CAPTAIN AMERICA Breakdown! Avengers Endgame Connections & New Easter Eggs! | Infinity Saga Rewatch

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Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Full Movie Breakdown & Analysis! How is the first Captain America movie the true counterpoint to Avengers Endgame?
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Captain America Steve Rogers was the first Avenger introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his story is in many ways the story of Avengers Endgame. Why is the Captain America final scene so thematically critical to the biggest twists of Endgame? In our latest #InfinitySagaRewatch breakdown, Erik Voss reexamines Captain America The First Avenger for all the new Easter Eggs we missed in earlier reviews, and the clever ways this film sets up The Avengers (2012), Age of Ultron, Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War, and even Spider-Man Homecoming. How is the villain Red Skull and mix of the Abomination from The Incredible Hulk and Loki from Thor? Where did Howard Stark get the vibranium for Cap's original shield if Wakanda was a secret, and was Cap's supersoldier serum derived from the heart-shaped herb? How is the evolution of Cap's shield parallel to the evolution of Tony Stark's Iron Man armor?
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Kelly Hopper
Pony Stark
Todd Slawsby
Alfredo del Barrio
Zach Gonzalez
Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Editor: Josh Hurd

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Becca G
Becca G Hace 10 días
Speaking of HYDRA traction in the government, Gideon Maleck was on the World Security Council and was secretly HYDRA (the freaky Hive worshiping one, not the science death cult one) Speaking of freaky Hive worshipping HYDRA, will you be covering any Agents of SHIELD?
KongPuZi Hace 12 días
Offtopic Gaming
Offtopic Gaming Hace 14 días
before 10:07 yah think?!
JULIE DURST Hace 17 días
Ok why is the hydra logo an octopus it doesn't make ANY sence
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus Hace 18 días
The Nazi that killed Erskine is played by Richard Armitage. An actor that some think could play Logan.
stoagy mahalo
stoagy mahalo Hace 19 días
Still say redskulls car based on extraordinary gentlemen's and the "Most evil car"
BunnyTaff Hace 20 días
The blood samples that were taken from Steve in this movie come back in the Agent Carter series!
Lematth88 Hace 20 días
Could have said the origins of the symbol of Hydra told in agents of shield. It is an inhuman, the first
Gabriel Nash Gonzales
Gabriel Nash Gonzales Hace 23 días
The Americas ass joke will live on forever!
petro1864 Hace 27 días
A box of scraps!! 😂😂😂
Emil GH
Emil GH Hace 28 días
Captain america suit evolution
feedthesnake Hace 29 días
the end of endgame matches the season 2 finale of quantum leap, which gets paid off in the series finale.
CritzK578 Hace 29 días
At the end of Captain America: The first avenger, there is one kid holding a trash top resembling caps shield and 5 others following maybe was meant to tease the avengers or is really one big coincidence.
Shadow Wolf Corey
Shadow Wolf Corey Hace un mes
In Nordic mythology, the serpent in Yggdrasil's roots is Nidhogg (Nidhoggr), not Jormungandr/Midgardsormr.
Ankit Ray
Ankit Ray Hace un mes
Hey did the other guys also teleport to somewhere when red sull hit them with the space stone nazi gun?????
The Anomaly 23
The Anomaly 23 Hace un mes
The snake in the roots of Yggdrasil is not Jormungandr. It's a dragon that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil and sends insults to the eagle in its branches via the giant squirrel Ratatosk.
Adam Ash
Adam Ash Hace un mes
What happened coronavirus caught your tongue or something you pretty much stop doing these videos where is the next one
FlauntyToaster Hace un mes
honey never works.. theyre just there to take your info.
Adam Livingston
Adam Livingston Hace un mes
In the comics there is vibranium in the Savage Land right? Could be an interesting thing to visit in the future.
ChronoXShadow Hace un mes
11:16... Could there be a connection...?
mr danke
mr danke Hace un mes
Fear Of Missing Out (Fomo)
Lord JAMS Hace un mes
I am a German but those pronunciations did not piss me off I just think it's funny how hard it is for Americans
Hemang Dulange
Hemang Dulange Hace un mes
the snake is named Nidhogg Jormungandr is the Midgard Serpent....... Basically, its on Earth and not around the World tree
Agnes Baterina
Agnes Baterina Hace un mes
You forgot that dum dum dugan is from the marvel godzilla comics
rubii2170 Hace un mes
While watching the movie back I saw that right after Cap jumps out of the plane for the rescue mission redskull and zola are talking, 2 scientists are carrying the placeholder for the tesseract as seen in the 1st avengers
EJ Ewart
EJ Ewart Hace un mes
The snake box hiding the Tesseract in Tønsberh isnt the world serpent. Its in the roots at the bottom of the tree, meaning its probably one of the serpents in Niflheim that chew on Yggdrasil, most likely Nidhogg. Not every snake in norse mythology is Jormungandr
sammycraftHD roblox
sammycraftHD roblox Hace un mes
NYR144 Hace un mes
OMG Shmit is Karang from TMNT!!!!!
