#BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries EP. 9🤫FT. Ravishing Raven, Khalil Everage, Chyna Mac, &May Curvz❤️

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Korporate Bidness

Korporate Bidness

Hace 6 meses

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Korporate Bidness
Korporate Bidness Hace 6 meses
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Larry H Gardner headlines and headaches
Larry H Gardner headlines and headaches Hace 3 días
Thinking about it
Edward Clasberry
Edward Clasberry Hace 3 días
djscrewlicious357 Hace 20 días
Korporate Bidness is it true bout what u said bout current it doubles ur check mane and like that single Inside
Antwan Woodruff
Antwan Woodruff Hace 3 meses
To gyvh find the fee for the g it They got g
big king Russell
big king Russell Hace 8 horas
Dat nigga always getting pussy
Ashley Burton
Ashley Burton Hace 9 horas
Name ome
Name ome Hace 12 horas
Culture & The Vibe
Culture & The Vibe Hace un día
Wait Teacher Development Day the kids got out early!! That just took me outta here 😂😂😂
Lafay Anderson
Lafay Anderson Hace un día
That sad
Miracle Bennett
Miracle Bennett Hace 2 días
He always eat jerk 48
Micah Nowlin
Micah Nowlin Hace 2 días
Cleon Hace 2 días
Clean advertisement
James bunn
James bunn Hace 3 días
Teachers devlopme t the kids got out early
Yahya Mohamed
Yahya Mohamed Hace 4 días
That’s that dude from beats
Gay Dr phil
Gay Dr phil Hace 4 días
did not go in the store
Jade Harmon
Jade Harmon Hace 5 días
Eww I'm 8 you grow up ewww
Malcolm Campbell
Malcolm Campbell Hace 5 días
After like 80 episodes my boy got some cutty🤣 @KoporateBidness
Malcolm Campbell
Malcolm Campbell Hace 5 días
She thick asf an sexy asf ravishing raven
Timothy Garcia
Timothy Garcia Hace 6 días
He trapped in a KORPORATE closet.
NFL Supreme_kakashi27
NFL Supreme_kakashi27 Hace 8 días
The ends took the wrong turn
Naturally Legit LLC
Naturally Legit LLC Hace 8 días
"Johnny Cochran couldn't work with that case" ..!!🤣🤣🤣
moloch125 Hace 9 días
This nigga is a native advertising GENIUS!!! Keep killin' it bruh 💯💯
KirbyKindaFireTho Hace 9 días
Flow Vecxy
Flow Vecxy Hace 9 días
Ain't det old dude from BEATS
Tremel Higgs
Tremel Higgs Hace 9 días
okay sneaky niggaaaaaa
Somali artists
Somali artists Hace 9 días
The Wretched Of The Earth
The Wretched Of The Earth Hace 9 días
Wow. Jus think if people spent as much time mastering English, Spanish and French. You would be multi-lingual and valuable to employers.
rbcapbustditto Hace 10 días
Ay bro u gotta remember to block out dem liscence plates yo.
money Mig MM
money Mig MM Hace 10 días
That nigga korporate a fucking playa that nigga go from ho to ho huh
BodyDouble Security
BodyDouble Security Hace 10 días
That boy said, "Teacher development day, the kids got out early." 😂🤣😂🤣😂 That's what your bogus ass get for bopping on the homie's yaunderstandme.
Amyaa Milann
Amyaa Milann Hace 10 días
Sexy RRED Hace 10 días
Moral of the story he played his role just to get some ass and he not gone ever see her again 🤣💯
Lauren Hace 10 días
Finally got in there lmao
blakty affair
blakty affair Hace 11 días
teacher development day the kids got out early lmao funny asl man
Ny’Yan The YouTube king
Ny’Yan The YouTube king Hace 11 días
Kameriyna Gosha
Kameriyna Gosha Hace 13 días
This is how people gets pregnant right here wtfff$ffff
imani062882 Hace 14 días
Current fuckin with all the hood youtubers. That’s wassup
Adam Saunders
Adam Saunders Hace 14 días
Y he bussed so early 🤣
Moe Maalim
Moe Maalim Hace 15 días
kopporate funny lol 😂😂😂 asf on this but he should finish it the other part on this one.
This my 5th time watching this video 😁
Dark Legend
Dark Legend Hace 16 días
Her face at the end though
monty Alvarez
monty Alvarez Hace 16 días
She better have gave u some took her zoo and jerk 48
MultiMackle Hace 17 días
Kids got out early. Hughhhh
Kdotkilla24 Hace 17 días
Why this do talk booty
The Cliffs Productions
The Cliffs Productions Hace 17 días
oooh youdid wrong doing it outside how didnt know one witness oof
Kenge Norris
Kenge Norris Hace 18 días
Boy you know you wrong
Ismoke Thatgoodshit
Ismoke Thatgoodshit Hace 19 días
Facts I got the same kinda account
Scarver Hace 19 días
Synquis Harris
Synquis Harris Hace 19 días
This man crazy
Yung E
Yung E Hace 19 días
Taleatha Patterson
Taleatha Patterson Hace 20 días
Hollering!! 😂😂😂
Dark Legend
Dark Legend Hace 20 días
I think this got taken down for awhile cause this videos is funny as hell
Bryanna love
Bryanna love Hace 20 días
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Biggy Wilson
Biggy Wilson Hace 21 un día
Bro at 3:58 when he started singing that killed me 😭🤣🤣
Nyelle G
Nyelle G Hace 22 días
Bro finally got some cheeks and this what he do 🤣🤣🤣
LV2H8ME 15
LV2H8ME 15 Hace 22 días
All Day...twice on Sunday
Jaden Thomas
Jaden Thomas Hace 22 días
How does a brother get in touch with Ravishing RAVEN??????
te _boss45
te _boss45 Hace 23 días
Im not scared of lions Tigers and BeARs
Xavier Mcgowan
Xavier Mcgowan Hace 23 días
I would cum early 2
kenisblack74 Hace 23 días
That old boy from that Netflix movie with Anthony Anderson?
Tj Summers
Tj Summers Hace 24 días
That’s bra from the Netflix movie BEATS...just caught on
shaniya boyd
shaniya boyd Hace 24 días
Jerk 488888
Vag Cheatham
Vag Cheatham Hace 24 días
Your daughter is funny
Justin Dawkins
Justin Dawkins Hace 24 días
Genius work bro keep working
Joe-Jah Hace 25 días
Shyt really bug the fuq outta me how quick mfs be ready to squab. The skit 🔥, I'm talking about real life lol 😂
hood diorr
hood diorr Hace 25 días
I already knew he was gonna take her to Jerk 48 lol 😂
Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes Hace 25 días
And her mom went in the house so go look at the time when someone going In the house
Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes Hace 25 días
You paced my grandma house and your on my sister friend block
Chris Bey
Chris Bey Hace 26 días
Jerk 48
KariDaMonk FC1
KariDaMonk FC1 Hace 26 días
“Teacher development day the kids got out early” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣WTFFF
Mxolisi Ndaliso
Mxolisi Ndaliso Hace 15 días
Dude funny as he'll. Lol
Man when he said that laught till my lungs collapsed 😂
Lil Bounce
Lil Bounce Hace 26 días
donovan price jr really
Blu Raine
Blu Raine Hace 26 días
Was that 4 or 5 strokes??
YPC peso
YPC peso Hace 26 días
“Teacher development day kidz got out early”😂😂😂
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