Best Friends Swap Fashion Styles For A Day

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Hace 27 días

"I am literally you."
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Savanna_ Bangtan
Savanna_ Bangtan Hace un día
Yoo i like your suit and it looks like a bts boy with luv outfit
Elaina Maahs
Elaina Maahs Hace 3 días
Dominique Dico
Dominique Dico Hace 3 días
I miss Ella on screen
Abby Ames
Abby Ames Hace 4 días
lindsay say freaky friday moment and today is friday the 13th
maya Kostick
maya Kostick Hace 5 días
I love how Kristen is trying to get in the shot 😂
Kristin Cavender
Kristin Cavender Hace 6 días
lindsay would be an AMAZING elle woods💖
Abby Louise15
Abby Louise15 Hace 8 días
Jazz should try and style wigs for a week!!!!!
Puppluvr43000 Hace 8 días
Lindsay does look like she’s from Boy with Luv XD and the best part is that she is a BTS fan X3
Citlali  Moncivais
Citlali Moncivais Hace 8 días
does anyone know where jazz got the outfit for lindsay?
Chronicle Bellz
Chronicle Bellz Hace 8 días
I wish she put a white Bando
Sabrina Reyez
Sabrina Reyez Hace 8 días
The nails Lindsay got for jasmine are the same color I have on my nails at the moment
Jeon AL
Jeon AL Hace 8 días
5:00 ʙᴏʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʟᴜᴠ ᴠɪʙᴇs ᴛʜᴏ 👀
Jeon AL
Jeon AL Hace 8 días
ɪ ᴡᴀs ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴏ sᴀʏ sʜᴇ ʟᴏᴏᴋᴇᴅ ʟɪᴋᴇ sʜᴇ ᴡᴀs ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴛs ᴍᴠ ʙᴏʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʟᴜᴠ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ʟɪɴᴅsᴀʏ
6Ab _
6Ab _ Hace 8 días
Lindsay looks like she’s out of boy with luv
VK Andag
VK Andag Hace 9 días
Besides bts she also looks like lisa blackpink ddu ddu du
milana day
milana day Hace 9 días
i cant get over jazz’s confidence in general like damn ily💞
Stephani Rodriguez
Stephani Rodriguez Hace 10 días
Omg she does look like she came out of boy with luv 💜
WitchWhovianPhan Hace 10 días
lindsay coming right out of the boy with luv music video
jasmine losovsky
jasmine losovsky Hace 10 días
Where are the clothes from tho I want to buy them!!!!
meg x
meg x Hace 10 días
what mascara does lindsey wear???
imogen lodge
imogen lodge Hace 11 días
Bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts yoongi
Phan ARMYBTS Hace 11 días
How can they wear anything and rock it with confidence?
Elliott Allen
Elliott Allen Hace 11 días
okay people can do whatever they want and i admire and respect people that are willing to thing outside the box when it comes to fashion. and to clarify i’m not trying to shame them or anything. that being said i feel like there is a time where it becomes akward and borderline inappropriate to dress like the clearance section of a forever 21. like y’all are almost 30 dressing like a 15 year old in 2017. and like if you’re going to claim being a fashion/style expert you need to evolve, or at least like not attempt to look like a 17 y/o at 27
CrescentLuna Hace 11 días
BTS 4evah!! 😍💕
Julie Davenport
Julie Davenport Hace 12 días
I love both outfits but I could not wear Lyndsey's outfit because she kinda reminds me of a hipster Barbie... love them both but yea
babi 245
babi 245 Hace 12 días
A BTS fan!!! I am coming
Britt Gelabert
Britt Gelabert Hace 12 días
I wish they did a week!!!
Elyse McWilson
Elyse McWilson Hace 12 días
what store are you shopping at?
adrijana rakipi
adrijana rakipi Hace 13 días
3:13 "i am you (you) you see me in you (you) ~~"
Meghan-daisy White-Romeo
Meghan-daisy White-Romeo Hace 14 días
I have those trousers! My mum won’t let me wear them because she hates them 😂😂😂
Reenad Hace 14 días
I demand a video starting the guy at 6:15 😍
Huddythings Hace 14 días
Lindsay looks so cute
Huddythings Hace 14 días
I can’t express my style because my style is mature like crop tops ect and I’m in 5th grade
Giordano Molina
Giordano Molina Hace 16 días
Omg i have those shoes the crazy 8s. Everyone hates me for wearing them! Lol
Caycee Ricketts
Caycee Ricketts Hace 17 días
I like the outfits you guys bought.
