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Hace 24 días

Trevor Noah goes through the highlights from last night's BET Awards and how Billy Ray Cyrus' "Old Town Road" performance received a standing ovation.
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Mo Sahal
Mo Sahal Hace 6 días
Usa Look at me am feeling so proud for being Somali 💯🤣🤗
Ke Tho
Ke Tho Hace 11 días
so the oscars are rascist because not much black have won one... but there is a show where only black are nominated??? i hope my white son have the same possibilitys one day like black women have today...
A l
A l Hace 14 días
The Truth Denominator
The Truth Denominator Hace 16 días
The black n white🤣🤣🤣
nora njoku
nora njoku Hace 17 días
Now Miley THAT'S how you get approval from the BLACK COMMUNITY
Borhan Ahmed
Borhan Ahmed Hace 19 días
WET Award... White Entertainment Award!!!
Margarita M.
Margarita M. Hace 17 días
You mean like any American Award perior to late 60s-70s?
your comment might not work so please
your comment might not work so please Hace 20 días
"AMERICA LOOK ATH ME,I am the Humanitarian now huh"
Kate Sonnie
Kate Sonnie Hace 20 días
Look at me America 😂😂😂
Jorge Stolfi
Jorge Stolfi Hace 21 un día
"Why are you yelling at the microphone? The microphone does the yelling for you!". Priceless.
Fidelis Nwaugba
Fidelis Nwaugba Hace 22 días
Trevor you forgot to mention that a Nigerian won best International Act from your constituency and that his mother gave a very good speech. Do you have a problem with Nigeria?
Abdirahman Aboor
Abdirahman Aboor Hace 22 días
i'm somali and i'm proud
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Hace 22 días
You mean NasX got the ovation and Billy was there.
I am The captain now
I am The captain now Hace 22 días
Ayy thanks for the shoutout Michael.🏴‍☠️🇸🇴
n h
n h Hace 23 días
i rmember BET from boondocks
Somalia Africa
Somalia Africa Hace 23 días
The difference between Trump with his administration and Piracy is HUMANITY.
Dinars Jaunais
Dinars Jaunais Hace 23 días
Don't you think 3 of them won't make it till 2020?
Ben Wright
Ben Wright Hace 23 días
I hate this dude. He loves him some identity politics!!!
rogerio maria
rogerio maria Hace 23 días
The Somali pirates have more empathy for ppl then America 😿
Steve Said
Steve Said Hace 23 días
I need to ask and im genuinely asking so dont shoot me down. Im not from the US but would think a white music entertainers only celebration would be unthinkable, how does this work with having a black only music award.
Steve Said
Steve Said Hace 23 días
@ANony Mouse yep see this as a leveler approach for minority groups of any background to get a chance to be recognised. So see your point. I would think though in the music industry that black and white artists have very even and very mixed supporters all most colour blind to the point it is just about the quality and popularity of the performance and your interest in a genre of music. I see a genre of music having seperate awards but still cant quite see doing this based on colour...i dont know, i maybe totally missing something.
ANony Mouse
ANony Mouse Hace 23 días
You could argue that there is an unfair bias toward white folks in most celebrity awards.
Forrest Man
Forrest Man Hace 23 días
Let me sum up the BET awards : uuuu look at us we r such little victims.
Kadiatu Ruth Bangura
Kadiatu Ruth Bangura Hace 23 días
😂😂😂😂poor microphone
an INFINITEly VIXXed VIP! Hace 23 días
A round of applause for somali pirates, who despite taking someone´s freedom like the US they knew the importance of hygiene...i never thought i would be saying that. What a time to be alive!
Alejandro Chaves
Alejandro Chaves Hace 23 días
Trevor Noah is one soft whack brotha.
theklamfyr Hace 16 días
wtback huh?
Surtu Hace 23 días
I think it was a great idea just having a bunch of dems get on the stage to go "IF I DONT WIN, STAY WITH THE DEM WHO BEATS ME!"
German Bobadilla
German Bobadilla Hace 24 días
What is the counterpart of the BET Awards? The Oscars?
princess étoile
princess étoile Hace 24 días
Berniiiiiiiiiiiiie Bernie Sanders 🙏🏻
Sway Ze
Sway Ze Hace 24 días
Cardi B aint black though 🙄
Brad kava
Brad kava Hace 24 días
If race problems didn’t exist Trevor Noah wouldn’t be able to profit off it and become famous
Brad Suarez
Brad Suarez Hace 24 días
Old town road is fire tho…. Been my favorite song since it came out
Saskia Tull
Saskia Tull Hace 24 días
I love Martin lol!!
Yaamin Mohmmed
Yaamin Mohmmed Hace 24 días
I love being Somali 🇸🇴💙😂
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas Hace 24 días
lets be real, the bet awards is way down in numbers.
