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As long as they can remember, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade have been best friends but now as the foursome enter high school their friendships are tested by social cliques and the evil student body president, Meredith. As the BRATZ are pulled apart they must learn that true empowerment means standing up for your friends, being true to oneself and living out one's dreams.

playyaboyjayy_ Hace 57 minutos
anybody realize that one of the boys in the dancing group for the talent show tryouts is artie from glee
Raba316 Hace un hora
Wait why is she nevering saying smack about Sasha ?!!!!!
Makkah Muhammad
Makkah Muhammad Hace 3 horas
This is a perfect movie for me and my sister
Aiyana Montgomery
Aiyana Montgomery Hace 3 horas
None of theses are working for mee
NeedsASandwich Hace 3 horas
40:31 I’m kinda worried at how she turned when he said “Hey hottie.” How’d she know that he was referring to her? 🤔
Monique Denise
Monique Denise Hace 4 horas
At the end with the oOoOOhH I I smelled her breath trough my iPad 😂😂😂 I-🤣🤣
holden Hace 5 horas
dylan: I love your voice 💕🙌🧚‍♀️ im deaf ❤👏
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali Hace 6 horas
1:22:11 I legit thought they were going to play the song where mr. krabs is a robot
Ainsley R
Ainsley R Hace 7 horas
I will forever blame movies like these for giving my a false expectation of high school
AbBeiBei 526
AbBeiBei 526 Hace 7 horas
There’s a lot going on in this movie that I don’t remember 😂
Iz Sanch
Iz Sanch Hace 7 horas
why is it so racist 😭
kygirl123 Hace 8 horas
The song fabulous reminds me of high school musical
Erica Tryon
Erica Tryon Hace 9 horas
*This girl just for real just washed her hands with longer sleeves then my relationship with my mom*
yee haw
yee haw Hace 10 horas
lowkey stereotypical movie
Jerry Bess
Jerry Bess Hace 11 horas
My favorite movie 🎥 the best 😍😍 lol
fadumo ahmed
fadumo ahmed Hace 11 horas
1:02:53 i mean what u doing a show or a like ____ u tell me XD
Lutteo Forever
Lutteo Forever Hace 11 horas
15:38 deaf people can relate to this .
武义 Hace 11 horas
Wow. Honestly didn't think I'd like this movie as much as I do.
AbBeiBei 526
AbBeiBei 526 Hace 12 horas
Thank youuuu 😭
Amoya Nettleford
Amoya Nettleford Hace 12 horas
I love this movie it helped me get over my fair of singing around people
one of the ppl in the movie is in my big fat greek wedding
Angelica Hurtado
Angelica Hurtado Hace 12 horas
8:32 he is my favorite character
Brooke Styer
Brooke Styer Hace 13 horas
The most unrealistic part is upperclassmen noticing freshmen on the first day of school
Lorena Hernandez
Lorena Hernandez Hace 13 horas
Why doesn’t Sasha not have a crush in this movie
Moriah World
Moriah World Hace 13 horas
who is going to make a meme out of the fight baahhhhhhh
Terrific Twins
Terrific Twins Hace 13 horas
The movie does not work LOl
Richard_Ramirez worshiper
Richard_Ramirez worshiper Hace 14 horas
You'd think they could've found pretty girls to act in the movie. Why the hell would you choose these train wrecks???
