Best Friends Swap Fashion Styles For A Day

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"I am literally you."
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as/isbuzzfeedbuzzfeed as/isBest Friends Swap Fashion Styles For A Day

Ishu m
Ishu m Hace un día
Has anyone noticed the fact that Lindsay's outfit Is sooo much like a bts "boy with luv" outfit😂 Edit : okay someone already dmed her😂
Mercedes Moreno
Mercedes Moreno Hace un día
Lindsay has a hickey on her chest 😭
Bella Star
Bella Star Hace 2 días
lindsay looks like harry styles in the fine line album
Dilyara Tuychieva
Dilyara Tuychieva Hace 2 días
Why do I feel like jazzmayn was feeling insecure in the whole video about her body U are beautiful jazzmyne u rock any and every style u go gurl. 🥰😍
esther elysha
esther elysha Hace 3 días
jazzymine is so cute i cnt even .....😳👀👀👀😍😍😍
shekinah b
shekinah b Hace 7 días
There styles are complementary .
hi peeps
hi peeps Hace 14 días
I love jazzies toppppp
Dary Muhamamad Putra
Dary Muhamamad Putra Hace 23 días
I was shook and excited when heard from lindsay that she’s an ARMY. If youtube comment can use a GIF, i wanna put a crying GIF at the comment section. 💜
aisha saddique
aisha saddique Hace 28 días
Lindsay could wear a trash bag and still look cute... 🥰🥺🤧😫
Siti Khadijah
Siti Khadijah Hace un mes
can i hire Jazz to style me when i'm on my sad/hyper days and Lindsay to style me when i'm on my okay/good days?
enchantae Hace un mes
i honestly wish i was friends with you two
Nour Meh
Nour Meh Hace un mes
omg their job is so fun
Simone Green
Simone Green Hace un mes
Wanda and cosmo
Kit Kim
Kit Kim Hace un mes
Lindsay’s about to Oh my my my
im confused
im confused Hace un mes
i hate how lindsay does actually look like she hopped out of bwl
Taja Hajji
Taja Hajji Hace un mes
Lindsay looks like Jungkook in boy with luv
Greta Productions
Greta Productions Hace un mes
Jazzmayne ur so beautiful u can pull anything of! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Greta Productions
Greta Productions Hace un mes
Jazzmayne ur so beautiful u can pull anything of! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
TMMajuri Hace un mes
The other thing with Jazzmynes style is the fit she usually wears like body thight things
Jana Bahaa
Jana Bahaa Hace un mes
I love jazzmyns "yaaaaaas"
Mel T.
Mel T. Hace un mes
"I've seen you wear this hat..." LIAR! 😂
luke2vlogs Hace un mes
I think everyone in the office is just used to their crazy fashion by now
pleasu don't ignore me
pleasu don't ignore me Hace un mes
Lindsey could be apart of bts for the boy with luv music vid...and then I realized
Gabriela santana
Gabriela santana Hace un mes
I need that shirt Jazz has on in the beginning
Jamileth Hace un mes
Lindsay walked in to show jaz her outfit like me when I put on a fashion show for my dad with the clothes I just bought
Natalia Christina
Natalia Christina Hace 2 meses
Lindsay do you now if jazmin meet with the spanish teacher from the back to school video and she flurt with him
K F Hace 2 meses
Lindsay does not know how to style lol
yerania Hace 2 meses
Lindsay looks she's about to "oh my my my"
Mahasweta Das
Mahasweta Das Hace 2 meses
wow is Kristen pregnant?
Btsjungkookie2u Hace 2 meses
alsn clre
alsn clre Hace 2 meses
Okay but you both did AMAZING!!
Azucena Flores
Azucena Flores Hace 2 meses
Who else wishes Lindsay was their mom? Cause same 😂
Ong Kula
Ong Kula Hace 2 meses
Yay BTS army
ariel Hace 2 meses
I get that everyone loves these two, and yes they are great, but these outfits were pretty terribly executed. Lindsay's looked like pajamas! Both pieces were way too baggy for Jazz. The pink pants could have been good if they had any structure... Jazz's pick was much better, but the shoes clashed, the pants were high-waters and the Jacket was too over-sized. Both these looks suffered from the same things: they were cheap and ill fitting. To be fair it takes a lot of work to style an outfit that fits well on a budget: I think they would have done better if they'd gone to thrift and consignment shops where they could find high quality items at cheaper prices and have each other try things on till they find outfits that fit well.
