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Music video by Billie Eilish performing wish you were gay (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

•Rimmy •
•Rimmy • Hace 14 horas
Billie : is there a 12th step for you? Jake: *DO NOT GO BEOND THE 15TH STEP* (Adventure time reference sorry)
Its Tea time
Its Tea time Hace 14 horas
I'm a small ESwomenr and I uploaded a cover of ”wish you were gay”, would you mind checking it out? 🌻💛
no name
no name Hace 15 horas
*sick of that fuckin **_Oİ BOİ WHO İS BETTER?_** shit* ..
Pelin Kaplan
Pelin Kaplan Hace 15 horas
this is my new favouritre shower song
Natasha Robinson
Natasha Robinson Hace 15 horas
Hi my queen 👸👸👸👸👸👸👸
Loßer._.Ižžy Hace 15 horas
Is this Billie coming out to us?
Eva Spark
Eva Spark Hace 16 horas
I can relate, i have a male friend (im a female) and i just kinda wish he was gay.
Yuan Lee
Yuan Lee Hace 16 horas
Billie Is the best no cap 🧢
Jinaa.V Hace 16 horas
Anyone just from "adults react to billie eilish..." we've been expecting you
avo cado
avo cado Hace 17 horas
Why is nobody talking about the lyrics? It's super sad😥
Bangtan. _ .Editz
Bangtan. _ .Editz Hace 17 horas
Me: This is amazing song Tiktok: this would be a good challenge audio! Me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
Gymnastics J
Gymnastics J Hace 17 horas
If you can’t hear the beeping at 0:08 and 0:16 you haven’t listened to this enough
ĐM hay lắm
ĐM hay lắm Hace 17 horas
Wish you were gay
Melissa Jean
Melissa Jean Hace 17 horas
Lupita Gonzalez
Lupita Gonzalez Hace 18 horas
Im in love ahhh
Dana Hace 18 horas
Wish there wasnt a creepy hollow on a bed when I clicked this.. I guess that is the actual billie boy
fire bunnyz97
fire bunnyz97 Hace 18 horas
Half the veiws are me:)
ghost of kailynn
ghost of kailynn Hace 18 horas
Come out and play vibes
exelent monkey 329
exelent monkey 329 Hace 18 horas
Me: *Waits for a coming out video of reacting to the song to parents*
Lana and the Ocean Eyes Diamonds
Lana and the Ocean Eyes Diamonds Hace 18 horas
1:39 I felt that
Ashton Andrade
Ashton Andrade Hace 19 horas
this song is the best Change my opinion
Lame Photographer
Lame Photographer Hace 19 horas
This is a 1:01 am song right here 👌
Best Lyrics
Best Lyrics Hace 19 horas
I lowkey listen to this everyday I just never get tired of her song they are just too good
chitra rekha
chitra rekha Hace 19 horas
plot twist: he is actually gay
Magenta Ink
Magenta Ink Hace 19 horas
I feel this way about my crush
Ramen Noodle
Ramen Noodle Hace 19 horas
GUYS ITS NOT ELEVEN HAZE ITS ELEVEN HEY’S AS IN THEY KEPT TEXTING EACHOTHER HEY THATS WHY THERE WAS HEY HEY HEY... AFTER THAT Y’all know this but I didn’t okay this is news to me all the lyric videos I watch says haze
tanaw po
tanaw po Hace 19 horas
Reminds me of melanie Martinez
braddking 123X
braddking 123X Hace 19 horas
her eyes are creepy spam pite lol
Edwardo Is de wae
Edwardo Is de wae Hace 19 horas
Me: Nothing can ruin this song Tiktok: *Hold my Honeycomb*
Jaemins broken back Problems idk okay
Jaemins broken back Problems idk okay Hace 19 horas
Song writer:so how relatable do you wanna make this song *Billie:yes*
fruitpunch :3
fruitpunch :3 Hace 20 horas
I love her songs
fruitpunch :3
fruitpunch :3 Hace 20 horas
fruitpunch :3
fruitpunch :3 Hace 20 horas
I just wanna say that she was acully she was intread in this guy but he was not intrestad in her and she sang that song and she said i wish you where gay so he was not itreaded in her............. i kind of feel like that of what happen i liked some one but he was not itreased so yeah thanks 😔😔
Thanh Huong
Thanh Huong Hace 20 horas
Juan Martin Gomez
Juan Martin Gomez Hace 20 horas
yeah so I just asked a girl to prom and she posted these lyrics on her snap story. So yeah fuck. Basically just "I just kinda wish you were gay".
