Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Mark Rober

Mark Rober

Hace un mes

Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)
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Here is an explanation of the illusion dish thing!-
Here is a link to the illusion dish (not sponsored :)
0:02 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
0:27 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
3:21 - Zambo - Devil in Disguise
3:47 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
5:28 - J. Thompson - Real Quick Lovin'
5:39 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
7:51- Chi- Ponder-
8:31 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
9:25 - Josef Falkenskold - Tiny Tumble
19:07 - Nik- Ponder-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober Hace un mes
Phantastic Gus is my spirit animal. I think I'm going make a shirt with him on it. When I do, I'll give a bunch away on Insta/Twitter/TikTok at MarkRober so go follow.
Unpopular Opinion
Unpopular Opinion Hace 13 días
Kim N
Kim N Hace 14 días
Why do you keep referring to Gus as "he" and "him" even after discovering Gus is a pregnant female? You even said near the end of this that you hope Gus is going to bring "his" grandkids. I'm going to have to contact your wife about this.
Jonathan Hasiuk
Jonathan Hasiuk Hace 18 días
Hi you're my favourite ESwomenr! I'm ready to try to make a corse. I'm so excited for this!😄😁😄😁😄😁
Dingus Ubot
Dingus Ubot Hace 23 días
Yes Plz do It SOOOOOON
Xin Lu Fan
Xin Lu Fan Hace 28 días
naturegeek33 Hace 13 minutos
Why didn’t you just use the slip proof poles and put the bird feeder in the middle of the yard were squirrels can’t jump
Crsug Ellidon
Crsug Ellidon Hace 22 minutos
that's so cool. A ninja warrior course for squirrels!
SeanWolf The Soldier of God
SeanWolf The Soldier of God Hace 25 minutos
DUDE that was very cool!!
Gerelt-Od Ariunaa
Gerelt-Od Ariunaa Hace 37 minutos
Omg so funny
Taher Patrawala
Taher Patrawala Hace 54 minutos
I am just glad I subscribe 😄 love to phantastic Gus ❤️
Garrett Williams
Garrett Williams Hace un hora
ThNk you for the most awesome, entertaining, an knowledgeable video about 🐿 squirrels.
Hanabi BladeYT
Hanabi BladeYT Hace un hora
Wow ghus is op
박향미 Hace un hora
여긴 한국댓글이 찾기가 어려워..
Flight23ks Yt
Flight23ks Yt Hace un hora
Gus is a mood
N Pegg7
N Pegg7 Hace 2 horas
Me wondering why they don’t just put the slippery stuff on the little pole at first
Jessica Dubrule
Jessica Dubrule Hace 2 horas
fat guss reminds me of my sister
d h
d h Hace 3 horas
I’ve been trying to duplicate this all day but I can’t seem to hold my nuts between my toes
BIoxxzi ö
BIoxxzi ö Hace 3 horas
18:04 See there tail? Its like a helicopter
blindandwatching Hace 3 horas
I had a friend as a kid who got rabies from a squirt. Back in the 12 shots in the chest era. Not our current one shot. Death to squirls.
Blake Kerr
Blake Kerr Hace 3 horas
There is some really great story telling in this video. It has to be one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.
Freddy Diaz
Freddy Diaz Hace 3 horas
Please do science class please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane Lee
Jane Lee Hace 4 horas
Rick and Marty XD
Matt Simonson
Matt Simonson Hace 4 horas
I kill all them and I am 9 years old who cares about them
Just Your Mom
Just Your Mom Hace un hora
Dont worry kid you'll hit puberty soon. Don't mess around on the internet.
Sawyer Tortorella
Sawyer Tortorella Hace 4 horas
Yoneek Scott
Yoneek Scott Hace 4 horas
Awesome video!!!!!
Mr Game
Mr Game Hace 4 horas
Do a pool filled with oobleck
Terry DiRobbio
Terry DiRobbio Hace 4 horas
I keep re-watching this
Nadia Gonzalez-Engler
Nadia Gonzalez-Engler Hace 4 horas
This is by far one of my favorite videos on ESwomen. Well done sir, well done. 👏👏👏
Bears Fury Real
Bears Fury Real Hace 5 horas
Wait 5 animals and 1 kid, what animals do you guys have?
Alyssa Mueller
Alyssa Mueller Hace 5 horas
So this is what smart people do in quarantine. Interesting!
IzMePotatoChan UwU
IzMePotatoChan UwU Hace 5 horas
He said rick and marty.... ahhhhhhh inseperable... its ok im fine
Faldi Hace 5 horas
1:15 why does his voice sounds like censored
fighter pilot
fighter pilot Hace 5 horas
I love kiwico! I have a subscription to get one crate a month! they are so cool
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Hace 5 horas
at 3:04 i thought it was mr beast in the back lol
Collin Tasbas
Collin Tasbas Hace 5 horas
Ummm. wait why didn't you just make ONE post with bird feed and make the pole slippery??!?
Andres Ayala
