Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY - a short film

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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Hace un mes

a short film originally produced for and seen on tour
made by billie eilish
do you know me?
really know me?
you have opinions
about my opinions
about my music
about my clothes
about my body
some people hate what I wear
some people praise it
some people use it to shame others
some people use it to shame me
but I feel you watching
and nothing I do goes unseen
so while I feel your stares
your disapproval
or your sigh of relief
if I lived by them
I’d never be able to move
would you like me to be smaller?
would you like me to be quiet?
do my shoulders provoke you?
does my chest?
am I my stomach?
my hips?
the body I was born with
is it not what you wanted?
if I wear what is comfortable
I am not a woman
if I shed the layers
I’m a slut
though you’ve never seen my body
you still judge it
and judge me for it
we make assumptions about people
based on their size
we decide who they are
we decide what they’re worth
if I wear more
if I wear less
who decides what that makes me?
what that means?
is my value based only on your perception?
or is your opinion of me
not my responsibility

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Lanese Franklin
Lanese Franklin Hace 3 minutos
This is what’s wrong with the world only orbits around negativity and ppl who won’t let ppl who they wanna be sad world we live in 😔😔😔
Jonny Hace 6 minutos
Us nobody's we just adapt to the faults.
cosas random xd 737
cosas random xd 737 Hace 7 minutos
in that you are right people are now abusive, as she is tall ugly, as she is of another ugly color, as she is fat ugly when she died: she was a good person hypocrites.....
Beatriz Rodrigues Ribeiro
Beatriz Rodrigues Ribeiro Hace 18 minutos
OMG só perfecte
Ruben Arizmendi
Ruben Arizmendi Hace 23 minutos
Karla Pablo
Karla Pablo Hace 28 minutos
Ho my good billie 😱💚🖤
Thikhamporn kuibumrung.
Thikhamporn kuibumrung. Hace 30 minutos
I love Billie so much. ฉันเป็นคนไทยคนเดียวหรือป่าวที่หลงบิลลี่มากกกก
Assign Task
Assign Task Hace 53 minutos
i am sad 😭😭😱
KdZ 01
KdZ 01 Hace 55 minutos
billie eres hermosa tal y como eres, enserio no quería que llegaras a esto para dejarles en claro a los demás, no caigas en los estereotipos de mierda eres lo mejor.
Jonny Hace 58 minutos
Tell me did you see me enchant your butterfly. Because you should have if I'm right. If im wrong than that would make you human. To be honest I'm not sure which conclusion to draw. Regardless it's nice to meet you
•kika• Y •lucy•
•kika• Y •lucy• Hace un hora
NIGIMA NAMU Hace un hora
At first I was there but what the fuck Billie sings later but then loves🤧💓
•kika• Y •lucy•
•kika• Y •lucy• Hace un hora
Jonny Hace un hora
Thx mate
Jonny Hace un hora
Would that not make me the final check. But I ain't no check mate. Yet...
Jonny Hace un hora
Now assume I mean our human side didnt make it. Because that's the gospel truth.
Meli UwU
Meli UwU Hace un hora
Te amo Billie hoy intenté hacer unos rodetes como los tuyos y me gustó el resultado pero hay personas que no le gusta mi forma de pensar 😪
عاشقة نور مار
عاشقة نور مار Hace un hora
I love you💕💕💕
Jonny Hace un hora
I'm your no body if that makes sence. The heartless part of us didnt make it unfortunately
Isicatfu Hace un hora
Insane, she is amazing
Jonny Hace un hora
No technically your the anti christ. But after seeing you I've been starting to wonder. Give you time to grow. To see what you do with the crown
KRONIS HAMMA Hace un hora
One can only give other people's opinions life by responding to them! People WILL have opinions, maybe good or bad, but this good or bad is only from the subject of those opinions point of view... As John Lydgate, a 15th Century monk once said: "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. The best favour you can do yourself is to be yourself & keep on smiling... Let those who suffer for it suffer on their own! 👍😏
flora mander
flora mander Hace 2 horas
Don't body shame her she is gorgeous do you seriously think this stuff cuz that is obserd !!!!!!
flora mander
flora mander Hace 2 horas
This is the best love you Billie your my world your amazing and you inspire me so much my dream is to meet you💕💕💕💕💕💕
