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BTS Japanese single 'Lights/Boy With Luv' is OUT NOW!
BTS SINGLE「Lights/Boy With Luv」
July 3, 2019 Release
M1. Lights
M2. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-
M3. IDOL -Japanese ver.-

#BTS #방탄소년단 #Lights #BoyWithLuv #IDOL


Bich Ly
Bich Ly Hace 7 minutos
Leah Berry
Leah Berry Hace 2 horas
0:40 that look is jungkook telling haters that he dont give a s" about what they think
Jebastia Pascarella
Jebastia Pascarella Hace 2 horas
who is here after shadow???
jAzZī ••NIKI
jAzZī ••NIKI Hace 3 horas
BTS come to paraguay
Yo yo
Yo yo Hace 3 horas
0:33 0:58 1:18 1:26 1:32 1:38 1:48
Amairany Castillo Córdoba
Amairany Castillo Córdoba Hace 4 horas
😍😍😍😍😍😍(。♥‿♥。)(。♥‿♥。)(。♥‿♥。)(。♥‿♥。)(♥ω♥*)( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥(●♡∀♡)
Jhoana Sanchez
Jhoana Sanchez Hace 4 horas
💜💜💜bts los amoooo a todos💜💜💜
Alexandra Duma
Alexandra Duma Hace 7 horas
Are they singing in Japanese?
Rossi Wardani
Rossi Wardani Hace 8 horas
Anyone in January 2020 ?? 💜
juarez gallardo
juarez gallardo Hace 8 horas
나는 여기에있다
juarez gallardo
juarez gallardo Hace 8 horas
ศิริวรรณ ถีรัตถา
ศิริวรรณ ถีรัตถา Hace 9 horas
Xixisss U
Xixisss U Hace 9 horas
You're my light, no matter how far apart we are your light shines on me
Anni Madeline
Anni Madeline Hace 10 horas
I was today years old when I noticed that this mv does not have the big hit intro 😳
Khadi _145
Khadi _145 Hace 10 horas
Yes BTS, you are my light!
chou tzuyu
chou tzuyu Hace 11 horas
7 is coming 7 years filled with memories 7 brothers that help other and cry for each other 7 boys that meet each other became a family 7 boys that does not care for themselves but care for everyone 7 boys that are inspiration for alot of people on the world And those 7 boys are.........BTS LOVE BTS AND ARMY FOREVER..I PURPLE YOU ARMYS💜💜💜 #7 YEARS #7 BROTHERS #1 FAMILY
chou tzuyu
chou tzuyu Hace 11 horas
Me watching lights : 😢😭 Me watching idol : 😄😄 Me watching mic drop : 😎😎
Thị Bình Lò
Thị Bình Lò Hace 11 horas
Giọng hát của a hope hay wa di mat.....
multiuniverse Hace 12 horas
BTS paved the way💜
Mawla Makw
Mawla Makw Hace 11 horas
ehhhhh tell me something i don't know
Ines Nunes
Ines Nunes Hace 13 horas
I love it
Алиса Макарова
Алиса Макарова Hace 14 horas
В пятницу
pietra vitoria
pietra vitoria Hace 14 horas
I love BTS forever
Bunia kurniati
Bunia kurniati Hace 15 horas
rm=10000000000000like jimin=100000000000like suga=100000000000like junkook=1000000000000000like taehyung=10000000000like jhoop=1000000000000000like
Purple Hearts
Purple Hearts Hace 15 horas
I didn't know this existed until now 😐 I am ashamed of myself
ika Anggraini
ika Anggraini Hace 16 horas
ika Anggraini
ika Anggraini Hace 16 horas
Rhayssa CAROLINE Hace 16 horas
amei incrivel!!!!!
