Binging with Babish: White Castle Order from Harold & Kumar

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Binging with Babish

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This week, the challenge lies in both the volume of food and the method by which it's prepared - 30 sliders whipped up at once, onion-steamed the way White Castle does it. Can I wolf down the entire hyper-stoned order placed by our titular heroes? Of course not, I'm no Matt Stonie, but I've got some hungry friends.
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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace un mes
This movie is like a time capsule - remember what it was like back in 2004, when it was this hard to get your hands on... ...white castle?
Fred Hace 3 días
I just found your channel. I subbed and I'm gonna buy that book. I love food and I love this channel <3
Bubbles Hace 10 días
I went to that movie with my dad, brothers and cousins when it first came about awkward
Izaiah Salter
Izaiah Salter Hace 14 días
Can't relate. White Castle has no presence in Australia, and I never saw Harold & Kumar before I turned 18. Still haven't seen it, by the way.
Isaac Khan
Isaac Khan Hace 21 un día
@RabidDogma can I have one I'm a Floridian 😭
Michael Albert
Michael Albert Hace 21 un día
I still have never been. Drooling now that I'm watching how to make it 😂😉😏
Jaklene Smith
Jaklene Smith Hace 17 minutos
Wartortle Hace un día
Steamed Hams
Rocatex Hace un día
question why do people like white castle
CaptHayfever Hace un día
"Unbeknownst to me..." Dude, you already know more about food I like than I ever will, but you didn't know White Castle grills its burgers on the onions?
Josh Pooskita
Josh Pooskita Hace un día
All you gotta do is say the name and I want it. White castle is the best
Drew Bakka
Drew Bakka Hace 2 días
Is short rib good for burger meat? In my mind its best for braising and low cooking. also smashburgers is a bad idea, it forces flavor out
Weird Person
Weird Person Hace 2 días
that rolling pin is incredibly well ENDOWELED
Chimney nugget
Chimney nugget Hace 2 días
The sad part about cutting onions... when I chop even 1/2 of an onion I cry so much that it hurts to even see
Jlinus Hace 2 días
The only cook book I'd buy
DapperJazz Hace 2 días
How do you eat that much White Castle, White Castle is trash..
151Bryce Hace 2 días
fast food places don’t use high fructose corn syrup based sodas so the bottles you used for accuracy were inaccurate
Dietrich White
Dietrich White Hace 8 horas
Lmao. Yes they do.
Lone Libra
Lone Libra Hace 3 días
I hate frozen White Castle burgers. I made one in the microwave and it was still frozen and raw mostly
xxxtensioncord Hace 3 días
You microwaved a frozen raw burger? Gordon Ramsay is crying right now
toby semler
toby semler Hace 3 días
Damn I love this channel! Made Big Macs this weekend, just like the real thing except even better as made with good ingredients. No doubt Babish burgers are the same.
Barry Ryan
Barry Ryan Hace 3 días
Feeluck Hace 3 días
i shouldn't watch this if i am hungry. fuck. -.-
Jessepe Jibbs
Jessepe Jibbs Hace 4 días
Steamed hams
Jesus Christ Denton
Jesus Christ Denton Hace 4 días
"This is going to start with us grinding our own beef." i always do that when i watch ur videos babish
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez Hace 2 días
I licked a girls butthole once
sandfly115 Hace 4 días
Hank Rogers
Hank Rogers Hace 4 días
86 potato rolls!
Tyler Bush
Tyler Bush Hace 4 días
Doesn't white Castle use rehydrated dehydrated onions?
Bree Douthitt
Bree Douthitt Hace 5 días
you should do the 7 layer parfait flambe from bob's Burgers
Tito Hace 5 días
Kal Penn didn’t actually eat beef in that movie.... they were vegan sliders.
Daniel Frigeri
Daniel Frigeri Hace 5 días
"from there we just have a bit more mise to put on place" I love this mans subtle way of celever vernacular.
Imperator Hace 5 días
MSG is no more or less harmful than any other seasoning. It’s just American Boomers spreading misinformation as usual, because all their generation do is fuck things up for the rest of us.
Volatile Sky
Volatile Sky Hace 6 días
Making some steamed hams tonight, will update on results
Volatile Sky
Volatile Sky Hace 6 días
dinner rolls were very thick, should have cut them into 3rds, burgers shrunk way more than expected and cooked incredibly fast, still turned out pretty good and will be my go-to when not grilling over flame.
EleCticCOokie Hace 6 días
Imagine a white castle that served actually burgers
Aya A.
