Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer

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Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Hace 15 horas

Verdansk will never be the same.
The stadium opens. The train arrives. And the battle expands. Season Five kicks off in #Warzone and #ModernWarfare on August 5.
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Frank Cansino
Frank Cansino Hace 7 horas
Cod players : so how much space is required ? Infinity ward : yes 🙂
Tactical Possum
Tactical Possum Hace 7 horas
"We want this game to be realistic and reflect real world events" *guy in tuxedo vest and gold mask attacks person with a bird*
SoB-Jairo Hace 7 horas
Please don't make the same mistakes like Fortnite did
Quentin Lee
Quentin Lee Hace 7 horas
Nobody is ready for that 32gb update
Mận Trần
Mận Trần Hace 7 horas
stadium and the other h
Vitaly Levdonski
Vitaly Levdonski Hace 7 horas
PS4: You don't have enough memory in your storage
Đỗ Mỹ Linh
Đỗ Mỹ Linh Hace 7 horas
adium and the other half being
JJ Jokler
JJ Jokler Hace 7 horas
Outcome? Train go boom
Josef tiger
Josef tiger Hace 7 horas
love ❤❤❤
Subie Rylan
Subie Rylan Hace 7 horas
So we knows there's 3 weapons, 2 being the SMG and the AN94, but I didn't see the r700 and I believe thats a new AR at 1:01
Endings Hace 7 horas
That’s cool and all but can you remove SBMM from this game and all new cords that are gonna come out? Or add casual and ranked modes? Just because I’m above average doesn’t mean I want to sweat 24/7. Please, we’re all begging you, remove SBMM. Add ranked and casual games, I just want to play casual without going 2-20
Lorenzo 1996
Lorenzo 1996 Hace 7 horas
How yall deal with the size? External hdd?
Aaron Robinson
Aaron Robinson Hace 7 horas
Is this the last season?
ThatKidFromA.Z Hace 7 horas
Ah yes.....Add trains to warzone but keep the hacker problem the same
Napat Yuwakanokchai
Napat Yuwakanokchai Hace 7 horas
Big update in Warzone but left Multiplayer mode behind. Fkin Do sth with the hackers pls.
Godsgeneral21 Hace 7 horas
There goes my last bit of storage...
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos Hace 7 horas
The train would be so much cooler if you could go inside 👍 Also, they should make a train map in MP where you can either fight on the roof or inside the cabins 😃
Kayo Moraes
Kayo Moraes Hace 7 horas
Po era só jogar uma C4 que explodia o estadio ?
Tyler And Leah Canadian
Tyler And Leah Canadian Hace 7 horas
I wish my friends were hype for this like me and my wife :( add my on xbox ty659 I need people 2 play with haha
Cody Geil
Cody Geil Hace 7 horas
Soooo... when are you going to make the game playable and actually do something about cheaters? Oh wait that's right your still making money, why fix it if its profitable.
