Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY (Official Video)

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From BLACK IS KING, a visual album by Beyoncé, featuring music from The Lion King: The Gift, streaming NOW on Disney+

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BeyonceAlreadyBlack Is KingThe Lion King: The Gift (Deluxe Edition)

Omar Lopes
Omar Lopes Hace 7 horas
salma alaoui
salma alaoui Hace 7 horas
Sable Torres
Sable Torres Hace 7 horas
Anderson Caicedo Sanmartin
Anderson Caicedo Sanmartin Hace 7 horas
Kathyana Paul
Kathyana Paul Hace 7 horas
African Vibes Yaaaaaa :)
Cristiano Ronald
Cristiano Ronald Hace 7 horas
13m 🧐🧐🔥🔥
Amazon Queen
Amazon Queen Hace 7 horas
I love this song
Lorette Mclennon
Lorette Mclennon Hace 7 horas
This is almost everywhere in Jamaica
Laura Ibe
Laura Ibe Hace 7 horas
I was honestly waiting for the zanku dance.
emmanuel Boateng
emmanuel Boateng Hace 7 horas
She put her soul in this ❤️
Princess Essie
Princess Essie Hace 7 horas
Great role model love this video
Jansci Hace 7 horas
The genius for African American pop artists to turn everything into a tacky cliche , leaves one horrified and speechless.
Tiera Warren
Tiera Warren Hace 7 horas
She's so bomb
Bria Stroman
Bria Stroman Hace 7 horas
I love the video however the only way this is exceptional is if she’s actually helping Africa and not just with money actually being present..... Visuals are everything!
Michel Blondo
Michel Blondo Hace 7 horas
If this wasn't shot in Africa am not interested
Abajjaakakk Koko
Abajjaakakk Koko Hace 8 horas
When Beyonce dances with her tongue out then you know she’s feeling it on another level! 2:22
G Q Hace 8 horas
Maybe worshipping false gods and talking to the dead is the reason why Africa is so messed up. The bible says the dead dont know anything that's probably why they didn't warn about the white man or the chinese.. and now you have the worlds biggest entertainer spreading this deceit. We will never come out of bondage if we dont put an end to this foolishness. #StopIdolWorship #CancelBeyonce
Suave TV
Suave TV Hace 7 horas
You're Brainwashed 😂 the white man used bible to insult the African culture and religion. Our ancestors knew God before the bible.
Kame V.I.P
Kame V.I.P Hace 8 horas
the only queen i know
Sabrina Lamarche
Sabrina Lamarche Hace 8 horas
If you watch closely, Beyoncé broke her heel at 3:04 and she kept dancing. If she's not a Queen, it's because you are so fucking wrong
calm king
calm king Hace 8 horas
calm king
calm king Hace 8 horas
JFRL Hace 8 horas
I'm here again to watch Beyonce's feet
Elen Vitória
Elen Vitória Hace 8 horas
Algum brasileiro além de mim, nos comentários?
Tishra Ventura
Tishra Ventura Hace 8 horas
Gave me goosebumps, very satisfying ❤️🇧🇿
georges Tchianga
georges Tchianga Hace 8 horas
What a terrible Afro beat song
Nora aa
Nora aa Hace 7 horas
it is not like you are useful so get off📴 this comment section
Lit Shiesty
Lit Shiesty Hace 8 horas
Queen B👑
nc 178
nc 178 Hace 8 horas
Kiki Odubanjo
Kiki Odubanjo Hace 8 horas
I want Beyoncé’s bawdy😍😍😍😍
Brian Micha
Brian Micha Hace 8 horas
i loooovvveee how the guy is dancing, wish i could move like that
Barbara Van der Westhuizen
Barbara Van der Westhuizen Hace 8 horas
Bey gave me all the chills. Dang who knew we even deserved Black is King!
Boyo Tha President
Boyo Tha President Hace 8 horas
1:17 Tobaski yeh,, Eid Mubarak to everyone,, hehe
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Hace 8 horas
reminds me of a classic Missy Elliott music video. Really love this song.
T 2020
T 2020 Hace 8 horas
Beyonce comes out with something better and better every time and it's amazing.
AavantiRah Inclusive
AavantiRah Inclusive Hace 8 horas
Thank you Beyonce' for sharing your gits with the world. We need you.
Talor Sance
Talor Sance Hace 8 horas
I really love you Beyoncé and this profile you see right is not me I am eleven year old I can sing and I really want to be a celebrity I really do please make me famous I pray on it every night somebody please please please make Beyoncé see this I live San Antonio Texas and born there I love so so much please and blessed your heart good days ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
