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Dave Chappelle leaves nothing off the table when discussing everything from Kevin Hart, his backward writing process, and the very French actor Jussie Smollett.
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Jense Hudson
Jense Hudson Hace 2 días
Watching the Mark Twain awards tonight and I lost almost all respect for him. Still a funny person, great at a twist just sad but his son was cute in her dress.
Rahson Henderson
Rahson Henderson Hace 4 días
This man needs to drop another special ASAP😂😂😂
X X Hace 5 días
He looks strange and sounds strange
Tayui Bea
Tayui Bea Hace 7 días
We were supporting him with our silence😂😂😂😂😂
Wade Hace 10 días
I don't mind if Kevin Hart can fill a stadium with fans... Chapelle is way funnier, cuz his shit is real
Mssnowdan Hace 13 días
Netflix, c'est très Drôle🤝🤘🐷🐖🦁🐯❤🤔😲💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🙈
Ezequiel B.
Ezequiel B. Hace 17 días
"That french actor"; "MAGA HATS!!!" ; "SANDWICHES?!" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 #LEGEND
محمد عبدالرحمن عثمان
محمد عبدالرحمن عثمان Hace 18 días
0:13 The Age of spin 01:19 Equanimity & the brid revelation 02:24 stick and stone
Minky Khuzwayo
Minky Khuzwayo Hace 25 días
I die everytime I hear the Juicy Smooliet💀
Ghost Swordsman
Ghost Swordsman Hace un mes
How you only use the punchline part
Raymond Patrick
Raymond Patrick Hace un mes
So refreshing to hear no political correctness or propaganda
CatLeg Sally
CatLeg Sally Hace un mes
Saw him in Oslo yesterday. He was the best! Legend❤
Rainman Hace un mes
Top 3 best stand up comics of all time..if u disagree your either racist or a psychopath...nah ,all jokes aside,obviously people wont like even a well liked person..theres always other opinions..but this is mine and pretty sure most people who like to LAUGH...
nx1379 Hace un mes
You can listen to dave talk about anything!! Not only is he funny as hell but hes a great storyteller! I get annoyed at kevin hart after 2min. Feels like i seen his whole act after the first "joke"🤣
Juan Doe
Juan Doe Hace un mes
How is this shit funny? Lowbrow humor..
jayroestudios Hace un mes
Best of Dave would be 6 hours long
Sam Hutson
Sam Hutson Hace un mes
he hittin a juul lmao
Sydney Allen
Sydney Allen Hace un mes
Ughh nigga I do this to 💀😂😂
King Bwemmie
King Bwemmie Hace un mes
So now he has a empty fishbowl where he leaves his jokes. We all know why the fish died........
Real Talk
Real Talk Hace un mes
Dave is coming to amsterdam todayy and i get my paycheck on monday 😭😭😭😭
Ubtrapper Hace un mes
Pure garbage and filth! This needs banned from the internet.
xeno Hace un mes
Shut up dumbass
dreamisolympia88 Hace un mes
Called him all kinds of niggers....lmfao. I love that Dave has his own dialect and vocabulary
Grumpy Doctor
Grumpy Doctor Hace un mes
2:30 i turn on the subtitles to see the real name of the actor he's talking about. Thoroughly satisfied
FactsNews Kenya
FactsNews Kenya Hace un mes
Why he dress in overalls.
comedy king
comedy king Hace un mes
Justice for juicy😂😭😭
Rhiannon S
Rhiannon S Hace un mes
Sticks and stones is my new favorite of his .... I've watched it a million times and still crack up ... hes hilarious and he dont care he will offend everyone... I'm glad this audience proves there r people with a sense of humor still 🙃😊
Francisco Arce
Francisco Arce Hace un mes
And my wife asked me, are you watching this again? Fucking right
Nad Lat
Nad Lat Hace un mes
omg, juicy smooyay,,,thats incredible,,takes talent to come up with that,,,,🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Justin Green
Justin Green Hace un mes
Bro this man is the best to ever do it
Frank Marshall
Frank Marshall Hace un mes
This was too short and I just started
William Baker
William Baker Hace un mes
Why didn't you all include the "why is it I can say n""""" but not f""""""?" ? That one was great.
