on this song... Love you both Cardi and Bruno 😍😍
Popsy Simon
Popsy Simon Hace 15 horas
These porn videos
SrGalactos 0282
SrGalactos 0282 Hace 15 horas
Hey!Please Me
Tran Yen Trang
Tran Yen Trang Hace 15 horas
another collab?
Ana Games
Ana Games Hace 15 horas
Who ever like this comment will rich one day💸
Name Unknown
Name Unknown Hace 15 horas
Offset probably has nightmares of this Music Video
AN71H3RO Hace 15 horas
I'm definitely not the intended audience so could you please tell me if this is meant serious or is some kind of caricature I don't understand.
Cheap Gold
Cheap Gold Hace 15 horas
Who is here before 💯 Milion views?
jack lan
jack lan Hace 16 horas
I give this song rating of 2/5
Tylah Hornsby
Tylah Hornsby Hace 16 horas
Look at those eyes for cardi I is there something between them like if u agree 🙏🙅👌😜 Please me is kind of an age restrictions
Arya u56
Arya u56 Hace 16 horas
His moves 😍
Owen Ngobeni
Owen Ngobeni Hace 16 horas
Bruno is unstoppable
Cynthiya The Fox owo
Cynthiya The Fox owo Hace 16 horas
1:37 am I the only one who saw bruno Mars not rubbing his eh on to her uh like if you saw it too
Soundless Hace 16 horas
I dunno but Bruno’s most recent two songs just aren’t for me. Personally I just can’t stand these types of MV and songs
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia Hace 16 horas
Anyone else notice that cardi b’s ears are tucked under her wig . No hate, just pointing it out
ayu rizkiana
ayu rizkiana Hace 16 horas
Bruno ❤❤❤
Mike Zimmermann
Mike Zimmermann Hace 16 horas
Is like back in the days...90's it!!!
taeshook gucci prince
taeshook gucci prince Hace 16 horas
bruh bruno mars is sooooooooo hot
Pp Lime
Pp Lime Hace 16 horas
Bye Bye ...Bitc......!!
Anais Fortuno
Anais Fortuno Hace 16 horas
Best Duo Ever😍😨❤
da queen of Bleach
da queen of Bleach Hace 16 horas
T f are theese lyrics XD
Nanibakayaru Hace 16 horas
Worst fucking song in history. My opinion :)
xiexie claw
xiexie claw Hace 15 horas
Thanks for viewing helped with the streaming lmao
ally Hace 16 horas
who is offset??? why is everybody in the comment talking about them?
Khaled Touma
Khaled Touma Hace 17 horas
Cardi B is sexy
Paras Hace 17 horas
0:32 cant blv bruno fall for this lol.
Maurice Fuqua
Maurice Fuqua Hace 17 horas
It looks like her pussycat stanks 😂😱💩💩💩
Random Fandoms
Random Fandoms Hace 17 horas
I came to look at tacos :/
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Hace 17 horas
Cardi o nasıl bir tırnak saçından uzun
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia Hace 17 horas
Bruno Mars 😍
Genie Mememe
Genie Mememe Hace 17 horas
Pleased. Gn. 😉
RoseRedBloodRed Hace 17 horas
Okay, how short is Cardi that BRUNO MARS looks tall 😐
xiexie claw
xiexie claw Hace 15 horas
Nurul Fauziyah
Nurul Fauziyah Hace 17 horas
bruno mars looks more sexy now😍😍😍❤❤
Shanice Hace 17 horas
Ahhhh I love this
Memekingdom Mm
Memekingdom Mm Hace 17 horas
:Offset has left the chat
P.F.H. Hace 17 horas
118k dislikes from upse-- oops I mean offset.
Eushy Aimar
Eushy Aimar Hace 17 horas
awesomeh275 Hace 17 horas
...where's the restaurant owner...😂
Alfie Hace 17 horas
Shit I might wanna be a dancer after this
Zackary Zimmer
Zackary Zimmer Hace 17 horas
am i the only one who thinks music nowadays is fucking disgusting
Jan Adam Renders
Jan Adam Renders Hace 17 horas
Plz her nicely
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