Bring Me The Horizon - nihilist blues (Lyric Video) ft. Grimes

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aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм
oυт now:

ғιrѕт love world тoυr
Directed by Polygon
Co-directed & Edited by Oli Sykes
DOP: Quentin Merabet
Dancers : Léna Pinon-Lang & Océane Robin
Cast : Neo Ninj, Prune Suicide & Lola Julie Renault
Special thanks to : Charles Voisin & Aurélie Renault
I’ve been climbing up the walls
To escape the sinking feeling
But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door.
Buried in the basement floor
Didn’t know what I had planted
It blossomed with all the heart of a Cold War.
I’m a spirit in a tomb
Won’t somebody raise the roof
I’m going white, I’m going black, I’m going blue
Do you mind if I’m exhumed?
I’m the ashes in the plume
I’m a beggar in the ruin
I’m peeking out, I’m burning up, I’m shooting through
I’m lonely for the true
Paradise is in my soul
And I’m terrified I can’t get out
I’m lost in a labyrinth
We are lost in a labyrinth
Please don’t follow
You were in my dream last night
But your face was someone else’s
A twitch in my spine, a mutual disorder.
Isolation neophyte,
Too afraid to taste your conscience.
You march in the dark,
Little lamb to the slaughter.

bring me the horizon and grimesbring me the horizon ft grimesbmth and grimesgrimes

