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Hace 5 meses

If you're wondering what Anthony Jeselnik thinks of his parents, abortion, guns, or Twitter, this is for you.
Watch Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers, only on Netflix.
Watch Anthony Jeselnik: Fire In The Maternity Ward, only on Netflix.
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Best of: Anthony Jeselnik | Netflix Is A Joke

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Netflix Is A Joke
Netflix Is A Joke Hace 5 meses
Which Anthony is funnier? Beard or no beard?
Grendahls x2
Grendahls x2 Hace 3 días
It Doesn't Matter, it's the same guy.
DIMCALLIE Hace 8 días
the one where hes not on netflix
pipemadness Hace 8 días
Beard for sure. He now looks of age....
Shane Knox
Shane Knox Hace 9 días
I think his style matches a no beard look much better
Gurn Blanstein
Gurn Blanstein Hace 13 días
No beard definitely
Aliz Gangoso
Aliz Gangoso Hace un día
THey owned a gun to protect their 5 children...eventually they have to get rid of protect their 4
wornoutshoes11 Hace 2 días
Jeselnik has gone a long way...i have to admit this bit are funny as hell. 😂
jeFF Fury
jeFF Fury Hace 3 días
That last joke is so true! These attention seeking hoes getting their fix at the expense of tragedy, shame on you!
DungeonStudio Hace 4 días
He's so dramatic, dead pan, and attractive with beard or shaven. I swear he's the bastard love child of Steven Wright and Maria Bamford! (Don't try to picture it, just trust me!)
Harold Ajagu
Harold Ajagu Hace 4 días
I think I am liking this guy...:)
David Robbins
David Robbins Hace 4 días
4:18 flouting a maxim
David Robbins
David Robbins Hace 4 días
David Robbins
David Robbins Hace 4 días
David Robbins
David Robbins Hace 4 días
GhostRNL Hace 7 días
My nan's got dementia the poor sod, all she does is stand there looking through the window...... Maybe one day, i'll let her in
cyberhawk80 Hace 5 días
ricky gervais ?
Lincoln Lloyd Redley
Lincoln Lloyd Redley Hace 8 días
Jeff Porcaro Groove
Jeff Porcaro Groove Hace 8 días
sounds like a Christopher Walken styled delievery...just not that skilled as a comic tho...
Jennifer Santillana
Jennifer Santillana Hace 9 días
Love him without the beard but he looks great with a beard
John Hudson
John Hudson Hace 9 días
He's the Negan of comedians
DaDoctorJ Hace 10 días
Get inside. Killed me.
Destiny Ofen-Imu
Destiny Ofen-Imu Hace 10 días
He reminds me of George Carlin..... R I P
cyberhawk80 Hace 5 días
nah man far from it.. george was on another level.. politics social behaviour. etc.. he just does 2 liners..
Bob Purcell
Bob Purcell Hace 10 días
I remember his TV show from, like, twenty years ago... there's corporate sponsors probably still having nightmares about that dude.
Zoltan Gyongyossy
Zoltan Gyongyossy Hace 10 días
7:19 That guy second on the right just realized how many times he posted "thoughts and prayers" on facebook.
Logic Hurts Idiots
Logic Hurts Idiots Hace 11 días
5:40 those chicks that cheer the no guns must be either lesbians or with some feminine guy
Zachariah R.
Zachariah R. Hace 13 días
He is hot with a beard.
skate phalife
skate phalife Hace 13 días
With the beard he looks like a mix between chris pine and ricky martin
Tommy Ståhl
Tommy Ståhl Hace 13 días
900 wedding photographers disliked this video xD
Buggy Duggy
Buggy Duggy Hace 14 días
Beard 👍
alyisdead Hace 14 días
The part with his brother nearly killed me, my ribs hurt
Meir Wise
Meir Wise Hace 15 días
With the beard he looks like a real pyscho!
Stream of Consciousness
Stream of Consciousness Hace 17 días
A wedding Photographer that only takes selfies.... Couple "All these photos are of you" Photographer "Yeah, at your wedding"
Kamal Hussain
Kamal Hussain Hace 21 un día
1:07 Someone find this cunt and punch her in the face. These people suck the joy out of this world.
J Money
J Money Hace 21 un día
My favorite part of Anthonys routine is when we pan to the audience and i get to see all the people that laugh, and then catch themselves laughing, and have a look of hatred that they laughed.. usually at a joke about abortion. LMFAO
Kop DaD
Kop DaD Hace 21 un día
Reminds me of the dude on Matrix always saying, "Mr. Anderson"
michael Hace 22 días
You should never tell the audience they should be laughing at your joke because you have bad imagination. Maybe your joke sucks and is simply not funny.
