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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today I'm revealing the first Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection of 2020!! Introducing the brand new BLOOD LUST eyeshadow palette and full collection! Everything is LAUNCHING on FEB. 21ST at 10AM PST / 1PM EST! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL tea!
⭐ WATCH the BLOOD LUST MAKEUP TUTORIAL ▷ feat. Mmmmitchell
🔮 Blood Lust Palette - 18 shades ($54.00)

💜 THE GLOSS - $18.00
Iridescent Throne
Lord Star
Wizards Glass

❄️ Extreme Frost - $50.00
Choking on Ice
⭐ Mini Purple Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle - $52.00

❤️ Fashion & Accessories -
Crown Hand Mirror - $30
Lavender and Purple Glitter Star Hand Mirror - $25
Violet and Mauve 63mm Grinder's - $20
Purple Metal Straw 4-pack - $19.99
Purple Cross Body Bag - $45
Blood Lust Bomber Jacket - $60
Blood Lust Windbreaker - $45
Purple and Lavender Crown Dad Hat's - $25
+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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Makayla Jack
Makayla Jack Hace 34 minutos
This pallete is so gorgeous, I've made it a goal to get one of these 🙏❤ well done on the pallete Jeffree you're so talented and ambitious !😍 such a role model xx I've been loving this pallet since I first saw it , I just missed this video so I'm back to watch 😍!
Hair style
Hair style Hace 3 horas
Blood Lust 💜 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics 9,289,044 مشاهدة jeffreestar 17.8 مليون مشترك تعليقات • 67,535 إضافة تعليق علني... Hair style Hiiiiiii قبل ثانية واحدة Sammygotskillz Jeffree: releases new palette My bank account: Don’t look at me like that قبل شهر واحد 2.1 ألف 16 JustJaydon Other ESwomenrs: ** buys a green screen ** Jeffree Star: ** buys a whole new set ** قبل شهر واحد (تم تعديله) 1 ألف 5 Samantha Gedville When I ordered blood sugar a fed X worker broke mine it was caught on camera and Jeffree replaced it for me I love how he runs his business 😊 قبل شهر واحد 1.4 ألف 8 MEMES Jeffree should make a 4th one. Called blood money, a green pallete with some pure blood red shades. The pallete should look like a bloody 100 dollar bill. SIIIICK. قبل شهر واحد 600 9 Laurie-Ann Bouchard Imagine if he made a palette with only dark shades(liked burgundy, black, dark green, etc) called bad blood i would die, it would be black btw and like red velvet inside قبل شهر واحد (تم تعديله) 105 1 Fabulously Me But honestly if Jeffree made a nude palette everyone else could just go out of business it would be THAT good قبل شهر واحد 11 ألف 187 Luxxx Luscious What if he had a mix and match option for all pallets like you can order a pallet with your own personal favorites from each pallet. I. WOULD. DIE. قبل شهر واحد 822 9 Harris 2018: Blood Sugar ❤️ 2019: Blue Blood 💙 2020: Blood Lust 💜 قبل شهر واحد 415 15 kitty harry my love Jeffree star cosmetics are million times better than kylie products.🤩🤩 قبل شهر واحد (تم تعديله) 482 4 「•Whimsical • Phoenix•」 No one: Literally no one: Not a person in existence: Jeffree: MARIJUANA GRINDER FOR YALLS قبل شهر واحد 160 Noah Thomas People: omg my conspiracy palette broke in shipping Jeffree: puts an entire bumper in the purple boxes Some companies should take note 🧐 jeffree knows what’s good قبل شهر واحد 1.1 ألف 10 Annie Lynn I can genuinely say as someone who doesn’t get shook over palettes... this literally had me like 😱😳so fucking elegant & beautiful. This is 🥺 amazing. Jeffree. You have outdone yourself 😍 قبل شهر واحد (تم تعديله) 300 3 Anaya Carter Honestly I was expecting the pallete to have