Best of Tommie Lee (Compilation) | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta | #AloneTogether

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A visual timeline of the best moments on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta featuring fan favorite, Tommie Lee.
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Kalionic Kutzo
Kalionic Kutzo Hace un hora
Tommie turns me on when she fights or gets angry
John Ogiegor
John Ogiegor Hace 6 horas
Karlie red are so romantic sexy
John Ogiegor
John Ogiegor Hace 6 horas
Scrap smack karlie red, two sexy babies stop fight and run things with me
John Ogiegor
John Ogiegor Hace 6 horas
Tiarra sexy baby
Reaundra Hope
Reaundra Hope Hace 11 horas
Tommie is so beautiful but you can tell she’s been through alot. She a lil broken
Tessa Blaze
Tessa Blaze Hace 16 horas
20:10 lmao . The way she jumped on him is so funny to me
Blasian Asian
Blasian Asian Hace un día
This the first I ever seen all women together having a great time & smiling. Just so beautiful.
Shamauri Cooperwood
Shamauri Cooperwood Hace un día
tommie is crazy.
Megan Reed
Megan Reed Hace 2 días
I just noticed in the 2nd clip where they were at the club Tommie was wearing earrings that weighed her ear lobes down, alot
whoislala Hace 2 días
26:10 They wrong for showing that white substance on her booty cheek like that 🥴😭😭
Ferderica Banks
Ferderica Banks Hace 2 días
My ex would have been pissed over being late over a pig too.... Hell he don't eat pork. So if I put a pig before him he would have lost his shit too😞
Vanessa Monique
Vanessa Monique Hace 2 días
I can't believe tommie is going to be a grandma
Amanda C
Amanda C Hace 2 días
I love Tommie and I really wish she gets the best out of life. This show to advantage of her short temper lowkey putting her in messy situations
Shirley Nelson
Shirley Nelson Hace 2 días
Karlie always running her mouth but she backed the fuck up when Tommie jumped on that counter top to whip her ass.
karen A.
karen A. Hace 2 días
Tommie doesn't want it w dime😂😂😂
Debra Watson
Debra Watson Hace 3 días
I love Tommy 💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nurturers and Healers
Nurturers and Healers Hace 4 días
I'm sorry but Tommi is funny as hell!! lol
KekexRiri Show
KekexRiri Show Hace 4 días
The pig😂
Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph Hace 4 días
tommie can get it
Courtney Marrs
Courtney Marrs Hace 5 días
I feel for Tommie! 💯 I know exactly how she feels.
Myla B DRIPPIN Hace 6 días
She went from frowning to crying
Selena Lee
Selena Lee Hace 6 días
Joseline wasn’t lying to her after all he was smashing someone but not at his house
Michaela Tomlinson
Michaela Tomlinson Hace 4 días
Yup because he ended up having a baby right after the first season he appeared on.
DARIN SMITH Hace 7 días
Psychotic Tommie😒,..
Sandra Wirihana Wilson
Sandra Wirihana Wilson Hace 7 días
Tommie, you is psycho!! Angry, mad, smiling, sad, crying,laughing 🤦‍♀️
BeautyBae Hace 7 días
I see mental illness .
Antares Stavropoulos
Antares Stavropoulos Hace 8 días
Tommie said Karlie's a old h*e with worms 😂😂😂😂 I miss Tommie man, she was the realest even if she's crazy
Amari Bivins
Amari Bivins Hace 8 días
I already knew she was a Gemini.
Poco Lamana
Poco Lamana Hace 8 días
Cuz u a diiiime 😭😭😂✊🏽
Katherine Ferris
Katherine Ferris Hace 8 días
Tommie mom just called her own child ugly.... like toxic parenting.
Katherine Ferris
Katherine Ferris Hace 8 días
Tommie is toooo beautiful to be with a player like Scrap. PERIOD! She deserves a loyal man
Amir White
Amir White Hace 8 días
tommy looks so pretty at 20:05
B H Hace 8 días
Scrap ist blöd
Azia D’nae
Azia D’nae Hace 8 días
The way Tommie waved to his baby mama lol so petty but I love it
stuckIN801 Hace 8 días
Tommie tried to replace Joseline as far as drama, but she just turned into a tragedy.
Ebonie Stevenson
Ebonie Stevenson Hace 9 días
Can Karlie go anywhere by herself without the extra? she always plus oneing????!!!🤔🧐🤨
Destiny Jay Dior
Destiny Jay Dior Hace 9 días
I love Tommie 🥰🥰
Mia Velazquez
Mia Velazquez Hace 9 días
Tommie is crazy but i love her...
