Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!

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Borderlands 3 - Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! (Legendary Weapon Locations, Unique Weapons & More)
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Borderlands 3 - Top 5 Legendary Weapons SEEN SO FAR! (Legendary Weapons, Unique Weapons & More)
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This Borderlands 3 video breakdown of the Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!,borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons, new loot, Skill Trees & More. ill be covering more stuff like legendary weapons, secrets, loot, top 10's and more when it releases so be sure to subscribe.

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Chance Hopes
Chance Hopes Hace un mes
Best code is 5-5-4 left to right respectively for the one pump chump
Iain Smith
Iain Smith Hace 3 días
there is a faster way
Anthony Stout
Anthony Stout Hace 6 días
If you label them from left to right 1>5 the code is actually 1,4,5,2,2 works every time
Firndly _
Firndly _ Hace 13 días
If I got this already can I get again?
Ohh Kaczii
Ohh Kaczii Hace 18 días
Pull long lever twice and spin the wheel... Done.
Samuel Natividad
Samuel Natividad Hace 19 días
Dante The son of Sparda
Dante The son of Sparda Hace un día
Tbh the TK wave Shotgun is kinda shitty
C Unt
C Unt Hace un día
My favourite legendary so far is Ruby's wrath a badass rocket launcher that fires 7 rockets with a tracker option and holds 7 in the clip can't remember where I got it
zambie killz
zambie killz Hace un día
You can get the Lyuda from moxxis slot machine
ardhenn slemmer
ardhenn slemmer Hace un día
ONE PUNCH MAN from the anime very nice.
im bad at fps
im bad at fps Hace un día
i have a feeling you've played borderlands for less than 2 hours
Do0M Slay4
Do0M Slay4 Hace un día
I've got the one pump chump on first try
Jorge tom tom
Jorge tom tom Hace 2 días
IF you get the weapon at lower levels and sell it, could you get the same weapon again when you are a higher level for better stats
Chris Gates
Chris Gates Hace 2 días
When you come to ESwomen for info, but nobody knows wtf they're talking about.
Cody Averesch
Cody Averesch Hace 3 días
And they said Handsome Jack was gone.
Something Mildly Homophobic
Something Mildly Homophobic Hace 4 días
"A reference to home alone" you mean scarface the movie its playing dumbass
ya boii memestar
ya boii memestar Hace 4 días
Did I just get unlucky? I already killed 7 of these bosses and got none of their legendaries Edit: Accidentally typed 6 instead of 7
Josh Stokes
Josh Stokes Hace 4 días
I got 9 volt first time I killed duded
Andrew Leitzinger
Andrew Leitzinger Hace 4 días
You get the jackhammer from Handsome Jackie. Alot of these were just world drops.
Mxmksn Hace un día
i got it from the grave vault boss
Marta Palacio
Marta Palacio Hace 4 días
Why are u guys putting numbers for the one pump chump puzzle fucking nerds
TryMySaltedNuts Hace 4 días
The cryo shreddifier is insane with zanes barrier cryo build, only problem is it uses way to much ammo. The lucians call is better for that reason but the shreddifier melts
Nagelfar Hace 4 días
No flakker or cutsman?
Hufex Chan
Hufex Chan Hace 5 días
lol I killed saitama in borderlands 3
Cating Games
Cating Games Hace 5 días
What is that assault rifle
Wade Utai
Wade Utai Hace 5 días
One punch being from one punch man lolol
Alpha Rez
Alpha Rez Hace 6 días
Guess what I have a common Jakob’s shotgun that does 500 damage 500!
Tom Bewza
Tom Bewza Hace 6 días
Dislike for the multiple ads you put into the video.
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson Hace 7 días
But ... I don't want to do Ava's sidequest. That's probably the best revenge I'm gonna get sadly lol
Ezekiel Messenger
Ezekiel Messenger Hace 7 días
Flakker with Moze skill tree lit up with incendiary and stacking damage is the most powerful legendary in the game. Clear the screen with two shots.
AIDAN- H-05 Hace 7 días
You should link your songs
Peter Booth
Peter Booth Hace 7 días
Great video ☺️. So may I ask. Can these all be grinded for a level 50 version, once I hit 50. Well guess I'm asking if this is the case for every Legendary please?
Robert Cragg
Robert Cragg Hace 7 días
Your vids are good but your advice for the one punch puzzle was awful...
Sincere Hace 8 días
I got the quasar from a chubby skag on pandora
Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson Hace 8 días
I'm only level 28 but my favorite so far was a legendary Jacob fire weapon I got at level 14 I used it all the way up to like level 21 or longer I forget but it was definetly up to 21 ... it went in my bank for sure...
james snyder
james snyder Hace 7 días
Welcome to the game its great. I started a week after release and definitely havent missed too much and have nearly everything i want
The Fallen Crow
The Fallen Crow Hace 8 días
Where do you find the last gun?
Steven Tarsitano
Steven Tarsitano Hace 8 días
do you not know how to pronounce quasar?
