Calboy - Barbarian (Official Video) ft. Lil Tjay

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"Barbarian" Ft. Lil Tjay - Out Now:
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Danielle Cervas
Danielle Cervas Hace 6 horas 💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Keydozen Hace 8 horas
should have more views!! underrated
Cameron Heckathorn
Cameron Heckathorn Hace 10 horas
@calboy so is this a sample off the beat winner on here cause I was finna destroy that shit then this dropped
Chocolate Goddess
Chocolate Goddess Hace 11 horas
I know lil durk mad😂😂😂😂
Crystian Correa
Crystian Correa Hace 12 horas
He sound like lil Durk, still fye tho 😅
Nicholas Lien
Nicholas Lien Hace 15 horas
“Smelly dropped, I’ll give it all up for my n**** no lie. Right through the struggle he stood by my side, he looked in my eyes I witnessed him die” 💯RIP Smelly
Jamira Patrick
Jamira Patrick Hace 16 horas
I like this song
Jamira Patrick
Jamira Patrick Hace 16 horas
sn has clout
sn has clout Hace 16 horas
a familiar flow 🤔🤔🤔
Andy Stephon
Andy Stephon Hace 19 horas
he sang it better on fire in the booth
Calboy tjay and roddy need to make a song together 🔥
jayden_4763 Hace 21 un hora
a song called poppin by Polo G Calboy liltjay Roddy Rich fire
jayden_4763 Hace 22 horas
Callboy is underrated one thing he has to keep dropping hella this year and next so he a 2021 XXL im callin it no cap
Airiyonna Fisher
Airiyonna Fisher Hace 22 horas
love all your music and liltjay keep grinding and keep doing yall and listing to yall to u makes me really exticed and put a smile on my face everyday
YL Music channel
YL Music channel Hace un día
young lil durk hes good tho london ting
Just CJ
Just CJ Hace un día
Im waiting for a Calboy x Polo G x Lil Tjay
nick nlmb
nick nlmb Hace un día
Tjay smoked this beat!!Never disappointed!!
Payroll Finesse
Payroll Finesse Hace un día
" If the crew aint right then ship gone sink " Titanic Crew : this aint it chief
Journie Angelio
Journie Angelio Hace un día
Am I trippin or do the dude sound like lil Durk 👀
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton Hace un día
Happy birthday Calboy!
Mark steven
Mark steven Hace un día
Calboy it dun got this one! straight-up banger! Lil got it ain't like all these lames who just be going viral by using *Authenticviews Com* to get the view up to go viral... SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days
Noel Diaz
Noel Diaz Hace un día
This song is a fucking masterpiece
little lele
little lele Hace un día
I only like T jay part
James Rivera
James Rivera Hace un día
Sounds like Lil Durk 300 days 300 nights flows
Ernest McMullen
Ernest McMullen Hace un día
Pig Dog
Pig Dog Hace 2 días
pop disf
Fabian Schmidt
Fabian Schmidt Hace 2 días
fck yeahh
Savion Vaughan
Savion Vaughan Hace 2 días
when it is at 1:40 listen to the beat
Savion Vaughan
Savion Vaughan Hace 2 días
you need to follow the beat
Kevoy smith
Kevoy smith Hace 2 días
0:00 -1:14 best part. Still hot tho
King Coley
King Coley Hace 2 días
Thank you 🙏💯
Andy Aiello
Andy Aiello Hace 2 días
Lil durk woulda snapped on this bih no cap 🔌
M.O.D !
M.O.D ! Hace 2 días
Wtf I have that beat but it’s different 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
Pablo Hace 2 días
Calboy literally looks like La Capone without dreads.
Shadi Al Halisi
Shadi Al Halisi Hace 3 días
He should do a song with future ! Love this song
Wolfang Studios
Wolfang Studios Hace 3 días
Coming from someone who seriously dislikes "mumble rap" this shit slaps. I seriously love it lol
solange munezero
solange munezero Hace 3 días
"I 'm sick in head l need medication
Braga Hace 3 días
Aight aight, bangin track. Much love brother
DeAndre Smith
DeAndre Smith Hace 3 días
Calboy rap better than a lot of these rappers
contreras7565 Hace 3 días
Cal boy x Lil Durk??
Brittany Jenison
Brittany Jenison Hace 3 días
Omg he sound just like lil durk🤦🏾‍♀️ this song 🔥
Lizzy Renae
Lizzy Renae Hace 4 días
Vote for his music on xxl
Miles Monett
Miles Monett Hace 4 días
These really are the vibes I be feelin everyday😔💯
Queen Thicka
Queen Thicka Hace 4 días
Wutta wierdo huh
Queen Thicka
Queen Thicka Hace 4 días
When's lil tjays next concert
TJ Bradford
TJ Bradford Hace 4 días
Tjay carried ‘Throwing bullets we aiming for durags’ 🔥💫🐐
Tokyo Vibez
Tokyo Vibez Hace 4 días
Comment if this fye to 2
Colton Boley
Colton Boley Hace 4 días
50 precent of that chat calboy The other 50 lil tjay Respect my guys
Tshepang Dibakwane
Tshepang Dibakwane Hace 4 días
This song touches where hands cannot reach bruv . If you feel me hit like or comment to my comment!!!!
leshay pyne
leshay pyne Hace 5 días
i aint changing upppppppp
Kevin J. Ware
Kevin J. Ware Hace 5 días
You will set good examples it's not erellavent my shooters is mine.
Brody Brown
Brody Brown Hace 5 días
Cal: can you tell me why your shooters hesitant? Me: yes please do tell
Chris Flores
Chris Flores Hace 5 días
i thought barbarian was wearing a jumpsuit
-InkyAndTheBrain -
-InkyAndTheBrain - Hace 5 días
Boy you better not try to run!
Joshua Crenshaw
Joshua Crenshaw Hace 5 días
Danaier Fleming
Danaier Fleming Hace 5 días
My shit. He remind me of Durk.
Calvin Burrell
Calvin Burrell Hace 5 días
Sound like lil durk
BRAD & YAYA Hace 5 días
He must was a lil Durk fan cause he sound just like him
The Mastermind
The Mastermind Hace 5 días
the visual on this is fire lol
sara haslin
sara haslin Hace 5 días
I had to check my connection
wesley G's
wesley G's Hace 6 días
"use to live a nightmare I ain't have no dream"
Miles salacuse
Miles salacuse Hace 6 días
This is so fucking underrated. Its should have AT LEAST 20m views at this point
William Esteves
William Esteves Hace 6 días
SunnY THUNz Hace 6 días
He sound like Lil Durk
Luigi Rell
Luigi Rell Hace 6 días
Jhonny Thunder
Jhonny Thunder Hace 6 días
Corona got me listening to alot of rap songs,i feel like a prisoner in my own house
this go hard
Chopmops Hace 6 días
Always good shit
Danny Ellis
Danny Ellis Hace 6 días
Litty Queen
Litty Queen Hace 6 días
who humming the backround
Talia.8 Prettyy
Talia.8 Prettyy Hace 6 días
He done got fineee
Calboy - Barbarian Ft. Lil Tjay
Calboy - Barbarian (Lyrics) ft. Lil Tjay
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