Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!

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Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! (Legendary Weapon Locations, Unique Weapons & More)
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Borderlands 3 - Top 5 Legendary Weapons SEEN SO FAR! (Legendary Weapons, Unique Weapons & More)
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This Borderlands 3 video breakdown of the Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!,borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons, new loot, Skill Trees & More. ill be covering more stuff like legendary weapons, secrets, loot, top 10's and more when it releases so be sure to subscribe.

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Chance Hopes
Chance Hopes Hace 8 meses
Best code is 5-5-4 left to right respectively for the one pump chump
B e a n
B e a n Hace 3 meses
Jen Rer ooooorrrr: button, left lever, left lever, wheel, right lever I think
Jasper but idk
Jasper but idk Hace 4 meses
The one pump chump is so hard to get tho!
kevin dotson99
kevin dotson99 Hace 4 meses
What ? 554 what's that
Prof Toast Lord Roy Nathan amaro
Prof Toast Lord Roy Nathan amaro Hace 5 meses
Lever 3 times then the dial connected to the pipe
Opie Kenobi
Opie Kenobi Hace 7 meses
Wrong its 1, 4, 5, 2 & 2!
CGSDR JC Hace un día
Quasar (correct pronunciation 'Kway-sar') and i thought you're talking about Croissant 😂😂
Gabe Culver
Gabe Culver Hace 7 días
Theres one mote weapon that should be on this list seeing as how it is better than all these weapons. Its the "cost-effective optimizing Q-system. Ive gotten two of these from different points and its legendary for good reason. I love this weapon. You can get it from a side mission on promethea where you find out who kills this girls family and another one from random occur a nice from the cartel mini bosses that gets sent. Its my favorite weapon and I shredded troy with the second one I got in less than a minute.
Mr Frank
Mr Frank Hace 10 días
Anyone else kill these guys and not get any legendarys?
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Hace 20 días
Higher spawn rate my a$$ i got 2 purple and 24 orange guns in my vault
efr dref
efr dref Hace 22 días
all those weapons suck in comparsion witc o.p.q. system assult riffle available in revenge of the cartels event. A MUST have gun, absolutely OP.
HaVaK Hace 27 días
I managed to get the lyuda from the moon map, it also came with the x2
Comrad Hace 27 días
My one pump is supposed to do 343,312 damage but it only does 12k
ViniTheCrazzy Hace 29 días
the trash game that all guns are the same... all players use krakatoa, infinity pistols, the lob and soo on... all shi equals
DarkLight Hace 29 días
seems to be tons of legendary weapons in B3...i got 5 weapons just playing for a couple hours yesterday..i'm only a level 22 player as of now...i don't think i ever got any legendarys in B1 and B2 so getting these is new for me
Shadow the traveler
Shadow the traveler Hace 29 días
The chupas organ mod Cabrón Cabrón means dumbass
BigAsianPapi Hace un mes
Do the weapons levels scale to yours or do they stay at one?
ArKα Hace un mes
The best gun is the everblast++ its so op
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia Hace un mes
Is it still fine if I got the killavolt quest from moxxi?
Faizel Hace un mes
my favorite is the one pump chump. my Lvl 45 has over 3k base dmg and over 1500 dmg increase
Gabynsh Hace un mes
7:17 this gun is a reference to home alone
Gabynsh Hace un mes
Could we have the gun’s sounds please ?
Maxdelta Hace un mes
Minder Killer from Dune... How could you not reference that ! lol. cool video though!
Ryder Gaming786
Ryder Gaming786 Hace un mes
I knew the Mind Killer was good I had two... And when I found a gun that did more damage, I felt weird, I just didn’t like this gun and I was just so used to the Mind Killer, I thought it wasn’t TOO good because it sold for $103 and had only a 158 Score, So if you get this gun, don’t swap it, it’s epic!!!
little timmy
little timmy Hace un mes
i have an smg that shoots fire out of it , and when you reload it it places a walking turret,
Aiden Hurst
Aiden Hurst Hace un mes
Notice how he said trump instead of chump but is it just me
Super Ninja
Super Ninja Hace un mes
Jokes on you I don’t need to get theses guns because I don’t have this game
lio766 Hace 2 meses
More like "the first 10 legendarys i got in game"
Tyler Marsh
Tyler Marsh Hace 2 meses
I went for number three and got three other legendarys before I it.
