Build Creation & First Game in NBA 2K MOBILE CREWS!! NBA 2K MOBILE My Park Gameplay!!

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Bouks Hace un mes
I saw after recording this vid that the mode is actually offline... I don't know how i feel about that. I guess i'm a little disappointed but we have to wait and see how it plays out. Follow My Social Media - Twitter-
Jay Kwack
Jay Kwack Hace un mes
Is this game play on PC? Who is know the way i really wanna play on pc but cant find the way exactly
MubbaOg Hace un mes
Bouks My name is za my por is 1,008 can i get inv
MubbaOg Hace un mes
Can you inv me to your crew bouks
NOLIMIT Hace un mes
No its not u need a crew
EmanD21 Hace un mes
Bouks Hey the bright side is even though it’s offline, you’re still playing against someone else’s my player instead of a bot.
Chou TAY!800
Chou TAY!800 Hace 14 días
Theres no 2kmobile in playstore..
Aeon Elisan
Aeon Elisan Hace 20 días
Please invite me to your crews
Aziah Pedro
Aziah Pedro Hace 21 un día
Can you join my crew It’s called SUPREMECLAN3
Mark Pril
Mark Pril Hace 26 días
Is nba2k mobile use data to open the app? Tell me please..
Mark Pril
Mark Pril Hace 26 días
Ia this online?
JacobNaut _
JacobNaut _ Hace 27 días
How do u get the game?someone help pls
Crina Vacarciuc
Crina Vacarciuc Hace un mes
This is dope broski
Jay Kwack
Jay Kwack Hace un mes
Is this game play on PC? Who is know the way i really wanna play on pc but cant find the way exactly
WAZZUP Hace un mes
My Park?
Sor 4n
Sor 4n Hace un mes
Where i can download?
Candi Tarrance
Candi Tarrance Hace un mes
Can you invite me please my name is imdree
jacob rambo
jacob rambo Hace un mes
Can ur team mates be randoms
Aras Güllabyan
Aras Güllabyan Hace un mes
AI ‘s are cpu
rotatablecrowd Hace un mes
I mean fake people
rotatablecrowd Hace un mes
Or ICAN add U
rotatablecrowd Hace un mes
Its a real person and I bet can beat u my name I Josolit on there add me and we can play in the same crew if I join u my character is a 1,030 so we vans get easy dubs
Tuan Nhien
Tuan Nhien Hace un mes
What is yyour phone Bouks
Dee Spazzin
Dee Spazzin Hace un mes
Join my crew iKnoYEW for real grinders !!
Ted Tan
Ted Tan Hace un mes
You should join my crew @ High Rollers
TrvpGenius Hace un mes
I’m a PWR lvl 3,271 and I play against real teams with pwr lvls like 829 and higher
CrashOut Jay
CrashOut Jay Hace un mes
So it is online?
HYPE GAMING Hace un mes
Bouk Invite me
Domenico Mancina
Domenico Mancina Hace un mes
can you and your teammates play at the same time or is it just yourself controlling everybody only
OTB Lano2x
OTB Lano2x Hace un mes
the mode is trash
Tha Wizard trey
Tha Wizard trey Hace un mes
Anyone know how to post up?
LucKy Me3
LucKy Me3 Hace un mes
And im right , playing against botss .. deymmm its to obvious
Hiếu Nguyễn Trung
Hiếu Nguyễn Trung Hace un mes
where did you download it?
_glory1017_boy Hace un mes
Bouks player looks like Jaylen brown from the celtics no cap😭😭😭💯
Jason Lim
Jason Lim Hace un mes
Link? How to download haha
Cody Slater
Cody Slater Hace un mes
Mane i only played this one time cause I couldn't find my career
Bryant Eugenio
Bryant Eugenio Hace un mes
Cool,hey bouks that 2K mobile crews hava also bagdes?
