Boyfriend's "Manhood" Cut Short After Passionate Game Goes Wrong | Sex Sent Me To The ER

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tlc uk

tlc uk

Hace 7 meses

A couple's intimate game goes completely wrong after man suffers sudden injury to his "manhood."
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Pianish Vikuśka RemLish
Pianish Vikuśka RemLish Hace 6 horas
He just goes in and yells across the whole hospital “SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH MY P*NIS” I died 😂😂😂
Amy C
Amy C Hace 23 horas
Why didn’t they just call the hospital lmfao
Ser ka
Ser ka Hace un día
The actors look 10 years younger than the real people lol
F W Hace 4 días
F W Hace 4 días
The real girl is ugly asf
Michelle Hebert
Michelle Hebert Hace 5 días
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace 7 días
“This truck will be a-rockin’ so don’t come a-knocking!!!” Lmao what
Funmilayo Thomas
Funmilayo Thomas Hace 7 días
Jewel doesthings
Jewel doesthings Hace 7 días
"I had to use all of my yoga skills" -Andy
Jazz gamin Nkole
Jazz gamin Nkole Hace 9 días
Don’t worry he’s just on his man period
Kathlyn Cao
Kathlyn Cao Hace 10 días
Omg I just can’t 😂
William moreno
William moreno Hace 10 días
omg my precious gay eyes omgggg 😱.
John Sweeney
John Sweeney Hace 10 días
Detachable Penis. That would make a great song.
-Ding- -Dong-
-Ding- -Dong- Hace 10 días
Their bad acting sent me to the ER
-Ding- -Dong-
-Ding- -Dong- Hace 10 días
2:48 Dumbass: Fractured penis? What does that mean It means your wife is now cheating on you
Gbtbtbt Baby g
Gbtbtbt Baby g Hace 11 días
She just cares about SEX about look at her would he have sex again like LOL!!!!!!!!! alike and comment if you aggre
Mochi_ MakesMe
Mochi_ MakesMe Hace 11 días
The girl is just scared that her boyfriend cant have sex with her again !!! Stoopiddd
John L
John L Hace 12 días
I always get super worried when a woman rides me super hard and fast...
Logan Park
Logan Park Hace 13 días
“O cheese and crackers” 😂😂
hehe jesus music
hehe jesus music Hace 13 días
He looks like a Ken version of an chad
SomePerson Online
SomePerson Online Hace 14 días
When the actors look better than the irl couple 😭
Easton Mosby
Easton Mosby Hace 14 días
For one one shouldn’t need to stop more than 6 times they hold 600 gallons of fuel
Otaku Senpai
Otaku Senpai Hace 15 días
I wonder how they get the footage for when the emergency happens HMMMMMM
Otaku Senpai
Otaku Senpai Hace 15 días
The acting skills are so bad😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Potatoe Hace 15 días
Well enough internet for today
All Angelina YT
All Angelina YT Hace 15 días
Doctor: Yeah man you broke your penis. Guy: OHHHH CHEESE AND CRACKERS
Gacha life Red head 2
Gacha life Red head 2 Hace 16 días
Your so stupid and your girlfriend is so dumb and stupid
Riley Tonkin
Riley Tonkin Hace 16 días
MeikcoBirbs Ahoy
MeikcoBirbs Ahoy Hace 16 días
Jayden B-B
Jayden B-B Hace 16 días
This is brought to you by community college acting classes
Pocker face
Pocker face Hace 16 días
Couldn’t they just make out and done see they are idiots if they knew it was a small place they could’ve hit there heads really hard sooo
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza Hace 17 días
Bull shit
TG_ Window
TG_ Window Hace 17 días
Why the hell did we watch this
Saiko Hace 17 días
If they can't fix it can I get a new one from a donor?
Hailey Coggs
Hailey Coggs Hace 18 días
ok, but why did the doctor have to do the visuals!? 🤢
Hannah G
Hannah G Hace 19 días
I love how over dramatic these reenactments are
Kyle white
Kyle white Hace 19 días
Omg poor guy
Jamie Gillies
Jamie Gillies Hace 19 días
The people acting do not look like the people talking
Refreshing Rice
Refreshing Rice Hace 19 días
*when porn isn’t enough.*
Farah Marhoon
Farah Marhoon Hace 19 días
😂😂😭wtf she jast thinking about her possy(all what i thing is he will can do sixs)?
Matthew Sanner
Matthew Sanner Hace 19 días
2:33 bet?
Elmadgamer10 playzzz games
Elmadgamer10 playzzz games Hace 20 días
I though that was his suck at 1:07
Ana De la cruz
Ana De la cruz Hace 22 días
Hahahaha like if das what he gets
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark Hace 22 días
You're not having sex right if you don't double high-five
Mythic _DeadPool
Mythic _DeadPool Hace 23 días
in a penis there are no bones so it can't break, this can only happen when you move the heavy 😂 im a 13 yo kid btw
Diantha Booi
Diantha Booi Hace 23 días
The face of the dockter 😂🤣😂🤣
Emmanuel Navarro
Emmanuel Navarro Hace 23 días
“ I look down and the penis was about the size of my forearm”1:40 dam you didn’t have to flex on us that hard🤕
Kathlyn Cao
Kathlyn Cao Hace 24 días
Excuse I’m a kid well the actors in the vid is really different
Sky Brown
Sky Brown Hace 24 días
But like watching this with no headphones isn't ideal
Pickle Gamer
Pickle Gamer Hace 28 días
Bruh the doctor is so funny 😂
Joon's Dimple
Joon's Dimple Hace 29 días
this is so funny😂😂😂 the actors😂
Keagan Campbell
Keagan Campbell Hace un mes
is she pregnant than
Brynn McKenna
Brynn McKenna Hace un mes
"the only thing worse than breaking your penis is learning you have to re-break your penis" is dually the most ridiculous and hilarious line I've read in awhile
PeachImvu Trolling
PeachImvu Trolling Hace un mes
Dude : the only thing worse thing about breaking your penis is learning you have to re break your penis Me: Uno rever- Uno skip you
Brayden Schweder
Brayden Schweder Hace un mes
Malique Mitchell
Malique Mitchell Hace un mes
As a male this was the hardest thing to watch
rebecca Soto
rebecca Soto Hace un mes
Eww shes ugly
Minty Hace un mes
I know it is supposed to be serious and everything but who wouldn’t want to see there penis 3x longer
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran Hace un mes
Damn, no kids for him.
Dino Gurl
Dino Gurl Hace un mes
Actors: How much bad acting do you want? Director: Yes
Max Dominguez
Max Dominguez Hace un mes
Bro the wife say my heart sank so many times
ChubbyTheBear Hace un mes
I just feel bad for the camera man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Itsjusta2v Hace un mes
Dude was having a period 😂
dc sykes
dc sykes Hace un mes
Omg the pen snapping doctor
Dark Soul
Dark Soul Hace un mes
Weirdest thing I have ever seen
Jack from TITANIC
Jack from TITANIC Hace un mes
Vincent Wei
Vincent Wei Hace un mes
This video should win an Oscar!
Lilly Dommerdich
Lilly Dommerdich Hace un mes
I would feel so unsafe having sex while the petrol is on...):
Barney Sykes
Barney Sykes Hace un mes
What an understanding doctor, describing how it could’ve broken 😂
Callum Rae
Callum Rae Hace un mes
The acting is shit
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