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Kakune96 Gamimg
Kakune96 Gamimg Hace 21 un minuto
Love all my heart.
That Slayer
That Slayer Hace 31 un minuto
I came to give this song a chance not for james Charles but just to listen
Drama Queen
Drama Queen Hace 58 minutos
Love 💖😉
Leonardo Godoy
Leonardo Godoy Hace un hora
La instrumental de esta cancion me hace acordar a X no les parece?
*** Hace un hora
multistan fandom
multistan fandom Hace un hora
billie's interested in a guy that dosent like her billie:hold my invisilign me:im available😂
Medoit Hace un hora
I wish that guy
sIX PaINt Hace un hora
She hate smile But i love she smile :)
Melody Mind
Melody Mind Hace un hora
damn, who else had a feeling the comments section would be all about "James Charles"
Xiime mmzz
Xiime mmzz Hace 2 horas
te amo
Slskdndjx Usbsheyejb
Slskdndjx Usbsheyejb Hace 4 horas
James Charles really felt this one
Rose Lilith Chan
Rose Lilith Chan Hace 5 horas
definitely i have a crush on him like he is 14 yrs old here in this yt and he has a channel and more subs and he is a countryhuman definitely his oc but he has 2 ocs, one is him and one his evil him and everybody ship him and his evil side and i was like i am jealous so well he is a bit gay.... his channel name was CallMeNick, check on his community.... i was going to do this meme for him but.....hahaha lol but i am a bit happy :[]
Autumnz _Artz
Autumnz _Artz Hace 6 horas
yeah the person i thought of hearing this was another girl so for me its more like i wish you werent gay (she is gay)
Autumnz _Artz
Autumnz _Artz Hace 6 horas
for me its i wish you werent gay 😓
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla Hace 7 horas
*i'm so gay for this song* i made a cover of it, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen
Jozee Torres
Jozee Torres Hace 7 horas
James Charles favorite song
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Hace 8 horas
Please collaborate with Brandon urie aka panic at the disco
The Really Bad YouTuber
The Really Bad YouTuber Hace 8 horas
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: James Charles:
Gaby Peinado
Gaby Peinado Hace 8 horas
Thank you Billie for making this song! This song was got me thought dark times, time that make me feel like I just wanna end it all. “Tan fingers tarring out my hair”,” I can’t stand another day”, “I will never let you go,” “l just wanna make you feel ok”. Those are the lyrics that hit me hard man. I’m so thankful please make more songs like this, the type of songs that will put you In your feels👍👌🙏👊🏽
You Xuan
You Xuan Hace 8 horas
Such a great song! Cant understand where that 20thousands something come from
Excentric Bread
Excentric Bread Hace 8 horas
Who's scarier? Like: Billie Eilish Comment: JK Rowling's Twitter. It should be obvious lol
mariahs spann
mariahs spann Hace 8 horas
Ñekö Hace 9 horas
oh hey random people in the comments so do u like short horrible stories well if so here you go : so my friend shows me this song and i loved it cuz it was billie but couldn't really relate so then ofc my lets just say smart behind .... (to put it in nicer words) goes and gets a crush -_- and i was all happy and everything so one day he asked me out and i said yes so quickly i was so excited and as soon as i said yes his buddies come around the corner laughing and i just look confused and all he says is oh sorry your not my type ..... ;-; now i relate to this song on a spiritual level welp that was all if you stayed and read thanks !
Hg Hugo
Hg Hugo Hace 9 horas
I’m like crying now😭😭😭😭
Juan Tosoni
Juan Tosoni Hace 9 horas
Soy el único que habla español y no entiende nada pero la canción está BUENARDA
Silly Lilly Shenanigans
Silly Lilly Shenanigans Hace 9 horas
There’s this kid in my class and he’s a boy and he has two ear piercings in each in like a girl and me and my friend we both think he’s gay so we sing this song in our head when we see him
nightcore creations
nightcore creations Hace 10 horas
straight guys: *exists* James Charles:
Gaby Peinado
Gaby Peinado Hace 11 horas
No one: ... No one at ALL: ... Billie: i just kinda wish you were gay Also Billie: so the guy that I was singing about did turn out to be gay so... yeah
Gaby Peinado
Gaby Peinado Hace 11 horas
I looked up this vid 1 month before watching this now and boy I thought I was sad then PS: past me, it’s ganna get way worse💀
Lexie Moss
Lexie Moss Hace 11 horas
it's about the implication
Jarod Eloff
Jarod Eloff Hace 12 horas
hold up, noticing the change from "gender" to "sexual" orientation. Is this down to social ideas or because she/ someone thought it sounded better???