Anti bacteriz
Anti bacteriz Hace un mes
Hey yo bouks how to know my gamertag in nba 2k20
Rayan Booyah
Rayan Booyah Hace un mes
Bouks In vite Me My Name is Makel
Ralph Sabellina
Ralph Sabellina Hace un mes
Your player looks like mudiay
Ralph Sabellina
Ralph Sabellina Hace un mes
Omg thanks for replying my g
Bouks Hace un mes
Apparently he looks like Mudiay, Jaylen brown and Kemba Walker 😂😂😂
LOYD YT Hace un mes
Can I get shout out bouks #yak3m
itsJeffy Hace un mes
Make James harden with the beard and do double step backs and quadruple euro steps
Sethpai Kawaiiu
Sethpai Kawaiiu Hace un mes
Add me to your crew pls ive been a big fan to ur vids!
Jiminasai Hace un mes
I can't Edit my player, what a Bummer..
Reborn Ant
Reborn Ant Hace un mes
Did anyone else crash and can’t customize their character (how to fix)
Super Rj
Super Rj Hace un mes
I wish we could change the jumpshot and shooting form.
Tushar Alexander
Tushar Alexander Hace un mes
Yo Bouks make a video on how to download NBA 2k Mobile.
John David Viray
John David Viray Hace un mes
Is this game available in Android? I cant find it in Playstore . Please share the link
Harbenj Hace un mes
How to download nba 2k mobile bro? (In android) hope you can help
Drew GamingPH
Drew GamingPH Hace un mes
How about android??
Bouks Hace un mes
It's on android but not all devices
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis Hace un mes
When your phone isn't compatible even though it's updated to the newest software... F
NOLIMIT Hace un mes
Jason Jason
Jason Jason Hace un mes
Hamza Hassan
Hamza Hassan Hace un mes
The out of bounds is annoying as hell
WOLF FILMS Hace un mes
Its just Run the street 2 lmao
NOLIMIT Hace un mes
No its not its online
NOLIMIT Hace un mes
Whats that
WOLF FILMS Hace un mes
Your player lookin like John Wall
PTR bandit
PTR bandit Hace un mes
How you use 2k smart play on nba 2k20 ?
Ahmad Fauzy Al Ghozali
Ahmad Fauzy Al Ghozali Hace un mes
unsupported device😕
jerome Villegas
jerome Villegas Hace un mes
How do you download it?
Renoxxed Hace un mes
Wait what? I thought it's coming out for NBA 2K20 Mobile.
JayThePlug Hace un mes
Great vid bro! And also it dosent let me change my face creation? Is the same problem happening for you?
Bouks Hace un mes
Try messaging Nba 2K Mobile with your issue!
S4kto Gaming
S4kto Gaming Hace un mes
Bouks love your vids why that game is not compatible with my device im android from philippines🔥
ICE Hace un mes
U can’t beat my crew
zymone caparros
zymone caparros Hace un mes
link nba2k mobile?
SALI JR Hace un mes
I think there gonna be updates very soon I'll b happy to see that also
SALI JR Hace un mes
The game is online but u won't knw There's 1 online player you gonna play against
Living Weirdo22
Living Weirdo22 Hace un mes
This game looks promising. And you be killing em Yakem!!
Jerimie Carino
Jerimie Carino Hace un mes
How to download the nba 2k
Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams Hace un mes
Hey bouks. I was see if I can join the crew so we can dominate! My name is moochiee21 name
Czar gaming
Czar gaming Hace un mes
U my favorite 2k you tuber of all time!
Majer Malou
Majer Malou Hace un mes
he looks like bald james harden
Marcus Rodel
Marcus Rodel Hace un mes
Nba 2k20 is different on 2k mobile??? Im confused , i dont see this mode on update on playstore, am i wrong?
Bouks Hace un mes
Look at the Graphics lol of course it’s different
iQuiKz Hace un mes
Are best hope is everybody text 2k mobile
alain chris
alain chris Hace un mes
Where i can find to download this game?
Kiddreadlock Hace un mes
Can we get a face reveal please
Bouks Hace un mes
Check my Instagram
Cee Jay
Cee Jay Hace un mes
Nba2k is offline?
Mk Young
Mk Young Hace un mes
I got iPhone 6 Plus but I can’t play
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