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Michael Bloomberg goes tweet-to-tweet with Donald Trump and faces criticism for a resurfaced 2015 speech in which he defended his controversial stop-and-frisk policy. #TheDailyShow

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Gustavo C Lan
Gustavo C Lan Hace 2 días
He should've let crime run rampant in black neighborhoods as in other Democratic cities such as Chicago and Baltimore. That's how Democrats like.
danielle Pearson
danielle Pearson Hace 5 días
Thank You sooooo much for reporting for us, brother.
Chris Golden
Chris Golden Hace 13 días
All Democrats are pathetic
Partoftheadventure Hace 17 días
TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 Oh and Trevor you suck
Julie Wynn
Julie Wynn Hace un mes
Bottom line is Bloomberg wants Trump out of office/ defeated. He doesn't care if he gets the presidency or not at this point. This is an amazing amount of money to spend on a vengeful whim. 👀 He would pay more than a billion to get rid of Trump! LOL! 🤣
Mthokozisi Mbambo
Mthokozisi Mbambo Hace un mes
the fact that you led a most diverse city, doesn't mean you made it so. and worse it seems you wished it wasn't so. billionaire prick!
lukeyg387 Hace un mes
Lol anybody catch what the audience member said ? I couldn’t make it out- it was at like 7:38
vevevehetalia Hace un mes
I hate Bloomberg before and now. And I still love in NY
John Burns
John Burns Hace un mes
Bloomberg is a reflection of Trump.
Racheal M
Racheal M Hace un mes
He will say anything to get the blk ppl to vote , he is a racist asshole. No excuse!
rushil bhatia
rushil bhatia Hace un mes
Great job giving someone a second chance, fucking ridiculous arguments
Kali Das
Kali Das Hace un mes
Horrible! Bloomberg is a nut
Suzanne Hace un mes
Bloomberg is only running so that the DNC doesn't have to let Bernie take the nomination. I swear to god they'll throw Hillary Clinton in there somewhere too. Either as VP or as a surprise candidate at the convention. Because the DNC will happily make the same mistake twice, lol.
Greay Statia
Greay Statia Hace un mes
Shitt I would not wonna be in that Bootygeg Kingdom 🙌(jaz hands)
Abbos Juraev
Abbos Juraev Hace un mes
mrchair24 Hace un mes
10 years ago obama was still evolving on gay marriage. Soo people change.
Me Bender
Me Bender Hace un mes
It's nice to see them both finally using their powers for good.
DaisiesandRoses Hace un mes
Lol that echo full of laughter from the crowd, toward the end.
E M.
E M. Hace un mes
Thanks Ben Dixon
Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift Hace un mes
No way I’d vote for Bloomberg after hearing that, I’d rather keep the devil I know than the devil I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
Pretty Alexia
Pretty Alexia Hace un mes
Bloomberg is the worst and is just a distraction. He is with tRrump.
Bilal Zubairy
Bilal Zubairy Hace un mes
Okay bloomburg is just one paid pornstar away from being a Democratic trump...
Selena Thomas
Selena Thomas Hace un mes
They're both cut from the same cloth. Don't trust either one of them. All they care about is power, not the common man.
Tarbaby Hace un mes
Now lets be real if you were walking down the street and had the choice between white boys with their sweaters tied around their waists, singing Cure songs, minority group rapping about being the baddest mo fo around, which path would you take? Now I wouldn’t give the white boys my computer password !
AGT0M Hace un mes
Well, you fight fire with fire. Actually, firefighters may disagree, but you definitely fight sh*t with even more sh*t!
RedT Hace un mes
Not to mention....he was a republican, is sexist, and is actually secretly very good friends with Trump. We don't need billionaires buying elections because they're scared that they're finally going to have to pay taxes.
40dbelow0 Hace un mes
Bernie’s gonna win 😌
Yasuke Afro Samurai
Yasuke Afro Samurai Hace un mes
Yes his silence says it all .
Jonathan Castellanos
Jonathan Castellanos Hace un mes
wow this was really funny but at the same time infuriating. thanks!
a p
a p Hace un mes
You guys like to sensationalize stop and frisk. If it keep my family safe from going to work or grocery store, so be it.
Bob Phoenix
Bob Phoenix Hace un mes
Here it is, yet again, another instance of media bias for the sake of showmanship. I like Trevor Noah, but in his coverage of Bloomberg's "Stop and Frisk", he never said a word about T'rump's statements at the July 28, 2017 Police conference where Trump advocated for reckless treatment by police, of those they were arresting... Telling Police chiefs and officers “Please, don’t be too nice, to the people you are arresting". Stop and frisk was about giving the police the tools they need to reduce crime. Trump's advice to Police officer is violence against anyone who the police need to deal with.
pyoyoyo Hace un mes
5'4" mass of dead energy is a pretty good diss though not gonna lie
pyoyoyo Hace un mes
Bloomberg is a republican running as a democrat, trump is a democrat running as a republican.
Jessica Henderson
Jessica Henderson Hace un mes
Bloomersberg God tells you cease before you decease Gen 8 vs 22
Helgali Hace un mes
"Trial by Twitter". 😂
Jessica Henderson
Jessica Henderson Hace un mes
Micheal babel bloomberg Im(prove): means important to prove Genesis vs. Nintendo Game on bloomers!
Lil Blunt
Lil Blunt Hace un mes
Bloomberg is right about the crime in minority neighbourhoods
Black Athena
Black Athena Hace un mes
Pets and babies is so true! Bloomberg was never in the running but he would get moderate Republicans but he's no where near engaging enough to match Trump.