Chikillos Villasana
Chikillos Villasana Hace 14 horas
I have nothing eles to watch. So why not watch this
DTrappa Hace 14 horas
Damn this movie is really cringe
DTrappa Hace 14 horas
don’t tell nobody I used to watch this lmaoo
CMC Hace 15 horas
This movie is what everyone *thinks* American high school is like. But honestly, I’m kinda glad it’s not😅😂
Crafty Kids
Crafty Kids Hace 16 horas
Does Meredith remind anyone else of Sharpay from high school musical
Aishleiia -
Aishleiia - Hace 16 horas
*When you find out that this movie came out in Netflix.*
fadumo ahmed
fadumo ahmed Hace 16 horas
9;34 how to run a prison i mean your not wrong school is a nother type of prison for kids :P
Aubrey Bailey
Aubrey Bailey Hace 16 horas
Ok but after watching pretty little liars..Jade to me is Mona😂
Alex Rose
Alex Rose Hace 16 horas
This is a sign telling me how of a liner i am
Haley Branch
Haley Branch Hace 17 horas
Sandra Landers
Sandra Landers Hace 17 horas
I love and hate that daug
Kristin Kale
Kristin Kale Hace 18 horas
I’ve already watched this movie a million times in my childhood. I’m just looking for free movies!😂😂
Heyyy.wassup. Stay.positive
Heyyy.wassup. Stay.positive Hace 19 horas
Let’s get some supportable like theirs
Eleazar Castro
Eleazar Castro Hace 19 horas
Scarlett D
Scarlett D Hace un día
At least her parents were mixed i still hate how stereotypical this movie was
Juliana Ruiz
Juliana Ruiz Hace un día
You can clearly hear that someone else is singing there voices weren’t even remotely close 🤣 but over all brought me back to my childhood 😁
MeepOrp Hace un día
Did anyone else breakdown crying and laughing at 40:55
Magaly Macias
Magaly Macias Hace un día
This movie is so racist 💀
Itzz mirra
Itzz mirra Hace un día
I love this movie am i right, and the simple fact of them not even coming in contact for 2 yrs 💀💁🏽‍♀️. I would nevva 💯‼️
Wendi Alcala
Wendi Alcala Hace un día
The best movie ever
Carlos Brewer
Carlos Brewer Hace un día
I love this movie
Max Hace un día
I like how there's literally nothing that's accurate in this movie Change my mind
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Hace un día
When yas was forced to sing at the party i promise the boy that liked her said “come on baby” or i’m tripping
Reese Smith
Reese Smith Hace un día
are one of the girls in the "popular" group anna from tvd
Xxavacodo.toastxX White
Xxavacodo.toastxX White Hace un día
I accidentally clicked this but still watched it
Aesthetic sunset
Aesthetic sunset Hace un día
“ I’d rather die “ Me: ... GIRL YOUR TO PICKY
GREENs & GRAINS Hace un día
Jade is so fine 😯
Reese Smith
Reese Smith Hace un día
ok so i watched cyberbully, sleepover and now this in one night
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem Hace un día
It’s all fun and games until you hear Yazmin singing and it’s like they couldn’t auto tune her voice they had to use another girls lol
GREENs & GRAINS Hace un día
What are you gawking at ShE's hOt
GREENs & GRAINS Hace un día
What are you gawking at ShE's hOt
Eddika Espinoza
Eddika Espinoza Hace un día
I love this movie even when i was little i had friends who switched up on me ans now im grauading
Art Bruh
Art Bruh Hace un día
I love this movie reminds me of my friends😂
JuliaKSF Hace un día
5 star rating. loved it!
Harlow Miller
Harlow Miller Hace un día
ESwomen knows that the poor people need free movies.
Lorrie Schroeder
Lorrie Schroeder Hace un día
People think pewdiepie has the most subs on yt but ESwomen Movies has the most subs
Krissy likes Bleach
Krissy likes Bleach Hace un día
yall remember starrin and stylin when chloe says this "it only took three years of savings and my bday money since was 8" wierd flex but ok
Xuan Vutran
Xuan Vutran Hace un día
Who else is here for Jade's talents prob from her asian mom #asiansquad
ForeverDreamWithinADream Hace un día
I am so bored with this lockdown and now state curfew, I am actually watching this. Well still better then dealing with idiots all day I guess.
simo kaur
simo kaur Hace un día
Who enjoyed the movie ?
Mark Snelling
Mark Snelling Hace un día
No way they all woke up like that
iiistarz Hace un día
Bruh- I need to start watching more free movies- I have not watched this in a long time- I have been missing out- and also she got karma karma got her hard.
Aesthetic Eddie
Aesthetic Eddie Hace un día
Is it weird that after watching this movie I wanna cheer again because of Sasha even though I quit 3 years ago?
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