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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived inside of it for a full 24 hours...
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DolanTwinsbuilding a housedolan twins house

Beerus TheDestroyer
Beerus TheDestroyer Hace 2 horas
Lmao playwood is for the roof no the wallls🤣
Jayden Fox
Jayden Fox Hace 10 horas
Joanne Santiago
Joanne Santiago Hace 19 horas
Did anyone notice that Ethan’s toenails are painted white😂
Zip.cupcakes Litt
Zip.cupcakes Litt Hace 21 un hora
Ethan was triggered “watch what u say bro”
Silaht Zednanref
Silaht Zednanref Hace un día
I actually want you guys to built a small house without limited time❤️ that will be so cool
Hope Elmore
Hope Elmore Hace un día
bro that’s so cool i wanna make one!!!!
hanna Allen odonnell
hanna Allen odonnell Hace un día
wait you guys are in laguna beach?
crowkillah Hace un día
Y’all vids are so creative which is what makes y’all lit
Des Troy
Des Troy Hace un día
Grayson: “the bath room will be 3 and a half feet.” Ethan: “I have no idea what this shit means” 👏👏👏
Abriella LeGrand
Abriella LeGrand Hace un día
U should try to make it sorta livable u can paint it white
Isabella Paul
Isabella Paul Hace un día
There’s rumors that u r quitting you tube
Keosha Mow-Richardson
Keosha Mow-Richardson Hace un día
'can I get one hashbrown?' 'iS iT dAiRy FrEe?'
Larissa Almeida
Larissa Almeida Hace un día
Ethan has Wolverine's hair 5:52
Alijah Rosa
Alijah Rosa Hace un día
tell me why i could do way better bc i love building no CAP
partyboi leel
partyboi leel Hace un día
24:03 did he paint his toe nails or got sum ugly toes
Gage Yardley
Gage Yardley Hace un día
When he was stuck in the house it reminded me of that “Drake and Josh” episode
alexa f
alexa f Hace un día
Previously on....building with the Dolan twins
Erwin Subico
Erwin Subico Hace un día
Mariana Ambriz
Mariana Ambriz Hace un día
Damiete Hart
Damiete Hart Hace 2 días
grayson: lets get things we actually need ethan: *We NeEd A dOoRmAt!*
Brianna Mulcahy
Brianna Mulcahy Hace 2 días
10:58 that smile
Aishah :
Aishah : Hace 2 días
Grayson 2:09 the house is gonna be rectangular 2:30 ok so 7 x 7 Me:its a square
The Walmart pony
The Walmart pony Hace 2 días
The fact that Grayson will probably get married in the future... 😂 Lucky girl😂
CarysJoAnn 666
CarysJoAnn 666 Hace 2 días
Who’s better: Ethan or grayson? Comment ‘professional douche’ for Grayson and ‘dairy free’ for Ethan
Maple Night
Maple Night Hace 2 días
Entertaining 😋
Stacy Cross
Stacy Cross Hace 2 días
Drake and Josh AF
bucket head bandit _hayden
bucket head bandit _hayden Hace 2 días
Logan Westbrook
Logan Westbrook Hace 2 días
Dont tell your identical twin you look luke a douch bag.
Micaela Weeks
Micaela Weeks Hace 2 días
This reminds me of drake and josh when they got stuck in the tree house
Emmons Lauren
Emmons Lauren Hace 2 días
You cant say blood warning , while you show the blood .
Maitho Hace 2 días
25:14 the music is giving me ptsd
Lyla Bohan
Lyla Bohan Hace 2 días
Julio Cisneros
Julio Cisneros Hace 2 días
Who thought this was another survival video Just me 😞
ErinVlogs 06
ErinVlogs 06 Hace 2 días
No that I've watched them for years I can tell tell which ones which because Ethan is paler and has a bigger head. 😂😂
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia Hace 2 días
Homeless people could never
WolfieVloggz UwU
WolfieVloggz UwU Hace 2 días
You should spend a week in a proper tiny house
Faith Bourne
Faith Bourne Hace 2 días
Am I the only person who relized that Grayson said 49 47when counting 😂
President Namjoon
President Namjoon Hace 2 días
Okay but Grayson’s smile @ 16:30 tho
animating person ya boi
animating person ya boi Hace 2 días
What is " i message cup pong" (Dont be mad at meh pls)
Hope Atsa
Hope Atsa Hace 2 días
Did anyone See that the Dolan twins had their nails painted?! 💜❤️😂 cuties
Emily Patterson
Emily Patterson Hace 2 días
Hey another video you could make is we’re you get a camper or a thing and live in it for like a full week!!!
