Can This Chef Make SPAM Fancy? • Tasty

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"It's gonna be a tough day at work."
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Cans of Spam meat made by the Hormel Foo
JEWEL SAMAD/Getty Images

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Ilyasa Almumtaz
Ilyasa Almumtaz Hace 4 horas
The SPAM itself is fancy for me
Mz_Rainbow _Dash
Mz_Rainbow _Dash Hace 7 horas
I've watch 3 make it fancy so far and rie used alcohol in all 🤣🤣🤣 okay rie I see you #MakeItFancy ❤ Alix!!!!!! My fav 😍
e m i l y h u s s e y
e m i l y h u s s e y Hace 8 horas
I think you should make tortilla chips fancy
Yucari Brewley
Yucari Brewley Hace 8 horas
Nobody: Alix: Make it Spamcyy 😄
Yucari Brewley
Yucari Brewley Hace 8 horas
I love Alix 🥰😻😂
Davuncie Potato
Davuncie Potato Hace 9 horas
Aw I’ll dance with u Make it fancy
Levi Ramey
Levi Ramey Hace 10 horas
Do sardines
famillie Fornitz
famillie Fornitz Hace 13 horas
Do you gays lick alves have lick alkohol and or wine in your pantry
Riana Zaremba
Riana Zaremba Hace 21 un hora
Nobody: Alix: "mAkE iT SpaMCy"
Riana Zaremba
Riana Zaremba Hace 21 un hora
I love Rie's and Alix's friendship
Yaneeeh 0
Yaneeeh 0 Hace 22 horas
Adam is a mood.
lala L
lala L Hace 22 horas
Yo Alex is rap is the best
Tae_be_ Rollin
Tae_be_ Rollin Hace un día
Rie: do you wanna do a dance? Adam: no Adam: *slowly walks away
bigtonka82 Hace un día
Rie is an amazing woman and chef.
Moonchi Hace un día
All the people behind her are pretending to be productive,waiting to eat them after wards
Maysa Brown
Maysa Brown Hace un día
I want to be Adam when I grow up
Maressa Fay
Maressa Fay Hace un día
Expensive Gurl
Expensive Gurl Hace un día
You should have played fancy by twice when you said “ make it fancy”
Gforce656 Hace un día
Adam and Rie would make the best couple. Complete polar opposites.
beluga heheh
beluga heheh Hace un día
“The sharper the knife, the less likely you’re gonna cry.” - Rie, tasty producer, 2019
Player Parnami
Player Parnami Hace un día
Sperm is very salty????
Player Parnami
Player Parnami Hace un día
I listened sperm
MBeast HD
MBeast HD Hace un día
Rie saying mozalella is the cutest thing ever
kevwinshin Hace un día
Adam's vocab: its good
Alex Hace un día
Rie: I like to use alcohol, yes. me: *remembers that one family reunion where everyone was high and spoked english only*
Liv Estelle
Liv Estelle Hace un día
I love seeing other people making videos in the background
ghost killer69 the red death
ghost killer69 the red death Hace un día
Your not supposed to cook with jewlery on btw
Rye Hace un día
Is it weird that i like to drink the liquid form the edges of the can
aaarrrnnneeelll Beaa
aaarrrnnneeelll Beaa Hace un día
Rie is so cuteeeeee 😍
Angelo Kolanski
Angelo Kolanski Hace un día
Adam Looks like Bjergsen
Akosua Akuoko
Akosua Akuoko Hace 2 días
Damn Alix got barzzz
Victor Cissna
Victor Cissna Hace 2 días
Does no one find this funny? 9:07
lilachann12 Hace 2 días
I love Andrew jkkkkkk
Chris Ehab
Chris Ehab Hace 2 días
That soo fancy I’m not even worth eating it
Chris Ehab
Chris Ehab Hace 2 días
Umm where is the timer
Chris Ehab
Chris Ehab Hace 2 días
I was crying when I saw the onions
Chris Ehab
Chris Ehab Hace 2 días
Will Stratmeyer
Will Stratmeyer Hace 2 días
Make hot Cheetos fancy!
