Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Breaking The Game For BIG Money Challenge | JeromeASF

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Today we play Bloons TD 6 - 4-Player Breaking The Game For BIG Money Challenge | JeromeASF
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Mason Bailer
Mason Bailer Hace un día
Jake Rozewicz
Jake Rozewicz Hace un día
The game: *lags like usual* Jerome: THE DRUID
Patrick Liu
Patrick Liu Hace 2 días
Rivers Lelong
Rivers Lelong Hace 5 días
Jerome, I made 3,000,000 using marketplaces and trade ships It is the best way to make money
Matthew Faith
Matthew Faith Hace 7 días
Can you do heroes only: Jerome: adora Dropsy: captain chirchil Blade: gwendalin Steve: benjamin Bananafarms are alowd
Benjamin Tran
Benjamin Tran Hace 7 días
My name is Benjamin
Weston T
Weston T Hace 9 días
Sniper monkey care packages are less than half of Heli pilot
Ian Sokolowski
Ian Sokolowski Hace 10 días
Pls read this lol
goldom gamer
goldom gamer Hace 12 días
how do i play btd 6 on PC Jerome pls answer me i need help
14th Angel
14th Angel Hace 14 días
The god challengee: Adora sun god Sun god temple Vengeful sun god True sun god
Aiden Carlson
Aiden Carlson Hace 17 días
Death challenge Necromancer Bottom route tack Druid of wrath Monkey farmer
Drago Fire1234
Drago Fire1234 Hace 18 días
Military only challenge and you are aloud to use banana farms
Peter&Michaela Manekas
Peter&Michaela Manekas Hace 19 días
Challenge the light banana farms allowed Archamage True sun god Overlock Sub commander
Nika Lu
Nika Lu Hace 19 días
Roger Wang
Roger Wang Hace 22 días
since you just have to make money, you can place anything as long as it hits the track, because remember: you get $1 for every bloon layer popped. lol
MastRdestroyR Hace 22 días
Joshua Rogalsky
Joshua Rogalsky Hace 24 días
Inspired by this big money challange. The Money Tower Challage. Only towers that can produce cash. example druid middle route, ship bottom route, sniper middle route, heli middle route, etc....banana farms, support tower for the extra cash, etc...
Edgar Svartsjö
Edgar Svartsjö Hace 25 días
It was blaaaaaaaade
Jungoo_Bb Bunny
Jungoo_Bb Bunny Hace 25 días
Se você quiser adicionar recursos completos Experimente este, funciona bem para mim! * zepisguides. com *
XxNinja /
XxNinja / Hace un mes
If you set a spike factory to close it will also be set to smart so it doesn’t go to another track like what smart would do.
Liam Elliott
Liam Elliott Hace un mes
New Challenge: The Team Fortress 2 Challenge Possible monkeys: Scout: Possibly played by Voodoo Monkey Soldier: Striker Jones Pyro: Gwendolyn OR Middle Route Wizard (Fire wizard) Demoman: Possibly Mortar Monkey OR Captain Churchill Heavy: Pat Futsy Engineer: Top Route Engineer (Sentry) Medic: Possibly Benjamin (It gives hearts) Sniper: Sniper Spy: Ninja Monkey Banna Farms are allowed The Night is allowed for round 100 because well... THE NIGHT
Assassin gamerYT 253
Assassin gamerYT 253 Hace un mes
How else keeps on getting kick on high round when it is not even laggy on Bloons td 6 I can not find out how to fix it if you now plz tell me
][ Hace un mes
Effects challenge Glue Ice Village Any tower that does fire over time And farms are allowed
Radioactive Demon
Radioactive Demon Hace un mes
The tier 5 bottom of village path only consumes tier 4 and below farms. Tier farms stay as they are.
