Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With An Easy Bake Oven? • Tasty

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“As a kid, I dreamt about having an Easy Bake Oven, and now my dream is my nightmare.”

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Macro slide shot of a slice of focaccia on a black background.
HQuality Video/Getty Images

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Marshmallow Bby
Marshmallow Bby Hace un día
"after school snack" a s s B)
Natalia Balta
Natalia Balta Hace un día
After he came I was like Alexis is very bossy then I realized she is the chef and he is the sous chef
Agustin Peruzzi
Agustin Peruzzi Hace un día
Ryan 😍
Random 15
Random 15 Hace un día
Isn’t it so weird how you’re watching this in bed?
Sadim Alrowais
Sadim Alrowais Hace 2 días
0:39 U-u-u-u-under pressure
Jason Wheelock
Jason Wheelock Hace 2 días
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos Hace 4 días
lilbabykriz Hace 6 días
omg yonas going "i'm so impressed with this dish" after he found out what appliance alexis used, i-
kate ezyra Tupas
kate ezyra Tupas Hace 8 días
10:02 My mind: Im OnlY niNe yEaRs oLD
Amira Nadia
Amira Nadia Hace 8 días
It’s good!
riasma _PlaysRoblox
riasma _PlaysRoblox Hace 9 días
Can this chef make a 2 course meal with a kids cooking kitchen toy set No ovens,Real knifes,Exposure to heat U can use 5 cooking materials of choice but as it said on top no real knifes exposure to heat can u do this? like if u want her to!
Rachel Gail Cadiogan
Rachel Gail Cadiogan Hace 10 días
Is Alexis in a relationship with anyone? Her and her bestfriend makes a perfect couple 👌
LEEDlard Hace 10 días
Christian Ortiz
Christian Ortiz Hace 11 días
Marya Ikli
Marya Ikli Hace 13 días
Niki and alexis are my favorite tasty producers
Sue li
Sue li Hace 14 días
You are a very good person
BHarmz Hace 14 días
Oh hi
ChiliGhost Hace 17 días
Next time you should cook with no food
Piggyback Hace 17 días
What's easy bake oven meant to cook?
Abdelelah Berrouhou
Abdelelah Berrouhou Hace 10 días
Its a kids toy
Sergei Sall
Sergei Sall Hace 18 días
"It is unreasonable to expect a child to wait for a light bulb to cook brownies" - Monica Geller.
Elsie.explains.everything Hace 18 días
ish good!
• Maryam ツ Zia •
• Maryam ツ Zia • Hace 18 días
I love this very creative challenge you did. *It looks really fun*
griffy flur
griffy flur Hace 19 días
Reminds me of raphael gomes video he did using easy bake oven he did tortillas too lool
Alden Hace 19 días
Y does Alexis look like Charlie Demelios mom
Axel Ramos
Axel Ramos Hace 19 días
Did feel bad about the chips the first time my mom made some they were like hard to eat it tasted raw so n the middle and crispy in the outside but chew on the inside
Rebecca Napoli
Rebecca Napoli Hace 19 días
focaccia it’s actually a pizza lmao
lil sis
lil sis Hace 20 días
Is it true that 5 minute recipes stole your recipes?
Jessica Seg
Jessica Seg Hace 21 un día
Has Alexis ever even failed? Like howwww??
sarah khan
sarah khan Hace 22 días
It's good!
Changesomthing Hace 23 días
Is it me or I feel like Alexis would be a great mom
ken kaneki
ken kaneki Hace 23 días
Who is here from guava juce
Nat Alia
Nat Alia Hace 24 días
When I was 8 years, I watched this Easy Bake Oven on tv, so I saved money for a long time, the price was 50 USD, but I got a promotion and I bought in 13, I was so happy, haha although I only used a few times, maybe 5
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez Hace 25 días
What is the name of the blue oven...
Lisa Abio
Lisa Abio Hace 25 días
Do you guys think the music is awkward ??
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast Hace 25 días
I watched only this and all the vids turned into cooking vids
JEN'S DEN Hace 26 días
hands dont fitt because its for small hands ....
FuriousAwesome Hace 26 días
*NEXT UP:* Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Samsung Galaxy Note 7?
ghadeer alhusseini
ghadeer alhusseini Hace 26 días
Your the best
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz Hace 26 días
This was the most entertaining thing I’ve watched all quarantine
Noemie Fukasawa
Noemie Fukasawa Hace 26 días
"Is good!" "Is good!" "Is good!" I love him😂
Mariana Kharitonov
Mariana Kharitonov Hace 26 días
That's cool my name is Alexis
nachiru Hace 27 días
3:21 friendzoned
Karim Abuasad
Karim Abuasad Hace 27 días
Why is this better then what I could cook in an actual oven
subaru klaus
subaru klaus Hace 27 días
... it's good
samuelscosco9 Hace 27 días
use a hare drier
The.Heir.Of.Slytherin Hace 27 días
Can this chef make a 3-course meal with an Electric know the one that gets rid of the mosquitoes?
roy kueny
roy kueny Hace 27 días
I once got my hand stuck in my sister’s easy bake oven
Jaiden uwu
Jaiden uwu Hace 27 días
i just realized that tasty is literally a 40 min drive from meh home... OMFG-
Callum Mckee
Callum Mckee Hace 28 días
She reminds me of toy story and idk why
Emanuel Flores
Emanuel Flores Hace 28 días
She the whole mexican culture dirty
Brittany Mathews
Brittany Mathews Hace 28 días
Can this chef cook a three coarse meal with the sun
Micah Jao
Micah Jao Hace 29 días
She reminds me of Shannon from Kim’s Convenience haha
Haroldo Duarte
Haroldo Duarte Hace 29 días
Haha when he bites the tomato, you see the sadness in his eyes. 😂😂
ruma begum
ruma begum Hace 29 días
the kids so cute im-
Chubby Chic
Chubby Chic Hace un mes
Martha Horton
Martha Horton Hace un mes
Kon Man
Kon Man Hace un mes
You can literally buy a toaster oven for cheaper than an easy bake.
U Dasgupta
U Dasgupta Hace un mes
She looks like Eleanor from Skam Italia.
Can this chef make a 3-course meal with a toaster
Sharla Miller
Sharla Miller Hace un mes
Easy Bake oven where easy dosent mean what it says
SirAqualad Thedope
SirAqualad Thedope Hace un mes
1) i dodnt know they made easy bake ovens for boys 2) her best freind is HOT 🥵
fairymairah Hace un mes
I had an Easy Bake Oven and I Tried to Bake without the Ingredients that came with it and it was less Tasty LOL !
ROSETRBL Hace un mes
12:55 .
PatMoss Hace un mes
I'm in love with this woman.
II John Javier II
II John Javier II Hace un mes
See People? Cooking Good Food Isn't About Having Good Materials It's The Way You Cook.
heliyox Hace un mes
ok next is an xbox 360
heliyox Hace 28 días
LameVids never played ps4 so i wouldnt know how badly it overheats
LameVids Hace 29 días
nebula ps4*
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop Hace un mes
I love how he took the cookie and ran XD
Izaysia Nia
Izaysia Nia Hace un mes
Ummmm Can we get Gordon Ramsey on here as a taste tester ??!?!
Sofie Margerum
Sofie Margerum Hace un mes
You should make a three course meal with a wallfle maker
Nainika Jena
Nainika Jena Hace un mes
which easy bake oven did rayn use
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