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Ndella Kane
Ndella Kane Hace 14 horas
Bruno let's grow up not down.
KReine RKim
KReine RKim Hace 14 horas
Cardi b do you love bruno mars?
Jennifer Villamar
Jennifer Villamar Hace 14 horas
I'm streaming
Karla Merino
Karla Merino Hace 14 horas
you. Tow. Look. Cute 👫
cwm662 Hace 14 horas
Love this song...Bruno killed it
Positive Energy
Positive Energy Hace 14 horas
She is The Bomb Of A Personality, love her.
Jefferson Souza
Jefferson Souza Hace 14 horas
hot best
April Spencer
April Spencer Hace 14 horas
Bruno and cardi should be a couple😘😘
Jennifer Villamar
Jennifer Villamar Hace 14 horas
I'm Sriming
Yasmin M
Yasmin M Hace 14 horas
Gente esse música é muito boa caramba eu não paro de escutar ela
prettythug2731 Hace 14 horas
Some 1 is Cummin ..... OuT Side My Fav Video * 8------> ... Get this Satisfied . OFF
Citlalli Silva
Citlalli Silva Hace 15 horas
The love Bruno mars 😘😂😊😊😜
SKT Benji
SKT Benji Hace 15 horas
Tem BR ai?
Louise Hulme
Louise Hulme Hace 15 horas
Music perfection.
prettythug2731 Hace 15 horas
OkaY Hiiii *Bruno Lets Get this Straight .... That’s The Shower 🧼 .... CuTe ! BuT Now ReaLLy Tho ... Royalty or The East Side ... What ya Think ? Elaborate On it ! HeLL0 ~ G00dMorning [[ FaiLed ]] 0FF * 2 The (
Leidy daiany Souza
Leidy daiany Souza Hace 15 horas
200 million ❤️❤️
Frankie Sheppard
Frankie Sheppard Hace 15 horas
Me asking for A bit of mums chocolate 0:45 Mum: What did you say? 0:47
Exsurge Domine
Exsurge Domine Hace 15 horas
It's a petty that she's so ugly...
miyisua 77
miyisua 77 Hace 16 horas
Please me ❤️❤️ love u. Thanks for one good music
Katrein Beatriz
Katrein Beatriz Hace 16 horas
Amo essa música mano
FerminMolina07 Hace 16 horas
taco wey. lenguaje universal de méxico.🇲🇽🌮🎊
Gloria M Rolon Rivera
Gloria M Rolon Rivera Hace 16 horas
Bruno mars 💕
Lili 09
Lili 09 Hace 16 horas
Ustedes hacen muy buena pareja
Luciana Sousa
Luciana Sousa Hace 16 horas
Love yours
sweet Lovee
sweet Lovee Hace 16 horas
Bruno Mars & Cardi B ♡▪▪▪▪▪♡ 👅👅👅❤❤❤❤❤
jova1991 Hace 17 horas
Devin Abbott
Devin Abbott Hace 17 horas
Francis Portella Ramirez
Francis Portella Ramirez Hace 17 horas
🔥🔥🇵🇪 Soy de Perú y amo está música 🔥
prettythug2731 Hace 17 horas
ShaniKnee Looked Beautiful & Everybody had har in the Pretty box * Little did they know beauty is What u Make Of it and Can be StoLen or Stigmatized ....That’s What’s UP !!! I’m Rockin Wit y’all ..... Give it Rest The Chick Can Sing * 🎤 * as For her Career .._______.. !
Sandy Hanna
Sandy Hanna Hace 17 horas
I love Bruno when he starts dancing
prettythug2731 Hace 17 horas
Che/Nise * B Boy Did She CLean 🧼 Up .... OuT * I’m ma Take diz ( L ) Just “ because I’m hair * Amazing ..... No Comment !! Were u want it tho Your Words ? The Og ... My beauty ¥
Adrian Milton
Adrian Milton Hace 17 horas
They killin it with this one
cheyne carson
cheyne carson Hace 17 horas
Does anyone else get that wish is that song at the
Daniel Boy
Daniel Boy Hace 18 horas
Hahaha basura dawww
Alexis Alari
Alexis Alari Hace 18 horas
Bruno and cardi b is a better couple
schiffrin karine
schiffrin karine Hace 18 horas
Si y'a des french liker
Jaylen Wall
Jaylen Wall Hace 18 horas
Me: Oh hey, Bruno Mars! *Clicks video* *Sees Cardi B* *Clicks off of video*
Metro Metro
Metro Metro Hace 18 horas
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Metro Metro
Metro Metro Hace 18 horas
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Jacqueline Rodriguez
Jacqueline Rodriguez Hace 18 horas
You two look cute together 😊😃
Ashley-faith Elliott
Ashley-faith Elliott Hace 18 horas
Who else think they. Would be a e a good couple
•Lola's life•
•Lola's life• Hace 18 horas
No Hace 18 horas
Why would they make a good couple tho
Madison Pickering
Madison Pickering Hace 18 horas
The dude behind the counter is like "damn y'all, I'm just tryna make carne asada, can you get yo cheeks off the counter"
Mónika Ádám
Mónika Ádám Hace 18 horas
Nagyon jó ez a zene😘😂👌❤️😏💓🤣💪✌️🤗🖕🙂🙏😎💋🤳🏿❣️
Rmn Sid
Rmn Sid Hace 18 horas
Bruno mars touches cardi b 's boobs
Eduardo Maciel
Eduardo Maciel Hace 18 horas
FIRE• Snoop
FIRE• Snoop Hace 18 horas
Xristina Xristina
Xristina Xristina Hace 18 horas
Cardi ruins the entire vibe of the song .
