Best of Game Grumps (May 2020)

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Hace un mes

Check out the NSP 10 year tribute:
Also check out our sketch comedy channel:

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Sbassbear Hace un mes
Check out the NSP 10 Year Tribute album!
CuteCuteJames Hace un mes
Congrats on making goal!!
Insane Ian
Insane Ian Hace un mes
Thanks so much for your song on the album, and for helping promote it!
Atanas Kirov
Atanas Kirov Hace 2 días
While you were thinking of quotes to post as comments under this video, I was studying the blade.
Mike, TheAnimated
Mike, TheAnimated Hace 13 días
His name is Lee?
UbermanPrime Hace 13 días
14:58 when she asks what you want her to do for your birthday
Didgeree Media
Didgeree Media Hace 15 días
Oh my god I wanna collab with these guys!
Drawing Loser
Drawing Loser Hace 19 días
Okay game grumps and is cool and all but I NEED THAT ANNIVERSARY COVER ALBUM
Chantal Guerrero
Chantal Guerrero Hace 22 días
I still get a weird anxiety when Dan starts laughing really loud. 🙃🙃😅
Shageru Hace 25 días
The Jared Leto island cult is legit. What an asshole.
Lexie StarLight
Lexie StarLight Hace 26 días
Miranda Diamond
Miranda Diamond Hace 29 días
My favorite thing about house party is when Arin accidentally walks out of a room or whatever and his dick's still out. Holy shit
Tom Norman
Tom Norman Hace 29 días
The segment from 37:00 to 38:00 DESTROYED me.
Seattle's Finest
Seattle's Finest Hace 29 días
above the covers lol
TheStrivingHero Hace 29 días
Oof, it was hard to watch that episode of monopoly. Might be one of the few times I was on Arin's side and felt Dad was being the overly emotional one for once. It's rare to see Dan lie about an emotion like that. (ex: clearly getting _actually_ a bit annoyed, nervous laughing, and when Arin points it out he's just "I'm playing it up for the camera.") Idk, just felt really uncomfortable to me. Like when you're playing something with a friend and it unexpectedly gets more heated than you meant it to and you try to laugh it off but it only makes it more awkward. Or maybe I'm the only one and I'm just looking into it too much lol
Katherine W
Katherine W Hace 27 días
you're definitely looking into it too much
Quib Hace un mes
14:12 Now.. I want you to do it.. happier, and with your mouth open
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez Hace un mes
12:34 you didn’t leave in the part where Ben says “that can’t be the two Jewish guys in here”
Ocie Bengtson
Ocie Bengtson Hace un mes
01:08:27 34:30 01:00:22
Rein Derippe
Rein Derippe Hace un mes
Arins first mistake was not fighting for that second railroad. He could have won.
TheStrivingHero Hace 29 días
seeing how upset Dan got actually made me a bit uncomfortable lol I could tell it was genuine and then he tried to cover it up when Arin pointed out he was upset by saying: "I'm just playing it up for the camera." I could feel the awkwardness in the air. x'D oof.
Mitchell McIvor
Mitchell McIvor Hace un mes
"I found some, let's say, penetrative things." "...MmmMmmm..."
NightmaresOfSix Hace un mes
i just got the joke with the username. Sbass = space. space is in the background. space dog.
Alex Roman
Alex Roman Hace un mes
I still love how genuine Arin's "OH NO!" sounds 58:48
durwood Hace un mes
During Katrina we had m.r.e.s at work and traded them like baseball cards
Nxbody Hace un mes
Grey Gri'm Grump! Gri'm Grot Gro Grump! Grand Gre're Gre Grame Grumps!
Mads Johnsen
Mads Johnsen Hace un mes
Crying Jonny
Crying Jonny Hace un mes
Game Grumps drops April compilation Sbassbear drops May compilation talk about living in 3020
Wowasaur Hace un mes
Remember Mario Galaxy 2?
Slyzoid Hace un mes
🎶Ima martyr, ima farter, ima midnight sharter.🎶
Urøbøurøs Null
Urøbøurøs Null Hace un mes
12:55 Dan is his own Ed Edd n Eddy ripoff character
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright Hace un mes
wall of blade dose exist in magic. It's just called wall of swords
CHONK is ROCK Hace un mes
Finally. Something POSITIVE in my feed.
Johnny Rawlings
Johnny Rawlings Hace un mes
The album actually sounds really good! As an huge NSP, I will definitely try and get myself a copy!
The Loser
The Loser Hace un mes
Hearing the pronunciation of your channel blew my mind
Jackson Hoppe
Jackson Hoppe Hace un mes
Skaleigha Hace un mes
I swear to god, that pizza looked EXACTLY like the little personal pizzas they'd serve us at school...
Leeto Burrito
Leeto Burrito Hace un mes
Note to everyone watching this: Don't watch this while eating, you will choke while cry laughing
Mystical Flare
Mystical Flare Hace un mes
Arin: Nice Coat thanks I got it from Arin: ahuh ahuh ahuh
Antti Maenpaa
Antti Maenpaa Hace un mes
What does Dan even eat, I have never seen him actually get something down in their show. Though granted they mostly eat very weird/unhealthy food so it makes sense. At the same time it makes me more curious to know what he ACTUALLY EATS
lilMissmAlice Hace un mes
Chickie fingies
muzzletgh Hace un mes
I think he mostly white meats, fish, fruit, and vegetables because he has a very sensitive stomach, but I may be wrong
Alan Fish
Alan Fish Hace un mes
May is over for less than a day and you already got the Best of May video up! Absolute legend.