Aya A. Hace 6 días
Not really deaf or hoh friendly as the caption hides the food. :/
Story Teller of Evil
Story Teller of Evil Hace 6 días
so this is why I get stared at in horror as I ask for 3 crave cases no onion? huh... neat
Elwood Myers
Elwood Myers Hace 6 días
Hate to sound like a nerd and I do get the joke but the line is Hulk smash
loli_ cvnt
loli_ cvnt Hace 7 días
Why do they look like fake food, I dont understand :(((
boogy woogy
boogy woogy Hace 7 días
You have 5.19 mil subs
Titanium Labs
Titanium Labs Hace 7 días
Oh look in the beginning it's Sulu from Star Trek
Natalie Andrew
Natalie Andrew Hace 7 días
It’s 12:27 am, I’m starving, I’m in bed, and I want to cry this shit looks so good
Justin Tun
Justin Tun Hace 7 días
Could have said hulk smash
Uncouth Rapscallion
Uncouth Rapscallion Hace 4 días
Foster Price
Foster Price Hace 8 días
Lol Jamie cutting onions vs babish
Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins Hace 8 días
Hey banish I thought I’d like to give u a idea, can you make a video on root beer?
Elsa Williams
Elsa Williams Hace 9 días
You know, it might be fun to try the Chef's Choice Platter from Monster Hunter World. Give it a shot?
Willy Glassy
Willy Glassy Hace 9 días
Im canadian :/ theres no white castles here. The closest thing to thier famous sliders you can get is a buddy burger from a&w
J BAIN Hace 9 días
Ay if I could, I'd like to recommend that you make the squid ravioli from the opening scene of American Psycho
yawning here
yawning here Hace 10 días
Where’s your pickle on those smash burgers...? 😂just kidding this was amazing thank you
Ludwig harris
Ludwig harris Hace 11 días
Did you not consider taking the scraps off before freezing so you could get more out of it the first time around?
Michael Fox
Michael Fox Hace 11 días
As a person who actually works at White Castle, this video is rather accurate.
Andrew Hace 11 días
Your kitchen is goals babish
Big Chungy
Big Chungy Hace 12 días
I cannot stress how happy I am seeing you use martians, my go-to brand for potato based breads for literal years. I love them.
Scorpian 123457
Scorpian 123457 Hace 12 días
Harold and Babish escape from Guantanamo bay
soundsfromthestreet Hace 12 días
melted cheese > cheddar crisp come on son
Coral McNaughton
Coral McNaughton Hace 12 días
Man, you love yourself some smashburgers, huh?
Champagne Champagne
Champagne Champagne Hace 12 días
When he said "Babish version", I was like, "Was that not it?" and then he pulled out some extra shizz. Always fam, Always.
Faith Price
Faith Price Hace 12 días
Babish sounds extremely furious the entire time, I hope everything is ok? 😂😂
Shanke Hace 13 días
god damn those sliders look sad
Dario Martins
Dario Martins Hace 13 días
I would like to buy your book. Is it coming out in Europe to?
Badguy Hace 13 días
Are those beef crackers?
Preksha Varshney
Preksha Varshney Hace 13 días
Is it just me or does he sound kinda like Eugene from the Try Guys?
Matt Wainwright
Matt Wainwright Hace 13 días
Where in the name of the good lord did you get that stove top hot plate!?!?
Dyllon Arias
Dyllon Arias Hace 13 días
I'm so glad to see that your books aren"t over-priced as many things other ESwomenrs sell usually are. love the show! keep up the good work!
Antoine Laurent
Antoine Laurent Hace 13 días
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was big smokes order
sowylegend Hace 13 días
Well Seymour, I made *despite* your directions.
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell Hace 14 días
Is he really saying he couldn't find regular slider buns?! In like half his videos he busts out some crazy ingredients like squid ink and BEAR, and on top of that he almost always makes his own bread from scratch for any sandwich ever even though that's super unnecessary, but that's just how Babish is and it's awesome. But for real, in NEW YORK CITY you couldn't find slider buns?
Dylanimation !
Dylanimation ! Hace 14 días
You have to steam white Castle.
Skit Stack Studios
Skit Stack Studios Hace 14 días
Do you take recipe requests?
Jinkstack S
Jinkstack S Hace 14 días
“And as the hulk says, it’s smashing time!” - binging with babish 2019
No Name
No Name Hace 14 días
What's next? Cock meat sandwich.
Mgrzx3 Hace 14 días
I just had breakfast and watched this. I'm so ( expletive deleted ) hungry now. Only thing I would suggest would be add yellow mustard to the burgers. That always satisfied my crave. Thanks for all You have taught me. ( I bow deeply and respectfully to Babish )
C R Y P T I C Hace 14 días
That submariner tho
ShinichiVSHeji Hace 14 días
4:50 Matt Stonies Breakfast
Julian Kirby
Julian Kirby Hace 14 días
Gotta get them with double onions, and pickles, makes it twice as good.
Nightwing Josh
Nightwing Josh Hace 14 días
another guy on youtube made these, but used sara lee buns
Überzeugungstäter TX
Überzeugungstäter TX Hace 14 días
"until they're just turning translucent" If it isn't the invisible cunt
Daniel Ryder
Daniel Ryder Hace 14 días
I do not understand this recipe. Everything I know about burger making says the original recipe shouldn't work. Steaming the burgers and not getting nice crispy bits, not toasting the buns... Why does it work anyway? Are White Castle burgers bad? I am befuddled.
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