Black Guy Knocks Up Racist Guy's Daughter (ANIMATED)

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Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks

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This guy LOSES it when he finds out that his youngest daughter is pregnant. Instagram @OwnagePranks
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Ownage Pranks
Ownage Pranks Hace un mes
IT'S FINALLY HERE! I literally cannot wait to read all your comments. This prank is crazy and the animation makes it even better, lmk what your fav scene is!! If you want to help support these animations, share the vid with your friends!
Chris J
Chris J Hace 6 días
You're a piece of shit for normalizing racism. Fuck you and I hope your parents are proud. Fucking pro-racist punk bitch.
lrvnn _
lrvnn _ Hace 12 días
“I’m not even coming home now”.
Doug Staley
Doug Staley Hace 15 días
Your awesome thanks so much for all the laughs ! I got a request!
Tim Doyon
Tim Doyon Hace 17 días
That made me laugh so hard I blew my Sunkist Orange out of my nose! 🤣🤣🤣
Omar D
Omar D Hace 18 días
@Satanist Court fuck you and your country
Rishard Linson
Rishard Linson Hace 23 minutos
I feel if Tyrone was white he’d still say the same things he didn’t in my opinion sound racist in any way
Chris Aldridge
Chris Aldridge Hace 2 horas
Just tell him he can't keep his hand over his daughter's ass forever, and it's time to grow up and realize she's not his property.
DkXboxer Hace 7 horas
Didn't seem racist to me. Seemed mad that his daughter betrayed his trust and sensibilites for sleeping around when he told her not to. Yeah it's her body, but not the baby's. I know I didn't ask to be born, did you? And why should he take responsibility for a grandchild that he actively tried to prevent? The only racist ones that day seemed to be the prank caller and the family. After all, why not prove the racist man right by saying the black guy is an irresponsible parent by saying he had 4 other kids, as the stereotype is that black fathers abandon or mistreat their children? Why should he have anything to do with that? And go ahead and call me racist, but most people in this comment section went ahead and blamed the retired Navy Seal for being of Alabama descent and a typical white racist, so thus you're allowed to have/bring racial stereotypes into this, but not the other way around? So which is it? Is he racist or irrationally biased based on fear of protection and typically portrayed black behavior? Of male behavior? You know, like the rest of you are but with white people? Is this how we solve these issues? Just pointing fingers at each other? Not according to the black gentlemen who was able to easily console KKK members out of the klan by simply emphasizing with them and realizing they were manipulated their whole lives of part of their lives. He also wanted more from black people, not just one month, but acknowledgement for all the things that they did along with all the white people in history and their accomplishments. So again I ask: Is it racism? Or is it irrational bias? Because if you blame him for one, you are also guilty of that. And I don't think it's exactly racist to assume such things when we get falsely informed on matters that should be important like this whole prank for instance.
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer Hace 7 horas
How is the father racist?
Wlfrdtrrz Torrez
Wlfrdtrrz Torrez Hace 7 horas
I watched 2 twice this video 👉👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😂😂😂
Rafa Ludovice
Rafa Ludovice Hace 9 horas
I wish this was truly real
ghm ss
ghm ss Hace 10 horas
God damn it Tyrone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Evility Evolotus
Evility Evolotus Hace 12 horas
I actually feel concerned for Gabby and the Dad...
Louis Jones
Louis Jones Hace 13 horas
this guys context in his call he was gonna put his daughter in a hole int the ground. That ain't a good dad at all. There was gonna be some ill will
DeshaunX Hace 15 horas
The only racist thing about this video is the prankster’s “black guy voice”.
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Hace 18 horas
I can only wonder where in the South 🤔🤔
Yamada Kenji
Yamada Kenji Hace 18 horas
*GABBY GET ON THE PHONE* My homie: "Sir, don't worry I'm very experienced and I have 4 other kids as well". 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Camaro ss
Camaro ss Hace 21 un hora
Recist morheryecker
Jay Tronik
Jay Tronik Hace 23 horas
pure gold!
BRANDON WIN Hace un día
Now I kinda wanna know how hot Gabby looks in real life lol
Tonio 1 up top
Tonio 1 up top Hace un día
Oh shit I’m late bro showed himself
Cory M.M.
Cory M.M. Hace un día
What a terrible dude. If she had kids with a black dude, he probably wouldn’t allow them in his house
ARACHNIDGUY 16 Hace un día
Not one single N word i'm surprised
Samanthapower wood
Samanthapower wood Hace un día
Oh hell no🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣
Ja’Bhari Everett
Ja’Bhari Everett Hace un día
My name is Ja’Bhari;-;
That Guy From NY
That Guy From NY Hace un día
People who guard their GROWN DAUGHTER'S sexuality are fucking creepy.
JustA ChocolateMan
JustA ChocolateMan Hace un día
I'm a guy who loves comedy but I didn't laugh at least once
henkarars Hace un día
his daughter is so trashy too agree to do a prank of this. this is what happens with feminism
Let Me In Your House
Let Me In Your House Hace 11 horas
What the fuck are you talking about? Did your last gf cheat on you with a BBC? Is that why you're so offended
Yusseff Harvey
Yusseff Harvey Hace un día
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this shit gets funnier and funnier and funnier
davedm1 Hace un día
Nice animation...most hands on phone call I've ever seen lol
Jake elwafi
Jake elwafi Hace un día
Whish I could do this my mom I'm 25 and she still wont let go
Marko Hace 2 días
Disown the little bitch. Let her live with her new lover lol. Prank her back...for real for doing such a stupid prank. It's obviously not a prank, but a test to see how her dad reacts.
