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Hace 6 meses

If you're wondering what Anthony Jeselnik thinks of his parents, abortion, guns, or Twitter, this is for you.
Watch Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers, only on Netflix.
Watch Anthony Jeselnik: Fire In The Maternity Ward, only on Netflix.
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Best of: Anthony Jeselnik | Netflix Is A Joke

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Netflix Is A Joke
Netflix Is A Joke Hace 6 meses
Which Anthony is funnier? Beard or no beard?
Bill Wong
Bill Wong Hace 8 días
No beard is funnier
Sai Rohith Muthyala
Sai Rohith Muthyala Hace 16 días
No beard
Muhammad Alfakah
Muhammad Alfakah Hace 16 días
Netflix Is A Joke beard
Susie Gingerich
Susie Gingerich Hace 28 días
Both hot😍
Noah Wood
Noah Wood Hace un mes
Beard hands down
J W Hace 5 horas
The last joke was gold.
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson Hace un día
At 7:19 ol' boy in the front row is looking awfully guilty about posting some T's&P's messages on his Facebook wall
Mn ey
Mn ey Hace 2 días
WHO'S HERE LOOKING FOR ANTHONY'S JOKES ABOUT Kobe Bryant ??? Where's his humour the day it happened ? 1/26/2020
N S Hace 2 días
ZZZzzzzz.... where is the funny?
cody baggett
cody baggett Hace 2 días
Dude sounds like Christopher walkin and looks like dane cook and Chris pine.
Mason Sousa
Mason Sousa Hace 4 días
5:35 what’s he mumbling
Allosaurus Fragilis
Allosaurus Fragilis Hace 5 días
My thoughts and prayers go out to all those people who are offended by AJ.
Gunwanti Ramchandani
Gunwanti Ramchandani Hace 5 días
6:01 the punchline is awesome. Because I thought that one of the kids shot himself. Then he implies that he,himself , was doing the shooting. It took the shock calue and darkness of the joke down a notch. Hey, just a small amount of constructive criticism didn't hurt anybody.
Tifa Alexandra
Tifa Alexandra Hace 5 días
Turns out they were just ghosts.... LMAO 😂😆😂💀
Jose Cortez
Jose Cortez Hace 6 días
7:20 that man in white polyester either realized that he's one of those douche bags or just realized he left the iron on.
Science, history and entertainment
Science, history and entertainment Hace 6 días
i would think millions of people saying thoughts and prayers about your situation would at least be somewhat comforting...and it does take some time and effort not much...If like a 100 people left thoughts and prayers on my comment I would smile for sure...And I am an atheist...
DodgedABullet Hace 6 días
This guy is so damn handsome.
Michal Henryk
Michal Henryk Hace 8 días
He is great 👏👏👏
John94709 Hace 8 días
Pretty sure he got that jacket off a Fonzie doll.
Michael Rench
Michael Rench Hace 9 días
What do Ethiopians do for fun on a Friday night? Starve
Joy Lewis
Joy Lewis Hace 9 días
Compton5 Hace 11 días
Ok so i had to stop the video after he said the joke about his brother masturbating. I had a recall, i saw the interview Kevin Hart did with Joe Rogan on the JRE channel. Kevin says a story of when Patrice O’Neal stayed with him at his place some over 12 yrs ago and his story is very similar to what Anthony just said. I hope he’s not joke stealing. I love Anthony. Just thought i’d mention it.
TheDharmaMidget Hace 11 días
A true master of the art. Fucking genius.
J Hoyt
J Hoyt Hace 13 días
His older stuff just as good. The joke about getting into a wreck with a newlywed couple is classic Jeselnik at his best.
J Hoyt
J Hoyt Hace 13 días
Been watching and listening to this guy since his Shakespeare cd. His old roommate Ryan Stout is funny too.
Ramon Meijer
Ramon Meijer Hace 14 días
Shaved and with that black shirt he looks like Timothy Olyphant
Wacko Specialist
Wacko Specialist Hace 14 días
Lowkey thought he opened up his bros room and told em to come in to his room . so im a dumbass too lmao
ZODARIAN ! Hace 14 días
That last bit was priceless!
James Jordan
James Jordan Hace 15 días
mutch hotter with beard
Muhammad Alfakah
Muhammad Alfakah Hace 16 días
The abortion jokes killed me!
Jethro Lagon
Jethro Lagon Hace 16 días
"brand loyalty" OMG hahahahaha, brilliant
Wes 76
Wes 76 Hace 19 días
Fun abortion fact: More black babies are aborted than are born alive in New York every year.
Chris Wooley
Chris Wooley Hace 19 días
Gun joke was brutal!
Gankageddon Hace 21 un día
A shame there aren't more comedians like Jeselnik, Burr, Chappelle. Other comedians now seem to go for claps instead of laughs.
BillMcGirr Hace 21 un día
My thoughts and prayers are with the people in the comments. No really.
dorian diddles
dorian diddles Hace 22 días
I agree, "Thoughts and prayers." means LESS THAN nothing. I have an idea. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LOSERS.
travis aaron
travis aaron Hace 25 días
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox Hace 25 días
Wedding photographer who only takes selfies just spit my coffee all over myself
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox Hace 25 días
Don’t get the bell joke ?