much more darker, and deeper tones of purple with hints of gold. Stunning packaging! قبل شهر واحد (تم تعديله) 218 4 Melody Hunt Jeffree: 2020 is gonna be insane Me: well he's not wrong قبل 4 أيام 14 ZeynepM Karakütük My broke ass be like: I WANNA BUY ALLLLL OF IIIITTTT قبل شهر واحد 50 2 alex_rug Jeffree should release a palette called ALL STARS and have all of his favorite shades from his collections and the box could be a star shape قبل شهر واحد 2.8 ألف 36 Queen of Spades Me: Fully understands why the pallete is so expensive because Jeffree actually cares about giving us quality Also me: Why can't this be more affordable!? cries in broke قبل 4 أيام 9 Heartless 25 Imagine if he made a all highlight pallet called “the glow” 🥰 قبل يوم واحد 4 serdy ximi DANG JS YOU WENT FEOM THE “pink princess “ TO THE QUEEN OF PURPLE قبل شهر واحد 79 Alicia Weld 7:35 when he said “STOP IT!” I nearly peed my pants 😂 ilysm Jeffree 💜 قبل شهر واحد (تم تعديله) 50 2
Hair style
Hair style Hace 3 horas
Hufflepuff Gal
Hufflepuff Gal Hace 7 horas
these are so cool
peace pebble
peace pebble Hace 8 horas
I would order blood money 💚
Kayla Thompson
Kayla Thompson Hace 9 horas
Jeffree, I'm honestly crying, I'm completely obsessed over your products and videos. I absolutely adore your honesty and your products you put out. Weird thing is I don't have anything of yours other than your sponges (which I adore) and intend to buy more of your products when money aloud. I received a phone call from my mom that she has not only bought my first pallet from you ( Artistry palette) but has also managed to buy Blood Lust due to its restock! I'm so so so excited to finally try your pallets in my everyday looks! I hope to meet you some day and give an amazing review. Love one crazy hairstylist and crazy Star obsessed, Kayla ❤️❤️
꧁Cнerry ѕнιтa ꧂
꧁Cнerry ѕнιтa ꧂ Hace 12 horas cree niña????
Amparo Chinchon
Amparo Chinchon Hace 12 horas
when he yelled stop it to the fedex wrkers i died
Selisha Ali
Selisha Ali Hace 14 horas
Jeffree star is literally the only person that looks good without eyebrows 🙌🏼
Kate Bosket
Kate Bosket Hace 16 horas
2020 really is insane, he wasn't lying.
Jason Gorospe
Jason Gorospe Hace 20 horas
I’m not even into make up and he sold me on this lol
Info Time
Info Time Hace un día
Purple is my fav 😍
Info Time
Info Time Hace un día
Woah this pallette is my favorite
Michele Miller
Michele Miller Hace un día
I wish I had more money so could get more of his brand I really have a passion for makeup
Daniela Flores
Daniela Flores Hace un día
After Nikita's palette I just came to breathe some QUALITY
Riann Myers
Riann Myers Hace un día
I love how you are yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down. Love you and your channel
Heartless 25
Heartless 25 Hace un día
Imagine if he made a all highlight pallet called “the glow” 🥰
David Daugherty
David Daugherty Hace un día
i need this for my birthday I cant I hope my mom buys this for me but were like poor rn so haha...
Maria Gu
Maria Gu Hace un día
packaging is so gorgeous omg and my favorite colour is purple!
Kristel Jayne Lim
Kristel Jayne Lim Hace un día
Blood sugar -🔴 red Blue blood- 🔵 blue Blood lust- 💜 purple OddEyeCircle hahah XD
Kristina Rae
Kristina Rae Hace un día
it’s gorgeous
Lcorpuz Lcorpuz
Lcorpuz Lcorpuz Hace un día
I really love to play with ALL his palettes, and I wish I can get back to work here in the Philippines to be able to afford buying even just one. Hopefully he will come up with a Pink Palette and nude ones. Watched how he do business during the Shane series and I really want to be mentored someday by him.