T. Tommy Kelebeng
T. Tommy Kelebeng Hace 22 días
I played this at 1.25, it worked for most parts.
John Sarver
John Sarver Hace 24 días
At least he admits he helped kill a baby person
Veritas Gravy Bear
Veritas Gravy Bear Hace 24 días
Here he goes, sneaks in the government propaganda trying to leave Americans unarmed and defenseless against the government AND burglars - its retarded
Veritas Gravy Bear
Veritas Gravy Bear Hace 24 días
This guy sucks and the fact that he is popular shows how dumbed down society has gotten. It’s exactly like 6th or 7th grade “humor” that is embarrassing coming from an adult.
John B
John B Hace 24 días
This should be hours longer
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia Hace 24 días
7:17 guy in white shirt don't like "joke"
John Pickup - CDHS
John Pickup - CDHS Hace 24 días
Mediocre jokes + mediocre delivery = genius
Adam Owens
Adam Owens Hace 25 días
Best of Anthony....that's the real joke...
Xolani Ndaba
Xolani Ndaba Hace 25 días
Have your playback speed at 1.5x...thank me later...
Leah Cox
Leah Cox Hace 25 días
Reminds me of schmidt on the new girl
Madhav Daga
Madhav Daga Hace 26 días
2:23 lol
L U C I F E R Hace 26 días
How high is he?
JB Burger
JB Burger Hace 26 días
Ya know what liberal platitudes are worth? Less than thoughts and prayers
Radnally Hace 26 días
Excellent delivery
William Falvey
William Falvey Hace 26 días
His voice is a mix of John Malkovic and Christopher Walken.
Very Private
Very Private Hace 4 días
Every once in a while he sounds like Abby Elliott’s impersonation of Angelina Jolie
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett Hace 4 días
Omg you're right. Well done.
Brian Hennessy
Brian Hennessy Hace 25 días
Spot on
Infamous BC
Infamous BC Hace 26 días
I knew this was clickbait because it was longer that 30 seconds
Josh Riddle
Josh Riddle Hace 27 días
You can really hear his Stephen Wright influence, especially in his newest material.
Filip Karlsson
Filip Karlsson Hace 27 días
Most predictable jokes ever smh. Like after a few jokes you literally always know what he is gonna say
somecleverthing Hace 27 días
I've never been as offended by anything as I am by that beard.
Jesse Wilson
Jesse Wilson Hace 27 días
Did you hear how funny my joke was?
Taylor Bohn
Taylor Bohn Hace 27 días
This guys delivery is fucking superb!
Dave Mack
Dave Mack Hace 27 días
Yawn... Frankie Boyle eats and shits this guy.
Cal Bertram
Cal Bertram Hace 28 días
That fucking ghost one 😂😂😂
Muhammed Messi Bayo
Muhammed Messi Bayo Hace 28 días
This guy voice remind me of the voice Shrek is love, Shrek is life
bill d
bill d Hace 28 días
This generations Steven Wright.
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd Hace 28 días
He sounds nothing like Christopher Walken
Temos Hace 28 días
I love seeing those people in the audience that are clearly not into it lol.
Bramlovestogame Hace 12 días
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Hace 28 días
I like this guy! Love to here him do a. Little Christopher Walken. He has that cadence. Two years I had this hunk a metal up my ###! CJ
Thomas Grabowski
Thomas Grabowski Hace 28 días
This guy is fucking brilliant. Thoughts and prayers.
The Night Angel
The Night Angel Hace 29 días
Do you know what thats worth haha best part
CJ Cole
CJ Cole Hace 29 días
Yo this guy is hilarious
bright93 Hace 29 días
I’ll always have thoughts and prayers for you, Anthony! 😂
BOAH NATION Hace 29 días
This wouldn't work in the UK, this is too simplistic and only Americans need that :p
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll Hace 29 días
Dark humor is like food. Not everyone gets it.
Rev. Dave Hughes MMA
Rev. Dave Hughes MMA Hace un mes
Beard is more refined as an artist. Bit really who gives a fuck. He is my favorite
Cleatis Tolbert
Cleatis Tolbert Hace un mes
Sounds like he's doing a Walken impression
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd Hace 28 días
He sounds nothing like Walken
Andrej Bozho
Andrej Bozho Hace un mes
Paul Davis lookalike. :D
BobaDavis Hace un mes
Christopher Walken is who I hear in him, lol.
Avishek Majumder
Avishek Majumder Hace un mes
Too dark.. too dark😂😂
Gav H
Gav H Hace un mes
Pretty sure he could do a good Christopher Walken
Fatima Rose Fernandez
Fatima Rose Fernandez Hace un mes
This guy's pacing 💯
Nick Nichols
Nick Nichols Hace un mes
One of the best in the biz
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