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How To Cook That

How To Cook That

Hace 6 meses

Food Scientist reacts to "Is your food fake or real?" video by Blossom and examines their claims. Is their video true or fake?
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel. Is there plastic in rice? Is there meat glue in steak? Is my meat glued together? What does meat glue look like? Do impure spices burn? How to tell if vitamins are synthetic? Why do cheese singles burn? Why does processed cheese burn with a flame? Does salt contain chalk? Is my food fake?
food laws regarding meat glue joined meat:
plastic rice myth:

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Rachel Hace 6 meses
TEST TO FIND GOOD VIDEOS ON ESwomen: If they get burned by Ann Reardon: BAD Thanks Ann for all you do. Keep it up! 🙌😄
XxRidgedWarsxX Hace 2 días
Rachel finally, someone on the internet who has a brain! (Some people are stupid, not all.)
Rebecca Hallee
Rebecca Hallee Hace 14 días
Literally blossom. 😕
Cerus98 Hace 15 días
immortal putin - The iron in food is not magnetic nor is it the same type. You aren’t going to extra black chunks of metal with a magnet out of food. The average amount of iron in a jar of baby food is about .2 MILLIGRAMS dimwit.
Catalyst Lightbridger
Catalyst Lightbridger Hace 18 días
unless CNN IS WRONG ... Youre an Idiot :D
Puff Player
Puff Player Hace 25 días
wait you guys know that a funnier youtuber named jarvis johnson did the same thing but better, right?
Märchenwald Hace 41 un minuto
That's why I love cooking. That's some chemistry which tastes good.
Lu Na
Lu Na Hace 2 horas
I WANT THAT FRANKESTEAK! this is absolutely the weiiirdest thing ever!
xXIcyXx Hace 2 horas
Yeah... These channels are fake! Well... no duh.
theresa yokeley
theresa yokeley Hace 4 horas
five minute crafts did the same video
ettanasf Hace 10 horas
Just found your channel. I appreciate how you are trying to correct all this irresponsible information. Thank you.
Darkopossum Flow
Darkopossum Flow Hace 16 horas
В России совет смотреть на состав продуктов звучит довольно забавно, потому что последнее, чему верит российский покупатель - это состав на обратной стороне упаковки.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Hace 18 horas
Blossom dont want the smoke huh?
Adam Brynes
Adam Brynes Hace un día
I've been a vegetarian for 3 years and I'd love to try a frankensteak!
쑤쑤 Hace un día
One fact that you have to check😭 They do have plastic rice in China to reduce their price. They have a lot of fake foods. Fake eggs, tire bubble tea, more. I like your video! Enjoying watching it, but if you search up more before dreate the video, that will help defence from haters 😁
Rainy Hace un día
In my school there was a lesson about health and everything... And they showed that false video and telling everyone that it's true.. I was kinda pissed at that lesson xD
William Midgley
William Midgley Hace un día
Somebody should sell a frankensteak I bet it would be popular
jasmin gh
jasmin gh Hace un día
God i love her
Joshua Hopp
Joshua Hopp Hace un día
5:21 could this just be naturally contained iron or (totally harmless) iron supplement? (compare - or is this video fake, too?)
Zoey Pete
Zoey Pete Hace un día
7:49 you made a cookie (Cooky?) out of Medicine
sqiii Hace un día
My friend said she stopped eating Nutella out of the jar because she learned it cancerous. And then I asked her how and she said the sugars and chemicals to make it taste good. Idek
BlackPhoenix Family
BlackPhoenix Family Hace un día
Now I want Frakensteak!
christine cheung
christine cheung Hace un día
I heard 'how to cook bad' from the intro WTF XD
Happy Personality
Happy Personality Hace un día
Boycott Blossom!!
PK StarStorm
PK StarStorm Hace 2 días
Burned my house down, guess it was synthetic and BAD! The fumes and deadly fire proved it.