Zach Ary
Zach Ary Hace 20 horas
pls make a song with post malonee
Kameswar Yadav
Kameswar Yadav Hace 20 horas
Listen her every songs it feels like she is making every one sleep
Aloidaliz Gevero
Aloidaliz Gevero Hace 20 horas
I’m a small youtuber who wants to pursue her dreams and I made a cover of this song! I would highly appreciate it if you guys checked it out!! ☺️
LillieSimsie Hace 21 un hora
I yawned again. And cried. Billie Eilish Listen before I go I love you goodbye..
Jihyung Kim
Jihyung Kim Hace 21 un hora
Who is better? Justin Bieber: dislike Billie: Like
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Hace 21 un hora
What she mean she wish they were gay?
Truong Minh Son
Truong Minh Son Hace 21 un hora
Seeing the youtube ad on a yt video is like the most retarded thing ever
Unicorn Whale
Unicorn Whale Hace 21 un hora
Sorry I'm a bi
Sandy Ketchup
Sandy Ketchup Hace 21 un hora
FU tik tok
Amanda Kawaii
Amanda Kawaii Hace 21 un hora
Billie, eu sei que você nunca vai ver esse comentário do mesmo jeito. Eu não sei oque tem nessa musica mais eu consigo sentir como você estivesse realmente cantando bem aqui, do meu lado, provalvemente é porque meu fone ta no volume maximo, mas de verdade, essa musica parece meio que see especial para mim. Meu sonho é um dia ver você 💟💟
godzilla baby
godzilla baby Hace 22 horas
Who remembers the ukulele version that came first 🤔🤔
- Gacha Deer -
- Gacha Deer - Hace 22 horas
1.25 X is so good!
United Twist
United Twist Hace 22 horas
Bro this song is such a bop
Angelika’s Channel
Angelika’s Channel Hace 22 horas
The perfect person doesn’t exi.....
White Diamond
White Diamond Hace 22 horas
wish you were gay, rainbow quartz 2.0
DULLEX_421 Hace 22 horas
Wish you were Deddddd!!!!!!HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Ella c.
Ella c. Hace 22 horas
kc *:・
kc *:・ Hace 22 horas
*i d o n t f e e l s o g o o d*
Sara pOTAtO
Sara pOTAtO Hace 22 horas
Producer: how many preschoolers do u wanna give nightmares to? Billie: yes
ii_lunarr Hace 22 horas
Me: Psh, No one can ruin this song for me! Cringy Part Of Gacha Community: hOld mY coOkIeS
cool gamer
cool gamer Hace 22 horas
Thanos:snaps *Billie* : *babe* *I* *don't* *feel* *so* *good*
Zahria David
Zahria David Hace 22 horas
After falling for those ocean eyes, I think I'm gonna bury a friend when the party's over.
Azul danza
Azul danza Hace 22 horas
Trinity Stephens
Trinity Stephens Hace 23 horas
You have good taste in music! ;)
Yandery Herrera-Garcia
Yandery Herrera-Garcia Hace 23 horas
Billie: I jus kinda wish you were gay James Charles: Hi sisters
Kali Robinson
Kali Robinson Hace un día
@every straight male friend I have ever had.
Alison Green
Alison Green Hace un día
love this song love all her songs, she sings lovely
The AlbinoMeatMachine
The AlbinoMeatMachine Hace un día
When u have a crush on someone but they reject you Billie:did I get rejected?must make a song about it!(no offense love ur vids and songs and this one)
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence Hace un día
I wish there was a music video to this, and I know I’m not the only one
Bakeed Hace un día
WHO'S BETTER? *Billie, Billie is better* Like: Billie Comment: Billie Backflip: Still fucking Billie
Latarya Starkweather
Latarya Starkweather Hace un día
i love the song i wish u were gay
Samy EN
Samy EN Hace un día
what she mean by 6 words
El MartoO
El MartoO Hace un día
this song doesnt need remix, its fuckin perfect !!!
chocolate Rainbow unicorn
chocolate Rainbow unicorn Hace un día
why are so much ppl comparing Billie and Selena, they are both great singers
Tyler Novak
Tyler Novak Hace un día
i sent this to my crush and he was confused
Saje Hocker
Saje Hocker Hace un día
my little sister scared of Billie eilish now
Bakeed Hace un día
Did jk rowling write this?