Kenneth Phillips
Kenneth Phillips Hace un mes
I hate your bitch ass
Nomi Space
Nomi Space Hace un mes
But did it work for New York city? Did the crime rate drop during the years when the stop and frisk practice was carried out?
UnlovedWarlock Hace un mes
Stop and frisk seems perfectly logical. Purely deductive science to reach a conclusion and then following through. I think anyone in those neighborhoods bothered by it should do their best to just move elsewhere if it's bothering you so much. I know moving isn't easy, but putting your head down and working hard will get you resources if you try. I'm not overly fond of cops as I know their recruitment process simply doesn't weed out evil people that wish to just abuse the power and authority but I'm sure the vast majority of them are decent folk. If you're not doing anything criminal then it shouldn't take too long then you move along. You still have to respect the stats and science behind it though. We need the police, and yes, they could definitely go through better psychological assessment but they an entity that's there for the good and well being of all in the end.
MAS-I-11 9
MAS-I-11 9 Hace un mes
Hes still a republican running as. Democrat. Got in the race late to devide the party and draw support away from.the real democrat candidates. Hes trying to buy this election. billionares afraid to death of bernie sanders
Littlefool326 Hace un mes
When he said to throw them against the wall and frisk them would it be done by grabbing them by the pussy?
Thomas Reedy
Thomas Reedy Hace un mes
Um ... some say the Republicans wanted to end slavery because it's hard for a working person to compete with a slave.
Eliecer Hernández
Eliecer Hernández Hace un mes
So Bloomberg is basically our Stannis.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Hace un mes
Isn't it great that citizen united allowed the 1% owners of this country the ability to market their B.S. to the peasants! Now back to your Reality TV, your owners need more money.
Buttons F
Buttons F Hace un mes
Ooooh! 1:14 I didn't like Bloomberg until this moment
TE BE Hace un mes
Why NOT to vote for Mike Bloomberg!
MykiYah Yah-el
MykiYah Yah-el Hace un mes
You won't defeat Trump if you are depending on the black vote.
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas Hace un mes
Lincoln "ended" slavery, promised 40 acres and a mule ...and then gave slave owners reparations while letting them keep their flags and monuments. ...Fuck Lincoln. There's only 2 social caste white men to ever stand up for their fellow non-white Americans... John Brown and Bernie Sanders. There has never been a president who represented ALL Americans. You can't stop Bernie bitch.
exdoode Hace un mes
His policies caused real destruction of families, innocent lives were lost. It's full on racism, straight from the era of slavery.
r mcallister
r mcallister Hace un mes
Make no mistake, Blomberg is not the "Tyrion" of this game, but the "Little Finger".
Isaac Gouin
Isaac Gouin Hace un mes
Lol. They all deserve each other.
Lone Star
Lone Star Hace un mes
Frankly dose anybody really want Bloomberg to win. The lets outlaw the big gulp guy.
nystagmus Hace un mes
What is the difference between Bloomberg and trump exactly besides the blue and red colors?
mala sangre
mala sangre Hace un mes
Oh please. If gangs of white boys were roaming around with guns they would be "thrown up against the wall" and frisked. Politicians my ass Cops dont want ANYONE but themselves to have a gun. Get over yourselves🙄
tony palomino
tony palomino Hace un mes
Stacy Adams is taking Bloomberg's money, a disgrace for African Americans
Wise Old Owl
Wise Old Owl Hace un mes
*Stacey Abrams
Tammie Michelle
Tammie Michelle Hace un mes
DISPROPORTIONATE* Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Affulent Hace un mes
Fur babies mean more than black babies in America
aaa aaa
aaa aaa Hace un mes
From friends who work for Bloomberg I know he is much worse than anything we have heard about Trump. Exploatation, sexism, harrasment.
na me
na me Hace un mes
Wow, I love that PUNCH LINE! A punch in the face to Bloomberg!
Lupus Spiritus
Lupus Spiritus Hace un mes
Wild ellipsis appears!
LaGuan Hayes
LaGuan Hayes Hace un mes
If only the Black people, who have come out in support of Bloomberg, would pay attention. Black voters who cast theirs for Trump didn't see Birther-Gate as a game changer. Questioning Obama's birth certificate was Trump's way of calling Obama's presidency illegitimate. Bloomberg, like Trump, is out of touch. There's more ways to deal with crime than violating people's civil rights or with a one dimensional tactic of handing out a "Xerox" to all the cops.
herbal ursa
herbal ursa Hace un mes
Well, Bloomberg's campaign is dead. Better throw those Billions of dollars behind a candidate who can actually win.
Dave Riley
Dave Riley Hace un mes
"Caught" on tape ?? It was a speech, for God's sake. It was his public stand. It is his record. You are legitimately judged on your record.
happy cats
happy cats Hace un mes
one thing Trevor can never be is president of the United States our founders were wise in excluding foreign born
cs love
cs love Hace un mes
I knew he was a racist before I ever heard him speak, it was a gut feeling.
MKDumas1981 Hace un mes
Lincoln freed the slaves to preserve the Union, not because he was concerned about the practice. He already did free the slaves for the wrong reason.
Flo B
Flo B Hace un mes
I am black but if we want to beat trump,lets put everything aside and vote for bloomberg.
jayw2008 Hace un mes
Flo B 😂
Bugsea Hace un mes
I have the answer! Ignorance!
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