Binging with Babish: White Castle Order from Harold & Kumar

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Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

Hace 9 meses

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This week, the challenge lies in both the volume of food and the method by which it's prepared - 30 sliders whipped up at once, onion-steamed the way White Castle does it. Can I wolf down the entire hyper-stoned order placed by our titular heroes? Of course not, I'm no Matt Stonie, but I've got some hungry friends.
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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace 9 meses
This movie is like a time capsule - remember what it was like back in 2004, when it was this hard to get your hands on... ...white castle?
fedos Hace 2 días
The closest white castle is 115 miles away.
OriPrior66 Hace 8 días
My camp counselor was the white castle employee. He loved talking about filming it and how popular it became after the movie came out. Camp counselor was just a side job at the time for him
Rahaf Abbasi
Rahaf Abbasi Hace 20 días
Cant relate Im 13 do the math kids
Nahome Tesfay
Nahome Tesfay Hace 22 días
@Deshawn Edwards How about ¡The Bits!? I know they're simple I just like em
A Hace un mes
Jordan Yruegas there used to be some near Houston back in the da.
Christopher Dierlam
Christopher Dierlam Hace 3 horas
You beautiful, crazy son of a bitch
Xander Shadow
Xander Shadow Hace 7 horas
They ordered thirty each.. so shouldn't it technically have been Sixty sliders? x3
Ross Chippendale
Ross Chippendale Hace 18 horas
Luckily were I live we don't have White Castle... that burger doesn't look edible.
Leemer Hace un día
Crocs Official
Crocs Official Hace un día
"beat the beef to a paste like consistency" its 3 am and the 13 year old inside me is emerging
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Hace un día
Suggestion: The vegetarian stuff Hitler ate in Der Untergang
Simon Shen
Simon Shen Hace un día
I wanna be one of Babish's inebriated friends.
Jeshrek Hace un día
Agent Legoshi
Agent Legoshi Hace un día
Pressing down with a metal straw... Karen would be proud
molty copper
molty copper Hace un día
I miss white castle ;-;
King AndroidTM
King AndroidTM Hace un día
I'd love right now a white castle Burger. But I am on diet
Morbidly Obese Wizard
Morbidly Obese Wizard Hace 2 días
Ordering food for a family of 6 be like
IdunnRuna Hace 2 días
I definitely want to make this one day. But, don't they also have a squirt of ketchup?
Apple X
Apple X Hace 2 días
Why hasn't he lost his sanity yet
Lauren Frazier
Lauren Frazier Hace 3 días
Babish, as someone from St. Louis, I was so excited for this video and I felt like you kinda missed the mark. White Castle is supposed to be like greasy drunk food, those onions are supposed to be almost all the way caramelized and they put like five pickle chips on each slider, I’ve never seen just one. And the buns are supposed to be really soft from steaming. Also they flip the burgers they just flip them onto more onions. I love love love your show, I just had SUCH high hopes for the sliders
Rrrush Hace 3 días
Man I love food
ツRel Hace 3 días
I think that bowl could have supported more onions
TheSuspiciousOrange Hace 3 días
I don't... _get_ smash burgers. Yes, I understand they cook faster and, yes, I get that you get crispy bits. But they just always look so... delicate and sad. So limp and insubstantial. When I bite into a burger, I wanna taste and feel the burger in my mouth. I want juices. Different strokes for different folks but I just... don't understand the appeal of making burgers so thin. But all things considered, wonderful video, as always!
Dreadedemon Hace 4 días
Appetite enchanting substances lmao
Jason Logan
Jason Logan Hace 4 días
Gloutany can't eat that
Chris Alberico
Chris Alberico Hace 4 días
i love this movie
oh that guy
oh that guy Hace 5 días
"dude im hunger" "yeah i want burgers" **babish walks in instantly after hearing that** "Hey guys i got 30 burgers do you wants some"
Luka Newton
Luka Newton Hace 5 días
Great vid, babish rly knows how to keep it interesting
Mo Kno
Mo Kno Hace 5 días
Only time I've ever had White Castle was in Vegas and it was dog shit
PseudoPsychoSports Hace 6 días
I'm very disappointed you didn't make the buns. Pathetic
Big Cat
Big Cat Hace 6 días
It was so neat that neil patrick harris paid for their food
Verethranga Hace 6 días
Orders 30 sliders “make mine diet cokes”
Austin James
Austin James Hace 7 días
Babish, in a couple years: Ok so first we need beef. So we need to choose the healthiest calf the farm has to offer. Any diseases or injuries can seriously affect the meat.
Nick ser
Nick ser Hace 7 días
you can say whatever you want but those burgers look delicious
Viking Hace 8 días
White Castle's pretty good, had it a few days ago.
The Spicegoose
The Spicegoose Hace 8 días
I honestly can't even eat a burger without toasted buns
