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If you're wondering what Anthony Jeselnik thinks of his parents, abortion, guns, or Twitter, this is for you.
Watch Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers, only on Netflix.
Watch Anthony Jeselnik: Fire In The Maternity Ward, only on Netflix.
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Best of: Anthony Jeselnik | Netflix Is A Joke

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Netflix Is A Joke
Netflix Is A Joke Hace un mes
Which Anthony is funnier? Beard or no beard?
Dawg Pound 216
Dawg Pound 216 Hace 6 horas
No beard
D. Ski
D. Ski Hace 8 horas
Branon Fontaine
Branon Fontaine Hace 4 días
Netflix Is A Joke beard
Stinky McBeaver
Stinky McBeaver Hace 13 días
Netflix Is A Joke both
Kings Man
Kings Man Hace 14 horas
4:00 his father is Black.. 😂😂
Zavier Orlos
Zavier Orlos Hace 16 horas
7:19 second guy from the left: "is he following me on twitter?, how does he knew it was me?"
Bente Jansen
Bente Jansen Hace un día
So i was in a fight with my mom...this made my day again
Mina in Japan
Mina in Japan Hace 2 días
That last line. 😂
haynesptrn Hace 4 días
This idiot is a sociopath.
refinedsugar Hace 5 días
Great jokes! Beard preferred. He stands out more with it imo.
Mr. Horse
Mr. Horse Hace 5 días
Dude in the white button up shirt on the right @ 7:19 reaction 😆 you know he's a "Thoughts & prayers" kinda guy
Dizzi Dreamz
Dizzi Dreamz Hace 7 días
Can someone please explain the bell around the neck joke to me. I’m dying to understand it lmfaoooo
Michael kilby
Michael kilby Hace 5 días
Don't worry man I didn't get it either... it's most likely not that funny If it was we would have got it
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 7 días
Grew a just say no
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander Hace 8 días
Knowing theres always gonna be a twist at the end of each his jokes. Kinda ruins his jokes. Wish hed switch up the format. So theyre not predictable all the time.
Mohamed Mubarak
Mohamed Mubarak Hace 9 días
He sounds like Johnny Bravo.
Michael Devito
Michael Devito Hace 9 días
I hate anti-gunners because they are no better than the assholes running around killing people, why you ask? Because they BOTH want to impose their will upon other people ...but I must admit, that gun joke was funny as shit!
j G
j G Hace 11 días
This dude. “The bell is really heavy”. God damn that’s some good shit.
sqwale7 Hace 14 días
I like how you never know how that joke is going to end.
james vece
james vece Hace 15 días
he's hysterical in person
Bandile Nyawuza
Bandile Nyawuza Hace 16 días
😹😹😹this guy is super funny
Ludmilla Ludmilla
Ludmilla Ludmilla Hace 17 días
are these real words - sadistically funny? everytime i watch his show, all i can think of are those 2 words
Cricket Hace 18 días
I like him sans beard, lol
Stephen Osterday Jr
Stephen Osterday Jr Hace 18 días
Nerd or not I'd stii tap that
Andrew Hace 15 días
Stephen Osterday Jr hot forehead
laylo east
laylo east Hace 20 días
who remembers when Patrice oneal roasted him?? it was a classic.
laylo east
laylo east Hace 14 días
Its actually when they both were roasting charlie sheen but patrice oneal was just talking shit to anthony.
Nathan Roscoe
Nathan Roscoe Hace 14 días
laylo east wait when? I have to see this. I love Patrice And Anthony I HAVE to see this
CesarE Mossini
CesarE Mossini Hace 20 días
I did not get the belt one. am i the only dumbass?
CesarE Mossini
CesarE Mossini Hace 17 días
@rose rose Oh shit. Hahhahaha
rose rose
rose rose Hace 17 días
the bell around her neck was so heavy ,she couldnt walk away anymore was a bell,not a belt cesar lol
edwin Hace 22 días
Not funny
Donald Vigeant
Donald Vigeant Hace 22 días
wow these aren't even the best jokes in these two specials. The 90 year old neighbor with Alzheimer's is one of his better jokes
Cranjis McBasketball
Cranjis McBasketball Hace 23 días
As I watch this my sister just texted me... Shes Pregnant!!!! Woo Hooooo !!! Im gonna be a dad!
