Bring Me The Horizon - nihilist blues ft. Grimes (Lyric Video)

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Check out the official lyric video for "nihilist blues" by Bring Me The Horizon ft. Grimes
aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм
oυт now:

ғιrѕт love world тoυr
Directed by Polygon
Co-directed & Edited by Oli Sykes
DOP: Quentin Merabet
Dancers : Léna Pinon-Lang & Océane Robin
Cast : Neo Ninj, Prune Suicide & Lola Julie Renault
Special thanks to : Charles Voisin & Aurélie Renault
I’ve been climbing up the walls
To escape the sinking feeling
But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door.
Buried in the basement floor
Didn’t know what I had planted
It blossomed with all the heart of a Cold War.
I’m a spirit in a tomb
Won’t somebody raise the roof
I’m going white, I’m going black, I’m going blue
Do you mind if I’m exhumed?
I’m the ashes in the plume
I’m a beggar in the ruin
I’m peeking out, I’m burning up, I’m shooting through
I’m lonely for the true
Paradise is in my soul
And I’m terrified I can’t get out
I’m lost in a labyrinth
We are lost in a labyrinth
Please don’t follow
You were in my dream last night
But your face was someone else’s
A twitch in my spine, a mutual disorder.
Isolation neophyte,
Too afraid to taste your conscience.
You march in the dark,
Little lamb to the slaughter.
#BringMeTheHorizon #nihilistblues #Vevo

bring me the horizon and grimesbring me the horizon ft grimesbmth and grimesgrimes

