Buying & Trying 10 Mystery Boxes From Around The World!

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Join us in todays video as we bring countries from around the world to the DOPE or NOPE set! Thats right, you guessed it, we are checking out a variety of mystery boxes which include all sorts of goodies. I could tell you what's inside of them but then takes away the mystery, lol! Comment down below if we reviewed a mystery box from your country! If we didn't get the chance to review your country, let us know where you are from by commenting an emoji of flag down below! Also, if you enjoyed this style of mystery boxes, give this video a like -- it helps let us know what kind of content you guys are enjoying!

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Yazhuo Liu
Yazhuo Liu Hace 2 horas
Americans there’re like Chinese works like dis I wrote this because they said something very rude and races to many country’s.
Sean Vincent Rabino
Sean Vincent Rabino Hace 2 horas
It's polvoron
Berkehan Şener
Berkehan Şener Hace 3 horas
Liam Audette
Liam Audette Hace 6 horas
Anthony Esser
Anthony Esser Hace 8 horas
Me:*looks closely at thumbnail* Box with corona virus: hello
Николай Чернета
Николай Чернета Hace 9 horas
What the heck why is in Ukraine on there
Grace Van Dermyden
Grace Van Dermyden Hace 9 horas
I’m German and Dutch and Irish therefore I am leprechaun
MR. Shrek
MR. Shrek Hace 10 horas
I am 🇧🇪
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith Hace 10 horas
If you don't respond I am sorry than I am going to
Bradley Quick
Bradley Quick Hace 11 horas
Eric Snyder
Eric Snyder Hace 11 horas
I am in Canada an I never see any of the Products
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith Hace 11 horas
Hay Tanner if you are insulting Collins key than I WILL UNSUBSCRIBE!!!😠😠😠
Sixpeacenuggz6 Hace 11 horas
I am from Germany but I’m amarican
Faith Connelly
Faith Connelly Hace 11 horas
Max.c Sings
Max.c Sings Hace 12 horas
Canada was Superior
LE. _ .A
LE. _ .A Hace 12 horas
"Are you from a german" -Tanner
chunky pumply jelly daddy medusoid mycelium
chunky pumply jelly daddy medusoid mycelium Hace 13 horas
zeus the amazing ka
zeus the amazing ka Hace 14 horas
I am German and polish
JoyousRobbie Hace 15 horas
my race is nascar
Hailey Watson
Hailey Watson Hace 15 horas
Canadian and british
Lilli Hace 15 horas
de la rosa is so good i have a whole pack in my pantry
lunar moon
lunar moon Hace 16 horas
my race is toaster :) thank you.
Skunk Boi
Skunk Boi Hace 16 horas
They are gonna get coronavirus from the techdeck
Reedwarriors Hace 17 horas
I’m black
Angel Trejo
Angel Trejo Hace 19 horas
britt freeborm
britt freeborm Hace 22 horas
Kenn Soendergaard
Kenn Soendergaard Hace 23 horas
I am from Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰
per sonaaa
per sonaaa Hace un día
I’m a pilipno 😅😅😅😅
Tamara Wanjiru
Tamara Wanjiru Hace un día
Am from Africa
Jessica Öijvall
Jessica Öijvall Hace un día
I am from Sweden
Aldrei Kai Soriano
Aldrei Kai Soriano Hace un día
Its called "Polvoron"
Ivan Zarcos
Ivan Zarcos Hace un día
I'm Canadian and Spanish I afended
JACKSON JACK Hace un día
i am from Pakistan.
Dane Guitarist 2015
Dane Guitarist 2015 Hace un día
When is Chanelle getting a microphone?
DespairsAndDesires Hace un día
Rurururifj i fricking love the peanut dust stuff i could eat it all day and not get tired of it
Liuska Frias
Liuska Frias Hace un día
Its har-ibo
TheMonkeyLegend Hace un día
21:26 Ok Canadia
Fortnite Xxxtentacion
Fortnite Xxxtentacion Hace un día
Why is America do they call chips lays but in England we call Crisps walkers
Real Life with Maliha
Real Life with Maliha Hace un día
Lets go to German . . . Rammage through the boxes . . . 😂😂😂
Michael Hace un día
Im german :)
Jonathan Castillo
Jonathan Castillo Hace un día
I'm mexican
dj lux
dj lux Hace un día
Chippy Rulez
Chippy Rulez Hace un día
Dont open the china box it has corona virus
Chippy Rulez
Chippy Rulez Hace un día
Stop bullying the deformed car it's a normal car too it just looks weird
Katie Renaud
Katie Renaud Hace un día
as a Canadian, we are amazed by the most random things. But they can be fun most of the time XD
Cam desa
Cam desa Hace un día
im canadian
Nickole Nird
Nickole Nird Hace un día
the hand item from japan is supposed to pick up chips (so you don't get your hand covered in dust) and be used as a stylus lmao, i love the chaotic energy though
Csg Music
Csg Music Hace un día
08HuskyBoyYT Hace un día
Anyone Else from Finland? Or is it just me
Chantel Pryor
Chantel Pryor Hace un día
The poor soul who has to clean up after every video 😂😂 new subscriber 👍🏾❤️
FRAZER Hace un día
Elias Morgans
Elias Morgans Hace un día
Ethan Edgeworth
Ethan Edgeworth Hace 2 días
Tea lover
Snap-Crackle Popp
Snap-Crackle Popp Hace 2 días
4:18 he needs some MiLk
123 456
123 456 Hace 2 días
What is the canadian extending slapper that michael has ? I really wanna know.
123 456
123 456 Hace 2 días
21:29 did not expect a jacksepticeye slap lol
AceAttorny April_May
AceAttorny April_May Hace 2 días
I'm from Serbia :D but sadly, not much people show-off the amazing products there... :( Love the video tho! 😁 Also, Nivea is a face moisturizer 😂😅
EpicTacoCatGalaxy Hace 2 días
I legit had flashbacks when I seen you open the Mexico mystery box Also why did y’all hate the Mexico mystery box soo much??? Y’all have no taste
EpicTacoCatGalaxy Hace 2 días
I am.... 50% Mexican 25% Russian 25% Italian But I can speak English well
Anthony muisc
Anthony muisc Hace 2 días
I'm the race of a UNICORN
sameer enightoola
sameer enightoola Hace 2 días
19:17.....oh no
Epic E-Dude
Epic E-Dude Hace 2 días
Matt bit his kit kat like a heathen
Shajijan Narendran
Shajijan Narendran Hace 2 días
I like how this comments section is like " Im from german". German doesnt exist, its Germany
Doodles the noodles
Doodles the noodles Hace 11 horas
It's a joke I-
MJ‡HYDRA Hace 23 horas
Ohhh my gaaaad . Shut up
Savannah Payne
Savannah Payne Hace 2 días
Nobody: Me: *wating till they open the Canadian box
lucjan konarski
lucjan konarski Hace 2 días
Hey dope or nope you should do a polish productas
Armin T14
Armin T14 Hace 2 días
My mum is from Iran 🇮🇷 , my dad is half Arabic and half from Iran but my sister and I were born in the U.K ( IK it rlly confusing lmao)
Puppet _plays
Puppet _plays Hace 2 días
Matt: what race are you ? My mind : RUNNING
Lisa Flanagan
Lisa Flanagan Hace 2 días
jessicajones012 Hace 2 días
Aslan Sanverdi
Aslan Sanverdi Hace 2 días
My rase is turkish and dutch or I could say I am from the netherlands I dont know gow to say rase
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