Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

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hahawiener420 Hace 18 horas
Jason beber awsome
logan poy you now ty
logan poy you now ty Hace 18 horas
Autotune much?
itros exo
itros exo Hace 18 horas
ItsAndre Hace 18 horas
Someone else listen the part of justin:im the bad gay?
baconfluffy Hace 18 horas
Bieber: *skirrt* Me: ಹ ~ ಹ
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Hace 18 horas
I lost alot respect for Billie
Hailey Merritt
Hailey Merritt Hace 18 horas
he’s trash
Stophanie Ramos
Stophanie Ramos Hace 18 horas
porque hicieron eso justin de mierda arruinas todo lo que amo :@
Ali boujwari
Ali boujwari Hace 18 horas
TeamZ Hace 18 horas
This isn’t a good colab, but billie si a huge fan of justin so it makes me happy :D
uponthejellybear bear
uponthejellybear bear Hace 18 horas
I can't take this song serious anymore
jonosono Hace 18 horas
Billie's version was perfect. This is like, an intern's rough, rough draft. Like why? Like, who asked for this? Seriously, who?
Milk Sauce
Milk Sauce Hace 18 horas
When he started singing, I thought it was a Minecraft youtuber making a cover of the song
Blink /Army
Blink /Army Hace 18 horas
fearless_ soul
fearless_ soul Hace 18 horas
tf is this
lil cat
lil cat Hace 18 horas
idk about you, but i love this song
0bskura Hace 18 horas
u guys are fucking stupid. justin bieber has some mad skills, I dont listen to his music but I'm capable to give fucking credit where it is due.
Wady Hace 18 horas
wait what
joão paulo silva
joão paulo silva Hace 18 horas
bill feat tyler>>>>>>>
Angela L
Angela L Hace 18 horas
Wow 😮 💕
Susana Arango Lopera
Susana Arango Lopera Hace 18 horas
Puse el video y se apago el wifi pero estoy bien
Ryan Delapenha
Ryan Delapenha Hace 18 horas
I don't normally comment. But this is why you need to be careful how you remix songs because wth was that.
ツnaanibread Hace 18 horas
i thought i wasn't gonna like it, but ya know, it really aint that bad
elpro 12345777
elpro 12345777 Hace 18 horas
Que vrg
Julie Rousseau
Julie Rousseau Hace 18 horas
This is kinda bad, I feel sorry for Billie
Anne Nicole
Anne Nicole Hace 18 horas
maxi z
maxi z Hace 18 horas
Imagine this collab Billie. Melanie Martinez Lord (ps srry if I spelled something wrong)
omarser 7
omarser 7 Hace 18 horas
justin: im the bad guy billie: DUH. Justin: WoaHoOaOH 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿
Dragøn Wołf Gächa
Dragøn Wołf Gächa Hace 18 horas
Justin’s a good guy this song doesn’t work for him
slimydick23 Hace 18 horas
Melanie Martinez belongs in this song not justin being all feminine
Amai Schroeder
Amai Schroeder Hace 18 horas
he had been making good music, but this year has been releasing lots of dud songs; ^this just ain't good.
dumb american
dumb american Hace 18 horas
Its growing on me a bit
aldo Hace 18 horas
One Jonas
One Jonas Hace 18 horas
Ya se daño ya
s h o o k
s h o o k Hace 18 horas
No one: Absolutely no one: Justin bieber: *WoAaAaOAh*
Gaby Avery
Gaby Avery Hace 19 horas
Throw this in the trash
Muhiya Surita
Muhiya Surita Hace 19 horas
Mane this fire billie and Justin Bieber need to calab like if u agree
just Hails
just Hails Hace 19 horas
Nobody: Billie: Justin: skrrrrt🎶
Bianca Díaz
Bianca Díaz Hace 19 horas
Espera un momento que raios es esto? Chale no me lo esperaba
min Army
min Army Hace 19 horas
Me gusto mas la original
Mickayla Ann
Mickayla Ann Hace 19 horas
The original is so much better.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 19 horas
Is *wOoOaAaOoOh* a meme now?
Majority Camp
Majority Camp Hace 19 horas
This picture is so weird
Ethan Way
Ethan Way Hace 19 horas
My honest opinion. Justin ruined it
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Hace 19 horas
Who thought their screen froze?
Where’s the Avocados
Where’s the Avocados Hace 19 horas
I hate justin but i love billie so its ok :)
sabrina //
sabrina // Hace 19 horas
everyone is joking abt the “woooahoo” part but tbh it sounds so good
anacaroline fereiradaconceicao
anacaroline fereiradaconceicao Hace 19 horas
Very good
Jostin Burgos
Jostin Burgos Hace 19 horas
como simpre el mmvrg de Justin bieber cagandola
Charlotte Ferguson
Charlotte Ferguson Hace 19 horas
Omg this is amazing I’m so proud of Billie she is so amazing
Gasai Yuno
Gasai Yuno Hace 19 horas
Vou fingir q isso nunca aconteceu, esse remix NUNCA existiu pra mim pq ficou ruim
Brenda Croston
Brenda Croston Hace 19 horas
I like Billie eilish better 😡😡😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Abby Baby
Abby Baby Hace 19 horas
I’m not a big fan of this at all
Tropic HD
Tropic HD Hace 19 horas
Producer: Billie, we got him.You'll be feating Justin in one of your songs Billie: *stonks*
CJ Corter
CJ Corter Hace 19 horas
Kinda thought it was Shawn Mendez
Romina Leon Lara
Romina Leon Lara Hace 19 horas
Omg like;)
youtubeuser 27289294994
youtubeuser 27289294994 Hace 19 horas
Could I possibly get an insane amount of likes for absolutely no reason ?
Rhea Bhalla
Rhea Bhalla Hace 19 horas
2:29 was weird to me
Anderson audoro
Anderson audoro Hace 19 horas
Justin Bieber 🖐️
X_x Hace 19 horas
Por lo menos no la escucharemos por tanto tiempo por el meteorito xD
Hiram Cruz
Hiram Cruz Hace 19 horas
Wtf 👎💩
Deß G.
Deß G. Hace 19 horas
Jorge Blacio
Jorge Blacio Hace 19 horas
Que asco
Milk Hace 19 horas
Parabéns, nota 0
ValerieNBV Prendel
ValerieNBV Prendel Hace 19 horas
Billie: I'm the bbbbaaaaaddddd gggguuuyyy Justin: I'm the bhaddd guy ooooh ooho oh wowaow skrrrt
ValerieNBV Prendel
ValerieNBV Prendel Hace 19 horas
lautiiireinoso_ Hace 19 horas
BalomyFlavin Hace 19 horas
lol “skur”
Elyese Jones
Elyese Jones Hace 19 horas
oh noooo how can justin ruin a song so badly???
Krossgamer Mena
Krossgamer Mena Hace 19 horas
Justin lo pudo haber echo mejor!
Taina Adam
Taina Adam Hace 19 horas
This is giving me a wizards of waverly place vibe
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