Jonathan Robinson
Jonathan Robinson Hace un mes
Excellent choice frfr
Julian Suarez
Julian Suarez Hace un mes
Justice for juice!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Mark Hall
Mark Hall Hace un mes
He's like the clown off The Simpsons
Rusty Philip
Rusty Philip Hace un mes
seriously I don't see no one smiling or even moving... so who is making all this noise
William Wilson
William Wilson Hace un mes
I was with my dad and went to google somethin seen a celebrity trending. Without thinkin I asked my dad why is JUssie SMUllay trending 😂😂😂
Amarendra Mishra
Amarendra Mishra Hace un mes
Dave endorses Yang to ask him to drop out
Six Hace un mes
Thank you for doing this video lol. I'm only a minute in but it was perfect for my lunch break in the car.
freddy Krueger
freddy Krueger Hace un mes
Even everyone was laughing when he said" i so damn good at writing jokes i write them backwards" can we just think about i mean he legits write them and puts them in fish bowl then pulls them out and makes it work legned
DoubleABeast 22
DoubleABeast 22 Hace un mes
Dear Netflix, Do mankind a favor and pay this man whatever he wants for him to bring back The Chappelle Show with full creative control before its too late! -Sincerely, Humanity
TiefTonMusik Hace 14 días
Yeah, thought that aswell....let’s hope they do it
Joey Dziedzic
Joey Dziedzic Hace un mes
The All-Time King of Comedy!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Hace un mes
This video only means one thing, there'll be a new Dave Chappelle special before the end of 2020.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Hace un mes
"That sounds like something I would say"
Tommy White
Tommy White Hace un mes
why does Dave remind me of a black post Malone
Brandyn King
Brandyn King Hace un mes
That wasn't very funny
Matheus Nambahu
Matheus Nambahu Hace un mes
Nigha gave them blueprint
Godfred Boateng
Godfred Boateng Hace un mes
We understood that nigga was clearly lying
Eddee What
Eddee What Hace un mes
All black peoples look alike to YT. That’s not the original D.C.
Carol Napolitano
Carol Napolitano Hace un mes
Anthony Anderson thought different, or just wanted him cleared. Can't always get what you want.
Yune Hace un mes
0:12 that why guy in the middle not even smiling and everyone cracking up
Óscar Jr.
Óscar Jr. Hace 8 días
Somethin is wrong with him for sure lol
Waydiimo ?
Waydiimo ? Hace un mes
Dave is a dope
James Michael Young
James Michael Young Hace un mes
Dave is the BEST!
cieljek Hace un mes
Every gay black man should have a shirt that says "Not just French"
magdalene adjei
magdalene adjei Hace un mes
The way he paused to say "I was furious" #GOLD
Talbot Pule
Talbot Pule Hace un mes
Who is Juicy Smulliyay?
Somatic47 Hace un mes
“Best of Dave Chappelle” Me: This isn’t all of his specials 🤔
Ghost Hace un mes
The crowd eventually realizing the juicy joke is the best part.
Dee Lok
Dee Lok Hace un mes
Justice for juicy!
Chionye Anene
Chionye Anene Hace un mes
Dave is the GOAT of comedy!
popcorn Hace un mes
"Find out where kanye was last night"
Carlos McMillian
Carlos McMillian Hace un mes
Joseph Wiseman
Joseph Wiseman Hace un mes
If there's ever been anybody that was a replacement for Richard Pryor on the throne of comedy this is the new King!
D Z Hace un mes
Dave Chapelle The Legend
Est lhm
Est lhm Hace un mes
Shyann Tnahv
Shyann Tnahv Hace un mes
Huh, no he did much better than this short comp
khatri bhai
khatri bhai Hace un mes
You never heard of Joussie Smolier?
David Harris
David Harris Hace un mes
3:10 Juicy Smollett was the victim -- (breaks down laughing)
J. Won
J. Won Hace un mes
“So I kicked her in the pussy” lol best joke ever. 😂😂😂
ptschafer Hace un mes
That Juicy Smooleatte joke will forever and always be more famous than Jussie ever was or wanted to be.
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis Hace un mes
I didnt get rhe juicy smoothyea joke. Other than that Dave is classical HOF, GOAT
Renae McMorris
Renae McMorris Hace un mes
I liked every comment
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