ひとごろしのバケモノ Hace 14 horas
Alex Riddock
Alex Riddock Hace 18 horas
I'm not the only one who noticed Psycho Mantis right?
The chick in this video is insanely cute.
Miguel Angel Carrera Neira
Miguel Angel Carrera Neira Hace un día
the best featuring ever!!!!
Robert Robaya
Robert Robaya Hace un día
reminds me of celldweller
Barry Walsh
Barry Walsh Hace 2 días
It should say Grimes ft Oli Sykes instead of Bring me to the horizon ft grimes.
annoyingnoahVG Hace 2 días
3:12 Bruh, they snuck in a villain from the MGS series. (Forgive me, I forgot his name)
Daniel Salgado
Daniel Salgado Hace 2 días
yo wtf this shit slaps
Mei_yuri_619 Hace 2 días
Did anybody watch this on drugs? It's just...woah.
In Signs Music
In Signs Music Hace 2 días
This sounds so freaking awesome live. I was in Kyiv this month and it was epic. P.S. I'm a big fan of Sempiternal
Legalize IT420
Legalize IT420 Hace 2 días
Blue is really a beautiful colour.
Gustavo Hace 2 días
this is so intense! the melody, the beats, the lyrics and specially grimes' voice as a whispering twisted part of your conscience saying all those cryptic words. to me it goes way beyond a "cyberpunk/blade runner" vibe, i think it captures the essence of what it feels to be a nihilist on modern society, with everything connecting us and at the same time making us so lonely and skeptical about the meaning of values once so praised in the past. this is only my interpretation of the song and i got to think all of it just by hearing the goddamn melody, this is a fucking work of art.
Isabelle Xavier
Isabelle Xavier Hace 4 días
4 me, the best song of 2019
Delsin Hace 4 días
3:11 Does anyone know wth is it?
Delsin Hace 4 días
Ok, I just notice that there's some images at the video besides the 3:11 one...
NIMH Hace 5 días
NIMH Hace 5 días
Five eyes is watching you...#Q
David Hughen
David Hughen Hace 6 días
What's with that car
sandracienta' mp
sandracienta' mp Hace 6 días
How the hell, is magnific. Im re-inlove of us.
Omkar Shah
Omkar Shah Hace 6 días
If you feel like you can't get enough of this song and want more go and listen to Anjunabeach by Above&Beyond. This song is completely a successor to Anjunabeach.
Vic Vox
Vic Vox Hace 9 días
Why have I never heard this song before???
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet Hace 10 días
the 15k people who disliked have no paradise in their souls cuz they ain't got a soul
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge Gutierrez Hace 10 días
This could be on the next matrix soundtrack
germain keane salaysay
germain keane salaysay Hace 10 días
That the dude who vibrates your controller and thinks it knows everything? 3:10
Alan Roberto Tami
Alan Roberto Tami Hace 11 días
"From the nihilist tomato" Please tell me i'm not the only one that thought of this before reading the lyrics? I can't stop hearing it if I don't sing along.
BurritoSabroso Hace 11 días
Great now I can't stop hearing it. Thank you
daisyauraxo Hace 12 días
three words: oh my gawsh
Joe Richardson
Joe Richardson Hace 12 días
This song is great, occasionally come back to listen to it. Also love the inclusion of psycho mantis.
FelixFTW Hace 12 días
4:55 this video is actually great for testing out the bass in your headphones
joseph thomas
joseph thomas Hace 12 días
3:10 after mutual disorder psycho mantis from mgs 1 shows up
schtoltheimreinbach Hace 13 días
amazing. got that 65 days of static vide to it
Bum Hace 13 días
Does anyone know music of the same style?
Flores Graphics
Flores Graphics Hace 13 días
Anybody know the name of this effect? Like pointillism but with lines
Kelly Day
Kelly Day Hace 13 días
2.33 until 3 minutes, what style/genre of music is that, I love the bass, bpm and dark mood!
Prince Dame
Prince Dame Hace 15 días
Damn this shit is god awful. Glad I stopped listening after sand pit turtle
Keekhan Herrera
Keekhan Herrera Hace 16 días
I like how they get girls to sing instead of singing like girls like some other bands👍 papa bless🙏🏻
Emma Berger
Emma Berger Hace 16 días
Unpopular opinion: is the best song on amo/of all BMTH/ever
MalekPinecone Hace 17 días
josipa kapetanovic
josipa kapetanovic Hace 17 días
Perfect song!
Wojtek Prusaczyk
Wojtek Prusaczyk Hace 17 días
I fell in love in Grimes's voice
Boots N Pants
Boots N Pants Hace 17 días
1.25x Speed = PERFECT
michael espinoza
michael espinoza Hace 18 días
Did anyone else notice the random subliminal pictures? Or is it just me?
Lilah Canela
Lilah Canela Hace 19 días
PLAGIO!!!! Evanescence never go back
Little Scary Monster
Little Scary Monster Hace 19 días
yo its been a year and i only now noticed the painting
Childee XII
Childee XII Hace 19 días
*"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device!"* - Glenn Frey (The Eagles)
Giovanni Dias
Giovanni Dias Hace 20 días
I'm an open minded metal and rock music appreciator , but BMTH didn't change into metal or rock music, their change was extreme into GENRES and its hard to, you know, deal with it.
M D Hace 20 días
this video must be good on acid
Mr. Wuhan
Mr. Wuhan Hace 20 días
Ana Ochoa
Ana Ochoa Hace 21 un día
I went to last year Argentina's Lollapalooza, and I saw BMTH, thinking it was another band. I remember how I LOVED this song when they played it. This song also has introduced me to Grimes' music, since I'm kinda young and I was little when bands like this started getting famous. Thank you, Lollapalooza Argentina 2019
Bon Ovi
Bon Ovi Hace 21 un día
Albert CruzPonc
Albert CruzPonc Hace 22 días
i think this song is one of the best best songs in the album , the production is brutal , this song maybe don´t reach the level of some people´s expectation or the old BMTH tipe of music , but let me tell ya this is not a regular song guys ( this is not POP )
cheeto dust
cheeto dust Hace 22 días
Why tf is it techno now tho
Tom Chaplin
Tom Chaplin Hace 23 días
do you mind if I make SooOooUuuP?
Alex Riddock
Alex Riddock Hace 23 días
Just casually watching this as a still of Psycho Mantis flashes onto my screen. I love their Metal Gear references.
amer fakhrie
amer fakhrie Hace 23 días
Wait, whats mean nahilist blue, anyone explain plz?
josipa kapetanovic
josipa kapetanovic Hace 17 días
Alejandro Alcala Castillo
Alejandro Alcala Castillo Hace 23 días
Stop complaining about this band many bands change his sound,Linkin Park,Pantera,Metallica,Korn,Deftones,Muse,Bathory,Katatonia,Opeth and Ekhymosis from Colombia for example
Zangetsu XXL
Zangetsu XXL Hace 25 días
sheesh, it took me a year to like this song
Medina Camilo
Medina Camilo Hace 25 días
how can I make that effect? someone knows?
Alfiad David
Alfiad David Hace 27 días
I'm lost in a labyrinth 😶
Hinata Hyuuga
Hinata Hyuuga Hace 28 días
3:22 ?
Viktor Devjatov
Viktor Devjatov Hace 28 días
Please, make it a Celldweller remix
Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero Hace 28 días
Ok this right here is the type of music I’m looking for
Ross McLaren
Ross McLaren Hace 28 días
Was that poppy that showed up then
Anthony AA
Anthony AA Hace 22 días
Hey friend this has nothing to do with your comment
vorcazm Hace un mes
I'm a generic pop fan and am here to subtly push the narrative that metal is bad under the guise that "we should allow bands to express their individuality by exploring their creativity". Because nothing says creativity like replacing instruments with computer generated electronic ambience and nothing says individuality like converting from a niche music genre known for sounding frighteningly unconventional to the most popular and mainstream genre of music fathomable. Also I'm going to tell you that it's okay for people to like different music genres. This, of course, is a one way street; it's only okay if "different" means pop, ie. the most typical music.
Franco Jesús
Franco Jesús Hace un mes
0:32 That sounds like "NEVER GO BACK" of EVANESCENCE..!!!!! COPY
Red Martyr
Red Martyr Hace un mes
stupid 2d, pixilated, monochrome video. i dont get the subliminals. why cant they just make more stupid videos like MANTRA and Sugar ?? on second thought, this is pretty f*cking dope !!! lol
Red Martyr
Red Martyr Hace 23 días
i lied, i totally get it. the colour is blue (pretty self-explanatory). The 2-dimensional lines represent 2 things, 1- a lack of depth, as 2d structures have no depth; and 2- the emptiness and lack of substance between the lines
pieter coetzee
pieter coetzee Hace un mes
Wanna repeat the same shit comments like everyone else ? Duchetubers: hold my poop 💩
Kyndra Mitchell
Kyndra Mitchell Hace un mes
A year later and I still play this on the daily I want more music with this quality
Alphapony Hace 15 días
@Kyndra Mitchell with that attitude you're ready for the rest of her discography :)
Kyndra Mitchell
Kyndra Mitchell Hace 16 días
@Alphapony I have and I agree, those are pretty close I want more though 😭 More genre meshing More inspirational lyrics More electronic More music
Alphapony Hace 16 días
Kyndra Mitchell dive into grimes. We appreciate power and 4ÆM
Fabio Almeida
Fabio Almeida Hace un mes
Honestly who gives a fuck about if it's metal or rock ?! But it's the first time I felt that bmth are becoming lazy most of the songs are similar and the writing it's very minimalist ... and fuck this auto tune is putting his voice through
nana9261 Hace un mes
y'all this song is amazing no need to hate on it just because is not what u want from bmth
Johnathan Jones
Johnathan Jones Hace un mes
You don't know it yet, but this song is 7 years ahead of it's time
theexistentialvoid Hace un mes
you know, i didn’t want to like this album, and i didn’t at first. but here we are
Jeide houst
Jeide houst Hace un mes
This is so good
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