Andres Ayala Hace 5 horas
When are you going to make a new video
Kills4Tills Hace 6 horas
Mark: Well turns out phat guss is not a dude and HE is pregnant😂🤨
GiMynus Gaming
GiMynus Gaming Hace 6 horas
rhys Mendoza Villa
rhys Mendoza Villa Hace 6 horas
Now this is a big brainer move
Miwaku T.
Miwaku T. Hace 6 horas
You make science even more funner than it already is
CookieCraft Friend
CookieCraft Friend Hace 6 horas
Have any updates on Gus' kids?
Nina Schenk
Nina Schenk Hace 6 horas
Awesome video! ❤
Oscar Montiel
Oscar Montiel Hace 6 horas
19:05 where the walnuts gonna go?
Matthew Toledo
Matthew Toledo Hace 6 horas
You should collab with Michael reeves sometime that isn’t now
Andy Roid
Andy Roid Hace 7 horas
Its 1:30 AM Why am I watching some random guy fighting squirrels
Randomness productions
Randomness productions Hace 7 horas
Rick and Marty 😂
Ceejay Vergara
Ceejay Vergara Hace 7 horas
Things I learned in this video. 1. squirrels are pretty smart 2. Mark holds a grudge 3. I need that 3D mirror thingy.
Ed Hillard
Ed Hillard Hace 7 horas
What a video!!! Squirrels that give lessons, to increase human interplay.
Sangeeta Mathur Simlote
Sangeeta Mathur Simlote Hace 7 horas
Totally blown away by your video! I didn't imagine it would be so good. I am laughing all the way through 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏
Joey Enjoy
Joey Enjoy Hace 8 horas
You should make a video why it’s soooo hard to flip a nickel on its edge/side
PAOGOTCHA Hace 8 horas
mark: puts squirrel proof bird feeder up squirrels: *jumps on it* also squirrels: wha?? it was open ....
Neon Pro3792
Neon Pro3792 Hace 8 horas
Does anybody know why he is not doing any more videos
Peter Vaj
Peter Vaj Hace 8 horas
Ngl, I’m a hunter and those squirrels be looking good 🍽🤤
Rogue Gamer16
Rogue Gamer16 Hace 8 horas
Mark Rober: building with my buddy John My Brain : excuse me sir it’s Quarentine
Icycola Pluslemonade
Icycola Pluslemonade Hace 8 horas
“Rick and Marty are basically indistinguishable” me: Was.. was that a Rick And Morty reference?
Jeff Ramsum
Jeff Ramsum Hace 8 horas
@Mark Rober. We need new videos. Our family watches your content and loves it. Our boys would love some videos on fireworks. "There's been enough research done to be able to confidently say that masks wouldn't be able to stop the spread of infection, that they would only have a small effect on transmission," Cowling said. "We shouldn't be relying on masks to help us go back to normal."s. we all loved Phantastic Gus
EdentoEternity Hace 8 horas
BB gun
Bracamontes Kayla
Bracamontes Kayla Hace 8 horas
at 5:34, i laughed so hard! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 this vid is hilarious and awesome!
Ubaid Samad
Ubaid Samad Hace 9 horas
Mark Rober is just Michael reeves but he smokes weed instead of crack.
K H Hace 9 horas
I love these little fellows. They make me so happy. My husband not so much.
Cup O Warriors
Cup O Warriors Hace 9 horas
18:41 - 20:15 How is this the most wholesome thing I've ever seen?
Alter _Killer
Alter _Killer Hace 9 horas
I wonder y squirrels like bird food
Cory Halvorson
Cory Halvorson Hace 9 horas
Me before this video "Why is this guy spending this much time messing with squirrels?" me after this video "squirrels are geniuses!"
Andy9939 Gaming
Andy9939 Gaming Hace 9 horas
*meanwhile in an alternate universe* Rark Mober: so I made a bird ninja obstacle course
Sebastian Dynamite
Sebastian Dynamite Hace 9 horas
hi can you plx tell bill gates i said hi plz
Maria Vassallo
Maria Vassallo Hace 9 horas
squirrels cant survive a fall from 1,000 miles because they would starve
Phantom Fruit
Phantom Fruit Hace 10 horas
A completely average way to spend your time.
Crazy kid On the block
Crazy kid On the block Hace 10 horas
Hey with the bird feeder you could have lubed the bottom of the bird feeder and move it to the middle of the yard
shalom ssv
shalom ssv Hace 11 horas
Where is the next two vidios
cheems the meme lord
cheems the meme lord Hace 11 horas
Mark Rober can u do a video on how to build ur own rc car I mean I have already done it but the remotes antenna doesn't work
chaoticinflation Hace 11 horas
but why wouldn’t u want squirrels eating the food too 😭 they’re so cute
Xxgamer_boyXx Cunanan
Xxgamer_boyXx Cunanan Hace 11 horas
༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
KSisters ClubShow
KSisters ClubShow Hace 12 horas
I love Gus😂
Dave G
Dave G Hace 12 horas
Alex Janssens
Alex Janssens Hace 12 horas
I am really astonished by squirrel intelligence
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