blackcat19 Hace un mes
Seriously? No "Debbie Done Did Dallas"? That was one of the crowning moments of Dan's whole career.
Sbassbear Hace un mes
@blackcat19 ah. Yeah I must have cut it
blackcat19 Hace un mes
@Sbassbear It was in the Guest Grumps episode where they played Quiplash with Ben Schwartz. It was Dan's submission for one of the prompts.
Sbassbear Hace un mes
don't remember seeing this
Tohab Hace un mes
“My foot moves when I’m happy!”
Slippy Hace un mes
Gotta say, I am a fan of discharge.
Rhino 'n Chips
Rhino 'n Chips Hace un mes
You can tell Arin was playing Magic around this time.
nerdified fangirl
nerdified fangirl Hace un mes
3:15 I can't hear anything but *punch sound* "Shut up."
thirteen's lilac coat
thirteen's lilac coat Hace un mes
37:49 - why does the avatar look like tom ellis as lucifer ????????
David B Andrews
David B Andrews Hace un mes
52:18 - Young Lemmy enjoys a taco, circa 1984
Alphys Hedge
Alphys Hedge Hace un mes
26:22 that "You should've seen the carnage in Minneapolis" hits different rn
Brody Allen
Brody Allen Hace 12 días
Ok so i’m not the only one who saw that and thought the same thing
David B Andrews
David B Andrews Hace un mes
A cover of a collection of cover album? Hmm...
David B Andrews
David B Andrews Hace un mes
@Sbassbear Oh now THAT I can get behind! Hecks yeah!
Sbassbear Hace un mes
We're just covering original NSP songs. The album title is just a playful alteration of NSP's cover album titles.
Insane Ian
Insane Ian Hace un mes
A cover ON a cover album. The cover album is a collection of covers by various artists...all covering NSP. (Check the pinned link above or search ESwomen for NSP tribute album)
Captain wiket
Captain wiket Hace un mes
Wow, it’s Danny and Arnold, love those guys!
That One Florida Guy
That One Florida Guy Hace un mes
"Farewell hero of war!" wait what? i had to relisten to that line xD fuckin zelda, the hero of war.
Addisohn Hace un mes
Nobody: Absolutely anyone at all: Dan: “Nobody: Absolutely anyone at all: And then fuckin saying some other shit”
Kaiden Sebastien
Kaiden Sebastien Hace un mes
DUde May isn't even over and this is already out lmaooo
mr. beef
mr. beef Hace un mes
Dan with a mustache looks like frank zappa.
Kate Poremny
Kate Poremny Hace un mes
Unfortunately that Minneapolis comment didn't age very well
BryceD515 Hace un mes
I always play these compilations when I poop Thank you for the plentiful poops, Sbassbear.
Andrex [145]
Andrex [145] Hace un mes
But the “nobody: weird shit” template is just so funny
Not really.
enzoeclipsed Hace un mes
sbacebear? I always thought it was sb-assbear...
SeraphGaming Hace un mes
i always thought it was s-bass (like the fish)-bear
Johnathan Carr
Johnathan Carr Hace un mes
Ah, Dan Dan Avidan on the ones and twos.
RazzmicBerry 7612
RazzmicBerry 7612 Hace un mes
Arin saying 'Milk me' is so jarring, I hope it becomes a popular one 🤣
Jabro Hace un mes
the arin fart compilation better be titled "Arin Hanson, The Fartyr"
MetaKaios Hace 2 días
@Sir Skitty * sigh * * upvote *
Sir Skitty
Sir Skitty Hace un mes
You know why they smell so good? They're Air Enhancin'
Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen Hace un mes
He’s a true fartist
The_Ideaist Hace un mes
Do you think the crew switched the MRE's on them because that's what I always assumed after the "worst" one was pretty edible
WayWardWonderer Hace un mes
Arin and Danny need to go on celebrity Wheel of Fortune with Weird Al and let the magic happen...
TheSpektrum Hace un mes
Arin making Zelda a Magic the Gathering fan is almost as good as the Zelda bra removal and titty drop gag from the first time
Dustin Duffy
Dustin Duffy Hace un mes
"I'm the mythical golden...!!!" *whack*
Kyle Nieves
Kyle Nieves Hace un mes
Timestamps for myself 31:52
Office Drones
Office Drones Hace un mes
I can catch up on May, IN May! Fanks!
Obama’s Troll Account
Obama’s Troll Account Hace un mes
I feel like best of game grumps July will come out in June considering how fast this was put out
ITS_A_ME_mark Hace un mes
16:20 "As you may have noticed, i'm made my se- *WHOOOUOPS* PRETTY FUCking comfortable here!"
I am glass thingy
I am glass thingy Hace un mes
Excellent transition at 16:14, I had to doubletake on that one haha
Victor Pires
Victor Pires Hace un mes
"As you may have noticed I have made myself- ....*WHOOPS!*"
Romance Freeman
Romance Freeman Hace un mes
I lose it at "what kind of guy are you are" every single time
Tubular Tortoise
Tubular Tortoise Hace un mes
Other than House Party, may was not a great month for Game Grumps. Hopefully June will be better.
TheStrivingHero Hace 29 días
the fuck do you expect? It wasn't a great month for _anyone._
ThatOne Fangirl
ThatOne Fangirl Hace un mes
@lynette alli it really wasn't
lynette alli
lynette alli Hace un mes
May wasnt a great month for anyone
David B Andrews
David B Andrews Hace un mes
Are you kidding? Given the situation, they did great with Monopoly, Quiplash and Zelda
ThatOne Fangirl
ThatOne Fangirl Hace un mes
Yeah I mean can you imagine how stressed out they are? I mean I'm strung out and all I do is literally exist
moth Hace un mes
what are u, a amish?? IM CRYING
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