Fish The Musician
Fish The Musician Hace 12 horas
i think i am the first one who play her song on kalimba -ahahaha-
Natalie Chavez
Natalie Chavez Hace 12 horas
playback speed at 1.25
duragreg Hace 12 horas
Carlos Rodruguez
Carlos Rodruguez Hace 13 horas
OMG Billie is a inspiration to me and i love her like to death
Lupita Reyes
Lupita Reyes Hace 13 horas
I love billie
Luna Hace 13 horas
James Charles: wIsH yOu wErE gAy Straight Waiter: Uhm, okay.. here’s your food sir
Muffin Muffin
Muffin Muffin Hace 13 horas
Why can’t I keep my own comment grey
IIGachaHonII Hace 15 horas
i am bi sex.. ;c
tishtim Hace 14 horas
Lmo roblox, how old are you?
IIGachaHonII Hace 14 horas
tishtim Hace 14 horas
Good for you 😊
Maya McCormick
Maya McCormick Hace 15 horas
Venus Skarlet
Venus Skarlet Hace 15 horas
Billie: I Just Kinda Wish You Were Gay... *James Charles joined server* *Straight guys left server*
Lizzie is Smelly
Lizzie is Smelly Hace 16 horas
When she says I wish you were gay. I’m thinking she means happy. Because gay also means happy 😃. Just if you didn’t knew...😕
M Scofield
M Scofield Hace 16 horas
элджей, присмотрись к этой девушке
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Hace 16 horas
I’m bi does that count? Lol 😂
j Hace 16 horas
"Baby, I don't feel so good." *billie fades away*
Lina DJOUDI Hace 16 horas
I also wish you were at least there would be a real reason about you and me not being us
Şeyma Karaşin
Şeyma Karaşin Hace 17 horas
your mom gay
charmouri Hace 17 horas
james charles: same
P A P Hace 17 horas
nobody: comment section: JaMeS cHaRlEs Be LiKe
Mormor Gaming
Mormor Gaming Hace 17 horas
U gay mate?
Tamara Francis
Tamara Francis Hace 17 horas
9 times you never made it fair (or there idek) i ate alone at 7 you were 6 minutes away. what about 8!
Aydan Allahverdiyeva
Aydan Allahverdiyeva Hace 17 horas
i really wanna see video for this song
Gerrezore Joubert
Gerrezore Joubert Hace 18 horas
I like this! Sing is beautiful!
Rebella Hace 18 horas
I wish I was gay so I wouldn’t be this hurt :(((
Rebella Hace 18 horas
*cries in gay*
Amelia Kim
Amelia Kim Hace 19 horas
10 fingers pulling out my hair 9 times you never made it there, I 8 alone at 7, you were 6 minutes away.
mbah dukun
mbah dukun Hace 20 horas
Dari indo donk like awokawokawok :v
mAdDiE LaSaGnAaAAa
mAdDiE LaSaGnAaAAa Hace 20 horas
This is what James sings to all the straight boys he tried to manipulate
Mint Lim
Mint Lim Hace 21 un hora
Omg Im scared of her eyes x
Arianna Willis
Arianna Willis Hace 21 un hora
The meaning behind this song: she loves a guy but he doesn’t feel the same way about her she wants a better reason for him not to be interested so she wishes he was gay. XD
Haruki Yauno :3
Haruki Yauno :3 Hace 21 un hora
Wow bille you are amazing sorry for bad English...🥀❤️ love you song
Valeria Manchego Diaz
Valeria Manchego Diaz Hace 21 un hora
Nina Farid
Nina Farid Hace 22 horas
Why does your songs make me relax??its like being in a jacuzzi of soft things😂and btw ur songs are amazing❤️❤️
Merry Shah
Merry Shah Hace 22 horas
filthy socks
Tricia Diocampo
Tricia Diocampo Hace 22 horas
Wish my classmate is gay.