Vincent Taylor
Vincent Taylor Hace un mes
I got to three mil a while after deleting my farms
getit_ 24
getit_ 24 Hace un mes
You can increase monkey villag3 range by boosting it with the engineer
Sheila Gosvig
Sheila Gosvig Hace un mes
Im a dj
Aaron Gurung
Aaron Gurung Hace un mes
Raise the dead challenge
RYAN Hace un mes
Christina Bloom
Christina Bloom Hace un mes
Do the backwards challenge Towers:THE KNIGHT for THE ASF superstorm Druid aka top route Bottom route magic Distraction on ninja monkey any route is aloud if you get it Round 150 banana farm are aloud Also if you do my challenge please say real name it’s axel
Michael Clendenin
Michael Clendenin Hace un mes
Do a druid only challenge with villages
Autumn Secrist
Autumn Secrist Hace un mes
Do the no I’m dirty Dan Challenge you do anything to defend but you want to be the richest out of all
Aled Crocombe
Aled Crocombe Hace un mes
Undertale challenge: Gwelladon for torial Dark prince for sans Ice tower middle for papyrus Sub commander for undyne Benjamin DJ for alfyes Anti-Bloon for mettaton Pat fussy for flowey 0-0-0 dart monkey for basic enemies ( no limit of these ) Quincy for asgore Bloon master alchemist for asriel dremmur Pirate lord for undyne the undieing Sentry paragon for photoshop flowey Also market places. Only 1 of each ( except 0-0-0 dart monkeys )
Steve Muise
Steve Muise Hace un mes
Challenge: the prince's guards and servants, you can only use one prince of darkness as many knights as you want and as many crossbow dart monkeys as you want
ScienceYoshi Hace un mes
Jerome use the hotkeys for placing and upgrading your monkeys
Jan Hårstad
Jan Hårstad Hace un mes
Only watertowers challenge. Ice monkey, submarine, pirate. You know æ. Kind of watertowers
the dragonb2018
the dragonb2018 Hace un mes
super challenge -true sun god -the dark knight -the super monkey fan club -the super monkey mid route and everyone can use the bannafarm and the monkey village
the dragonb2018
the dragonb2018 Hace un mes
super challenge -true sun god -the dark knight -the super monkey fan club -the super monkey mid route
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen Hace un mes
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen Hace un mes
USE THE SNIPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Vargas
Aaron Vargas Hace un mes
Don’t you remember you did the 5 mil challenge and completed it.
Donovan Abeshaus
Donovan Abeshaus Hace un mes
Ok hear me out. The Four corners challenge. Only long range towers and you have to place them in the far corners to start and after 10 levels you can start to move in. And banks of course
Ryan Daniel
Ryan Daniel Hace un mes
Simalr challenge only money making towers Goal is to get as far as possible only using towers that can give you money Sniper, banana farm, buccaneer, Benjamin, helicopters, alchemist, village and Druid Of corse only using the route that gives you money excluding the banana farm
Skip DaReal Cat
Skip DaReal Cat Hace un mes
I love Jerome teaches us calculations
NuboDeBoss Hace un mes
No one: Literally No One: Dropsy: AuToBoTs RoLl OuT
Alek Dunbar
Alek Dunbar Hace un mes
Heroes only challenge. Have to use benji and pat fusty
boo boo
boo boo Hace un mes
My name is Benjamin
Noah Auden
Noah Auden Hace un mes
Here's a question, can you get a tier 5 banana farm, put it into a monkey villa, and then get a second tier 5?
Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang Hace un mes
what you should do to get bannana farms up quicker is get 4 greater production farms (2-0-0)1 bannana farm to a bannana plantation(3-0-0) then sell the greater production farms to get a research factory (4-2-0).
TECHNOLOGY 1234 Hace un mes
animeawakens !
animeawakens ! Hace un mes
Now sell all the towers and see the money roll in
Zachary Albert
Zachary Albert Hace un mes
You could have used The Alchemist down the bottom route
Tamir Hill-Marshall
Tamir Hill-Marshall Hace un mes
spooky scary sansingtons
spooky scary sansingtons Hace un mes
Then: why is Benjamin so expensive? Me: *laughs in double cash mode and gets Benjamin on round 1* (I know you can’t use double cash mode on multiplayer. It was joke for u idiots who don’t get it)
SlyGuy5000 Hace un mes
You can ultra boost the farms as well so you increase the income by 10 fold.
NEO RyZe Hace un mes
the strategic challenge just play normal try to get to round 200
Infinite Tacos
Infinite Tacos Hace un mes
Potato potatoe give me your doggo
SilentVoid Yt
SilentVoid Yt Hace un mes
I currently have 2.4 mil on round 217
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez Hace un mes
Do the senpai challenge: Pat+dart monkey Fusty the snowman+ice monkey Swooper monkey+super monkey fan club Churchill+cannon If you do it say my name as Alex You can also use banoonoo farms
Dylan Becker
Dylan Becker Hace un mes
I wiil relly want to see that
Krang Hace un mes
you can ultraboost and overclock banana farms to make alot more money
The markets would be better instead of banana centeral becuase they increase the merchent man income
Ella Kovach
Ella Kovach Hace un mes
Jerome you are my favorite youtuber 🙂🙃
Killajaxond _
Killajaxond _ Hace un mes
Jerome how about staying alive the longest
no debebt
Brody Skarin
Brody Skarin Hace un mes
Round 200 challenge Rules 1.before you can finish you have to have THE KNIGHT, anti bloon, and the true sun god with adora 2.can only have 20 towers each 3.can use as many banana farms as you want 4.have to get the tier 5 for every tower before you finish I hope you like my challenge
Isaac Batty
Isaac Batty Hace un mes
Cookie camp
Isaac Batty
Isaac Batty Hace un mes
Cookie camp
Isaac Batty
Isaac Batty Hace un mes
Cookie camp
Lemon Hace un mes
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i hope fortnite doesn't watch this..