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tlc uk

Hace 2 años

Abel was attacked by a hyena which ripped off his jaw and ear. He has no top lip and is unable to speak. Today, he goes to have life changing surgery.
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Twenty one Savage
Twenty one Savage Hace 41 un minuto
God bless him
Zia Astele
Zia Astele Hace un hora
What about his bottom teeth?
22ItsMaddie Hace 2 horas
Oh no! God bless him, I feel so bad! People think their lives are hard but OH!
bruhman of the bruhs bruhman bruh bruh
bruhman of the bruhs bruhman bruh bruh Hace 3 horas
damn imagine being a normal kid and a hyena attacks you and changes your life forever
Mr Mister
Mr Mister Hace 17 horas
Bless the child
{Potato_ Angels}
{Potato_ Angels} Hace 19 horas
I agree with everyone I CAN NOT imagined how this boy felt when he realized there was so much blood on the ground from his soon to be gone jaw PRAY for this child
Divine Gamer
Divine Gamer Hace 19 horas
😭THATS SO SAD 😭 😔 💧 Like if you cried seeing this like me 😭😭😭😭😭 (I’m not begging for likes I just want to see how many ppl reacted like me😭)
ixsilent Hace 20 horas
Such a good parent if my parent see me getting attack by hyenas they would lock them self inside the house and won't come out for days. I also felt bad for him... and how much it would HURT
Ryan Witte
Ryan Witte Hace 21 un hora
Poor kid.
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones Hace 23 horas
This got me emotional as soon as he shows his face 😭🥺
Kaya Aiken
Kaya Aiken Hace 23 horas
The mom is a champ some people will give up on him I cannot lie I would probably give up on him to the mom is a mvp
kommi ques
kommi ques Hace un día
He's so brave. Respect!
Alanoud Saud
Alanoud Saud Hace un día
Poor kid
Ex Clan
Ex Clan Hace un día
Hyenas are bad i plan on owning one but you have to know what ur doing with them their really not that bad for older people
Donald and Kayden Soun and Than
Donald and Kayden Soun and Than Hace un día
can he talk
porshia moore
porshia moore Hace un día
That's such a blessing God is so good he is a fighter
C.henrythezilla Hace un día
Just shows the phenomenal power of a hyenas jaws. Glad the boy survived.
Aishayas Sain
Aishayas Sain Hace un día
This little boy is tougher than all the hyenas put together, god bless his soul
Aishayas Sain
Aishayas Sain Hace un día
Bless this beautiful boy- all my love and prayers, so brave 💓
kobalt kysuce
kobalt kysuce Hace 2 días
Brenda Houyoux
Brenda Houyoux Hace 2 días
Maybe kids can have a type of horn or something they can use with a loud noise to scare away animals like these.
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul Hace 2 días
WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL IT SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME 😲😲😲😲😲😲 but i do feel sorry for him
Deejay Crazy
Deejay Crazy Hace 2 días
This got me crying
S R Hace 2 días
I hope hyena is safe !!
Milla St Charles
Milla St Charles Hace 2 días
*you can see it in his eyes poor guy he probably hates his life his eyes just look like he is gonna burst out into tears*
donna jacobs
donna jacobs Hace 2 días
1000000 likes =10000000000000prays
Kalani Johnson
Kalani Johnson Hace 2 días
It makes me so happy to see he doing fine and made it through all hard times especially the accident and surgery I’m really happy 😊 god bless him even more 🙏😇😍♡♡♡
Demo Memnook
Demo Memnook Hace 2 días
Five months ago a five-year-old boy he got attacked by hyena sing this sentence
Tbone Garena
Tbone Garena Hace 2 días
I hope he will be ok
klassy kassie415
klassy kassie415 Hace 2 días
Bless him Lord.
jose samillano
jose samillano Hace 2 días
more like able
Wølfié gîrl #wintersnow
Wølfié gîrl #wintersnow Hace 2 días
Boy I thought mine was worst but no he is having more damage than me I throw up blood but this!? Hope he gets better and live a normal life
a.c.l.s -
a.c.l.s - Hace 2 días
Poor boy, he's so optimistic, he deserves a good future, especially a good childhood, God bless him.