Ines Fernandes
Ines Fernandes Hace 19 horas
Cardi B like Bruno Mars
chi life
chi life Hace 19 horas
Cardi b is one ugly bitch. Nikki manaj hotter. This girl is a wannabe nikki
Rosmiys De La Cruz
Rosmiys De La Cruz Hace 19 horas
Please me baby aye lol
Mrs. Fantazise
Mrs. Fantazise Hace 19 horas
Cardi isn’t that hot.....but I’m ugly so XD
Spark 515
Spark 515 Hace 19 horas
Why is no one talking about how bruno Mars is a tranny?
Demarionna Barnes
Demarionna Barnes Hace 19 horas
Yar D Blah
Yar D Blah Hace 19 horas
Bruno is staring at Cardi so hard..Offset don't even own the pink slip for her no more...
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel Gutierrez Hace 19 horas
LIKE SI ERES LATINO 🔥❤️ Soy un ESwomenr y Saludo a los que apoyen ⭐
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel Gutierrez Hace 19 horas
LIKE SI ERES LATINO 🔥❤️ Soy un ESwomenr y Saludo a los que apoyen ⭐
Highly Responsible yeah right
Highly Responsible yeah right Hace 20 horas
And here I am eating a taco
Sophia Coppenrath
Sophia Coppenrath Hace 20 horas
I love Cardi B 😝
zachary baldassari
zachary baldassari Hace 20 horas
How did I make it to this absolute atrocity garbage?
Lydia Pimentel
Lydia Pimentel Hace 20 horas
I love this song
Marchello Chell
Marchello Chell Hace 20 horas
Y'all a cute couple
Melia Gaines
Melia Gaines Hace 20 horas
They make a perfect couple
Alazia Wheaton
Alazia Wheaton Hace 20 horas
Bruno and cardi
Vitoria Silva
Vitoria Silva Hace 20 horas
Que lindos 😍
murlidhar sidam
murlidhar sidam Hace 20 horas
So nice I like it.......
Mizz B
Mizz B Hace 20 horas
Are they dating
kat Hace 20 horas
oh lord
Rafaela lopes
Rafaela lopes Hace 21 un hora
I love how you did it your petformas
Nathan Long
Nathan Long Hace 21 un hora
The only person who could make a Bruno Mars song garbage, is Cardi B. She's fucking done it twice. Somebody please stop her.
Shayone Leadbetter
Shayone Leadbetter Hace 21 un hora
If the girls were in their period that whole place would smell like fish.
JayVon Washington
JayVon Washington Hace 21 un hora
let go please me yes
bluefacebabyy gang
bluefacebabyy gang Hace 21 un hora
umm Cardi b ur ummm wiggg thangy thang is on your ear
Sawrad Paudel
Sawrad Paudel Hace 21 un hora
Burno Mars looks like Mexican Drug Dealer i guess😂
Brenda Oliveira
Brenda Oliveira Hace 21 un hora
Brenda Oliveira
Brenda Oliveira Hace 21 un hora
Yvonne V
Yvonne V Hace 21 un hora
Diana kral
fina thomas
fina thomas Hace 21 un hora
Omg she want so much of accessories
ZAYYY BALLisLIFE Hace 21 un hora
tenorbuds Hace 21 un hora
Bruno Mars and Cardi B always come together to make the best collabs. This song is amazing and gets better every time I listen to it and the music video is pretty cool too. The diner set is awesome, the dancing is on point, Cardi B looks gorgeous, and Bruno Mars is rocking that mustache. I'm really looking forward to more collabs from these two as Cardi B is the Queen of collabs. We just covered Cardi's collab with Maroon 5 "Girls Like You" on my channel, hope you will watch it. Either way Bruno and Cardi never disappoint.
Champagnekin9 Chavez
Champagnekin9 Chavez Hace 21 un hora
Your pussy basura! My pussy orchata! 😂
Tez Blood
Tez Blood Hace 21 un hora
Cardi you should go out with bruno mars ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😜😜😜😜😚😚😚😚😚
Tez Blood
Tez Blood Hace 21 un hora
Im right
Ysaac Campos
Ysaac Campos Hace 21 un hora
E maça
Amisha Sandhu
Amisha Sandhu Hace 21 un hora
Bruno is looking so fucking hot🔥
Samuel Arreola
Samuel Arreola Hace 22 horas
He looks better with out mustash
Reyna Tercero
Reyna Tercero Hace 22 horas
Please me is a good song
Salvation Armour
Salvation Armour Hace 22 horas
We all know Bruno was rock hard the whole time😂😂
Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill Hace 22 horas
Cairdi b u should date bruno
ShaniSoStunning Hace 23 horas
My jam all 2019!💕
Ta'runda Sample
Ta'runda Sample Hace 23 horas
Have you seen lady gagita remix but she singing the Same thing
Assane Fall
Assane Fall Hace 23 horas
Card b Nice
Queen Averielle
Queen Averielle Hace 23 horas
Booty so soft 🙋🙋🙋
Aurora 17
Aurora 17 Hace 23 horas
why do I ship them?
Rachael King
Rachael King Hace 23 horas
Emely Almendares
Emely Almendares Hace 23 horas
They can be cute couple but Cari b has a man already in jail
Cammy621 Hace 23 horas
now a cant unsee bruno the same way again.... shit
Alycha Newman
Alycha Newman Hace un día
Bruno got more chemistry with Cardi than Offset do
Studi♦️ Mix
Studi♦️ Mix Hace un día
Aashu Dahal
Aashu Dahal Hace un día
Who else thinks only bruno should be in this song..
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