Best of: MTV Floribama Shore SUPER COMPILATION 😎 #AloneTogether

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MTV Reality

MTV Reality

Hace un mes

If your fave parts of Floribama Shore are the fights and hookups (the friendship is a given, duh!), this is the video for you. Watching it will (almost) make you feel like you’re at the beach with your friends.
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Set in the Florida Panhandle along the beach that stretches all the way to Alabama, "MTV Floribama Shore” is the story of eight young adults who come to spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold for just a little bit longer. But each is armed with incredible life experiences and standing at a crossroads, whether it’s ending a relationship, tasting independence for the first time, or trying to escape the past. This coming of age story captures the very real thrill and angst of being young and trying to figure out the future with a group of people you’ll come to call family.
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MTV Reality
MTV Reality Hace un mes
Remember when the entire house erupted into a huge fight when Jeremiah overheard the shoremates talking sh*t about Kayla Jo....
Danielle Cohick
Danielle Cohick Hace 3 días
Do it girl get it
Yourfavchassidy Woodson
Yourfavchassidy Woodson Hace 24 días
Yea but haves the body of a man
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis Hace 27 días
MTV Reality hi
Alyssa Loyd
Alyssa Loyd Hace 29 días
@El Barto I don't know
Alyssa Loyd
Alyssa Loyd Hace un mes
Yeah that was interesting
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Hace 3 horas
Amy knows abt gus passed
100k SUBSCRIBERS NO VIDS Hace 6 horas
i’m surprised that they haven’t gone to jail
josiah Hace 6 horas
12345678910 cccccc
xXFlexZy_TT Hace 6 horas
I hate Gus he acts like he’s the alpha when he’s a little pathetic piece of shiiiit
Ashleigh Witherspoon
Ashleigh Witherspoon Hace 8 horas
Gus shouldn’t feel bad because his mom cheated on his dad so she has no room to talk he shouldn’t feel bad for having a life and being proud of himself
Prateek Minhas
Prateek Minhas Hace 9 horas
These girls are so cringe
cierra ramirez
cierra ramirez Hace 9 horas
Codi- I don’t know? but someone better make me something to eat!😂😂😂
cierra ramirez
cierra ramirez Hace 10 horas
Gus is sexy with that attitude 👏🏽😍 tell them sexy ♥️
Erika Brown
Erika Brown Hace 11 horas
“He’s about to turn green any second”
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen Hace 12 horas
honestly I think Candace needs to be kicked out
Isaiah Hellekson
Isaiah Hellekson Hace 13 horas
Jerimiah highkey snaps and lols scary. Would not want him runnin up on me
Ali Aideel Ismail
Ali Aideel Ismail Hace 14 horas
Get a bunch of crazy ppl in a damn house and film their insanity.
Emma Meding
Emma Meding Hace 14 horas
*whips back*- "AnD i Am A hOe" 🤣😭
Mia is swaggy
Mia is swaggy Hace 15 horas
The first fight there was a Karen lol 😂😂😂😂 x
TheNoah Ark
TheNoah Ark Hace 16 horas
SamYal Thang
SamYal Thang Hace 18 horas
5:05 She should be glad that he didn’t hit back
B ł û b ę r r ÿ F á ÿ g ø
B ł û b ę r r ÿ F á ÿ g ø Hace 21 un hora
Adesh Roberson
Adesh Roberson Hace 22 horas
"im mean put it in drive, padoomf padoomf" best line of the year
Taii Aung
Taii Aung Hace 23 horas
Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diana Mira
Diana Mira Hace un día
im actually so obsessed with codi
book worm
book worm Hace un día
Hate aimee so much
Caleb Koslosky
Caleb Koslosky Hace un día
4:55 and woman say they have no rights looks like proof they have the right to say whatever they want but no one else can😂😂😂
Not pinky
Not pinky Hace un día
They be screamin they wanna fight but all they do is pushing and shoving
NLMB-Smooth _
NLMB-Smooth _ Hace un día
Gus a bitch
Miguel Cordero
Miguel Cordero Hace un día
Jeremiah and Nilsa should hook up and smash for the culture
jimins eye smile
jimins eye smile Hace un día
How does Gus say he wants to kill codi for calling his girlfriend a bitch but yet Candace throws a drink and everyone gangs up on her.. being black is really hard
Musa Eryilmaz
Musa Eryilmaz Hace un día
Fuck Gus and his girls and his police dad and family you fucken show poney
Michael Her
Michael Her Hace un día
How are they grown people and only make frozen pizza, eggs, and mix drinks?! 🤣😂 Lemme cook for y’all! 🍱🥟
Rugrxt Riley