Ill Advyzd
Ill Advyzd Hace 26 días
He said a wedding photographer that only takes selfies....lost my shit man lmfao
Stephanie Howell
Stephanie Howell Hace 27 días
Marry me Anthony!! 🥰
janbang_x Hace 28 días
So dark yet so funny hahahha
Alex Barker
Alex Barker Hace 29 días
Thoughts and Prayers is one of the best standup spots ever.
ResearcherOne Hace 29 días
line that beard up dude!
King Fartquad
King Fartquad Hace 29 días
Fuggit, they won’t see any of the comments.
Adam Lobatos
Adam Lobatos Hace 29 días
Lame ass
PapaGeorg10 Hace 29 días
Can he make this a comedy album for this special?
David Chambers
David Chambers Hace un mes
Damn, is standup this easy? Or is this guy actually funny?
Anthony Santos
Anthony Santos Hace un mes
The most over rated try hard to be dark comedian there is. Fuck9ng retarded setups with even more retarded punchlines. This guy sucks
Yoko Nono
Yoko Nono Hace un mes
He’s so hot with the beard and leather jacket 😍 handsome man either way but I love his new look!
Johnny Hace un mes
God tier twist
SEAN XU Hace un mes
Classic Anthony darkness.
RJ MacReady
RJ MacReady Hace un mes
Jeselnik needs to shave RIGHT NOW. He looks way more like the psychopath we all know and love when he is clean shaven and in a button up shirt than that whole ironic biker paul bunyon thing hes trying out
Jugz _05
Jugz _05 Hace un mes
Misdirection comedy at its best
Yash Nanda
Yash Nanda Hace un mes
This man has mastered the bait and switch
J Ch
J Ch Hace 15 días
yup he's a master baiter and switcher.
James Holbrook
James Holbrook Hace un mes
Wow a couple retards cheer for being against guns
Kurumiinho Hace un mes
"Be patient young padawan"
D L Hace un mes
he's up there with the top guys, george carlin , jimmy nortin , rodney dangerfield, dice clay , steven wright ,steve martin ...
ferdaws fenni
ferdaws fenni Hace un mes
director: how brutal do you want your special to be? Anthony Jeselnik: yes!
TheNeutralizer27 Hace un mes
I didn't get the bell around his grandma's neck joke
Thomas Spiegelenberg
Thomas Spiegelenberg Hace un mes
Imagine a huge church bell
Muddy Shoes
Muddy Shoes Hace un mes
Cute, funny, yet slightly creepy
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black Hace un mes
Funny, yes. Creepy, no. I like his humor.
White Power
White Power Hace un mes
Last great comic was Dice. Last great boxer was Tyson
White Power
White Power Hace un mes
Hes pretty funny unlike Kevin Hart. Tracey Morgan and Louis CK
Lisa Katz
Lisa Katz Hace un mes
Anthony's humor is not for everyone. I find him beyond hilarious. Eye candy to boot. When he smiles, my basement floods. Yummmmmy
speedbow20 Hace 29 días
I laughed at ur basement flooding joke! That's one I havent heard!
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black Hace un mes
@Jonathan Ferguson To quote someone online, his dark sociopathic humor is as black as the black leathers he wears and it appeals to others who r like him ...
Lisa Katz
Lisa Katz Hace un mes
@Jonathan Ferguson move on you jerk!
Lisa Katz
Lisa Katz Hace un mes
If you don't like him or my comments, why are you even putting yours here. Keep FN scrolling! Douche
Lisa Katz
Lisa Katz Hace un mes
Hey John. I'm not a Jew you ignorant FN ass!!
james morgan
james morgan Hace un mes
He's just saying what we all think but are afraid to say out loud because.. well, you know.. it's "wrong"
HMZ Hace un mes
I like his style.
or1g1n4l01 Hace un mes
Dark humor is like food Not everyone gets it.
Jennifer Santillana
Jennifer Santillana Hace un mes
The joke about his brother Mikey is too much 😂😂😂 lmfao! I love his voice❤💕
Owner Of Mei
Owner Of Mei Hace un mes
Dark and smart
Aliz Gangoso
Aliz Gangoso Hace un mes
THey owned a gun to protect their 5 children...eventually they have to get rid of protect their 4
wornoutshoes11 Hace un mes
Jeselnik has gone a long way...i have to admit this bit are funny as hell. 😂
jeFF Fury
jeFF Fury Hace un mes
That last joke is so true! These attention seeking hoes getting their fix at the expense of tragedy, shame on you!
DungeonStudio Hace un mes
He's so dramatic, dead pan, and attractive with beard or shaven. I swear he's the bastard love child of Steven Wright and Maria Bamford! (Don't try to picture it, just trust me!)
Harold Ajagu
Harold Ajagu Hace un mes
I think I am liking this guy...:)
I sold 3 of my trucks to buy something lol
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