Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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Which tender will win the blind chicken finger taste test?! GMM #1549
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Evan Sizemore
Evan Sizemore Hace 2 horas
Top 3 in no particular order = Zaxby's, Chick Fil A, Bojangles
Nick Vu
Nick Vu Hace 22 horas
They should make one of these with string cheese
Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings Hace un día
I just went back to watch season 1 episode 1 of gmm and realised how far they have come Also nostalgia
AnGrY_ Soviet_Rex
AnGrY_ Soviet_Rex Hace un día
You should’ve done Chick-fil-As god chicken fingers
William Grady
William Grady Hace 2 días
Link said that they were going to finger the chicken finger 1:40
Michael Lemasters
Michael Lemasters Hace 3 días
Who agrees GMM should bring back Will It?
Edgestango_Gaming Hace 3 días
Y’all have officially done 1,800 gmm episode seasons I used the playlist of how many vids to count
Spawnpeek Run
Spawnpeek Run Hace 3 días
Edgestango_Gaming pretty sure they put the number of the episode in the description
Curly Crossley
Curly Crossley Hace 5 días
raising canes chicken is honestly bland alone, but with their sauce though it's fantastic. get them some sauce!
The HOLY hi
The HOLY hi Hace 5 días
In NC Carl’s Jr. is Hardey’s
aesthetic._.pineapple 3740
aesthetic._.pineapple 3740 Hace 6 días
5:43 im so sorry but thats what she said HAHAHAHA
Maddison Fulmer
Maddison Fulmer Hace 6 días
The Talkingworld Show
The Talkingworld Show Hace 6 días
They better like popeyes the best
Dank doodily dog
Dank doodily dog Hace 7 días
“I’m the winner! makin dinner, I smell like a sinner...”
Shelby Saucier
Shelby Saucier Hace 7 días
Why does Rhett just deep throat the thing every time
Oblitual Hace 8 días
What shirt is Link wearing??
feeltheburn Hace 8 días
When he said bojangles I was driving past a bojangles
Brandon Gurney
Brandon Gurney Hace 8 días
Canes without sauce? Nope
Josh Weatherly
Josh Weatherly Hace 8 días
Gotta eat Cane's with the sauce ya'll.. makes it a whole new thing. otherwise I agree with their assessment.
rollercoasterlove94 Hace 2 días
Josh Weatherly honestly the strip is nothing without the sauce but with it its EVERYTHING
Cruz O
Cruz O Hace 8 días
Why did he give canes so little w rating everybody likes it
MORGAN L Hace 8 días
I'm happy link liked Louisiana's chicken :D
Chandler D
Chandler D Hace 8 días
Wait a moment, is Rhett actually an engineer?
Greta mmm boi
Greta mmm boi Hace 8 días
I really love Rhett’s shirt omfg
Jadythelady Hace 9 días
Zaxby’s should have been a contender smh
Notachannel Hace 9 días
Love the shoutout to bojangles; nc boys for the win 😂
Bv123 Fan
Bv123 Fan Hace 10 días
Who else has been watching since Season 1
S Sawa
S Sawa Hace 10 días
11:34 LUUUUKEEEE!!!! 😂😂😂 👇🏻
Boss Blitz
Boss Blitz Hace 10 días
One Week!
Alexandra M
Alexandra M Hace 10 días
Y’all forget the best! Chick fil a tenders! 😍😍
Dom Warfield
Dom Warfield Hace 12 días
Have you all done a blind fast food burger taste test, and I’ve just missed it? Cause if not please do one!
Trinity Grimes
Trinity Grimes Hace 10 días
I think they have done one.
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington Hace 13 días
watching 2 grown men eating chicken fingers with blind folds on just... makes me want to go eat chicken fingers with a blind fold on
Assasin HD Gamez
Assasin HD Gamez Hace 13 días
What's Carl's Jr. it's called hardees
Nathan Bui
Nathan Bui Hace 12 días
Carl's Jr is the name on the West Coast
Jill B Moore
Jill B Moore Hace 14 días
Not fair my mouth is watering
Cody Vocalist
Cody Vocalist Hace 14 días
MdDonalds is Rhett's least favorite but rates it higher than Canes .-.
Brayden Spell
Brayden Spell Hace 15 días
Y’all forgot Cain’s
Morbadel Hace 15 días
Dude when link said something bout finginger the chicken before the first round rhett had that wtf face
CmooreGaming 1
CmooreGaming 1 Hace 15 días
Go to Dairy Queen (only in Texas)
POOGY PUG Hace 15 días
Omi god they don’t like rasing canes such disappointment I love there chicken
Ed YT Hace 15 días
WHAT about Whataburger and Chick-fil-A?
Bablington Hace 15 días
Omg the barenaked ladies references
epb111 Hace 15 días
Canes is the most overrated restaurant I can think of
videomaker7563 Hace 16 días
I feel as though I have only ever seen all the guesses from even one of them maybe twice😂
1000 subscribers Without any videos
1000 subscribers Without any videos Hace 16 días
Omg I havent watched these guys since I was like 4 and I'm 12
100 subs no video challenge 0
100 subs no video challenge 0 Hace 16 días
I don’t like Carl’s Jr.‘s chicken tenders It’s just not crispy enough
josie lyons
josie lyons Hace 16 días
i clicked on this and thought to myself, "i wonder what the best chicken finger is wow." i just realized i trust rhett & links' food reviews more than anyone
Thicc Girl
Thicc Girl Hace 16 días
I have a dare for you so my dad is very allergic to chicken and turkey so I dare you to go a week without chick or turkey
Yasinzafer40 Hace 16 días
Tendies are for good little boys
SomethingLame Hace 16 días
No Zaxbys??