Hoa Nguyen
Hoa Nguyen Hace 23 horas
Where the lyrics lol T____T
Dirty Panda055
Dirty Panda055 Hace 23 horas
Billie: "i wish you were gay" *James Charles has joined the chat.
Nissa Hace 23 horas
Who’s the dumbass that didn’t like Billie back? i just wanna talk
big mess laila
big mess laila Hace 17 horas
hi its me-ish
just tired
just tired Hace 23 horas
Still boring. Still narcissistic. Still fake. Still lying to yourself. Still confused. Still... Tired.
Sara Josipović
Sara Josipović Hace un día
**james charles has entered the chat**
OwO Im a CeLeBrItY OwO
OwO Im a CeLeBrItY OwO Hace un día
Im only here for James Charles...
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla Hace un día
*pls stop scrolling for a sec :)* ✋ i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen thx so much for reading, hope u have the best day ever 💛
Лuзã Кøт
Лuзã Кøт Hace un día
Это прекрасно👏 (впрочем как всегда)
Andini Putriu
Andini Putriu Hace un día
Kartof btw
Kartof btw Hace un día
misha ii gay
Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile Hace un día
Di acord
The Scranton Strangler
The Scranton Strangler Hace un día
Wow who would've guessed this totally original pop singer was gay? Wow I'm surprised, she's so unique.
The Scranton Strangler
The Scranton Strangler Hace un día
+BlackShadow Mustang Yeahhhhhhhh
BlackShadow Mustang
BlackShadow Mustang Hace un día
She isn’t gay.
Christopher SaRaM
Christopher SaRaM Hace un día
Fuck unlike 🙅🏻‍♂️🖕🏻
ale wifetalk
ale wifetalk Hace un día
When you’re stuck in a relationship that hurts so much but you would much rather stay because you’re in denial.
Wade until they getta load of me
Wade until they getta load of me Hace un día
No that's gay
Landen Trapp
Landen Trapp Hace un día
Well this would be a wierd song to sing in a car with your friend being a guy.
BigTonyBruiser Hace un día
Who else was gonna make a joke about James charles
Arliyah Khan
Arliyah Khan Hace un día
I'm obsessed 😍
Shadow The Cat
Shadow The Cat Hace un día
"Wish you were gay" How the jalbert thing started
Butt Hole
Butt Hole Hace un día
Wish you were lesbian
Coco Cat28
Coco Cat28 Hace un día
comments section 10% billie isnt actually gay 90% james charles
Losing Interest
Losing Interest Hace un día
Coco Cat28 ikr
The Jenna Endeavour
The Jenna Endeavour Hace un día
Holy fuck!
MIX VLOGS,COOK Hace un día
Anyone come from tommy thicc????
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis Hace un día
*but that would be gay*
Losing Interest
Losing Interest Hace un día
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis ...
ᄇ ᄐ ᄉ사랑
ᄇ ᄐ ᄉ사랑 Hace un día
Aesthetic 💕
Anel1999 Hace un día
Why is she talk slow ?
Thick of the nick
Thick of the nick Hace un día
James Charles enter the chat
Enrique Gonzalez
Enrique Gonzalez Hace un día
Who ever dislike this is an asshole this song is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
- Gacha Wolf -
- Gacha Wolf - Hace un día
Billie: wish you gay James Charles: ...
- Gacha Wolf -
- Gacha Wolf - Hace un día
Losing Intrest, Idfc
Losing Interest
Losing Interest Hace un día
- Gacha Wolf - You: lemme steal a comment today!
Hannah Camphor
Hannah Camphor Hace un día
I wish you were gay
Hannah Camphor
Hannah Camphor Hace un día
I love this song
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller Hace un día
What’s the 5 word
Gacha Unicorn
Gacha Unicorn Hace un día
is this offense to James Charles?
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Hace un día
"Baby I don't feel so good" My Marvel fan self: *TRIGGERED*
claire ji hee kim
claire ji hee kim Hace un día covered this amazing song....! give it a listen 💖
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