Raymond Pan
Raymond Pan Hace 2 días
Holy sh it, that guy was right. This is what he looked like before the reveal.
Golden Notme
Golden Notme Hace 2 días
T y r o n e
TheFinalBlood Hace 2 días
Heeeelll noooo
Justasktheprogamer Hace 2 días
Holy shit bro im fucking dead 😂😂😭
Arctic fox doomer furrytrash
Arctic fox doomer furrytrash Hace 2 días
What non white countries do: purge their own traitors and send us " mail order brides" or they simply dis appear altogether because they were killed. What white western world does : Attacks their own people and white race for trying to defend itself/their own to the point of taking away free speech, excommunication and even ignored one way violence.
parajack160 Hace 2 días
I WaS aBoutta GO hOME n DO some *ILL WILL*
Hayden Robertson
Hayden Robertson Hace 2 días
Pissing off a retired navy seal. Not a good idea.
Teh Sword Masta
Teh Sword Masta Hace 2 días
*bro me and the baby have the same name-*
lobo Hernandez
lobo Hernandez Hace 2 días
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay Hace 2 días
This is the best animation prank so far. I love the way you made them interact with each other.
Timothy Isley
Timothy Isley Hace 2 días
So we just not gonna talk about how the whole time Mr. Joe's phone was upside down the whole time 😂😂😂
Trending Uk
Trending Uk Hace 2 días
MegaOcDoc Hace 3 días
I fucking lost it when he said JESUS CHRIST and his soul left his body 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Hace 3 días
holy shit when did you do a face reveal??
Jeff Bieber
Jeff Bieber Hace 3 días
Most racists I’ve met are from the north. I grew up there and now live in the south.
Nicholas S. Antolick
Nicholas S. Antolick Hace 3 días
Interracial children do suffer. It doesn't matter that it's not the 1950's anymore.
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez Hace 3 días
You're awesome bro and I wish you all the best because you make the best so damn funny!
max macdonald
max macdonald Hace 3 días
So funny!!!!
Snizzen AllDay
Snizzen AllDay Hace 3 días
Yo u look like azzerz
Saihi Nadir
Saihi Nadir Hace 4 días
It actually is heartwarming to see there still are parents who stick to old-school ways of providing guidance to their kids regardless of the appaling way modern society might portrait them in ("they are backwards", "let her be free", "her body, her choice", etc.) I feel like we created a standard of what is progress ( with no real foundation other than just calling it progress ) and expect everyone to follow it. I should write a blog xD
Adrian Adriano
Adrian Adriano Hace 4 días
None of my friends understand English but i love your work im from cd juarez mexico
The3 Crownsking
The3 Crownsking Hace 4 días
fucking idiot dad
anna bayard
anna bayard Hace 4 días
Ownage Pranks uses racist / stereotypical cartoons and then pretends to not be racist in this video, LMAO !!!!!
Gianni Bleya
Gianni Bleya Hace 4 días
Nah he's not racist he's just protective
King Carter
King Carter Hace 4 días
I just want y’all to know just calling it N word is racist
Tyler Perez
Tyler Perez Hace 4 días
Why is ESwomen putting this in my suggested videos? The Agenda is real with the left.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Hace 4 días
So we gon act like this isn’t sad it’s 2020
Nicholas Aleman
Nicholas Aleman Hace 4 días
He didn’t really sound racist, just more of an extreme and strict white dad
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer Hace 7 horas
I agree, I don't see how he was racist.
Lerian V
Lerian V Hace 4 días
I've got a shovel and I've got a gaaan...
Davon Watson
Davon Watson Hace 4 días
I've been watching your videos on and off since I was like 13. 10 years later you're still the 🐐. Do you ever follow up with these racists? Lol find out if they think how they react/behave is still justified?
Gehdbd NSIDHDhd
Gehdbd NSIDHDhd Hace un día
What day do black people never celebrate? Father’s Day 😂
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia Hace 4 días
Hahaha this was one of the best 😂😂😂👌🏻
Vanquish Media
Vanquish Media Hace 5 días
I don't think the man is racist, he is looking out for his daughter I do the exact same thing.
wanderinghobo49 Hace 3 días
"Any child with you is no grandchild of mine" yeah, not racist. Definitely.
MattMan Reviews
MattMan Reviews Hace 5 días
Holy shit, I never thought I would see Ownage Pranks’ face.
JasonVanished Hace 5 días
Why is she still with a racist son of a bitch?
zusdokato tengimure
zusdokato tengimure Hace 5 días
dude, the moment i saw this animation along with the recorded dialog i was like: damn thats other level of story telling!!! i loved the way it was animaded, the style fits so well with the whole prank recorded idea, i couldn't help but feel this feeling of satisfaction, great job. also sorry if my english is bad.
Ivan Vasquez
Ivan Vasquez Hace 5 días
Actually it's the 1st time I see your face man.. finally
CA2VA Hace 5 días
I wonder how she feels that he admitted that he will disown her child if she has a baby with a man he doesnt approve of. What an evil piece of sh*t he is. He is going to hell.
Azieak Hace 5 días
You should do pranks with the asian guy more
Abdullah thamim
Abdullah thamim Hace 5 días
Y does ownage look like naz from love island
Carlos Oscar Comedy
Carlos Oscar Comedy Hace 5 días
This actually sucked.
Christian Fontenot
Christian Fontenot Hace 5 días
What's wrong with the 1950s
auto auto
auto auto Hace 5 días
The dads laugh was creepy at the end 😅
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