Bring Me The Horizon - Medicine (Official Video)

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Video animation by Extraweg
Art Direction and Direction: Oliver Latta
Concept: Oliver Latta, Bruno León
Producer: Bruno León
3D Artists: Oliver Latta, John Lee Siebert (Previz), Lucas Dörre (Sculpting head effects)
Render Support: Robert Schrötder
Special thanks to: Claudia Redlich, Ignas Blažys, Ivan Flugelman, Anthony Piper and Mate Steinforth
Some people are a lot like clouds you know,
'cause life’s so much brighter when they go.
You rained on my heart for far too long,
Couldn’t see the thunder for the storm.
Because I cut my teeth
and bit my tongue
til’ my mouth was dripping blood
but I never dished the dirt
just held my breath
while you dragged me through the mud
I don’t know why I tried to save you 'cause
I can’t save you from yourself
when all you give a shit about
is everybody else
And you just can’t quit
Why don’t you deal with it?
I think it’s time to stop.
You need a taste of your own medicine
Cos I’m sick to death of swallowing
watch me take the wheel like you
Not feel like you
Act like nothing's real like you
so I’m sorry for this,
it might sting a bit.
Some people are a lot like clouds you know,
'cause life’s so much brighter when they go.
and I spent too long in a place I don’t belong
couldn’t see the thunder for the storm
But you won’t admit
Why don’t you get a grip
'Cause you can’t keep going on and on and on like this
No you just can’t quit
Why don’t you deal with it?
I think it’s time to stop
Category 12
Date of classification 08/02/2019 11:03:46
BBFC.insight (shortform) disturbing images
#BringMeTheHorizon #Medicine #Vevo

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Симка Собачина
Симка Собачина Hace 8 horas
Ooff poor heads
Канал Харда
Канал Харда Hace un día
Кто из России! Давайте покажем силу Русского комьюнити! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Vinre Hace 2 días
Bring Me The Horizon really sucks now..
Butters Hace 2 días
managed to cut so many toxic people out of my life moving job amd moving town and lifes so much brighter without them
Kelly Mcgrath
Kelly Mcgrath Hace 3 días
I pray for plagues
Dhiran Sodha Music
Dhiran Sodha Music Hace 3 días
Old fans only like old music New fans only like new music Real fans love both
Gacha Girlxox
Gacha Girlxox Hace 3 días
*you need a taste of your own medicine*
isabela Hace 4 días
this video is oddly satisfying
DSHTheSnake Hace 4 días
ketamin is a medicine for me :))))))
xVALENx Hace 4 días
Okay after a long time of thinking about this I finally gave into their new sound an actually I'm not as upset or put off by it anymore they sound really good they're just a creative progressive band and I needed to just be fine with it and chill I would be such a fake fan to leave them after all these yrs just bc they don't do" rock" as much as they did before lol I still bop to their old stuff too it's not like they deleted their past songs
Omal Nuarin
Omal Nuarin Hace 4 días
Thats whats creepy 0_0
Chewbacca production
Chewbacca production Hace 4 días
Who's here since Pray For The Plagues?
Baldi Hace 5 días
Extraweg :D 2:15 nice
Nixz FM
Nixz FM Hace 5 días
The producer of this music video either has, is or will get hired by MTV
Queen Of Awkwardness
Queen Of Awkwardness Hace 5 días
The song is good .but the video is. . . *SOME WEIRD ASS SHIT*
¿ Hace 6 días
*the Instagram feed*
Michael Wong
Michael Wong Hace 6 días
The animator must have been unhappy with the budget or he really sucks at lip syncing.
Utatora Hace 6 días
god i can not say how often i listen to this.. i love u oli
Rishi Kumar Shrivastava
Rishi Kumar Shrivastava Hace 8 días
What the fu*k
ex-treme games
ex-treme games Hace 8 días
Just to remember the good times hear this
Chelsea Calcagni
Chelsea Calcagni Hace 8 días
Eat it losers I hate u forever
Chelsea Calcagni
Chelsea Calcagni Hace 8 días
Oliver Sykes and his band/producing artists promote the idea of insulting that our satan is a cow. The sample at beginning verse with low means voice. Inside joke
Murray Stenhouse
Murray Stenhouse Hace 9 días
2:25 is defo a jojo reference
Zombie Virus
Zombie Virus Hace 10 días
This is on a rock playlist? Boy what is this world coming to!
Anatoly Kobzar
Anatoly Kobzar Hace 10 días
2:24 Waga King Crimson no noryoku!
Casey Schipper
Casey Schipper Hace 10 días
Look like the Daredevil intro animators took a little much LSD.
a ghost 击
a ghost 击 Hace 10 días
oli really looked at this and said "this is it"
sixztv Hace 11 días
Gmail User
Gmail User Hace 11 días
Me: “I’m glad I never owned any merch from this band.” Girlfriend: “Babe, why is this shirt in the toilet?”
I luv Oli Sykes & BMTH
I luv Oli Sykes & BMTH Hace 11 días
1:44 BiLlIe EiLiSh
PoopityScoop,ScoopityWhoop Lift Yo Self
PoopityScoop,ScoopityWhoop Lift Yo Self Hace 12 días
The animation is cool but not what the animation is doing. The song is nice to bu why ;-;
PoopityScoop,ScoopityWhoop Lift Yo Self
PoopityScoop,ScoopityWhoop Lift Yo Self Hace 12 días
Why Bring Me the Horizon. WHY?