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden Hace 16 días
Wait.... Chickens have fingers.
Asa Dockter
Asa Dockter Hace 16 días
Their dream is weird
Dank Littlechild
Dank Littlechild Hace 17 días
Rhett you raged about a chair 🤦‍♂️
Raymond Hace 15 días
Dank Littlechild and you’re a kid
Brasc Hace 17 días
Best Chicken Tenders come from Tully's, a sports bar chain based in upstate New York. They come in original, buffalo and asian-style.
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit Hace 17 días
Does anyone know what epic thing they are looking at in the season header??? If not, anyone have a guess? "They are gazing into the glowing either of the dying 14th season "
La Lo
La Lo Hace 18 días
Y would u finger a chicken
Angelblaze Hace 18 días
The winner actually lost lol
Pee pees SCHLONG
Pee pees SCHLONG Hace 18 días
Canes is not good without the sauce
Maranda White
Maranda White Hace 19 días
“Teamwork” 🙄
Henely The Awesome 1
Henely The Awesome 1 Hace 19 días
They should had included Chickfila
PD 47
PD 47 Hace 19 días
Play pubg
Mia Cedeno
Mia Cedeno Hace 19 días
“i stole da tender” ~ *Rhett 2019*
kick Hace 19 días
No donkey lipping? Lol
TheMadScientistRael Hace 20 días
Kevin Wesley
Kevin Wesley Hace 20 días
Y no canes
Kevin Wesley
Kevin Wesley Hace 20 días
Nevermind just saw it
James Englebert
James Englebert Hace 20 días
No Chick Fil a or Bojangles? Outrageous!
Bootattoos Hace 20 días
Raising Canes is beyond my favorite but having it without the cane sauce wtf
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Hace 20 días
No Chick-Fil-A?
justen bowman
justen bowman Hace 20 días
I ate at bojangles today. I feel sorry for you guys!
justen bowman
justen bowman Hace 20 días
I got a 4 piece supreme combo with seasoned fries and a large cheerwine!
Robert Burns
Robert Burns Hace 20 días
Raisin canes is my favorite
Tadpol3_ Mh
Tadpol3_ Mh Hace 21 un día
Why don’t they never do zaxbys 😂😂
gnarly bread roll
gnarly bread roll Hace 21 un día
this was very homosexual
hannah & hayden
hannah & hayden Hace 21 un día
Hey it's me after a few years I think it was up two years
Kynzie lewis
Kynzie lewis Hace 21 un día
How dare you call canes an equal to MCDONALD'S
Cody Zimmerman
Cody Zimmerman Hace 21 un día
Arby's have decent tendes. When are we getting Onion rings taste test
John Rose
John Rose Hace 21 un día
Rocky's hot chicken shack is legit the best fried chicken I've ever seeing them at the end!
Ren Ellert
Ren Ellert Hace 21 un día
I just realized why GMM reminds me of my childhood, cause it reminds me of Waynes World! I love you guys, thank you for making my work days easier.
Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen Hace 21 un día
I don't get how they guess the same one for multiple rounds.....that's obviously not how the game works.😂
jace-fish-spones Hace 21 un día
Aaron Petersen Because they are second guessing themselves
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez Hace 21 un día
Blind Fast Food Sweet Tea or Lemonade Taste Test! Like so they can see!!
Final cut Prince
Final cut Prince Hace 22 días
I’m eating Popeyes right now
fairamir1 Hace 22 días
Since they are blindfolded...why can't they just pick up the chicken and feed themselves ? I do not understand why they need the chicken on a Bringer Thinger ...
jace-fish-spones Hace 21 un día
fairamir1 Aesthetic
Ingrid Lee
Ingrid Lee Hace 22 días
Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams Hace 22 días
nyjah pretty in pink xxl
nyjah pretty in pink xxl Hace 22 días
Is Link’s shirt mercy because I need that
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Hace 22 días
No zaxbys :(
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Hace 22 días
Carl's Jr. , Is that same thing as Hardee's???
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Hace 22 días
I like them all, but fried chicken I can't eat on a regular basis..that will make you obese's all about what good I'm in..I'd say Popeyes is pretty good .. KFC, Zaxby's,
Kyan Plays
Kyan Plays Hace 22 días
Link never guessed KFC🤦‍♀️
Mr. Derp Face
Mr. Derp Face Hace 23 días
McDonalds you better make you chicken better
Jaytendo boi
Jaytendo boi Hace 23 días
*LOVE that chicken at Popeyes*
Bryster Myster
Bryster Myster Hace 23 días
Maybe the winner is the loser in this video. And the loser gets the winning chicken tender. LOL
Alex Wilby
Alex Wilby Hace 23 días
Wat about chick fil A
Know More
Know More Hace 23 días
Can you guys please do a video with Tom Holland?
Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop Hace 23 días
Link: as you can see we can't me : * still laughing for the 1 millionth time . *
ThePizzaWiz & co.
ThePizzaWiz & co. Hace 23 días
Where's your chair rhett
chaotic B81
chaotic B81 Hace 23 días
who would actually frequent ALL those establishments that they would be able to distinguish their chicken?
Tenzin Tseyang
Tenzin Tseyang Hace 23 días
Culver’s wins in my heart
Ammar Jaber
Ammar Jaber Hace 23 días
Raising canes would definitely be better if you had it with their special sauce it’s crazy
Megan Lane
Megan Lane Hace 23 días
Purple Banana
Purple Banana Hace 24 días
Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael Hace 24 días
McDonald's, I give you a NEGATIVE TWO TRILLION
Aria King
Aria King Hace 24 días
Video idea! R&L should eat miracle berries & have a blind taste test & guess what they’re eating!!
Solotov47 Hace 24 días
I love these man.
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