Mia_so ugly Ew
Mia_so ugly Ew Hace 3 días
Aww poor boy 🥺💖🙏🏼
Matthew Beach
Matthew Beach Hace 3 días
This is why you watch your 5 yr old kid when he is outside in africa and in general
Roxy_Playzz Hace 3 días
*-Oh My God...-*
Bonita Green
Bonita Green Hace 3 días
God Bless u
Carter Phillips
Carter Phillips Hace 3 días
Not to be rude but... His new jaw makes him look like a FNAF character
Emanuel Martinez
Emanuel Martinez Hace 3 días
Oh my god
HallowTheRabbit Hace 3 días
Nigga he uglier than me lmao
GAMING BOY Hace 3 días
All this kid wanted eas to live a healthy life
•Honey Comb•
•Honey Comb• Hace 3 días
That’s a true and VERY kind mom if she CHASED the hyenas...🤭🤩 *I wish him the best ♥︎★*
Leo Mello
Leo Mello Hace 3 días
Hope this boy is recovering well
Misty_water- Lake
Misty_water- Lake Hace 3 días
god save this little angel 👼 please and let’s say that is the best mother for chancing after the hyena ALONE
Ari Castillo
Ari Castillo Hace 3 días
Thank god he survived and has his eyesight!
Oscar Rosas
Oscar Rosas Hace 4 días
Lifes never fair but hes a little brave kid i reapect u
-Sapphire hyena-
-Sapphire hyena- Hace 4 días
Susan Pastrana
Susan Pastrana Hace 4 días
I believe he is stong and brave I am going to give money donst
Tristan Sharky
Tristan Sharky Hace 4 días
was he even alone?
Yvette Hace 4 días
Most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever seen.
TW Hace 4 días
Now that kids is my hero, GG to him for being strong and not giving up
UwU Hace 4 días
UwU Hace 4 días
UwU Hace 4 días
UwU Hace 4 días
UwU Hace 4 días
He so uglyyyy
hey it's me
hey it's me Hace 3 días
@UwU oh I thought you didn't dumbass
UwU Hace 4 días
@hey it's me i getnit dumbass
hey it's me
hey it's me Hace 4 días
@UwU you know that I'm calling you that. You Know how you called him ugly Yeah I'm calling you that. Guess you didn't get it
UwU Hace 4 días
@hey it's me yes, i am the one that is talking
hey it's me
hey it's me Hace 4 días
You are the one to talk
papafan pizza
papafan pizza Hace 4 días
This Lil nigga is still alive God did this shit
Cowboy Mason
Cowboy Mason Hace 4 días
Poor little boy put money on the hyena.
Chris Price
Chris Price Hace 4 días
God bless you little man, your strength and will to live is second to none. You’re a fucking soldier.
Yoli Bibi
Yoli Bibi Hace 4 días
He is such a beautiful young boy
T&A Preview's
T&A Preview's Hace 4 días
Poor thing your tough. good thing he survived he's strong.
[ • L x z y A r t s • ]
[ • L x z y A r t s • ] Hace 5 días
Thats so sad, it's hard to believe that this is true and how people survive this? He's a strong little boy
Elizabeth Rue
Elizabeth Rue Hace 5 días
This is sad
Asha Omar
Asha Omar Hace 5 días
Oh my god ❤️❤️
danetania Hace 5 días
Poor kid. I feel so sad, he's very young too.
Hhkk Hhkkbibich
Hhkk Hhkkbibich Hace 6 días
Dailininke Hace 6 días
God bless him, i hope he will get better..
Stormy ASMR
Stormy ASMR Hace 6 días
You can see the pain in his eyes :( my heart is broken 💔
z Hace 7 días
Damn imagine the struggle he goes through just to eat
Rheagan Flowers
Rheagan Flowers Hace 7 días
I hope it works poor kid
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