Gecko'sGotGames Hace 8 días
I like that he respected how amazing white castle is and said that his burgers are not better but different.
Mia Hace 9 días
video idea: have babish cook up a massive meal and then have Matt stonie eat it
Smoky Ox
Smoky Ox Hace 10 días
And here we are at the ??? MEAT CRACKERS?!?!? 2:40
S. Owl
S. Owl Hace 10 días
Kutner faked his death because he wanted to eat some good burgers for the rest of his life
DAN and PHIL Hace 10 días
I saw that movie when i was like six cause i walked by the tv seeing all the breast i learned about sex and puberty and six years old i was pretty trauamatized
XxBLUExXxFREAKxX Hace 10 días
Who do you feed all of this delicious food too? If we were friends I would be 300lb 😂 Love your channel I always come here to get my cooking fix 🤤❤️
Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand Hace 10 días
why you addressing the audience like they wanna cook 60 burgers?
Lilianna Weaver
Lilianna Weaver Hace 10 días
I just wanna know where he got the griddle?!?! shneedddd im literally on google rn lol
Stef Eckford
Stef Eckford Hace 10 días
the only reason I know what white castle is is because some friends of mine on an american sports team are sponsored by it. I've never even seen a whitecastle. We don't have them in Canada
Daniel Stamm
Daniel Stamm Hace 10 días
These videos make me so hungry
MD Productions
MD Productions Hace 10 días
The phrase “nubbin of beef” makes me so uncomfortable
0 0
0 0 Hace 5 días
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
my youtube
my youtube Hace 10 días
It looks like a lot of gastro problems.
Mr. Bongs BurgH
Mr. Bongs BurgH Hace 11 días
You'd be fired moving that slow
Nair Rui
Nair Rui Hace 11 días
I like how babish is teaching you how to make a slider but it sounds like he's teaching you how to ride a body in a swamp. I like this guy.
👈😎👈 Hace 11 días
being babish’s friend must be godly, he just suddenly walks into the room with a big ass tray of fast food and asks you to finish them
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Hace 11 días
Do wasabi buffalo wings from the Simpsons s16e2!!!
alter3go Hace 12 días
Is that a no-date sub or a Sea Dweller?
Moebius Hace 13 días
I'm confused as I love burgers but those sliders are the saddest looking things i've seen and i'm not picky.
Daniel Węgrzynowicz
Daniel Węgrzynowicz Hace 13 días
on the chance that you're into McDonald's meals Giveaway you must see *freeBURGER .me* . (eliminate spaces), they're just Organized.
rodriguez lonar
rodriguez lonar Hace 10 días
okkkk it's Quemeful
carmona dollison
carmona dollison Hace 10 días
Wow its Meteoric
Nalin Saini
Nalin Saini Hace 13 días
My guy here just dumped all over White Castle cooking
PokemonDimensions Hace 15 días
...did babish just admit that his friends are hammered by alcohol? Well I mean, drunk people do get really hungry, so
linus baker
linus baker Hace 15 días
Those fries look anaemic , I love you Andrew but please ... Those look oven baked, nasty, no crisp , no colour , no flavor . If I'm wrong then please correct me , I'm not a pro cook, I am a home cook and not a hater , but oven chips / fries (I'm from the UK so I say chips) are gross
556deltawolf Hace 16 días
You forgot Neil Patrick Harris showing up and paying for your ingredients.
Kentar15 Hace 16 días
!0/10 Best drool
npr victim
npr victim Hace 17 días
SACRILEGE!!! I hate you...I love you.
Adam Fuqua
Adam Fuqua Hace 17 días
Krystal's are better. ;) No holes.
Cut ALL of the onions
Joshua D'Alton
Joshua D'Alton Hace 17 días
Betwixt :D
Harold Dopico
Harold Dopico Hace 17 días
i think your suppose to let it defrost in the fridge
Radical Raccoon
Radical Raccoon Hace 17 días
Wait a minute you cook them on onions and you want them to make as much steam Does that mean.... You also made.... Steamed hams?
npr victim
npr victim Hace 17 días
"Dad" is in the house.
Littlefoot On the trail
Littlefoot On the trail Hace 18 días
Sorry, but cheese on a slider is a crime!
Papa Njok
Papa Njok Hace 18 días
The only friend that was in that room was Matt Stonie.
Omar Mesa
Omar Mesa Hace 18 días
Those burgers made me sick the first(and only) I had them.
volsdeep 2020
volsdeep 2020 Hace 18 días
First time I went to Jersey, there was a guy yelling at us at the toll. Couldn't stop laughing
Miscellaneo and Toby
Miscellaneo and Toby Hace 18 días
How to make: buy 60 burgers. Buy bottles of Coca Cola and Diet Coke. A lot of it
Yuh Aye
Yuh Aye Hace 18 días
Yes I always knew Binging smoked weed but I’m glad he confirmed it 😂
Vishal Prakash
Vishal Prakash Hace 18 días
Speaking of just the rights size, 5.3 inches
CaroSum Hace 19 días
Hey ! Thanks for the great videos. I have a problem with the recipe, my husband made it but the bottom part of the bread got SO soggy when put on the patties, also he didn't freeze the meat for not having enough time, could that be the reason ? Thanks for whoever can help me !
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