A .D
A .D Hace 7 horas
@Talor Sance Uhh you ok?
Talor Sance
Talor Sance Hace 7 horas
A .D that’s what I told her. I just found out that fame is not what I want. My privacy isn’t mine. My life isn’t mine. Nothing is mine.
A .D
A .D Hace 7 horas
Trust me kid, if you knew how depressed music artsits really are you would pray to be as far away as possible from holywood as possible, now granted you're 11 years old and you probably don't know what I'm talking about but once you get older and learn more about the lives some of your favourite "celebs" lead, you may not grow to be fond of it .
Dylan Agyemang
Dylan Agyemang Hace 8 horas
Nice one on top!! :)
Halle Stamps
Halle Stamps Hace 8 horas
Exactly why I love my black culture
Lobo Nocturno
Lobo Nocturno Hace 8 horas
Beyonce hair and costume is the highlight of the whole song and video imo lol
Jade VMG
Jade VMG Hace 8 horas
Insatiable 08
Insatiable 08 Hace 8 horas
Me gusta Beyonce pero jajaja hay algo que no me puedo guardar y es que dicen que la gente blanca es racista cuando la gente de color la mayoria de veces en sus videos solo sale gente de su comunidad, no soy racista pero creo que de ambos lados siempre es lo mismo .........
kya Sukiama
kya Sukiama Hace 8 horas
If u disliked this vid then you do not have good taste in music...simple
Tina Rincón
Tina Rincón Hace 8 horas
oh my god, this is one of the most eye pleasing music videos I've ever seen, seriously
Marquita Vonella
Marquita Vonella Hace 8 horas
Beyonce shoe broke during the video and she still never stopped dancing 💃
Gody Gody
Gody Gody Hace 8 horas
Who gave you this information?!
Ms50 Kratos
Ms50 Kratos Hace 8 horas
Happy to see the flag of Morocco with other africans flags in this wonderful music video.
idi bb
idi bb Hace 8 horas
je suis le commentaire français que tu cherches 😁😘🙏
Mavis Donkor
Mavis Donkor Hace 8 horas
Everybody is somebody💯🔥💯🔥
MOHA NERA Hace 8 horas
I greet you from Morocco for raising my flag Morocco 🇲🇦 in minute 4:20 Te saludo desde Marruecos por levantar mi bandera 🇲🇦 en minuto 4:20 welcome at any time to my country 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
GSDanceTV Challenge
GSDanceTV Challenge Hace 7 horas
..u right but check this out The King 👑 He did it Again Shatta Wale New Already Drumline 🥁 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️’👌🏾’..
Kyei Monica
Kyei Monica Hace 9 horas
I'm Ghana love dis songs Beyonce like shatta comment 😀😀
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan Hace 9 horas
Cold case files.
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan Hace 9 horas
Keep threatening me.
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Trinibad Girls
Trinibad Girls Hace 9 horas
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan Hace 9 horas
Don't get murdered.
Emelda Obioma
Emelda Obioma Hace 9 horas
It’s only Beyoncé I watch and I be getting goosebumps😭😭❤️❤️
Maya Diarra
Maya Diarra Hace 9 horas
J'adore Beyoncé
Vinícius Amorim
Vinícius Amorim Hace 9 horas
não paro de olhar no pé a bey depois que disseram que ela quebrou o salto kkkk
Abass osman
Abass osman Hace 9 horas
blessing Manale
blessing Manale Hace 9 horas
Yee Hi
Gwelda Duncan
Gwelda Duncan Hace 9 horas
She is a true serpent to satan, and the day of judgment is here,all you people want to worship her and her kind will scream for eternity!!
Joshua swartz
Joshua swartz Hace 9 horas
Are you okay?
creeikuko Hace 9 horas
The blue guys in the video represent how people with melanin are star seeds , extra terrestrials. Beyoncé isn’t painted blue all the way because she’s mixed and not fully melanated she’s showing mad respect and letting people know who they really are using art it’s fire
Gody Gody
Gody Gody Hace 8 horas
Are you really okay?
Peel yo Potato
Peel yo Potato Hace 9 horas
Another one! 🖤🖤🥰
Omodunni Omolere
Omodunni Omolere Hace 9 horas
Семинарист Отборный
Семинарист Отборный Hace 9 horas
раньше мне нравилась культура черных в США, но я вижу, что белые изначально были не правы, когда начали себя признавать виноватыми и всячески потворствовать им.
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