•GloriaChan Playz•
•GloriaChan Playz• Hace 17 horas
"Don't lie to yourself anymore" *That hit me hard..*
Alina Ermakova
Alina Ermakova Hace 17 horas
Quyết Nguyễn Hữu
Quyết Nguyễn Hữu Hace 18 horas
They are is my light BTS =))
_실케 Hace 20 horas
It makes happy to see them smile💜💜
Ahahaha Ahahaha
Ahahaha Ahahaha Hace 21 un hora
kihyuks Hace 22 horas
love this :3 and the lyrics wow!! not an army but definitely in love with their songs~ beautiful boys also ❤️
김정한 Hace 22 horas
한국어 버전 나왔으면..........
이름없음 Hace un día
I'm waing for Korean ver to come out.
Merly Polo Martínez
Merly Polo Martínez Hace un día
Quien se dió cuenta qué en la canción hay vkook
Taehyung Kim
Taehyung Kim Hace un día
Madelyne Gálvez
Madelyne Gálvez Hace un día
Esos chicos no cambian
Perepel77 Oxotnik
Perepel77 Oxotnik Hace un día
Я здесь впервые.
Dusty Perez
Dusty Perez Hace un día
Were your hope your our hope we are BTS>33
chimchim has no jams
chimchim has no jams Hace un día
Namjoon and yoongi killed me and jhope when this came out especially jungkook voice in rm rap and the high notes and maknae and jin wow
Emmy :)
Emmy :) Hace un día
This songs Beautiful Thoughtful Supportive For us Armys💜💜💜
Lay King China
Lay King China Hace un día
Damn .. This EXO "LOVE SHOT" لماذا التقليد ؟؟ 😠😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Khadi _145
Khadi _145 Hace 10 horas
@Mawla Makw you are absolutely right. It's hard for them to admit that BTS paved the way
Mawla Makw
Mawla Makw Hace 10 horas
@Khadi _145 no they have the urge to it because they can't accept the fact that bts stepped outside the kpop things and gone global and are pressed that no kpop group right now is on their level😂
Khadi _145
Khadi _145 Hace 10 horas
Lol, are your ears okay? There is clearly no similarity between the songs. BOTH ARE TOTALLY OPPOSITE . You hate on BTS and yet you're here watching their mv. Then go watch ur favs, this is not ur place.
Mawla Makw
Mawla Makw Hace 11 horas
it doesn't look like Exo song so get you're shitty attitude out and go stream you're fave because you know the kpop industry is hungry for a group to beat BTS so bye 😙
Btslover Hace un día
The number 7!!!!!! 1:41
BTS oppa
BTS oppa Hace un día
BTS oppa
BTS oppa Hace un día
Bts Army
Bts Army Hace un día
No matter how far you are from me BTS your light shines on me 😭
จิรนันท์ ชะตาแก้ว
จิรนันท์ ชะตาแก้ว Hace un día
vkook _kook
vkook _kook Hace un día
Wuua merece mas de tan solo esa cifra de visitas y de likes,es totalmente hermosa la canción,como siempre,bts os amo hasta la muerte ❤❤🇪🇸🇪🇸
Abdlrhman Emad
Abdlrhman Emad Hace un día
Таня Юркова
Таня Юркова Hace un día
Прекрасные наши BTS ♥️
kim nguyen
kim nguyen Hace un día
Hana Chan
Hana Chan Hace un día
I don't even know how to express my love for them.... They have changed me so much.. I didn't mind them first but as I watched how humble they were, I fell in love with them. There's only one thing I wanna say to them, Thank you for everything and I love you guys with all my heart💕 P.S. Sorry if I spoke too much😊
jass. v
jass. v Hace un día
So cute song bts
小池真名美 Hace un día
Mrs. Jeon
Mrs. Jeon Hace un día
0:59 Jimin sounds so *precious*..♥
bAngtAns uNderwAre
bAngtAns uNderwAre Hace un día
BTS made me Realize that... "You are who you really are...not the world wants you be." BORAHAE BANGTAN💜
Neon_Colours 42.0
Neon_Colours 42.0 Hace un día
rappers stick together
ARMY x BLINK Hace un día