UnArmed Music
UnArmed Music Hace 2 días
amazing video
ajcruzer92 Hace 2 días
This comment section is retarded...
Respawn Mods
Respawn Mods Hace 2 días
You're an incredible teacher :)
fariq addin
fariq addin Hace 2 días
Is that sparkle meat gum adible? I want to put layers of meat like in the video. Then slice it thinly and put it in my sandwich. *mouth watering.
Grace Rawls
Grace Rawls Hace 2 días
Us: how do you figure out if something is good or bad Blossom: BURN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
YiQian Yap
YiQian Yap Hace 2 días
The frankensteak didn't look too bad, I'd eat it
Fen Y
Fen Y Hace 2 días
that """steak""" omg
Le Fondeur
Le Fondeur Hace 2 días
It's true that "processed" is a wordthat is over used, and can often lead people to wrong conclusion. On the other hand, the different "process" through wich an alimentary product goes before it's called "final product" and the amount of these different operations can be classified and quantified. Certain process are more harmfull than other, and certain product have to go through A LOT more of these than you would think. That's why i think we still have a problem with "overly processed food". Also both the cheese at the begining seems pretty similar to me in the way that they both (probably) have to go through a lot more operations than a "traditional" cheese. I mean, come on ! these little yellow or orange square are not cheese, a "rocamadour" or "camembert fermier" that is cheese !
1 Bellathetheatrelover
1 Bellathetheatrelover Hace 2 días
The last vitamin looked like a cookie! 😋😂
M Hace 2 días
don't know bout you guys but i kinda want to eat that effervescent vitamin b complex, looks kinda appealing to me
Robochipv8 Hace 2 días
now i really want to try frankensteak, please someone get me the recipe
M Hace 2 días
don't draw the line on what is safe and what is not by using "natural" and "processed with chemicals" just eat it, if you don't die, its probably safe
Cas Ual
Cas Ual Hace 2 días
This is why I am glad I studied chemistry
Stefan Gous
Stefan Gous Hace 2 días
I legit want to try the frankensteak
Zed´s Zone
Zed´s Zone Hace 3 días
Damn! Your explanations like the fireman and the baking powder are 10/10 :D
Ray Urias
Ray Urias Hace 3 días
I don't think processed cheese is bad, I just don't like the taste of it.
Rocket 721
Rocket 721 Hace 3 días
people who say "chemicals are bad" I assume are always dehydrated because water is a chemical.
Bernardo Vargas
Bernardo Vargas Hace 3 días
you don't need to pulverize a magnet,just need iron powder (which is a food aditive) harmless already used for the "fortified with iron" cereals otherwise good information
scissors the cat
scissors the cat Hace 3 días
Like in some food, agar agar is included but thats seaweed
Grumpy Oldman
Grumpy Oldman Hace 3 días
Cheese is processed milk, milk is processed grass. So, if you want unprocessed cheese eat grass.
FeralDawn Hace 3 días
I hate Blossom. Their aesthetic comes across as some children's education channel, but they post hoaxes all the time. Their 'turn coal into crystals' segment was painful to watch and explain to my family why it doesn't work.
youtube chicken
youtube chicken Hace 3 días
Another thing with the plastic rice thing is guess what? Plastic is made of oil. Oil. Like, for a car. Im no adult, but last time i heard oil is a lot cheaper than rice. Keep eating rice.