TwistedByDesign Hace 20 días
Good brothers babysit, great brothers drive their sister to the abortion clinic.
Alex L
Alex L Hace 23 días
The last bit was FUCKIN true holy shit!
Patricia Mollière
Patricia Mollière Hace 23 días
I am in love with this guy!
CheezUS Hace 24 días
All I see is a slim Jim Gaffigan. Eat a donut or ten, make a child or ten and all that edge will go away real quick. Happiness ain't hard. Its soft and shlubby from being all fucked out and eating too much.
Colin McCarty
Colin McCarty Hace 25 días
What's even worse is the self-righteous feeling christian's get when they pray for something. Like their prayers are priceless and provide an actual benefit to those in need.
Kodi Schitter
Kodi Schitter Hace 23 días
Colin McCarty agreed we are over grown bacteria at best.
Colin McCarty
Colin McCarty Hace 23 días
@Kodi Schitter and god is just a narcissistic extension of man's ego. Man was made in his image? The stars were created for us to look at? Please. Man is such a pathetic beast with grandiose dreams of his own superiority.
Kodi Schitter
Kodi Schitter Hace 24 días
Colin McCarty religion is a narcissist machine.
Delius Maxwell
Delius Maxwell Hace 28 días
Super Mojo
Super Mojo Hace 28 días
This guy is raw And funny A F!!!!
johana77 Hace 29 días
This is his best?
simon woollard
simon woollard Hace 29 días
Pretty funny but i draw the line for me with the abortion and gun jokes most probably not funny for some .
Lexington Vazquez
Lexington Vazquez Hace 29 días
Top 5 for me love this guy
Mackenomics Hace un mes
Deadpan delivery = NOOOICE!
Greg Hace un mes
anyone seen this guy without a beard?
Greg Workman
Greg Workman Hace un mes
This hack only has to write 10 minutes of "jokes" then stretches out the delivery for an entire hour special.
climbhigh1000 Hace 27 días
Hack is a term for a comedian who steals jokes or is just bad, anthony is a comic genius
Youtuber Hace 28 días
Still Comedy, delivery is key in his performance
Cracker Boxy
Cracker Boxy Hace un mes
"I'm keeping him in my thoughts." Where? Where exactly in your thoughts does he fit? In between "my ass hurts in this chair" and "let's fuck the waitress"? -George Carlin.
Kathleen M. Higgins
Kathleen M. Higgins Hace un mes
No abortion clinic jokes are very laughable - especially if your there and Not in the waiting room. Beard or no beard.
Andy Broberg
Andy Broberg Hace un mes
Peter Paul Media
Peter Paul Media Hace un mes
I didnt want this to end.
Carsonotto Cullen
Carsonotto Cullen Hace un mes
Something about his cadence or pacing that reminds me a little of Christopher walken!
Natalia Bellova
Natalia Bellova Hace un mes
This guy talks like ashton kutcher..and he is not
Andy Broberg
Andy Broberg Hace un mes
Who cares how he talks? He’s hilarious
Kaque Burlington
Kaque Burlington Hace un mes
So brilliant, so hilarious... amazing, creative, original, outside the box material with perfect delivery... the best
ScorpioSoul13 90
ScorpioSoul13 90 Hace un mes
SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT he’s gotten sexy af with age. Total fucking daddy😍🤤.
Albert Huffman
Albert Huffman Hace un mes
Love this dudes comedy .. definitely funniest with the beard haha
luke brown
luke brown Hace un mes
I don’t have Netflix, waiting oh so patiently for the new special to be on youtube
Jed Wells
Jed Wells Hace un mes
Gun control now = thots and prayers
blargin1234 Hace un mes
remember 5 years ago when comedy was still good?