Ariella Naena
Ariella Naena Hace 2 días
It is funny how Grayson called himself a douche one week b4 Ethan made a billboard calling him a d-bag.
Ray M
Ray M Hace 2 días
Countdown @26:09 " 54 .. 53 .. 52 .. 51 .. 50 .. 49 .. 47" HAHAH
Kaitlyn Offutt
Kaitlyn Offutt Hace 3 días
Ethan: “ hang on let me draw a house” Grayson:” you don’t need to to draw a house” Ethan : “JUST LET ME DRAW A HOUSE” Me: *dying laughing*
Joy Girl
Joy Girl Hace 3 días
Grayson would be such a good father and Ethan would be such a good boyfriend
Stephany Minyetty
Stephany Minyetty Hace 3 días
I am honestly in love with both of u like no joke like both of you have my hearttt
Cath Prce
Cath Prce Hace 3 días
StressedOutBee Hace 3 días
Me, a Home Depot Employee: *watches him open a box that he didn’t pay for* :/ ok bud.
Madeline Burke
Madeline Burke Hace 3 días
Does Grayson have painted toenails????
Jenny Estrada
Jenny Estrada Hace 3 días
Jenny Estrada
Jenny Estrada Hace 3 días
Lisa Ownbread
Lisa Ownbread Hace 3 días
This is just me with a couple of friends building a house in minecraft. XD
Courtney 12404
Courtney 12404 Hace 3 días
If ESwomen suddenly doesn’t work for the twins anymore at least Gray will have a backup plan..... Douchebag & Co. Seriously though i could see Gray as an architect or a construction worker.
hebe richards
hebe richards Hace 3 días
Ngl this would be a pretty good living space for a festival
chickalata a game
chickalata a game Hace 3 días
Ethan is like that one annoying kid at the sleepover who stays up allllll night and then has a go at everyone else Coz they woke him up
Emilia Modrusan
Emilia Modrusan Hace 3 días
Drake and Josh vibes??
Jannaleigh Martin
Jannaleigh Martin Hace 3 días
Engr.Grayson Dolan so hottt
Florida Peers
Florida Peers Hace 3 días
Rent in California: 2,500$ beachside villa. Two bed, half bath, quarter kitchen, utilities not included. Amenities: well... there aren't any. Hehe y'all renting or what?
William Incitti
William Incitti Hace 3 días
Imagine James charles was there
J&D’s Journeys
J&D’s Journeys Hace 3 días
When Ethan told Grayson to stand there and pick up the tools up he looked like he could be in a magazine 🤤❤
Madison Jewel
Madison Jewel Hace 3 días
The fact Grayson actually got stuck inside the house like Drake and Josh sent me😂😂
Madison Roman
Madison Roman Hace 3 días
26:17 *Grayson frog leaps into grass lets take a look at the leap shall we?*
ally Hace 3 días
so smart to have a gas burning stove in a house made completely out of WOOD
Samantha Hace 3 días
make it into a vsco sleepover
Emma Stephenson
Emma Stephenson Hace 3 días
i wonder how expensive that paper towel Door Handle was
madison rymarcsuk
madison rymarcsuk Hace 3 días
They should have gotten a fan
Hace 4 días
I love your vids you should make a 24 hour challenge in a tree hose
Slim Shawty
Slim Shawty Hace 4 días
Ethan: addresses the fact that there will be no plumbing Also Ethan: buys a toilet and calls it luxurious
Bevin Phipps
Bevin Phipps Hace 4 días
why does ethan looks so mad ????
Payton Whorton
Payton Whorton Hace 4 días
Ethan: just give me a nice bed so I can sleep all day that’s my mood I got home from school and fell asleep and just woke up it’s 3 4y am
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