James120756 Hace 8 días
ESwomen is killing itself with all these fucking ads. Its gotten ridiculous.
Sib Wraith
Sib Wraith Hace 8 días
thanks for the info dude, much appreciated. Am i missing something with the shreddifier? you say Maliwan but it plainly says Vladof xD
MR JUICY Hace 9 días
the maliwan shredifiar
I sell all of these weapons on Ebay for a discounted price! Check my Ebay out khris1485🔥🔥🔥
Nvr Dwn
Nvr Dwn Hace 9 días
I love the butcher. It melts enemies.
Abram Bernal
Abram Bernal Hace 9 días
Who else watched all his fallout 4 guides and now has all unique legendaries?
dedpol28 Hace 10 días
Decent video but you really need to do more studying when it comes to these guns. Also unless your absolutely sure of the drop then don't mention where to got it from. It just could have been a world drop
DLAROC Hace 10 días
For that Predatory Lending; that is minus weapon damage, not additional. lol. That gun is terrible.
Brian Mccadney
Brian Mccadney Hace 10 días
The mind-killer is from Dune it's a movie and a book by Frank Herbert
Djwooow studios
Djwooow studios Hace 10 días
I got one pump chump and I killed beans first try and got that smg
Encore Modritz
Encore Modritz Hace 11 días
8:47 best
Chase Eisel
Chase Eisel Hace 11 días
I swear this guy has no idea what a world drop is since he says the quasar and the handsome jackhammer come from chupacabrach or that the shock wave and lyuda come from traunt. By the way zero give you the lyuda for beating all his mercenary hunts
Enemy name one punch Me: like satama Sorry if spelled wrong
One pump chump is an Easter egg too. It's a nod to an anime called "one punch man"
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Hace 12 días
qua *sarr*
Geo M
Geo M Hace 12 días
I got that pump chump and i love how some blow up with one shot
Joey Esteves
Joey Esteves Hace 12 días
Mindkiller is a dune reference
Umporeon 01
Umporeon 01 Hace 12 días
I got T.K Baha’s Shotgun from a reinforced badass enforcer near Moxxi’s place on the killavolt mission.
smiley Hace 12 días
One punch man. Come on that's a major Easter egg.
ben breznik
ben breznik Hace 12 días
I just obtained the handsome jack hammer from the Maliwan ball on sky well 27
chickendingus Hace 13 días
6:43 what is the spiny gun
Brandon Clayton
Brandon Clayton Hace 13 días
Says I love Easter eggs so much but doesn’t realize the vet first gun is also an Easter egg
Erik Bauer
Erik Bauer Hace 13 días
Has anyone not yet done the Malevolent Practice mission? For me it is bugged and it is the last mission I miss to the 100%
Jacob Kilman
Jacob Kilman Hace 14 días
Yeah...I sold most of these😂😂😂
James Ma
James Ma Hace 14 días
The night hawkin could easily top many of those weapons. (The stranger things weapon)
unholyrevenger72 Hace 14 días
Is their a reliable way to get a lvl 50 Chadd? Cuz it has unlimited ammo when paired with Moze.
ScorpionOP 2003
ScorpionOP 2003 Hace 14 días
Really no cutsman
Raging Hace 14 días
The Ali-A of borderlands. Dislike.
MR H Hace 15 días
Yeah abit early to say they are the best ive picked up alot in my 2 play throughs more than i did in bl2 and some are rubbish i have a nice rocket launcher though RubysWrath has a tag option then shoots out multiple rockets so far its still effective
Patrice Degré
Patrice Degré Hace 15 días
and most of them are garbage, real garbage...
RavenEX Hace 15 días
Traunt does drop random legendaries. I've gotten two shotguns. One fires ground saw blades and a SMG I think and a launcher. I also got one or two legendary shields and a legendary grenade mod.
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor Hace 15 días
Anyone else been farming the rampager? That's what i been doing on mayhem 1 so far ive gotten a shit ton of legendaries
michael woolnough
michael woolnough Hace 15 días
i don't see how you can say tk shockwave is a good legendary it is a trash weapon has been since borderlands one when it rightly wasn't a legendary literally any other shock weapon that is legendary and i would go as far as to say any rare shock weapon is better that that piece of trash. over than that good list
Coach2kill Hace 15 días
"Top 10 weapons you need to get!!!!" , "#1: this weapon isn't worth it" k den
Matthew Logie
Matthew Logie Hace 15 días
Omg one punch man reference
Ghost Hace 15 días
I got 3 Lyudas from Graveward within 30-45 min. First boss I ever "farmed"
Tali Vael
Tali Vael Hace 15 días
only lyuda is best,those other weapons are just okey. Seriously dude,just try get Hellwalker,Lucian call and Infinity and you will be well good armed
cas48spyder Hace 15 días
One punch can be summoned by this easier then just pressing. Button far left, pull lever on right, spin wheel on right, flip switch twice on left. Works every time.
Ovkl64 Hace 16 días
I got a blue alien Tougue shotgun lvl 49, it insta kills most enemies, 2 shot on badasses.
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