GHOSTr Hace 2 meses
I saw a npc with blue lightsaber how do I get I need one
Holy Freeholy
Holy Freeholy Hace 2 meses
I’m partial to DAHL I don’t ever like them.
Holy Freeholy
Holy Freeholy Hace 2 meses
Is it just me or is borderlands 3 really easy? I been playing hard mode and I’m flying though
Raquel Munoz
Raquel Munoz Hace 2 meses
Jeannie Palazzolo
Jeannie Palazzolo Hace 2 meses
the 9 volt is a smg
Shining Darkness
Shining Darkness Hace 2 meses
Really unfortunate that unlike many unique enemies that spawn in the same area One Punch does not scale to your level, he will scale up to the level max for the area which unfortunately means his drops do the same.
Shining Darkness
Shining Darkness Hace 2 meses
The order is: button, wheel, lever, switch, switch
The Commenter
The Commenter Hace 2 meses
Two words for everyone here... "Get Hellshock" Go to gigamind, farm him senseless and get this gun. Half the guns on this list are trash
Porter Hamilton
Porter Hamilton Hace un mes
I got hellshock twice in one game w/o farming and idk how
Toco Hace 2 meses
this list is over 6 months old, there's been a ton of changes since then
DeWellstein Hace 2 meses
The Tsunami SMG is sooo much better than any of these.
Ennis Smith
Ennis Smith Hace 2 meses
Expert Hellshock is my favorite Legendary pistol right now. Just mows through Bosses especially with Moze's bottomless mags skill. 😎😎😎😎😎
NamelessRcoon Hace 2 meses
Everyone probably knows this now but the Lyuda can be gotten by completing all of zeros targets
I Climb Everything
I Climb Everything Hace 2 meses
Tk's wave is shit Mindkiller is garbage
Amer snaps
Amer snaps Hace 2 meses
love how mind killer is also on his worst weapons list
jacob marycz
jacob marycz Hace 2 meses
The lending is a scam
Calvin Hace 2 meses
Not spectacularly strong but I got the Expert ASMD which is a great nod to Unreal Tournament and fires exactly as the shock rifle should.
While farming wick and worty, I got a legendary by killing a worty. It’s a Dahl pistol called “Shocking AAA” it also had shock element
Mr Slima
Mr Slima Hace 2 meses
Jakobs guns are the best guns.
mouurusai Hace 2 meses
Most legendary weapons that I was have pretty shitty, weapons from that list is not exception. Most powerful weapon I'm currently have is blue Torgue shotgun, duh...
The Rider
The Rider Hace 3 meses
You can also get the Lyuda from completing all of Zer0’s man hunt things and I think the Predatory Lending is a reference to the Team Fortress 2 Heavy. In the meet the Heavy video he says something about how much it costs to fire his weapon for 12 seconds and that it costs a lot
shegocrazy Hace 3 meses
Aren't weapons random?
DamnSpawN Hace 3 meses
night hawkin, maggie and cutsman?????
Ernst Mirzabekov
Ernst Mirzabekov Hace 3 meses
Borderlands, the only game where shotguns can snipe
Deathlysilence27 Hace 3 meses
Got the one pump chump on my 3rd try, thanks for the guide 😁✌🏻
Wintermute Hace 3 meses
The flavour text in Mindkiller, "I shall not fear, fear is the mind killer", is a quote from the Bene-Gesserit code in the Dune novels. Just made the weapon cooler.
mihai Hace 3 meses
nu este tocmai asa, eu am jucat de 4 ori jocul asta si de fiecare data nu am mai gasit aceleasi arme pe unde le-am gasit initial, dar am gasit unele mult mai puternice dacat cele prezentate de tine in clipul de fata. Fa un film cum rezolvi misiunile din joc, de exempu eu nu stiu cum deschid trapa de la Lev5 din misiunea lui Claptrap.
tiget2013 Hace 3 meses
I have about 115 legendaries in my bank haha too many and only a few good ones
AlenGames YT
AlenGames YT Hace 3 meses
He said for the 9-WOLT that it's a PISTOL but IT'S A SMG!
Ben Scalise
Ben Scalise Hace 3 meses
Most of these weps are trash, it's like you just started the game and say every legendary is grand. Have you ever played a borderlands game before?