Rugrxt Riley Hace un día
This bitch
Michael Her
Michael Her Hace un día
I died when they said he about to turn green @jeremiah plus I never seen him that mad! He such a gentle giant until Gus made him mad
l.Mark713 gaming
l.Mark713 gaming Hace un día
it was a fucking weak as fuck
l.Mark713 gaming
l.Mark713 gaming Hace un día
Yeah that's think I'm strong but I'm not strong even a 13 book of beat your ass bro
Dylan _Galexy trash can
Dylan _Galexy trash can Hace un día
White people😤🙄🙄
Mati Hace un día
Imagine wearing a T-shirt.
ItzIsabella Hace un día
I feel like those random ppl just wanted to be on tv..
A.M. Nkonhume
A.M. Nkonhume Hace un día
The dollar draft beer people lmaooo
Molly Stanton
Molly Stanton Hace 2 días
1:01:00 -_- girl. That is NOT the worst thing someone can do to you. I promise lol
Brokeback69 Hace 2 días
When Codi jumped Logan I lost it😂😂😂
Wave Super Rabbit
Wave Super Rabbit Hace 2 días
I really didn’t search for this
LifewidPrefdy Hace 2 días
Bruv jeremish is buff and muscler
Mikey Feng
Mikey Feng Hace 2 días
i honestly hate gus
olivia burgher
olivia burgher Hace 2 días
When he said it’s like someone ran over his dog right in front of him I died 😭😂
Corniest shit I have ever watched in my life
McKenna Allen
McKenna Allen Hace 2 días
31:02 Gus really looked like he was about to kiss him. Why when guys get heated they get so close😳
McKenna Allen
McKenna Allen Hace 2 días
Codi is speaking real ness. ‘It was cause he was black let’s be serious’.
McKenna Allen
McKenna Allen Hace 2 días
Kirk is my favorite. I love him. Best on the show. Top tier.
Kayla Ktrey
Kayla Ktrey Hace 2 días
u guys are making Florida look bad
Martyna Kędzierska
Martyna Kędzierska Hace 2 días
Jeremiah your fuckin pussy that's all thanks
Katanga Wallace
Katanga Wallace Hace 2 días
jm sound like joe from family guy
BadBappo Hace 2 días
mad respect to those two blonde girls checking on jeremiah
Kevin Penate
Kevin Penate Hace 2 días
USE CODE fade3 IN THE FORTNITE ITEM SHOP, Also can somebody please gift me the fortnite battlepass 🥺👉👈 My epic is TTV_Xgamer0313 thx.
Justin Hyatt
Justin Hyatt Hace 2 días
Bruh Kortni is a professional badass
Mady_ Loeser
Mady_ Loeser Hace 2 días
Am I the only one who feels bad for the security gards😂
VVhite VVidovv
VVhite VVidovv Hace 2 días
Candace is fine as f.
Uche Ofodile
Uche Ofodile Hace 2 días
Codi with the puke and rally 😂🤣
Alex 1692
Alex 1692 Hace 2 días
those two girls who didn't wanna share rooms are children.
Btsarenotgirls Geez
Btsarenotgirls Geez Hace 2 días
I think they were only calling Candace crazy cause she throwed something at the girl and she didn’t even say anything. I think that was a little too much since she didn’t say anything to her and she throws something at her. Other than that every one on there is loud asf so ain’t no difference 🤣
Mailei Aviles
Mailei Aviles Hace 2 días
It actually pissed me off that when Kirk got kicked out, Gus was apologizing to the police officer for Candace. She had a point and was perfectly capable of having the conversation on her own, like his support would have been appreciated, but he was literally trying to excuse her and disregard her whole point. Like I understand that he was trying to “protect” her, but it just came off as ignorant.🤷🏽‍♀️
Izabela Mae
Izabela Mae Hace 2 días
On #2 the only thing I wanted to happen was them to pick the surf board up cause it gave me OCD 🤣
Mia Delmonte
Mia Delmonte Hace 2 días
Everyone in this house is messy asf. That house looks nasty, probably sticky too.
Adhel Deng
Adhel Deng Hace 2 días
Home girl said I just graduated anger management 😂😂😂 I can’t be around this environment
Steph Hace 2 días
They calling that green stuff a shot? Ma’am thats like 3 shots wtf
Tasty MudPies
Tasty MudPies Hace 2 días
17:32 his face is priceless he wanted the chaos kkkkk
Austin Ketcher
Austin Ketcher Hace 2 días
I hate when people act like there tough because of where they come from like you can be from anywhere and be a bitch
narissa x
narissa x Hace 2 días
kirk and candace are bout it and i love it
jhev gainz
jhev gainz Hace 3 días
People still watch shows like this? Lol
Infinite Sincere
Infinite Sincere Hace 3 días
So they be doing all that in the same room?
Ashley Carrington
Ashley Carrington Hace 3 días
She mad over pizza omg how dumb
Lua Hace 3 días
Gus was just being a prick on #2
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