The Random Tator Tot
The Random Tator Tot Hace un día
At 3:00 she snaps
I need some bleach
I need some bleach Hace un día
Idk i kinda like my best friend but shes straight. I just kinda wish she was gay
Pearl Belen
Pearl Belen Hace un día
whos better Billie?like Melanie?comment
Flowergirl Love
Flowergirl Love Hace un día
I think that everyone was actually starving for her music... that is why I love her 😍🤩🤯
Emilee Cardenas
Emilee Cardenas Hace un día
I can listen to this NONSTOP
Erica Kova
Erica Kova Hace un día
Whatever number you get you have to listen to that song :3 1. Gasoline by Halsey 2. Soap by Melanie Martinez 3. S.L.U.T. by Bea Miller 4. Hoodie by Hey Violet 5. Happier by Marshmello 6. Die Young by Kesha 7. R U Crazy by Conor Maynard 8. Weak by AJR 9. Karma by ALMA 0. Whatever you want from this list
Accept the fate
Accept the fate Hace un día
I JuSt WaNnA mAkE yOu FeEl OkAy :p HoW aM i SuPpOsEd To MaKe YoU fEeL oKaY ??? :/
Ruby Roblox
Ruby Roblox Hace un día
Okay but who else tried to play guitar/ukulele along with the song?
Queen Ellen
Queen Ellen Hace un día
OK so all you people saying the Billie got rejected and wished he was gay I don't believe you bc like who tf would reject Billie
Queen Ellen
Queen Ellen Hace un día
+VioletPorcelain but it wouldn't because it would encourage me in some way
Queen Ellen
Queen Ellen Hace un día
+VioletPorcelain you right
VioletPorcelain Hace un día
Well you see there’s always the possibility of her opening her mouth on your wedding day to reveal a large worm controlling her body so it’s possible that could discourage you
Queen Ellen
Queen Ellen Hace un día
+VioletPorcelain I know but like who would reject her even if he was gay like tf...
VioletPorcelain Hace un día
Well I mean she said it herself that that’s the story and it turns out he was gay so that’s why
Purple Elephants
Purple Elephants Hace un día
Last time I checked, she was at 6 mil....TF HAPPENED!? 😂😂
Paulo Tv
Paulo Tv Hace un día
who is better? like = billie eilish comment = cute dogs ;-;
LilDeer ;3
LilDeer ;3 Hace 14 horas
Kalla Homme
Kalla Homme Hace un día
billie if ur readiing this i have always wanted to be a singer and your my best inspiration ass a young singer with great voice so please respond
boba tea official
boba tea official Hace un día
but... i am gay.
Angie’s Art
Angie’s Art Hace un día
nice song! 😮🤩🙂
Firefox 28574
Firefox 28574 Hace un día
Billie: I wish you were gay Guy: I'm gay 😏
Brianna Reigle
Brianna Reigle Hace un día
The Devil works hard *but Billie works harder*
Zaine and Layla
Zaine and Layla Hace un día
{ ; I like this song
Mega Star
Mega Star Hace un día
Oh what a pretty smile! *runs away*
Bertha Perez
Bertha Perez Hace un día
Nina Hace un día
Oh God please tell me her eyes are closed.
med salah
med salah Hace un día
duckboy anthem
SKSKSKSKSK -_- Hace un día
Who's better? Like : Billie Comment : pink guy
10,000 Subs without any videos challenge!
10,000 Subs without any videos challenge! Hace un día
Alexandra Holden
Alexandra Holden Hace 22 horas
Ok, I’m done
Alexandra Holden
Alexandra Holden Hace 22 horas
Alexandra Holden
Alexandra Holden Hace 22 horas
Alexandra Holden
Alexandra Holden Hace 22 horas
yeet Tori
yeet Tori Hace un día
My favorite parts are 0:00 - 3:41
Adelheid Petrus
Adelheid Petrus Hace un día
billie eilish after this song: *breathes* Everyone: *ThAtS SoOoOoO HomOpHoBiC!!!!*
priscilla ramona
priscilla ramona Hace un día
J k rowling about all the harry potter's characters
Vĩ Hòa
Vĩ Hòa Hace un día
re watch it when you guys are on LSD and tell me how good it is damnnnnnnn damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so fucking brightttttttttttttttttt
lol Hace un día
Who else is watching this with their new headphones
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