Patricia Wright
Patricia Wright Hace 9 días
Tommy’s lip curl back and that eye start twitchin’. 👀👀👀
Princess.04 Hace 9 días
46:49 Gmfu tommie’s face and spice face at the end😭🤣🤣
lxnia Hace 10 días
"Your a 40 year old idiot"😂😂😂
lxnia Hace 10 días
Shod Santiago with them damn to go boxes kills me every time
Saida2k Hace 10 días
Tommie reminds me of me. We love hard.
Love Life
Love Life Hace 10 días
Karly is grimy! That’s why she can never keep a man.
My Ambitions as a Provider
My Ambitions as a Provider Hace 10 días
8:02 is the moment I fell in love with Tommie
Franceska Munice
Franceska Munice Hace 10 días
The scene when she tried to hitchhike during production scared me and devastated me. Glad she is doing much better ! Alcohol abuse will not treat childhood trauma or emotional abuse.
Georgia Mayo
Georgia Mayo Hace 9 días
Me too it had me crying,that is when you really know she needs help I love her and I hope she is doing good
Kenyatte Williams
Kenyatte Williams Hace 11 días
Lmao the whole time Im watching this I'm like where they mask and I forgot this was before the pandemic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😕stupid ass .
Marcus Vail
Marcus Vail Hace 11 días
The part where o girl uses the son as a bargaining tool. That's a line that some of these black women need to stop using. It's making real black moms look bad. Not everyone does that but on tv u look foolish.
Mya Tinsley
Mya Tinsley Hace 11 días
The way tommie hugged karlie 😂 fucking nuts 😂😂😂
bryant bboyd
bryant bboyd Hace 11 días
20:53 what's the point of lying? She's gonna see it anyway
A 12650
A 12650 Hace 11 días
She said Karlie had worms I'm crying 😂😭
Terrence Evans
Terrence Evans Hace 11 días
Tommie just honeslty misunderstood, she's a beautiful woman , she has so much pain , and too see how almost everyone played her on the show is so bold especially scrappy, and Karlie. Tommie has a good personality tho seeing her with lovely mimi , I'm glad she so much better.
Krystal She Poppin
Krystal She Poppin Hace 11 días
No ones gunna mention tommies lil accent in the first clip lmao
Amshyll Sekhmet
Amshyll Sekhmet Hace 12 días
I swear these clips is turning me into a Tommy fan lol
lifeofalady Hace 12 días
I'm not fake with family or anyone else either Tommy..I am praying for you cause man I see pain all over her for real...
Cortney Johnson
Cortney Johnson Hace 12 días
Did she say Karlie had worms?!🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shawnell Brown
Shawnell Brown Hace 12 días
That's just crazy in order for Scrap to see his son he has to break up with Tommie. I get the she dont want toxic women around ur kid but not just b/c she mad he's cheating. As a completely single mother I would feel like I cheated my kid's my them pay for things he put me through unless it's some of great reason like kids in danger. Petty, petty....her son will resent her for that.
Yo Mama’s Gun
Yo Mama’s Gun Hace 12 días
Spice was not with the shits lol
Yo Mama’s Gun
Yo Mama’s Gun Hace 12 días
17:42-3 the most unstable moment
Yo Mama’s Gun
Yo Mama’s Gun Hace 13 días
Tommie is so toxic 😫
Sᴛᴏᴏᴘɪᴅ oH
Sᴛᴏᴏᴘɪᴅ oH Hace 13 días
I’m madddddd she got her body done
Roma Pusey
Roma Pusey Hace 13 días
Every men cheat
lindsay Mashburn
lindsay Mashburn Hace 13 días
Never mess with Tommie, she will mess you up. Every fight she has been in, she whoops their ass.
Sia Wilson
Sia Wilson Hace 14 días
Joc “I’m bout ya cry too” 😂😂
TommiLynn Tv
TommiLynn Tv Hace 14 días
Y’all are still talking about how Tommie isn’t a good mother like she didn’t already address that herself
Patrice Shaw
Patrice Shaw Hace 14 días
Tommy is bipolar as hell😂😂😂😂😂
Lexus Favia
Lexus Favia Hace 15 días
Love tommie so much ‼️
la angel
la angel Hace 15 días
its so funny how out of all waitress to help the girls tierra is the waitress they get😂
Jorge Campos
Jorge Campos Hace 15 días
tommies mom is a piece of work. i get why shes mad.
Enchantresse Shakur
Enchantresse Shakur Hace 16 días
The Queen ✨👑
Clarissa Mota
Clarissa Mota Hace 16 días
Scrap really was manipulative af. Telling both women he wants them to both hold him down while he's in jail after telling each of them he's getting rid of the other? The AUDACITY
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