Tameem Hace 2 días
I love tasty,but I was looking for a song And this popped up...
Sophie Richard
Sophie Richard Hace 2 días
What actually is spam
Satara Jeon
Satara Jeon Hace 2 días
I want to marry rie 😥🥺
Isaac Muñoz
Isaac Muñoz Hace 2 días
i honestly believe Rie and her dance could defeat Thanos
imntafckingsaint Hace 2 días
there's only like 5% of spam left in each bite..
thiên phú chung
thiên phú chung Hace 2 días
Rie do u have a recipe without using alcohol ?
Krystylle Nicole
Krystylle Nicole Hace 2 días
Here in the Philippines we don't use chicken broth we just use MAGIC SARAP!
shout_out_to_ Hero_FT
shout_out_to_ Hero_FT Hace 3 días
Me as an asian and sees how Rie cooks the rice: That is not how I cook my rice. 😧
msveeip Hace 3 días
It's a spam boudain ball!
boii boii boii boii
boii boii boii boii Hace 3 días
Damn he Yeet the SPAM..
Jacob Hace 3 días
This asian cooks rice differently from the rest of us asians😂 well like they said there are so many ways on how to kill a chicken😂
Theo shiba
Theo shiba Hace 3 días
Psychiatrist : don't worry Adam is in another country, He will never hurt you Adam : 9:08
Matt Halls
Matt Halls Hace 3 días
3 things science can't explain to this day : 1. Bermuda triangle 2. UFOs 3. ESwomen recommendation.
overdosed Hace 4 días
alix sounds like jojo siwa
Bin Nguyen
Bin Nguyen Hace 4 días
Swedish meatballs! Like if you are a fan of pewdiepie
Cream pie Xo
Cream pie Xo Hace 4 días
Idk y but I don’t like cubed ham and that I just don’t but I love the ham the isnt cubed IDK YYYYY
Catherine Thompson
Catherine Thompson Hace 4 días
I always do the "𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂" with her😂 Just me? ok
Scy them
Scy them Hace un día
sebastian banguis
sebastian banguis Hace 4 días
Who's better at making things fancy? Rie from Tasty? Or Claire from BA?
Rafael Hurtado
Rafael Hurtado Hace 4 días
Why the camera man soo dead 😂😂😂😂
Memey tychoon
Memey tychoon Hace 4 días
First time in hawaii?
Saale Maripuu
Saale Maripuu Hace 4 días
Can we just talk about how Rie just dumps the entire can of marinara sauce in the pot but uses like a little bit only. So yeah like what's up with that.
Crazy_ Savage
Crazy_ Savage Hace 4 días
calories co
calories co Hace 4 días
It looks like arancini. Is my spelling it right? 😂
Phoenix18793 Hace 4 días
Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam!
jeaneth ferraren
jeaneth ferraren Hace 4 días
kinikilig talaga ako kay Rie at Andrew
roald dahl
roald dahl Hace 4 días
everyone i've ever introduced spam to looked at the can with disgust. only to be transported- to tuscany, naples, the slopes of kiliminjaro- by this glorious bacon hybrid. common food? i think not. #making spam-believers.
Kap00rwith2os Hace 4 días
In Hawaii'i we have the annual "Spam Jam" festival where making Spam fancy is the norm. :P
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese Hace 4 días
SHE MADE SPAM FANCY!! SPAM WHAT?! anyone get it?
A Random YouTuber UwU
A Random YouTuber UwU Hace 5 días
Alix's AMAZING rap is in 8:15 you're welcome
Harmony loves Kittens
Harmony loves Kittens Hace 5 días
I love spam and so I want my mom to make this but with no alcohol
alex craven
alex craven Hace 5 días
Im gonna squeeze 🍋
Reptic Jalen
Reptic Jalen Hace 5 días
Is it weird that rie makes me so happy I think rie cures depression because it worked for me
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