Megan Demski
Megan Demski Hace 2 días
I luv how he been keeping this in stock
akasher tara
akasher tara Hace 2 días
Ella Field
Ella Field Hace 2 días
Purple is my favorite color so you already KNOW ima be buying everything in this video 💜
TheRealLeddy Hace 2 días
0:30 Jeffree really wasn't lying when he said 2020 isn't going to be insane. 4 months in and we've had CoronaVirus, Kobe's death,near WW3, and Australia burning down...
Nish N
Nish N Hace 2 días
This eyeshadow palette is like a jewel box....kudos to Jeffree for actually paying so much attention to packaging!
gina gray
gina gray Hace 2 días
I'm 63 so I won't be able to use these eye/lip colors but they are beautiful. Hope you remember us old girls with a more 'ordinary' palette some time! Could you make some clear straws too? I hope you branch out to lashes, hair extensions, NAIL POLISH, home goods, etc. Love you JS!!!
Sara Rodrigues
Sara Rodrigues Hace 3 días
If only I could afford to get all your cosmetics 😍 I wouldn’t really be able to use them, they are just so beautiful I wouldn’t want to destroy how perfect they are 😭🥺
Echo Hace 3 días
Jeffree should release nude and peach tones for those who are not into too much color
Allizon Martinez
Allizon Martinez Hace 3 días
Jeffree you should make your own straightening iron and your blanket
R Her
R Her Hace 3 días
hi my name is Reese i am 11 years old my mom and my sister love makeup i am a bi fan of your makeup so is my sister my mom dose no of you . my mom Deserves everything in the world I love her so much and I want to surprise her with a new blood sugar palette it's really expensive and I can't afford it and I want it her to be a surprise we rub this on all their body than it looks I can pay about $50 for half but I do not have enough money for the rest of it cuss on the website it says it's $87 or hundred something dollars and I cannot afford it and I would love to have one for her so if you can help me try to get one of your Pilots I would have completely loved that and that would be so generous of you I am your biggest fan and I think you are super pretty and you are very successful.
sips tea
sips tea Hace 3 días
Okay I’m not trying to come at Jeffree at all, I love him and his brand. But that does look like a similar idea that BTS cosmetics did. Their BTS foundation cushion. It isn’t an eye shadow pallet but did come with a round thing of foundation and two lipsticks because I own it. I’m not saying Jeffree copied I’m saying the outside shape and such looks the same 😌
Allyplayz_panda Hace 3 días
I'm obsessed with doing the intro with u xD
Fauziia Akhtar
Fauziia Akhtar Hace 3 días
Just came back to this video to tell you how much I love it ! The whole lockdown here has me recreating looks every day , this and blood sugar will forever be my most favourite palettes
Meili Maria
Meili Maria Hace 3 días
I want everything but I give most of my paycheck to my parents 😭😭
Meili Maria
Meili Maria Hace 3 días
That’s the prettiest packaging and colors I’ve ever seen
Alecia Cleary
Alecia Cleary Hace 3 días
0:41 look at jeffrees hand, what is that? the palette looks SICKINING btw
Nur Nani
Nur Nani Hace 3 días
I need save my money and buy atleast one item from jefree brand
Taria Hace 3 días
It's too pink.
April Smith
April Smith Hace 4 días
Marijuana palette next please I love green 🥺💚💚💚
Kymora Brooklyn
Kymora Brooklyn Hace 4 días
wasn't his walk a meme at the end of his video???
Rhonda Smuk
Rhonda Smuk Hace 4 días
i have a question ok i ordered this pallet from your snap story and i havent got an email yet is that ok cause i have got from you before and you are the greatest of all time thx for changing my freaking life you may not see this but love you so much keep up the good work please comment and tell me if i need to do any thing different love you
Kenzee Kingston
Kenzee Kingston Hace 4 días
I've got the pallet!!