I don’t know if it’s just me.. but I try to focus on other members but my eyes keep on bringing me to Jimin 😍
Elle Elle
Elle Elle Hace un día
“Every moment has meaning.” “In the darkness, you’re light.” “We can walk forward without fear.” “Yeah I beleive things will change, no one is perfect.” My favorite quotes
Elle Elle
Elle Elle Hace un día
I feel like vey time I re visit I re cry lol
Kookie Tae
Kookie Tae Hace un día
I love BangTan
Nancy Army
Nancy Army Hace un día
70M >>>> 100M es una hermosa cancion
colen salve rodriguez
colen salve rodriguez Hace un día
i make to be proud jung kook
Mariluz Morales Gomez
Mariluz Morales Gomez Hace 2 días
#Amojimin. Chim Chim
#Amojimin. Chim Chim Hace 2 días
Oswaldo Ortiz
Oswaldo Ortiz Hace 2 días
I love this song and thier are still Young⚘⚘⚘⚘🥰🥰🥰😍😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Taehyung Kim
Taehyung Kim Hace 2 días
もち Hace 2 días
daebak becky
daebak becky Hace 2 días
𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘇𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 ⚘ Denwa ya line wo kaesenai nichiyou Nanimo te ni tsukerenai yo Tama ni dakedo iya ni naru yo Ima ga sukoshi kowaku narun da Demo dareka wo sukueru ki mo surun da Kimi no koe wa kikoeteru Kensou no naka de toki ga tomaru Kimi to oto de tsunagaru woah Me wo tojite mireba Kurayami no naka de your light woah Terashite kureru kara Osorezu ayumeru you and I woah You're my light you're my light Itsudatte Boku no kokoro ni sashikomu You're my light you're my light Donna ni Hanareteitemo todoiteru Itami wo shitta tenshitachi Kizudarake no tsubasa de tobu through the night Every time I'm thinking about love Every time I'm thinking about love Akarui dake no kyoku wa kikitaku wa nai Kodoku to mukiai ima wo irodoritai Nanika wo ushinai nanika wo ete kyou mo nanika motometeru Sou kawaru koto shinjiterun da Dare datte kanpeki janai Kono shunkan sae mo imi ga aru Soshite oto de tsunagaru woah Me wo tojite mireba Kurayami no naka de my light woah Terashite ageru kara Osorezu ayumou you & I woah I'm your light I'm your light Itsudatte Kimi no kokoro ni sashikomu I'm your light I'm your light Donna ni Hanareteitemo todokeru Nemurenai yoru nante Arienai to omotteta Demo uso janai mitai da Soshite mata get stronger Ai tte nan darou? Kotae ga moshi soko ni aru nara Sugu shiritai I'm breaking down sonna naka hikari ga mieru Donna tsurai yoru sae mo asa wa kuru Norikoerun da mirai sae mo Mou tomaranai yo Shiawase no kachi nante jibun de kimete shimaeba iin janai Soshite mata kyou mo grow up Demo yowasa wo miseru toki mo aru Arinomama de ii no sa Mou jibun ni uso wa tsukanaide Subete oto de tsunagaru woah Me wo tojite mireba Kurayami no naka de your light woah Terashite kureru kara Osorezu ayumeru you and I woah You're my light you're my light Itsudatte Boku no kokoro ni sashikomu You're my light you're my light Donna ni Hanareteitemo todoiteru Hanareteitemo todoiteru
Trini Hace 2 días
jungkook soñando tranquilamente con tae y jin despertandolo pinshe jin
Kookie97 Jeon
Kookie97 Jeon Hace 2 días
Unpopular opinion: “Lights” was their best single in 2019
Bunny kookie
Bunny kookie Hace un día
Well if ppl find this and "unpopular opinion" I fully disagree with them because this is a masterpiece
Elle Elle
Elle Elle Hace un día
Yes it was it had so much meaning
Park Jimin’s Jams
Park Jimin’s Jams Hace 2 días
Nah man you only speaking straight fax 👏
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