David Martin
David Martin Hace un mes
David Martin
David Martin Hace un mes
Darius Kaleo
Darius Kaleo Hace un mes
In agent carter Howard stark when the to the kingdom and stark got to have the metel
Mr P
Mr P Hace un mes
ColombianLove41 Hace un mes
No more Scraps jokes please 😂
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha Hace un mes
@4:51 - A bit before Endgame came out, if yall saw JUST this scene, knowing it was from Endgame ofc, what would you think was going on/happened in the film? (Including seeing Prof. Hulk in the bg.)
Surajit Das
Surajit Das Hace un mes
Hydra weapons were powered by Tesseract, actually Space Stone. So what if people shot by those weapons were not really killed but transported somewhere.
Sandra guistwhite
Sandra guistwhite Hace un mes
Am I the only one who notice that Captain America: The First Avenger and that one animated pigeon movie named Valiant share the the same story/plot?
Darth Malak
Darth Malak Hace un mes
And baron zemo
Darth Malak
Darth Malak Hace un mes
They forgot the submariner, whizzer
Isaak Keller
Isaak Keller Hace un mes
Love these videos
Bacon Sandwich
Bacon Sandwich Hace un mes
Great video NR🙂
Devon Green
Devon Green Hace un mes
This was my favorite MCU movie for so long tbh
drtirtha das
drtirtha das Hace un mes
this movie is really underrated
FutureFlame Hace un mes
It's weird how similar red skull's human face in this movie looks a lot like the main frost giant from Ragnarok(the tv series)
Ben Caldwell
Ben Caldwell Hace un mes
do xmen
Ben Caldwell
Ben Caldwell Hace un mes
do the fantastic 4
Jack Gillespie
Jack Gillespie Hace un mes
My favorite character in the MCU.
Ruben Jimenez Jr.
Ruben Jimenez Jr. Hace un mes
Did you mention Marvel using Tool song ‘forty six and two’ for the second trailer? The song reference genetic mutation and evolution. Fav band ✔️ hero ✔️
M B Hace un mes
Make a roxxone timeline
Jayson Santos
Jayson Santos Hace un mes
Will captain america come back to mcu soon
Daniel Melia
Daniel Melia Hace un mes
Have they not already done these?
Strange MARVEL Theories
Strange MARVEL Theories Hace un mes
Did Steve Rogers use the Branch Time Line that Bruce caused by going back in time to grab the Time Stone to become old and stay with Peggy?
Strange MARVEL Theories
Strange MARVEL Theories Hace un mes
Are Steve Roger's sketches going to pop up later in the next Phases of the M.C.U?
Strange MARVEL Theories
Strange MARVEL Theories Hace un mes
I talked about the idea of the Tesseract powering The Vita Ray chamber in my previous videos.
Strange MARVEL Theories
Strange MARVEL Theories Hace un mes
Heart shaped Herb boosted by "Vita Rays" also .known .as Teseract energy. ...i think now...the serum not only boosted Steve Physically but also SHIELDED Steve from being physically destroyed by the Vita Rays which I think we're actually Tesseract energy based on the things the Tesseract/Space Stone has been shown to do in the M C.U.
Big Mo Logan
Big Mo Logan Hace un mes
Except they didn't have the Tesseract then, so no, Vita Rays don't come from the cube.
Lachlan Hopkins
Lachlan Hopkins Hace un mes
Captain America is not the first avenger
Widukind Hace un mes
10:19 had me dying
This Guy
This Guy Hace un mes
So wait... Bucky held the shield but was then punished by the gods? Pfffft-
Aloha Hace un mes
I wish they made a movie all about cap and peggie
Doctor Fossil
Doctor Fossil Hace un mes
The serpent in the roots is actually Nidhogg, a different and much larger dragon, which chews through the roots of Yggdrasil, which it will manage to do at Ragnarok, bringing the tree down. Jormungandr encircles specifically Midgard.
Red Racer
Red Racer Hace un mes
Have you checked out into the loop on Amazon Prime? It's a great sci-fi Epic series
Theo Parkes
Theo Parkes Hace un mes
In the final scene where cap's running across the streets, there is a bill board with "Mana Mia" on it pointing to Dominic Copper's (Howard Stark) role as the boyfriend
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 Hace un mes
That's how you build a universe
Iron Tiger
Iron Tiger Hace un mes
I don't know who that is next to Stan Lee, but it isn't Reb Brown.
Wolf Gang holdupden
Wolf Gang holdupden Hace un mes
Who is caps parents
Frank Howard
Frank Howard Hace un mes
Probably nothing ... but, regarding the photo of Peggy in the compass ... To me, the photo's background looks like a comic panel.
SSGoku 71
SSGoku 71 Hace un mes
Can’t wait for the avengers one
Frazmataz Hace un mes
Erskine is not pronounced Ersk-eye-n Its pronounced like Erskin. Erskine is a town close to paisley in Scotland.
RXEAlZ 969
RXEAlZ 969 Hace un mes
I watched captain America yesterday and after watching it I felt very sad and depressed I honestly don’t know why ??
Minh đỗ
Minh đỗ Hace un mes
you make me want to rewatch it, btw how many time did you rewatch it ?
Victor Coutinho
Victor Coutinho Hace un mes
[ 10:35 ] also, when tony puts the stones in the gauntlet, rocky screams "boom" , while in CA1, right after howard charges the tesseract fuel, it actually explodes...
BunnyTaff Hace 20 días
Nice catch!
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