Rafael Negrillo
Rafael Negrillo Hace 7 horas
Nice one COD
Jose Arreguin
Jose Arreguin Hace 7 horas
They added the Apex train and blood hound and the agent from fortnites stepson apparently
dan mcfandom
dan mcfandom Hace 7 horas
Can we get a true marine in this game? Like John Cena? I know it isnt realistic but i will forgive you guys if yall bend the rules and made him visible
Sam Hace 7 horas
Everyone’s sleeping on the oil rigs from MW2
cod roby
cod roby Hace 7 horas
General Shepard
Dylon Seth
Dylon Seth Hace 7 horas
Let’s gooooooooo hypeeee
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo Hace 7 horas
Updates already out for some people including me 😎😎😎😎😎, bc we special
CP5_Xterminator YT
CP5_Xterminator YT Hace 7 horas
I hope the update not to big I only have 500gb ps4
Ash Money
Ash Money Hace 7 horas
Love it
BrOsYT Hace 7 horas
☺️ I have no words I can only smile
Cdub Senpai
Cdub Senpai Hace 7 horas
I wish they'd blow the roof off on these cheaters lol
Polezy Hace 7 horas
Pulling out all the stops should include anti cheat? Games unplayable, I won’t be touching it until the cheaters are removed 🙏
Swisher Blaster
Swisher Blaster Hace 7 horas
These devs are trash.., why not make a new map.. so ppl can choose .. i wish i can make ppl stop buying this BS COF franchise
LAZZA MCPE Hace 7 horas
5 seasons for just the stadium to open up🤨 BLACKOUT > warzone
Ryan McCloskey
Ryan McCloskey Hace 7 horas
Gonna be a 200GB download
Bench Hace 7 horas
This is the last season of warzone and who is this bald guy
Orlando Ramos
Orlando Ramos Hace 7 horas
I nut watching this video
Kinggdom_ Hace 7 horas
*sniff sniff* smells like 30gbs
Ragnar Cracker
Ragnar Cracker Hace 7 horas
I get that the devs are really passionate about modern warfare, but please my internet needs some breathing room
Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me
Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me Hace 7 horas
Everyone Hype for season 5 My Ping: Are you sure about that
New Shabs Gaming
New Shabs Gaming Hace 7 horas
This game size getting bigger then 🤣🤣😜 bigger now I have to delete it
TYPO Hace 7 horas
Let's start
The MLG Guy
The MLG Guy Hace 7 horas
oh yas cant wait for more pixlated shadow and rubberbanding lobby
Aggressive Al
Aggressive Al Hace 7 horas
What about the Hackers ? I stop playing since two weeks for the first reason is AIMBOT, WALLHACK and RADARS !
MrTwitterPost Hace 7 horas
Can’t wait for the day after tomorrow.
1 sub before 2021
1 sub before 2021 Hace 7 horas
99% won't see this, *But those 1% who are reading this, I wish that you and your family will live for 100 years.*
Regal Deagle
Regal Deagle Hace 7 horas
No one plays Capture the Flag anyways.
Darkus Of The Lawl
Darkus Of The Lawl Hace 7 horas
Game is gonna be dead by the time the next cod is released
Rina Ramadhani
Rina Ramadhani Hace 7 horas
Nathan McMüllan
Nathan McMüllan Hace 7 horas
So cod with Dave Batista
ImCorey Hace 7 horas
Watch the stadium just be packed like there’s an actual game there while I hide behind a building😅😶
50subsbefore2021n Hace 7 horas
Its finally open the stadium is open like if your hyped
Ethanbrady Hace 7 horas
Wait what new is coming?
STILL Hace 7 horas
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates. Non-Duality✌️
Polarzz Hace 7 horas
Can’t wait for another 40gb update
ImpulseKi Hace 7 horas
Who tf is that guy
Dustin King
Dustin King Hace 7 horas
Following the apex route i see. The train, bad idea. The tanks...worst idea. Now dudes with no skill can sit in a tank and blast you. Taking the skill out of a game kills the game especially a br. But honestly i dont even play warzone anyways, too many cheaters and now even more reason to not play.
nate show
nate show Hace 7 horas
Cant wait for everyone to be Brock Lesnar
Fuck Off
Fuck Off Hace 7 horas
7Soon-hasoon -حسون
7Soon-hasoon -حسون Hace 7 horas
everyone gangista till Ghost shows his face
AdamMma1005 Hace 7 horas
Add anti cheat
Unknown Viewer
Unknown Viewer Hace 7 horas
Train Go Boom -(Black Ops III)
Y Z Hace 7 horas
fix these : -hacker problem -faster tick rate servers
Cloeaky YT
Cloeaky YT Hace 7 horas
Fortnite kids: THeY CoPIeD ShADoW?,!
DAD Hace 7 horas
You guys should put Soap as a new charachter or maybe yuri
Aiden Chizhov
Aiden Chizhov Hace 7 horas
1B TB update?
Reducted Hace 7 horas
Love the campers you?
Gokart Mozart
Gokart Mozart Hace 7 horas
Hores arent ready. Nice song.
JayyyLive Hace 7 horas
*蝙蝠汤小鸡巴 Has entered the game*
tree Hace 7 horas
IW: S5, boys Us: What about the hackers? IW: *Trains.. crows..*
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