Gavan Petersen
Gavan Petersen Hace 3 meses
I always watch these videos before I start a game so I know what not to get. That way when I finish the game I can go collect them and they'll all be high level
Cyber Fear
Cyber Fear Hace 3 meses
Honestly just farm looty boi hearts and or slaughter shaft cistern of slaughter and slaughter star 300
Cyber Fear
Cyber Fear Hace 3 meses
Hes very easy to farm me i cant even fricking hit a rakk
Ghost Pro
Ghost Pro Hace 3 meses
Fear is a mind killer is a song from nfsu2
Dragon Low
Dragon Low Hace 3 meses
bruh, its kway-zar quasar
Aqua Cat
Aqua Cat Hace 4 meses
I have farmed for one punch 19 runs and still don't have itttttt 😭
Damion Denne
Damion Denne Hace 4 meses
Didnt get the gun from wick but got a purple AR that can change into a shotgun
Damion Denne
Damion Denne Hace 4 meses
Wanted to see if it worked when a lvl 42 would go down yup
Jordan Notgivingmyname
Jordan Notgivingmyname Hace 4 meses
Idk if u have it yet but Torgue's pepper gun from the Moxxie DLC is fucking fantastic.
DeviantManRules Hace 4 meses
The Handsome Jackhammer is a world drop. I got one from GIGAMIND AND I’ve been farming GIGAMIND over 50 times and he has never dropped the SHREDIFIER
Jacobus Witness
Jacobus Witness Hace 4 meses
"Fear is the mind-killer" is a Dune reference :)
Samiam 666
Samiam 666 Hace 4 meses
I'm here in Feb. of 2020. I know that certain guns have been nerfed since the game was released. But, the best guns I have found are Laser-Sploder, Flakker, and Long-Musket. I haven't found all legendary weapons, but quite a lot of them. I've tried everything, and have found no need to use any other weapons, and don't even really use the Long Musket all that much. Are there other guns as of Feb '20 that I should be looking for? I don't think the guns mentioned in the video are as good.
tiger79 Hace 4 meses
I'm really waiting for my favorite legendary Jakobs pistol "The Duc" which does impact AND gyrojet explosion. Insane amount of damage
ELW - Extreme Ladies Wrestling
ELW - Extreme Ladies Wrestling Hace 4 meses
that one punch dude is no joke. i think brick should learn a few things from him, since he likes punching things
DEKUtheKID Hace 4 meses
Now is the time to get ur legendary weapons before the month ends
ELW - Extreme Ladies Wrestling
ELW - Extreme Ladies Wrestling Hace 4 meses
the lyuda can also drop from bowman nates as well.
sapphireweapon12345 Hace 4 meses
You realize, of course, that the Predatory Lending SMG gets better the later in the game you get, right? After all, around mid-game Marcus starts charging you more than you get in SMG ammo, making the flavor text accurate. Not just that, but since it uses money as ammo, it will always prove useful as a final resort if you run dry everywhere else, given it uses a seperate ammo pool. This makes it essentially a SMG variant of the Infinity in use, given that if you have less than $1k at most any time after leaving Pandora, something's seriously wrong. It certainly is no novelty.
Hoàng Hải
Hoàng Hải Hace 4 meses
@sapphireweapon12345 Oh I get it now, thanks for clearing that out for me :D
sapphireweapon12345 Hace 4 meses
@Hoàng Hải Yes, that is true. But that is usually for True Vault Hunter Mode. If it's your first time through, you're usually fine. After all, how would you know which ones to save until Lv50 unless you've done them all?
Hoàng Hải
Hoàng Hải Hace 4 meses
I bought the game early and haven't got the time to play it yet, now that I do, I want to do it correctly, I've watch some guide videos on youtube, and most of them pointed out that all the side content should be "saved" later on when you're lv50? It bothers me that some of the loot you get from side quests are 1 time-thing loot and I'm now very scared if I'm to do side quests and enjoy the game stressfree I'll not be able to get the good items at the right time later on, are there any tips for me vault hunter?
J4YD3N Hace 4 meses
I’m stuck on the 9000 boss oof and I rage easily.....
A_Loser IsCool
A_Loser IsCool Hace 4 meses
The first one is button, valve, floor switch, and then the left wall switch
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