Bleaching the Color Out of Sidewalk Chalk

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The King of Random

The King of Random

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In today's video we're doing a few different experiments with sidewalk chalk to see how it reacts to different things, then teaching you how you can make your own.
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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Sans ,
Sans , Hace un hora
What happens when you deep fry chalk
Ryan Schatschneider
Ryan Schatschneider Hace 9 horas
If you have real chalk and not sidewalk chalk you can burn it and it will become quicklime Wich reacts with water.
Siouxsie Vazquez
Siouxsie Vazquez Hace 22 horas
In chalk
Siouxsie Vazquez
Siouxsie Vazquez Hace 22 horas
Also you guy's drawing are very intelligent eben i cant do it
Siouxsie Vazquez
Siouxsie Vazquez Hace 22 horas
The most creative and intrigued way of destroying chalk is using it a lot til it gives out
Lucas Arcadia
Lucas Arcadia Hace un día
What about putting Cork in the vacuum chamber
Irene Liem
Irene Liem Hace un día
I never used chalk-
Doge Power
Doge Power Hace 2 días
Zahnayah Bivings
Zahnayah Bivings Hace 4 días
Hot chalk in acid 😶
Maggie Wehler
Maggie Wehler Hace 4 días
Kelly when she said cool
Maggie Wehler
Maggie Wehler Hace 4 días
4:11 is it only me or does she sound like she has an accent when she said that
jaluddin jr Sarip
jaluddin jr Sarip Hace 4 días
This is way better than 5 minutes craft
Soph Anne
Soph Anne Hace 4 días
Smooshable chalk the **NEW** Play-Doh
Delilah Carrera
Delilah Carrera Hace 4 días
Who is the man in the picture?
Ryan Schatschneider
Ryan Schatschneider Hace 9 horas
Bob Ross I think
Delilah Carrera
Delilah Carrera Hace 4 días
Who is the man in the picture?
Rosa Carreon
Rosa Carreon Hace 4 días
WOW I like the drawing
Sonja Croy
Sonja Croy Hace 5 días
Non edible baby food
LittleOwl_ Games
LittleOwl_ Games Hace 5 días
So that's how Kinetic sand is made...HMMMmmmmMMMMmmMM....
Kassondra Williams
Kassondra Williams Hace 6 días
Bob Ross is shaking in his grave
JACOB SMITH Hace 7 días
Gum yum Butt
JACOB SMITH Hace 7 días
Hi Did
Mary Galuak
Mary Galuak Hace 7 días
2:03 Bob ross who
Noah Kuzel
Noah Kuzel Hace 9 días
I would have thought that the chalk would have neutralized the acid with it being alkaline
Christine Denault
Christine Denault Hace 10 días
Make more acid videos
TheMyticalCreature YT
TheMyticalCreature YT Hace 11 días
Like cause I'm going to change this soon so someone who didn't see this will never know
Khoa Nguyen Tan
Khoa Nguyen Tan Hace 12 días
Bob Ross moment 😂😂 2:00
Lillian Collins
Lillian Collins Hace 12 días
I can’t do that art with chalk
Sophia Jiang
Sophia Jiang Hace 16 días
wait, arn't you going to fry it
cat rulezz
cat rulezz Hace 16 días
ethan Jeff
ethan Jeff Hace 16 días
TMATS, Fun Videos & More!
TMATS, Fun Videos & More! Hace 16 días
2:08 best chalk art I’ve ever seen
Nguyen Le
Nguyen Le Hace 17 días
Cool drawings you made guys! Awesome and Beautiful.
Jacqueline Voss
Jacqueline Voss Hace 17 días
What if someone switched the water with acid.... oof for whoever drank it I think.
KoolAidMan42 Hace 21 un día
1:51 nate a mini bob Ross
gamer grenade
gamer grenade Hace 22 días
2:01 Bob Ross chalk version
Nate Farmer
Nate Farmer Hace 24 días
my name is also nate
Pnutkids Channel
Pnutkids Channel Hace 25 días
Wow, Nate your an amazing artist and with just chalk like what! 😂
Bailey Connors
Bailey Connors Hace 27 días
When they said CVX I thought they said CVS 😂😂😂😂😂
Bailey Connors
Bailey Connors Hace 27 días
I was like Wuttttt????? Cause CVS is a pharmacy and I was like “BRUH THATS A FREAKING PHARMACY! HOW CAN IT DO THAT!?!!”
Jessica Masiak
Jessica Masiak Hace 28 días
I think the boiled chalk looks like a carrot
Maggie Wehler
Maggie Wehler Hace 29 días
When Cali says cool does it sound like she has an Accent or is that just me
Jaime Costa
Jaime Costa Hace un mes
2:19 omg how
really awsome dragon
really awsome dragon Hace un mes
Just a random honk boi
Just a random honk boi Hace un mes
10:21 that dry sounded like she was possessed for a second
Stacey H.
Stacey H. Hace un mes
Is chalk flammable
Malcolm Young
Malcolm Young Hace un mes
who else was jealous at nates drawing of the water with trees
dog Hace un mes
today i drew a snowman with chalk, it’s way past the season of christmas. i thought it would be funny!
Pennywise 2.0
Pennywise 2.0 Hace un mes
The orange chalk looked like a hot dog when it was boiling XD
Yessica Hernandez
Yessica Hernandez Hace un mes
I won’t be able to make it to you when I get to see you
Zipporah Parkinson
Zipporah Parkinson Hace un mes
did you see what nate drew with the chalk
Alex Brenton
Alex Brenton Hace un mes
Standard 120
Unicorn Pony
Unicorn Pony Hace un mes
What are the most creative ways we can find to destroy it -Calli, September 2019
Utkarsh ahuja
Utkarsh ahuja Hace un mes
The heating of the chalk made it anhydrous, thus making it so violent with water.
KeyStroke Hace un mes
0:15 I prefer Walgreens.
Nyntje De Jong
Nyntje De Jong Hace un mes
no one is talking about how they just put their fingers in boiling water
Black Hawk
Black Hawk Hace un mes
That chalk you boiled looks like a carrot paste
MCgravity Building
MCgravity Building Hace un mes
I wish you just used the word lsd
Pastel Fairy
Pastel Fairy Hace un mes
You should grind up chalk and put it in a Cotten candy machine
Stephanie J
Stephanie J Hace un mes
Chalk is made of lime stone
Rayuth Hing
Rayuth Hing Hace 2 meses
ha -_Calli_
adam storey
adam storey Hace 2 meses
2:14 nates picture
Valbreaks Hace 2 meses
What happens when you freeze dry bleach
Ella Tinnon
Ella Tinnon Hace 2 meses
I want to see what will happen if you put a piece of chalk into a vacuum chamber
Chew76 Hace 2 meses
mmm, chalk I have turned into
Gacha Dream
Gacha Dream Hace 2 meses
5:39 it’s a mashed carrot
huzaifa khosa
huzaifa khosa Hace 2 meses
put chalk in liquid oxygen and try to burn it
Ruby Hace 2 meses
The smushable chalk looks like carrot baby food
Donghyuk Lee
Donghyuk Lee Hace 2 meses
4:59 makes me want Sprite
Jeffry Don
Jeffry Don Hace 2 meses
2.36 "do we wanna do acid"? -Me"Yup"
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert Hace 2 meses
Can you guys try and see if you can someone melt the chalk into a liquid
Shea’s Place
Shea’s Place Hace 2 meses
Nate seems like that friend that no one wants but everyone needs 😃
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