Nef22 Hace 24 días
We need MTV awards be white only
radwan ibrahim
radwan ibrahim Hace 24 días
Although Somali pirates are bad us somalis culture is based on hospitality and kindness
Moha Amip
Moha Amip Hace 17 días
Yup, that is what we are known for. In fact we rank #4 the Most hospitable people to strangers in the world.
Mohamed Ahmed Dahir
Mohamed Ahmed Dahir Hace 24 días
Trevor that Somali accent is pure accurate 😂 I thought it was me talking 😂 America look at me I am the humanitarian now
Moha Amip
Moha Amip Hace 17 días
Lol super inaccurate.
Kevin T
Kevin T Hace 24 días
Trevor sounds very racist
S H Hace 24 días
This is so sad that even Trevor bearly kept it straight from the weight of whats happening with asylum seekers in US. Trevor`s job is trying to make light of this to keep us informed. How are most people in the comment still happily making jokes?
Real Eyes, Realise, Real Lies
Real Eyes, Realise, Real Lies Hace 24 días
Why does all of trevors african accents sound the same,? Im pretty sure thats not how somalis sound like lol
Jenny Warm
Jenny Warm Hace 24 días
Why is this song sucessful its terrible! Sounds like a Lonely Island parody but not good
Tommy simonsen
Tommy simonsen Hace 24 días
Whats next a black person getting an Oscar?
Steve Lamberts
Steve Lamberts Hace 24 días
How come when you have black awards this and black events this, why is nobody screaming racism?
Beruk Alemu
Beruk Alemu Hace 24 días
proud of Somalian pirates.
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic Hace 24 días
How was the fish? Not so good Al..
Bolaji Ayeni
Bolaji Ayeni Hace 24 días
Totally ignored mama burna and took a jab at the Nigerian brothers, not cool trevor
Issie wizzie
Issie wizzie Hace 24 días
Politics sucks on all sides
Princess Jauregui-Hansen
Princess Jauregui-Hansen Hace 24 días
well let's be real, the BET crowd is less judgy about that stuff and they will happily enjoy it if it's a good song. It's the CMAs crowd that get all pissy about race
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Hace 24 días
Is there also a white entertainment award? When not, then BET is super racist.
I Shot Blanks
I Shot Blanks Hace 24 días
Lol... How racist have Black Americans become?... A Black Award only for black people?!...😂😂😂 the eff can you get away with that much racial segregation?!... America is Racist, and its not the white guys that are racist..its the BLACKS
Annora Hace 24 días
Daily Show didnt want to pay to play even a few notes of Old Town Road. Plus at least me tion Lil Naz X and WHY Billy Ray got the ovation.
u and me
u and me Hace 24 días
I wanna marry noah .. he is like chocolate to me ..
Brenda Otin
Brenda Otin Hace 24 días
Cardi B is not black
G3ØRGE Hace 24 días
Trevor Noah instead of bringing communities with his humor he juts keeps making fun on white people
The Other Side
The Other Side Hace 24 días
*If you listen to the American government, everything seems good, until you pay attention to reports.*
Joe no
Joe no Hace 24 días
Ridiculous that I have to switch my vpn to the U.K. to watch a video about a country singer.
Robin Kummer
Robin Kummer Hace 24 días
Actually the rooms where refugees where looked ok. There was just too many of them. Most likely it's beacose the veting takes time and ammount of arrivals IS bigger than they can take.
appie D
appie D Hace 24 días
Look at me loook at me, I’m am the captain now!!
Hakeem Adjei
Hakeem Adjei Hace 24 días
Where is the UN
calansida cabdi
calansida cabdi Hace 24 días
calansida cabdi
calansida cabdi Hace 24 días
Kenneth Chemwok
Kenneth Chemwok Hace 24 días
That Pirate joke at the end killed it... Hahahahaha
Mohamed Hijas
Mohamed Hijas Hace 24 días
Democrats and republicans all want to win elections, not to help people. America is too busy fighting wars for other countries like israel and Saudi Arabia. All that money is in smoke.
Ibrahim Gassama
Ibrahim Gassama Hace 24 días
European americans should not be invited in BET .
Shanna Jones
Shanna Jones Hace 24 días
MediCali951 Hace 24 días
Trevor didn’t mention Nipsey the great. Please give neighborhood some love
JustSimply Shida
JustSimply Shida Hace 24 días
The pirates are better people 🤯🤯🤯
TheReal Ammarah
TheReal Ammarah Hace 24 días
The ending😂😂😂😂😂
Sweeping Sweeper
Sweeping Sweeper Hace 24 días
Lol a black-only award show?
john Wilson
john Wilson Hace 24 días
I say that all the time... Learn proximity affect so you use presence instead of yelling at the mic...
Jesse Gros
Jesse Gros Hace 24 días
“Bestseller” Amazon best sellers where you put a book in an obscure category and buy a bunch of your own copies don’t count... scam
bertasu Hace 24 días
Beyonce and Dixie chicks made an actually good performance(yeah I said it) ant the CMAs and the audience was salty.
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