Honey꿀 Hace 17 días
Lmao the first thing I thought about the pink suit was Boy with Luv kakakaksk
Paris Lover
Paris Lover Hace 18 días
I think Lindsay outfit would be better if she wore the white shirt instead. But she still looked poppin.
Noo Yess
Noo Yess Hace 18 días
Lindsay looks like something outta kino proby vid
Amna Khan
Amna Khan Hace 18 días
A1 since Day1
A1 since Day1 Hace 18 días
I would say Lindsay shouldve extended her thoughts a bit more while shopping for Jaz. Although she was shopping for her own style, Lindsay should still take into consideration if it'll look cute on Jaz. But Jaz did a wonderful job on the experiment. I'd say A+ !! And you can see on Lindsay face she's really happy about Jaz's picks but Jazzmyne on the other hand seems a bit displeased, rather sad. :( And unfortunately we can SOME see why.
Lily Grote
Lily Grote Hace 19 días
No one noticed that crap in jazz’s teeth at 7:40?? 😂😂
silver BLUE
silver BLUE Hace 20 días
You dress like a ket head @ Leeds festival 😂😂 I love it
gabe itch
gabe itch Hace 20 días
lindsay looks like shes about to go perform boy with luv
Dicle Yücel
Dicle Yücel Hace 21 un día
3:07 look at the smile on jazz :D
Vivien Schulz
Vivien Schulz Hace 21 un día
ouh here are the ARMYs :)
DiamondWolfGem Hace 21 un día
My heart just DIED when I saw lindys outfit cuz BoY WiTh LuV AHHhHhhhH
ghofrane jendoubi
ghofrane jendoubi Hace 21 un día
You both look ridiculous
chimmy tits
chimmy tits Hace 21 un día
Lindsay looks like she's about to Oh My My My
Kiera Sullivan
Kiera Sullivan Hace 22 días
when i saw the blazer i was like “uhhh..” but then LINDSAY KILLED IT🤩
Wooo Heyyy
Wooo Heyyy Hace 22 días
Omg when she said bts music video style I was like "YESSSSSS"
jillian Hace 22 días
Teenage White girl fresh prince..😜
Maggie Vega
Maggie Vega Hace 22 días
I'm sorry but I really don't like their styles, I mean their confidence is awesome though.
Janvi Jaiswal
Janvi Jaiswal Hace 22 días FAN!!!!!!!!!!!111
darkmoon560 Hace 23 días
Lindsays outfit was awesome but i didn't like how jazzmyne was dressed at all
shit lista
shit lista Hace 23 días
I hated the outfits, this is considered fashionable?...
brittany leigh
brittany leigh Hace 23 días
jazzmyne looks adorable in that bucket hat
Debbie Castro
Debbie Castro Hace 23 días
So wonderful. I had fun watching
shit lista
shit lista Hace 23 días
Hate the bucket hat!
mari del rio
mari del rio Hace 23 días
Lindsay: | jazz⚫
jenniefromtheblock XD
jenniefromtheblock XD Hace 23 días
“ if definitely not your style because you’re wearing like a shirt , like a full on shirt “😂😂😂
Bailey Sadler
Bailey Sadler Hace 23 días
Love them, hate how unoriginal and trendy they are.
rainbowapplesparkelpie Hace 23 días
like Kayne said "still rock forever 21 but just turned 30"😂
Ella Wells
Ella Wells Hace 23 días
Jazz and Lindsey really helps my depression I’m so grateful
Nefeli Blossom
Nefeli Blossom Hace 23 días
Jazz wearing a t-shirt with her self on. Amazing! 😄
Maria Correia
Maria Correia Hace 23 días
Where are the outfits from😍
Lyndsy Carson
Lyndsy Carson Hace 24 días
okay well this video was made for 12 year olds
Екатерина Hace 24 días
where's the shirt Lindsay got for jazz from 🤕🤕❤️
octayvia25 Hace 24 días
"Your styles, were never the same but I feel like they're cousins." Couldn't have said it better myself. Their styles are similar enough that they could dress each other, but each would still be totally comfy.
gucci l
gucci l Hace 24 días
I really appreciated that small clip of Boy with Luv. Thank you
Irish Ocampo
Irish Ocampo Hace 24 días
How can I subscribe to just Jazz and Lindsay
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