Building & Riding a FAST wooden berm

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Seth's Bike Hacks

Seth's Bike Hacks

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Well, here's to learning to do something new! This wooden mountain bike berm is the first ever on Berm Peak, and it was full of learning experiences. Next time it'll look a little neater and go together smoother, but overall I think we built something very functional. So far this is one of my favorite home improvement projects. I can't stop going back there and roasting this thing!
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The guy who crashed at the end is Super Dave! He sure knows a thing or two about committing. He also holds races in the Southeastern USA, so check out his Instagram
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I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this.
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Dollene McDougald
Dollene McDougald Hace 16 horas
wall ride
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson Hace 2 días
Seth is really good at building things with wood!
Dolan White
Dolan White Hace 2 días
My boy nearby park closed because of corona so he made a park of his own
Lucas Hatch
Lucas Hatch Hace 2 días
after every video you build a new feature you should do a pov of the whole trail
Sailing with Supiyo
Sailing with Supiyo Hace 3 días
Mom, can we get a berm No we have a berm at home Berm at home 6:23
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 3 días
Hello, I am the person with giant glue gun. Where do you want me to glue?
Luisito 713
Luisito 713 Hace 3 días
Glad to see you got real tools , using Dewalt.
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham Hace 4 días
Just tip you can mix the sw dust with clay and water to creative type of cement add a little lye too or wood ash from fire place .
SuburbSofter Hace 4 días
did you seriously use a fucking vacuum outside? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Terje Sinnes
Terje Sinnes Hace 4 días
I'm making a beginer track
MaQuGo119 Hace 4 días
Thank God Dave is made out of ruber :D
S.A. Hace 5 días
Now you need to make a Popsicle stick replica of every part of Berm Peak until you have a full 3d model.
Troy Johnson
Troy Johnson Hace 5 días
DJWolves97 Hace 6 días
How come you did not coat the wood before you assembled to protect against the aforementioned weathering the wood is likely to experience?
Trail Thief
Trail Thief Hace 7 días
lets go faaaaast
Phat Phuck
Phat Phuck Hace 7 días
Use the round junk prices for rollers
Cooper Allen
Cooper Allen Hace 7 días
Give us a tour of yourmtrail
chris baker
chris baker Hace 8 días
hey seth, you should use the curved offcuts to make wooden rollers
Darth Mauldin
Darth Mauldin Hace 9 días
What do you mean you haven't built a wooden berm before? Does nobody remember the last day of berm creek?? lol
Ainen. Hace 9 días
I would love to see a popsicle stick version of this trail
GugciBTW Hace 10 días
am i the only guy realized that we dont have a lot of trees left on this earth and this guy is out here cutting them all down
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Hace 11 días
love that u build all your own stuff
Leroy Anehagen
Leroy Anehagen Hace 11 días
sooooo smooth thats insane
MR. N0REMAC Hace 11 días
Where did u get that bike model
Archie Degnen
Archie Degnen Hace 12 días
Hi Seth! I live you videos and have been mountain biking for 2 years you have inspired me to make my own trail but I have a steep drop that’s 75 feet long and I don’t know what to do with it to make the trail last long. Thanks
Kovi Hace 13 días
Why you vacuumed wood in the forest???
Ricardo Loza
Ricardo Loza Hace 14 días
You actually inspired me and my friends to build 1 at his little jump track
Henry Klesch
Henry Klesch Hace 15 días
I want that model of Seth’s bike.
twowheeler1000 Hace 19 días
Seeing the model makes me think it might be cool to have a model of some of the features with their names. Makes cool stuff for on the wall
mikey2133 3
mikey2133 3 Hace 19 días
You could start your own bike trail park, and eventually if it gets going you hire employees and what not, I’m sure tons of fans would come ride
Spiciest-Noodle74 Hace 19 días
Boy landed hard 😭
Jane O'Leary
Jane O'Leary Hace 20 días
And can you make a mega ramp from your roof
Jane O'Leary
Jane O'Leary Hace 20 días
Why can’t you just build a police system in the back of your gator John Deere gator
Jane O'Leary
Jane O'Leary Hace 20 días
I know you have room in the back bot you can have more
ButteryToast 010
ButteryToast 010 Hace 21 un día
Seth:"unless somebody has a giant hot glue gun" Five minute crafts: hey that's a good idea
Dewa Dewappriya
Dewa Dewappriya Hace 22 días
Wow Seth! Look just like a mountain bike park! Amazing features for Berm Peak! Keep it up!
Brady Bell
Brady Bell Hace 23 días
Do you have hydraulic brakes on your mountain bike Seth?
KSMI - Kerbal Saved My Insanity
KSMI - Kerbal Saved My Insanity Hace 26 días
Your friends gap to manual to tree to floor line was epic!
RS Matt
RS Matt Hace 26 días
Seth is like that rich kid who gets his toys early and calls his friends over to play.
Larsthebesst More stuff
Larsthebesst More stuff Hace 26 días
Seth can you do a video on how many of these bike hacks you still use
James Callaghan
James Callaghan Hace 27 días
Can I come to fact wait...what is your liability insurance like? This is just epic Seth. Love it so much!
Derrick Rides
Derrick Rides Hace 27 días