Jeremy pifer
Jeremy pifer Hace un mes
Remember 5 days ago when i kicked your mom Squarely in the Box? 📦
Richard Larson
Richard Larson Hace un mes
You lost me when you made a joke out of butchering babies. Prick
Joseph Marinogfghbhhhbhyfxvnvfunmbbvddfg
Joseph Marinogfghbhhhbhyfxvnvfunmbbvddfg Hace 16 días
@Richard Larson who the fuck are you to say what my mother felt?
Richard Larson
Richard Larson Hace un mes
Joseph Marinogfghbhhhbhyfxvnvfunmbbvddfg Well fortunately for you, your mother didn’t believe that way.
Joseph Marinogfghbhhhbhyfxvnvfunmbbvddfg
Joseph Marinogfghbhhhbhyfxvnvfunmbbvddfg Hace un mes
Butchered babies are the greatest gift from god
Richard Larson
Richard Larson Hace un mes
MsZephyra on what planet does caring about kids being shot, atone for the reprobate act of joking about babies being butchered?
MsZephyra Hace un mes
But did you notice that he clearly cares about the people who get mass murdered by guns? People who have already been born...fully formed humans?
J Hennessy
J Hennessy Hace un mes
I'm so uncomfortable yet laughing at the same time. His humor is addictive.
Coach JC
Coach JC Hace un mes
Danny Miller
Danny Miller Hace un mes
Not funny at all.
Jones Hace un mes
"Shut the door." "Get inside." 😂
1611kjv 1911acp
1611kjv 1911acp Hace un mes
This is unreal. I've finally found someone less funny than a head of lettuce. The only way anyone is gonna laugh listening to this guy is if someone pushes him down the stairs..
JP Stewart
JP Stewart Hace un mes
I liked this guy until the abortion jokes. Not gonna watch this douche again.
Joshua Morriston
Joshua Morriston Hace un mes
This is SO funny. If I choked on my food and died, becuase I was listening to Anthony Jeselnik... I would like to think he would find a way to make fun of me... Almost like a way of making me family... So the incidental deathtouch feels more personal. He would kill me with his jokes, then turn away, kinda laugh to himself and breath on his fingernails to polish them on his shirt. His blood red shirt. That he bought at JC Penny. That had a sale on white shirts.
The House of Ten Genres:
The House of Ten Genres: Hace un mes
BILL BURR is a hundred times funnier
Chef De' VT
Chef De' VT Hace un mes
Andrew Schulz will make you laugh check it.
Stephen Osterday Jr
Stephen Osterday Jr Hace un mes
Beard = Sexy
biggj21 Hace un mes
Not funny.🍿🧐👎
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly Hace un mes
Pro abortion, anti gun, anti prayer. Thought he was funny at first but just another cock who sold his soul for some tv time so that he can say “don’t forget about me”.
rose rose
rose rose Hace 17 días
AND living in California....libtard
S P Hace un mes
too much resentment
Adam Baits
Adam Baits Hace un mes
This guys depressed, too long for punch lines
Four Quad
Four Quad Hace un mes
He’s no Nate Bargatze.
33,3 Anders
33,3 Anders Hace un mes
lifetime comedic stamp of approval. and comedic nobel peace prize for this genius please.
Mark Mckeown
Mark Mckeown Hace un mes
For anybody who has not encountered... stewart lee.. best delivery going. And eddie Griffin just rips it.
GulDukat479 Hace un mes
Without the beard he's Patrick Bateman. With the beard he's the unibomber. Either way, psycho.
Elizabeth Ferrier
Elizabeth Ferrier Hace un mes
Put simply, I liked him.
Gaius Baltar
Gaius Baltar Hace un mes
I hope all the liberal blue haired soyboy problem glasses wearing millennial SJWs kill themselves after watching this real humor
jrbisc99 Hace un mes
He is aight. Nothing brilliant here, especially if this is his best of.
The House of Ten Genres:
The House of Ten Genres: Hace un mes
agreed, never heard of him before, thought i'd check it out. meh. almost laughed at a few lines, that were kinda "clever", that's about it.
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