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen Hace 4 días
Monarchy is my favorite color in the palette. Now I know how boring that sounds but I don’t wear a lot of make up and that color is gorgeous. They are all beautiful, I’m just not that bold. Nice reveal. Beautiful job on this collection❤️
Queen of Spades
Queen of Spades Hace 4 días
Me: *Fully understands why the pallete is so expensive because Jeffree actually cares about giving us quality* Also me: Why can't this be more affordable!? *cries in broke*
Laurie Gravengard
Laurie Gravengard Hace 4 días
Had to cancel my birthday. I ordered Blood Lust as a gift to myself on beautylish. I’m so excited 💜🍎
Puteri Sophia
Puteri Sophia Hace 4 días
Finally my favourite colour💜💜
Getting ready with Nancy Zuniga
Getting ready with Nancy Zuniga Hace 4 días
Loving the palette so gorgeous
Melissa Wurtz
Melissa Wurtz Hace 4 días
@12:45 so pretty! boss name (;
Bella K. M
Bella K. M Hace 4 días
Prettiest Jeffree palette 💜💜💜
Caleigh Tilson
Caleigh Tilson Hace 4 días
As an asthmatic I need a jeffreestar inhaler
Klo D. Munio
Klo D. Munio Hace 4 días
awww there aren't any lip scrubs? ;((
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Hace 4 días
You and Shane need to do a live stream collab like seriously
Melody Hunt
Melody Hunt Hace 4 días
Jeffree: 2020 is gonna be insane Me: well he's not wrong
Jadenezz Radgie
Jadenezz Radgie Hace 4 días
I have missed watching Jeffree, I spent 6 months homeless on the streets but I just got into a homeless hostel so I can finally watch again x
Tiffanie Thompson
Tiffanie Thompson Hace 4 días
I was happy at launch I was able to grabbed the purple glitter mirror, the mini Velour lipstick bundle and the Blood lust palette. I wish I was able to get my hands on the windbreaker jacket, but sadly the x-small and small went out of stock within moments 😞. Jeffree this palette next to the jawbreaker is my absolute favorite! I’m obsessed with purple and silvers. The packaging though had be shook!!! I wash my hands before I touch this baby afraid to get it ruined . I’m so glad I was able to get this before our country hit a devastating pandemic, at least I get to sit at home with my children and practice makeup with my girls and my son 😂
Pozitiv 555
Pozitiv 555 Hace 4 días
Well done kid! Very cool !
lorr bratt
lorr bratt Hace 4 días
omg next you should make one called venom!!
Mya Peterson
Mya Peterson Hace 5 días
Bruh stop you're gonna bankrupt my gothic purple loving ass I'm serious this is the pallette of my dreams
Ευαγγελινα Δεμιρη
Ευαγγελινα Δεμιρη Hace 5 días
Lil extra as always Jeffrey but that’s why we love uu
Kathy Winebrinner
Kathy Winebrinner Hace 5 días
I really love how everything was put together and omg love the fact Our Queen has made something with purple as it's my fav. color Thank you Jeffery love LOVE LOVE how you done this
pikachu 123
pikachu 123 Hace 5 días
We need a zodiac sign palette
Conner UwU McDowell
Conner UwU McDowell Hace 5 días
Not geometry dash
Cory Miller
Cory Miller Hace 5 días
Get it girlllllllll love love love 💕 ur channel u are iconic and so are ur products
carmen dinu
carmen dinu Hace 5 días
Ok so I’ve never been so impressed by any of your videos😍 u really killed the industry of make-up with this collection. Congrats!❤️
natascha kuiper
natascha kuiper Hace 5 días
I absolutely love your wig jeffree
冯美宝 Hace 5 días
I thought I subscribe but no so oops
Lilyin Dykstra
Lilyin Dykstra Hace 5 días
Omg I love it
carmella _
carmella _ Hace 5 días
Jeffree should make a nude palette called Daddy Diamond then name most of the shades after his dogs!
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