Mrs. Jones Camillia Jones
Mrs. Jones Camillia Jones Hace 2 meses
I love these two!!
Ikah Rahman
Ikah Rahman Hace 2 meses
Omgggg jaz and lindsay's fashion looks EXPENSIVEE
Allie Mac
Allie Mac Hace 2 meses
i would do this with my best friend but... she has all my clothes so
solomon lisane
solomon lisane Hace 2 meses
who else got a boy with luv vibe just me.... ok
Nina Joon
Nina Joon Hace 2 meses
Director Lemon
Director Lemon Hace 2 meses
Their styles are like SO EQUAL Yet SOOOOOO different!!! Do y’all agree or am I crazy
McKenna S
McKenna S Hace 2 meses
Jazz - "I Love Socks"
Clara Battaglia
Clara Battaglia Hace 2 meses
I want them to style my life 😭❤
Sarah Sevak
Sarah Sevak Hace 2 meses
was the suit from rachel antonoff? 😂
arroc Hace 3 meses
i haven't laughed for days.... 3:20
Blanca deBORMA
Blanca deBORMA Hace 3 meses
Imagine working at Buzzfeed like you have 30 persons coming at your desk to ask you something about their look🙄
midnight stupid
midnight stupid Hace 3 meses
Lindsay looks like the 8th member of bts from boy with luv :')
Eve Brochu
Eve Brochu Hace 3 meses
Lindsay is boy with luz and jazz is gogo lmao Edit: damn i wrote this before lindsay talked about her dms about bts lmao armies RISE
Random Acct
Random Acct Hace 3 meses
Jazz had stuff in her teeth😂love yaaaaa jazzz
Moonlight Editz Craft
Moonlight Editz Craft Hace 3 meses
Who ever says jazz is fat then I hate u
Marie Jørgensen
Marie Jørgensen Hace 3 meses
Where can i get the pink outfit???
yovita Hace 3 meses
oh my god i love the blazer!!!! what brand is it?
Veronica Cheung
Veronica Cheung Hace 3 meses
Yessss, Armmmmmmyyyyyyy 💜💜💜
Bear Birch
Bear Birch Hace 3 meses
Linsey is a cool teacher
Beauty By Cynette
Beauty By Cynette Hace 3 meses
I love them !!!!!
sierra remsen
sierra remsen Hace 3 meses
Jazzmyne should be a model for Zendaya or SavagexFentey
jeekies Hace 3 meses
lindsay looks like she’s about to oh my my my
Marie Jørgensen
Marie Jørgensen Hace 3 meses
Lindsay looks like someone who is about to go "oh my my my oh my my my"
Sofiya Hace 3 meses
4:28 feels like she gonna do O m-m-my (boy with luv)
Short dreamer
Short dreamer Hace 3 meses
Army is everywhere! 💜💜💜😂
oh no! lemonade
oh no! lemonade Hace 3 meses
Lindsay reminds me of Boy With Luv lol
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean Hace 3 meses
Gosh I want that pink suit
Kay Hen
Kay Hen Hace 3 meses
Jazzmyne and Lindsay should start their own channel
Sydney Aguilar
Sydney Aguilar Hace 3 meses
I feel like jazz will wear this whole outfit again but with a sports bra instead of the T-shirt.
Makayla and henry
Makayla and henry Hace 3 meses
Not a fan of the hats lol
afraid Hace 3 meses
at the end, lindsay looked exactly like jennifer anniston
afraid Hace 3 meses
omg, lindsay looked so good with jazz style!!
Kendall Constance
Kendall Constance Hace 3 meses
Awkward because they have the same style...
eve wen
eve wen Hace 3 meses
Lindsay looks like she just came out of bwl
ley ley
ley ley Hace 3 meses
Lindsay be lookin like straight out of the boy with luv mv fr
Enyssa R
Enyssa R Hace 3 meses
at 8:15 if you pause it i thought that face was a real person then i looked again and it wasn't
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