Jordan G
Jordan G Hace 3 días
the franken stake seems really cool. like something you'd get at a fancy molecular gastronomy restaurant
Sam Anthony
Sam Anthony Hace 4 días
You really didn’t have to flash a rat onto the screen like that I wasn’t ready
Just a baked potato
Just a baked potato Hace 4 días
Life Hack channels: ALL CHEMICALS ARE BAD WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T GO A MILE NEAR ANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Air being made of chemicals: Karen: bILlY, Don’T bREaTh, TheREs cHEmIcaLS iN ThE aiR
random person
random person Hace 4 días
I think the black stuff was iron lol iron is good 4 u
Panzer LDR
Panzer LDR Hace 4 días
frankensteak sounds tasty tbh
sitsonatable Hace 4 días
19:09 " long it's bean," how long it's *b e a n*
Loisie Nyami
Loisie Nyami Hace 4 días
Sometimes I just wonder whether most people understand chemicals are in almost everything. Even in our bodies. Chemical reactions such as converting protein to amino acids. And in plants, converting carbon dioxide plus energy into sugars that it needs. And at the same time converting sugars and energy into oxygen. Please, don't get scared if they don't tell you fully on what to expect about chemicals!!
myc0p Hace 4 días
I found chocolate up my butt. Natually, it tasted like sh!t.
dylan9o4 Hace 4 días
Are you implying higher fat content is unhealthy?
Nur Syaza Zuhairah
Nur Syaza Zuhairah Hace 4 días
Those 5.6k dislike must be people from the company lol 😂
BorisThe Monkey88
BorisThe Monkey88 Hace 4 días
I need to make some frankensteak, that's awesome
Arpita Nayak
Arpita Nayak Hace 4 días
Why am i watching this i have my history exam tomorrow
Krafty Kat
Krafty Kat Hace 3 días
To bad it's not a science exam....
Sidharth Ramalingam
Sidharth Ramalingam Hace 4 días
You look at America content and try it in Australia Its dumb
Ayushi Gupta
Ayushi Gupta Hace 4 días
@Rapheal Gomez should see this!
Nattox Hace 4 días
Don’t put plastic with rice. Plastic is very dangerous when melted
allisaurus Hace 4 días
I'm on board for this but acting like them saying 2 things burn because they're bad therefore they're contradicting themselves when they say a thing burns because it's good is just misleading nonsense that's like saying that because I said a rock sinks in water, I'm contradicting myself by saying oil floats in water. they're completely different things
Pimentel 280
Pimentel 280 Hace 5 días
I love the way she says "rubish"
Silas D
Silas D Hace 5 días
This was such an informative video
Candy 12438
Candy 12438 Hace 5 días
Frick blossom
Ismail Kheiri
Ismail Kheiri Hace 5 días
I feel dumb, she is smart
Vorrei imparare l'italiano
Vorrei imparare l'italiano Hace 5 días
A country that fights for the freedom to be ignorant is a country that deserves no freedom at all! Blossom is a 100 % all natural............... Wait for it...
Indigo Raven
Indigo Raven Hace 5 días
What in the actual hell? I’m shocked that anyone would believe the utter bull that Blossom peddles. Basically what Blossoms video here said is that if stuff burns when you put an open flame to it, it’s unnatural and bad. Cool, I’ll tell that to the trees and grasslands as I toss a match into them. Oh wait, expect spices. We obviously want spices to combust like gunpowder. What really got me was that media editor from blossom. “We only edit the videos so their nice we don’t care if the recipient actually work”. Ok, I’m going to edit a video where I jump off a cliff and explain that the ocean wind coming off the water is strong enough to push me back on land, and when some idiot jumps off and I get blamed I can say “oh I just edit the videos so people will enjoy them I’m not responsible for them actually trying it”
Indigo Raven
Indigo Raven Hace 5 días
If you couldn’t tell this bogus made me livid haha
Beatriz Souza
Beatriz Souza Hace 6 días
Rosa su
Rosa su Hace 6 días
It’s ironic that the re-joined meat have actually no connective tissues and just look like a “perfect” piece of steak when it is actually not.
plant gang 420
plant gang 420 Hace 6 días
Chemicals are f ing in every thing
Leo Warren
Leo Warren Hace 6 días
Anything will burn with enough oxygen and heat.
Retro Gnomes
Retro Gnomes Hace 6 días
I have a bad feeling that 5-Minute craft and Blossom are Working together
Seecooty Hace 6 días
I want the frankensteak
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