Josh Forest
Josh Forest Hace 6 horas
Labyrinth of fame.
Sam Mathai
Sam Mathai Hace 14 horas
Surprising how much this song has grown on me.
Dmitriy Timchuk
Dmitriy Timchuk Hace 20 horas
Интересно как витас здесь бы смотрелся
AJ Mangoba
AJ Mangoba Hace 22 horas
Anyone else catch Psycho Mantis @3:11
Chaotic Evil Monk
Chaotic Evil Monk Hace un día
This will be in cyberpunk2077.guaranteed
Julian Kuhn
Julian Kuhn Hace un día
this shit is good. BMTH for the win ya'll!
Crab Burger
Crab Burger Hace un día
Who are the two girls in the video I feel I recognize them for sum strange reason???
Симка Собачина
Симка Собачина Hace 2 días
My repeat button is broke
Jacob Biggs
Jacob Biggs Hace 2 días
This dancing is actually pretty sick!
Alex Malex
Alex Malex Hace 2 días
you may tell whatever you want about how this album grew on you, but I tried it enough to say, it's nowhere as good as their previous works..
jonhon Hace 3 días
the dancing is rather bad, but i like the music
Dirune Hace 3 días
Psycho Mantis at 3:11
Vincent Fugate
Vincent Fugate Hace 3 días
I need an extended version of this song. I love you bmth
Meagan Davitt
Meagan Davitt Hace 3 días
Nobody going to mention the .4 second flashes of renissance paintings at 2:35 and just before that? Alrighty then
Влад Берегич
Влад Берегич Hace 4 días
how is called this effect ? or filter , i like it a lot
KU Dłacz
KU Dłacz Hace 4 días
At least now they don't call me satanist because of bmth XD
MrGrowlify Hace 5 días
what the fuck is this sheit?????
Ty Boutin
Ty Boutin Hace 5 días
I'd like to know what type of dance or if there is any more videos of this choreographed dance out there
Noodle Hace 5 días
someone explain the random images playing at 2:35 and 2:39? (Put playback speed at 0.25x to see them)
Phaeous Hace 6 días
"Altruists' Nihility"
Alice Fonseca
Alice Fonseca Hace 6 días
ok, but what is that at 3:11 ?
V.dixiesubmarinetransmissionplot Hace 2 días
That's Psycho Mantis, a character from the videogame MGS, the singer from BMTH is a fan of the game, there's more to it than that though...
lalocejas83 Hace 6 días
absolute garbage music
chip hlip
chip hlip Hace 6 días
3:10 Metal Gear: Solid??
Ace Johnson
Ace Johnson Hace 6 días
This is horrible from the BMTH I knew
Ace Johnson
Ace Johnson Hace 6 días
This is ok but wtf man where do we count our blessings in this!
Tornamixz Hace 6 días
My favorites of the album: 1.Mantra 2.Nihilist Blues 3.Wonderful Life
Classic Jack
Classic Jack Hace 6 días
For the listeners of BMTH.
STiiTCH Hace 7 días
Most of the comment section is "Omg this sound is so good, they're so original! I like this sound for them!" on a very clearly copied popular Evanescense song.
Taylor Britt
Taylor Britt Hace 6 días
I've been a fan of Evanescence for a while, what song are you talking about??
J X Hace 7 días
Best part 2:25 - 3:29 , i want the whole world to submit to a cyberpunk reality
A fools Portfolio
A fools Portfolio Hace 7 días
I came back hahahaha
Mark Chance
Mark Chance Hace 7 días
Can we just rename bring me the horizon to the jordan fish experiment?
Данил Сатанович
Данил Сатанович Hace 7 días
пидорами стали ммм...
Matías Medrano
Matías Medrano Hace 8 días
Ivan Riaño
Ivan Riaño Hace 8 días
can someone explain me why is psycho-mantis right there? 3:10 metal gear solid reference
audrey ?????
audrey ????? Hace 8 días
Leandro Caraballo
Leandro Caraballo Hace 9 días
Arte los amo, creci con ustedes pasaron por todos mis mambos 🖤
Lunar Unigon
Lunar Unigon Hace 9 días
What happened to the rock/metal?
Snowman Hace 9 días
this is very gay, go back to deathcore.
Antonypacman Hace 10 días
Love this
ΣLθïSΣ SΣLVΛ Hace 11 días
ΣLθïSΣ SΣLVΛ Hace 11 días
ΣLθïSΣ SΣLVΛ Hace 11 días
Genesis Orona
Genesis Orona Hace 11 días
this song at x1.25 is a bop
Just a random grill
Just a random grill Hace 11 días
My eyes hurt but i keep watching it over n over
Vivian G
Vivian G Hace 12 días
BMTH never disappoints
Destinee182 Hace 12 días
So is nobody gonna mention the car crash from google images at 3:22
ang3l Hace 2 días
Noowwww ppl are starting to think🤔 ....dig much much deeper tho...😁😋
Tylor Morgan
Tylor Morgan Hace 6 días
Subliminal lol
Pepper  Wayne
Pepper Wayne Hace 7 días
Right? There's several times where a random picture would randomly appear for a split second.
Ziyx — Thomas Fox
Ziyx — Thomas Fox Hace 12 días
God damn it this song is adictive... Since sempiternal they cant disappoint me...
Nigel Williamson
Nigel Williamson Hace 12 días
Being nihilistic is lonely. You want something you hate. This song speaks to me.
Marc Hace 12 días
If there is no God Who DID i 69 with?
Kairon Daniel
Kairon Daniel Hace 13 días
listen to this at 0.75x, it sounds like something out of blade runner 2049
rampo Hace 13 días
yo al revés prefiero el techno. temazo!!!
scooby doo
scooby doo Hace 14 días
i thought this was gonna suck, but it's actually kinda cool
Sammie Consalvey
Sammie Consalvey Hace 14 días
Subliminals are wrecking my head ..I've heard there's five but I'm only spotting three
Plastic And Elastic
Plastic And Elastic Hace 14 días
wasted video, images so great for wrong sounds
Daniel Ohnesorge Sondermann
Daniel Ohnesorge Sondermann Hace 14 días
who is the actress on 1:15 and 3:37, im in love....
wira candra
wira candra Hace 15 días
Influence Linkin Park.. Olive Sykes
Cristofer Monteflores
Cristofer Monteflores Hace 15 días
For those who miss the rock/metal, check out the cover done by The Veer Union
Rishien Mae Tomaquin
Rishien Mae Tomaquin Hace 15 días
the intro sounded like a kpop vibe but I love bmth
Smarte Chick
Smarte Chick Hace 16 días
Brilliant song..
Joseph Mellor
Joseph Mellor Hace 16 días
some shameless self promotion hehe , check it out:
Alessandro Cheti
Alessandro Cheti Hace 17 días
3:13 Psycho Mantis appears.
Chris Sayer Anderson
Chris Sayer Anderson Hace 17 días
Great song... however “Hadouken “ do this sort of music better. Good to see them pushing boundaries.
Green Go
Green Go Hace 17 días
Am I the only one who thought there will be a scream in the beginning 😂
tofol cano
tofol cano Hace 17 días
Ahh yes. Horny depression, I've been there.
horribl3 pers0n
horribl3 pers0n Hace 17 días
Reminds me of my cocaine addiction years ago
Sal M
Sal M Hace 17 días
I like this I just hope they don't change as much as breathe carolina did
Clishna Costa
Clishna Costa Hace 18 días
Brasil só eu????
LilYung Frag
LilYung Frag Hace 18 días
This song is literally the seduction of satan. The world may be headed toward unreprised doom. but this exemplifies that atmosphere.... so well done... I guess.
Jace Zimmerman
Jace Zimmerman Hace 19 días
dude, they are so perfect when it comes to lyrics and rhythm. Powerful and clicks. also can relate tremendously.
Laurensia Hace 20 días
1st listen : hm okay kinda weird 2nd : oookay...... 3rd : fck it stuck in ma brain.
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