Winner winner chicken BUPG
Winner winner chicken BUPG Hace 2 horas
ارجعي البسي ستاير
zoey renkes101
zoey renkes101 Hace 2 horas
i love billie nobody can judge her i love u billie i listen to ur music wen im lonely i have no freinds so she makes me happy so billie if u read this coment then all i have to say is that ur the best and i love u so much oh and i have ur merch
lara rocha.
lara rocha. Hace 3 horas
Dylan uwu
Dylan uwu Hace 3 horas
Riko 😋
gabi aguiar gabrielli aguiar Da Silva
gabi aguiar gabrielli aguiar Da Silva Hace 3 horas
Maya Glitchs
Maya Glitchs Hace 3 horas
V3RZS Hace 4 horas
*No cap 'em melons thou*
Willieman 123
Willieman 123 Hace 4 horas
I want to see a behind the scenes because I'm really interested on how this was made, just me
ISSO É SERIO, HAGATA? Hace 4 horas
Só eu do brasil
ISSO É SERIO, HAGATA? Hace 4 horas
Só eu do brasil
Willieman 123
Willieman 123 Hace 4 horas
Billie: doesn't show her body and wears big clothes News: weird singer Billie eilish doesn't show her body Billie: shows body News: BREAKING NEWS SINGER BILLIE EILISH STRIPS IN NEW VIDEO UPLOADED ONLINE
Darci Wells
Darci Wells Hace 4 horas
Das my whole world right there and These comment kill me never mind her 🥺🥺😭❤️
اميره، Hace 4 horas
Siena Palmisano
Siena Palmisano Hace 4 horas
Let Billie be herself and wear what she wants to! I’ve seen this so many times and I can’t stop watching it! The message is so important
Cielo UwU
Cielo UwU Hace 5 horas
Wiktoria Prusaczyk
Wiktoria Prusaczyk Hace 5 horas
Cute, sweety
MariAh Hace 5 horas
Judith Portillo
Judith Portillo Hace 5 horas
Hablan español
dog life doggie
dog life doggie Hace 5 horas
Jonny Hace 5 horas
Let's be honest do you really want me giving blood
El capitán desprecio
El capitán desprecio Hace 5 horas
Maria Haydee Povis Hilario
Maria Haydee Povis Hilario Hace 5 horas
Like si estás buscando un comentario en español en los comentarios.
Marllyane Muratt
Marllyane Muratt Hace 6 horas
Billie maravilhosa ❤️😍 Esse é o comentário BR que você estava procurando?🇧🇷🤣
Nay• Free•Fire
Nay• Free•Fire Hace 6 horas
Brazil? Brasileiros? Alguém? Te amo Billie ♥
Jonny Hace 6 horas
What the fuck happens when we get into time stamps and the card still should have a mana cost but doesn't. I don't even fucking know in all honesty
Jonny Hace 6 horas
Look all I know is some bitch playing a game of edh put me in time out and I've been sitting here in the exiled zone ever since
A. K.
A. K. Hace 6 horas
Sad song.
xXLonewülfXx CSGO
xXLonewülfXx CSGO Hace 6 horas
People these days judging those on their left n right... ik the feeling
Emma Power
Emma Power Hace 6 horas
The ens tho. I hate that people hate on her even if she does what they whant. What is wrong whit people. People call her a s**** just becuse she dosent have a oversise shirt when she takes a shower. Comon is 2020 now.
JustADeerCrossingDaRoad Hace 7 horas
I love what you wear no matter what wear what’s comfy keep it as you are! Fuck the haters
・ R a i n ツ ・
・ R a i n ツ ・ Hace 7 horas
i love billie so muchh and the way she perceives the world is just incredible, she points out the things that need to be seen
・ R a i n ツ ・
・ R a i n ツ ・ Hace 7 horas
ahHh shEs so gOrgeOus
andy collaguazo
andy collaguazo Hace 7 horas
tengo miedo
andy collaguazo
andy collaguazo Hace 7 horas
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Hace 7 horas
yok daha memeler billie hanım
Dubstep Tiger
Dubstep Tiger Hace 7 horas
"Nobody is ugly" lol you should see me
Dilara Yakisan
Dilara Yakisan Hace 7 horas
I feel this and so hard really so hard idk what i am why in here why you don't here? Really this bullshit. I'm so bad pls come back!!
Billies 318 bean burritos
Billies 318 bean burritos Hace 7 horas
Angelle Theriot
Angelle Theriot Hace 7 horas
I’m here for you always 💚🖤
Kelli Schmitt
Kelli Schmitt Hace 7 horas
Billie is so pretty how can someone say otherwise?
Diana Azad
Diana Azad Hace 7 horas
I,love you Billie Eilish ❤
Andrea Báez
Andrea Báez Hace 7 horas
queen 💚
Adi Torres
Adi Torres Hace 7 horas
i love billie eilish im getting her merch today
YourVibeIsTrash Hace 8 horas
Stop making comments about her bad ones
YourVibeIsTrash Hace 8 horas
Like stop
YourVibeIsTrash Hace 8 horas
Really stop like that's not necessary or nice love you billie
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