Blueface, YBN Cordae and Rico Nasty's 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher

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Hace 3 meses

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Blueface, YBN Cordae and Rico Nasty bring the heat in their 2019 XXL Freshman cypher. DJ Scheme serves as the 2019 XXL Freshman cypher DJ.
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Video directed by @travissatten.
Rico Nasty's beat produced by D-Fresh.
YBN Cordae and Blueface's beat produced by GRAND for [istandard].
#XXLFreshman #XXLFreshmanCyphers #Blueface #YBNCordae #RicoNasty #Cyphers #2019XXLFreshman #HipHop
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XXL Hace 3 meses
Which artist killed this 2019 XXL Freshman cypher?
88theo Hace un mes
500th reply LOL
iTzShanii Hace un mes
I’m the last person to comment since ESwomen only allows 500 before disabling. 😜 ending it with a flex
Shirley Jeon
Shirley Jeon Hace 2 meses
Riiiiicooo kennnny
SWTCW SWR Hace 2 meses
Jalen Ram
Jalen Ram Hace 2 meses
SWAGLORD Hace un hora
Woody Headass
Woody Headass Hace un hora
3:05 wtf is cordae doin
Eddie Solis
Eddie Solis Hace 2 horas
Blue face is a want to be 21 savage they both suck 🤣🤣
Kareem Allen
Kareem Allen Hace 2 horas
Ybn Cordae best verse🔥
QueenMadison 27
QueenMadison 27 Hace 2 horas
Why is no one talking about how Rico smacked this beat?
Spark FIFIG10
Spark FIFIG10 Hace 3 horas
blueface is so funny
KNIGHT MASTER Hace 3 horas
Blueface look like he be struggling to stay on beat 😂😂
Eye Spookem
Eye Spookem Hace 3 horas
I like Blueface bc he diff but this nigga even off beat wit his Adlibs
Dayvon Miller
Dayvon Miller Hace 3 horas
Blueface and cordae hitting the woah had me dead
Casandra Scott
Casandra Scott Hace 5 horas
Blue face tbh
Ant Truth
Ant Truth Hace 9 horas
They all so bad lmao
Moe farkas
Moe farkas Hace 9 horas
Year by year they are getting worse and worse. It’s crazy how this is what the media wants to promote to dumb down society it’s so sad when they have actual good artists and they pick the worst of the worst. Megan the stallion is probably their best pick this year.
Micah Gelok
Micah Gelok Hace 11 horas
Forget yea aight, blueface says uwu now.
Donzel Owusu
Donzel Owusu Hace 12 horas
Donzel Owusu
Donzel Owusu Hace 12 horas
shut yttrfdseygh
BrokeKidsRule !
BrokeKidsRule ! Hace 12 horas
why Blueface try and do a feature with every song-
Juan Cervantez
Juan Cervantez Hace 12 horas
I know I’m late but did any one notice that when Rico was freestyleing blue face and cordae were hitting the wowh
Erzy _Leo
Erzy _Leo Hace 13 horas
We all know who won Blueface baby yeah ight
Joshua French
Joshua French Hace 19 horas
Rico snaps
Landon Wright
Landon Wright Hace 21 un hora
Me: tripping Blue face: stupid
Super Sp1ral
Super Sp1ral Hace 21 un hora
I’m with you blue face, Everyone needs a kimpossible to play with their rufus
Supreme Burrito
Supreme Burrito Hace 21 un hora
Yo this on Spotify?
Lucas Lovato
Lucas Lovato Hace 22 horas
TruththeRealist Hace 22 horas
Krakowski Shishkabobble
Krakowski Shishkabobble Hace un día
Yo I love blueface but he sorta fucked Ybn rap up
Alex Lugo
Alex Lugo Hace un día
Rico nasty’s freestyle was on proudcatowner remix
HAMZA Hace un día
0:27 me and my cousin at a wedding
Xxxtetacion R.I.P Ryan
Xxxtetacion R.I.P Ryan Hace un día
THIS IS LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
NomercyMcaulay Dean
NomercyMcaulay Dean Hace un día
Im mad at gunna bro
Chris Sparks
Chris Sparks Hace un día
Isn't it funny how XXL misses the mark roughly 75% of the time. They choose people they think will make it big, but more often than notz they never do. And if they do, it's because they sell out. Still blows my mind that Chris Webby never made it on XXL, and now he's a relatively pretty big name. And Hopsin barely made it, only after he already blew up myself. XXL isn't really good at choosing good music from good artists. Honestly, they are really no different than the mostly garbage, and occasionally have something good every once in a while. Lol. :) Like The Palmer Squares and Street Light haven't been on here either......and I personally think they lyrically destroy all the people put together this year and last year and the year before that put together lol.