LOLQualityContent Hace 12 días
eh...dont get me wrong, tons of effort to create for sure, still the video doesnt quite do it for me =/
Kwiatek Połamaniec
Kwiatek Połamaniec Hace 12 días
It hurt me so much that in animation he don't move his tongue while singing
Eddie Hoes
Eddie Hoes Hace 6 días
I hope you feel better soon
RAZINKANR ROX Hace 13 días
Uuuugh this song phuckn blows bmth used to good now they make this garbage
A Cheese Sandwich In The Shape Of A Man
A Cheese Sandwich In The Shape Of A Man Hace 13 días
Well this is shit.
Allier. Hace 13 días
Well no
Shevanda Alfaridzi
Shevanda Alfaridzi Hace 14 días
Remember when BMTH were a deathcore band?
Gmail User
Gmail User Hace 11 días
Shevanda Alfaridzi yeah I miss those days severely
Ryan Marland
Ryan Marland Hace 14 días
Bmth we dont need another Justin Bieber Please go back to metal
The Game Reaper
The Game Reaper Hace 14 días
Wtf happened to them they used to be so good
Rest 123
Rest 123 Hace 15 días
They have got anti 1975 syndrome og bmth: deathcore Og 1975:Hey ho and nobody knows New bmth: Some people are a lot like clouds New 1975:WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP ITS MONDAY MORNING
NattyProductions Hace 15 días
Truth I know oli and we have met so many idiotic lunatics they do needs medicine lol
SAPIEN band Hace 16 días
Hey guys we are a rock band🎸🎤 of age 15-17. If we could get some likes in this comment and get our sound🎶🎵 heard it would mean the world to us.Thank you, have a great day.❤
Jaykle Hace 16 días
Great song and amazing video
Nick Carey
Nick Carey Hace 17 días
Hace 17 días
Eu te amo muito
Aldenn Romio
Aldenn Romio Hace 17 días
Oli sykes before looks like mitch lucker Oli sykes now looks like eminem Bruh....
Aqua Melon
Aqua Melon Hace 17 días
I now have 50 new phobias I didn't know existed
damncrunk Hace 18 días
Makes me think of anberlin - impossible
David Ogg
David Ogg Hace 19 días
Man... I was just really starting to like BMTH too... Sempiternal, There is a Hell, Suicide Season BMTH... Wtf is this...?!? Oh well... Best of luck to Oli and gang on the new endeavor, I honestly mean that... I'll forever be changed by your music and I thank you for that... "Sleepwalking" is one of my favorite songs in general and "Can you Feel my Heart" will always be on the list along with a few others. I just can't get over how perfect "Sleepwalking" is, but I guess you can only shred your vocal chords so many times
Why This
Why This Hace 16 días
Listen to This Is What The Edge of Your Seat was Made For, you will thank me later.
Ro Yee Cool
Ro Yee Cool Hace 19 días
Chris Martin say yes! i like this ^_^
Alison Hace 19 días
who dares to dislike this-
Why This
Why This Hace 16 días
Anyone who listed to This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For
Maahir Momtaz
Maahir Momtaz Hace 19 días
This is some vore type shit
DarkStarPenguin Hace 19 días
This is 100% my recent ex. Many wonderful things I can say but outside influence and her being overwhelmed through the stress of life, work and kids......forget their new direction. This shuts more real and pure.
Wholesome Mom Friend
Wholesome Mom Friend Hace 20 días
Speaking of medicine- don't forget to take your vitamins, kids!💗
99% österreicher
99% österreicher Hace 20 días
I pray for plagues🙏
Why This
Why This Hace 16 días
This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For.
Courteous Geranium
Courteous Geranium Hace 21 un día
The video: Selfcest.
Shirotera 1601
Shirotera 1601 Hace 21 un día
Extreme Aesthetic? :/
Josh K
Josh K Hace 22 días
This is awesome! Just the type of music I was looking for!
Vicky Gueli
Vicky Gueli Hace 22 días
Amo la canción y la banda 😍😍
atikah rostam
atikah rostam Hace 24 días
1:42 I love that little "grip"
Israel Herrera
Israel Herrera Hace 24 días
Porqueria pudransen en el infierno lacras asquerosas
baby girl
baby girl Hace 25 días
Powerful ❤️
Wraith Girl
Wraith Girl Hace 25 días
Fucking lyrics damnit..
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Hace 25 días
eh, could do better with poser 7... whoever did the animation took a lot of shortcuts
Mae Marie
Mae Marie Hace 26 días
New BMTH is just a little bit to pop/rock for me now.. I need Sempiternal type-style of bmth back.
Margarita Roldan
Margarita Roldan Hace 23 días
Ikr 😭 been listening since Suicide Season But we gotta support Oli no matter what :)
Gameplay Sp
Gameplay Sp Hace 26 días
Alguem veio pelo patch da bmpes 2019?
Kaleb Chee
Kaleb Chee Hace 27 días
bobby smith
bobby smith Hace 28 días
Ollie this video is great. But were you high or something?
Why This
Why This Hace 16 días
They only time they were high was when they made Count Your Blessings. That's why it was a masterpiece. He got sober and started making this shit.....
Felipe alves
Felipe alves Hace 28 días
Raping replay button
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