Finally a good video about a wood berm. Thanks for producing it.
Tailgates _is bad
Tailgates _is bad Hace 28 días
1:10 men be like
Stian123 4
Stian123 4 Hace 29 días
You should conect the landing to the berm!!
Joe Carpino
Joe Carpino Hace 29 días
Where did you get that tiny bike at 2:05?
Chris P biscuit
Chris P biscuit Hace 29 días
can you do a tour of the tracks you have made so where all caught up
Flaming Eye
Flaming Eye Hace 29 días
I have been looking for ages and I can’t find anywhere them miniature full sus mtb can anyone help
Ryan Page
Ryan Page Hace un mes
Thanks so much. I love these “build and ride” videos. I’m not a big fan of mountain biking, but I love watching your videos. I especially enjoy the Berm Peak express channel - it feels more relaxed and informal and we get to see more of your personality rather than just mountain bike related videos (not to say that I don’t like watching you build features and jumps). Thanks again and I will definitely be tuning in to future uploads.
Max Teachout
Max Teachout Hace un mes
any one else wondering where Alex went
Harvey_T 10
Harvey_T 10 Hace un mes
I really whant to know where you can get one of them toy diamondbacks
Sascha Montero
Sascha Montero Hace un mes
put a big rock at the end of the berm, to extend it. It will keep the berm stable, and at the same time will look "wood"
Beno C
Beno C Hace un mes
Damn.. I think being your friend could be seriously bad for ones health! haha
unapcuh OnConsole
unapcuh OnConsole Hace un mes
I swear that Seth could build a house if he wanted
djs hangout
djs hangout Hace un mes
Seth, i need some advice. I live in south jeresay and i have absolutely basic hand tools and no know-how i was wonderin if you could give me some advice on a trail
Blaise Plant
Blaise Plant Hace un mes
Why does his music sound like a knock of version of Stevie ray vaughn?
Berry McCockiner
Berry McCockiner Hace un mes
has anyone ever mentioned you look like Nazem Kadri lol
Caleb Roden
Caleb Roden Hace un mes
Build a northshore drop
Alexander Flieger
Alexander Flieger Hace un mes
Hi Seth, I was wondering if you could do a video on how people can get into cycling. no matter which form. (Using my self as an example for others). I have had the troubles from moving around to much, lack of money, or not knowing anyone. And so forth to do this great sport/activity. I have also gone as far as trying to find clubs through media, as well as asking people directly to avail. Seeing If their is someone that doesn't mind teaching, or showing how to ride. much like others I tried bmx when i was in my teens. but never had the proper opportunity to actual do anything. would be great to see how your take on how to over come this and see if there is a way for us to make the community in biking more helpful in these rare but often dilemmas.
j vlogs
j vlogs Hace un mes
Hey seth I have a guestion im a 10 yr old kid and looking for a full suspension mtb bike under 2.000 Tell me wat should I buy
801CARDLINE Hace un mes
Ø [Phase] / Modwerks
Ø [Phase] / Modwerks Hace un mes
Speaking from an entirely untrained perspective, I can’t help feeling that the steep gradient on the Pukka Plank would actually take some launch speed away as you hit the ground. Would it not be possible to make it flow more smoothly, either by making the angle shallower or digging away some earth where it meets the ground?? Any Physics experts here?
Toasty Hace un mes
I've already watched this video 4 times, but here I am again.
Robert Cannon
Robert Cannon Hace un mes
Hey Seth, first off, I love your videos. I have really enjoyed watching Berm Peak being built. Your videos have also inspired me to get into MTB. I am looking at a few different starter bikes right now. Some of them are missing parts and I looked back through your videos to try and get some ideas of what to look for in replacing/upgrading said part. (FYI, pedals in this instance.) I know you probably have plenty of ideas for the channel, but I thought you might want to possibly do a set of videos on what to look for with different parts. I have heard you off-handedly mention things in a few videos, but would appreciate if you had something more in-depth. I know their are probably other channels I could check out, but yours is the one I have enjoyed the most. BTW, no pressure on this, just an idea I thought I would pass along.
Sharpshooter gaming
Sharpshooter gaming Hace un mes
Hey Seth i'm a amateur mountain biker and i had a medium hard tail and i'm getting a new full suspension large
Ian McPoland
Ian McPoland Hace un mes
Hey Seth, have you ever ridden any trails near Greenville, SC?
Diffs bike hacks
Diffs bike hacks Hace un mes
Hey Seth I just wanted to say maybe make a lip on Rhodorooter
ben vinall
ben vinall Hace un mes
Seth a low down on the tools you’re using to create these would be mega 🤘🏻
SushiWarrior 666
SushiWarrior 666 Hace un mes
We really need a bike collection check video that includes every bike you own. I'm probably not the only fan who wonders where bikes like the murder machine and that new mission from whistler are, so please make a bike collection check.
Michael Lafferty
Michael Lafferty Hace un mes
What is this?!?!? A berm ramp for ants?!?!?
Munk chubs
Munk chubs Hace un mes
Who’s patiently waiting for him to make a rock garden. :) ->
Eddie9881 Hace un mes
i just discovered Seth. ithis is a nice channel. it's like casey with bikes. but seth is far more than that. good videos seth and thanks!
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