Penguïno Hace un día
Looking back, this one was the best xxl cypher of 2019
Lil Sketch
Lil Sketch Hace un día
Ybn Cordae: Feeling spaced out like a semicolon Blueface: ;
Jordaw De!Jesus
Jordaw De!Jesus Hace un día
Ybn corday a god
Joe Dope
Joe Dope Hace un día
Ain't text her back but she still got the message
Steppa Gaming
Steppa Gaming Hace un día
what beat was blueface & ybn cordae rap on?
AyZer Hace un día
I feel bad for the people who write their songs And then all of a sudden XXL asks them to freestyle in front of a camera
Chakerz 123
Chakerz 123 Hace un día
WATCHE Brazil Hace un día
I think XXL accidentally used a quantizer for blueface's beat so it sounds decent lmao
Yulong Liang
Yulong Liang Hace un día
Anyone notice Rico’s smile at 2:20 when cordae mentioned her name😍
Tay Yasharal
Tay Yasharal Hace un día
YBN belong in the 90s.
ANDREW CRUZ Hace un día
bruh they actually just put rico's freestyle as her "verse" on proudcatownerremix.. smh
Kyla Toney
Kyla Toney Hace un día
Rico killed it
Angelo Idisi
Angelo Idisi Hace un día
Just add Dababy and Megan thee whatever here and my 2019 picks are complete.
Ps4 Pizza
Ps4 Pizza Hace un día
Blue face : Beat:why ain’t you on my
Michael Jr5040
Michael Jr5040 Hace un día
Beat lowkey fye
Dyllon Rodriguez
Dyllon Rodriguez Hace un día
Ooouuu ricoo
Dark Chungus
Dark Chungus Hace un día
Rico and Cordae killed it, Blueface fucked it all up
AngryPizza RandomWeirdoStuff
AngryPizza RandomWeirdoStuff Hace 2 días
1. Rico Fire 2 Cordae Pretty Good 3 Blueface Bad
MikeyBruh 5O1
MikeyBruh 5O1 Hace 2 días
why is the title and the order of who freestyles in reverse? 👇like if u noticed this
masculine girly
masculine girly Hace 2 días
Rico’s part gives me goosebumps every fucking time
Andrew Howell
Andrew Howell Hace 2 días
Unpopular opinion but blue face killed this
BRODY HEFF Hace 2 días
That shit was trash🗑
D Money
D Money Hace 2 días
Rico and Cordae
Drew Hace 2 días
Mary Noneya
Mary Noneya Hace 2 días
Ybn corde killt it u no wat im going to subscribe to him
David Lechuga
David Lechuga Hace 2 días
Rico didn’t even breathe 🤯
Dinero Y Flow Records
Dinero Y Flow Records Hace 2 días
Put all of us together with different beats
Dinero Y Flow Records
Dinero Y Flow Records Hace 2 días
DJ LUIAN YOU UP i think it’s time to HEAR THIS MUSIC 🎶
Dinero Y Flow Records
Dinero Y Flow Records Hace 2 días
Hey Blueface tell XXL to get a DJ from Reggaeton and to test these new artists 4 REGGAETON XXL ALL STAR
Todeskrater Hace 2 días
where is the real song from blueface?
plain jain music
plain jain music Hace 2 días
Its a tie they all lost 😂😂😂
Lone $tar OMG
Lone $tar OMG Hace 2 días
Wait... I think I just understood why people like Blueface. Get high and listen to his cadence, it sounds off but it’s actually not. 🤷🏾‍♂️ To a sober nigga, he just sound dumb! 🤣
djjcheck Hace 2 días
cordae and blueface in the back hitting the woah
A J Hace 2 días
I was waiting for Rico to summon a lvl 69 Demigorgon to bite my ears off during those last 30 seconds...yikes! Why Rico looking like she seen Mike Tyson's face tat n decide to dbl up?? When did Raven from teen titans get in the rap game tho?? I think blue face should hold his breath till his face turn blue 😂😂
Phantom Dragon
Phantom Dragon Hace 2 días
2:25 kids trying to flex new Pokémon cards
Asmaa Zahra
Asmaa Zahra Hace 2 días
YBN Cordae is so friking lyrical compared to the other two
Isaiah Hellekson
Isaiah Hellekson Hace 2 días
Cuz I don’t really like green only bluefaces- 🔥
Ari Vernon
Ari Vernon Hace 2 días
Nobody Blueface: oUuuU
Bryant McMunn
Bryant McMunn Hace 3 días
0:24 blueface thought he would get away with hitting the woah
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