Best Baby Mama Dance Ever! (9 months pregnant) | Dhar and Laura

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Dhar and Laura

Dhar and Laura

Hace un mes

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Dhar and Laura
Dhar and Laura Hace un mes
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Rosa Botello
Rosa Botello Hace 21 un día
Dhar and Laura Hi 👋 I had been feeling down, this just made me smile, Thank you two.
Angielena shiwbaran
Angielena shiwbaran Hace un mes
You should stop twerking Becaus I am only 8 eight years old 5 five Days ago was my birthday
Island Girl 671
Island Girl 671 Hace un mes
Laura Mutanu
Laura Mutanu Hace un mes
Aaaaaaaaw sooo cute 💞... So admirable
Jazmin Gomez
Jazmin Gomez Hace un mes
CvteStrawberriez Hace un día
Laura she be so sassy and she so cool, May the kid Ella be blessed
Menjo Jessi Jane
Menjo Jessi Jane Hace 2 días
Virginia Moore
Virginia Moore Hace 2 días
Ohhh my gosh Laura your baby momma dance is sexy. I was a little scared for you when you jumped up and you didn't hold your belly. LOL! This is my first watching these videos and I love it. Dharr don't worry your dance went very well. You too are so funny.
Lisseth Long
Lisseth Long Hace 3 días
I love the baby mama dance
B. Bracci
B. Bracci Hace 6 días
I already sent a prayer out when I seen you post about your baby being born but again congratulations I love your videos and I'm so happy to be introduced to your wife this is awesome God bless you may you be rich with love joy peace and happiness
Story Time
Story Time Hace 6 días
That was awesome! Holly molly you both are the best! Laura, how you did those moves being so far along!? That was the best!!! Dhar, your smiles when Laura was dancing was great! I loved this so much! I think I have to watch it again! Hee Hee
Broxyn Hace 6 días
Cringe bro
LULUSIPER Hace 6 días
aw this is so cute
Nan Bhugwant
Nan Bhugwant Hace 7 días
Dhar can I ask you a question. The question is that is Laura your wife or girlfriend
Jeanette Hernández
Jeanette Hernández Hace 7 días
I love your videos on Facebook
ZachZed YT
ZachZed YT Hace 7 días
duma lun
duma lun Hace 7 días
Marie Tajalle
Marie Tajalle Hace 7 días
Just subscribed and enjoying your videos. Hafa Adai from Guam 🌴
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia Hace 7 días
Baby momma dance!!!
Mrs. quick
Mrs. quick Hace 7 días
Absolutely love this! You guys did great! Laura this is how you got baby princess. 😂😂😂 Congratulations to the both of you!!!!!
Josh Sanchez
Josh Sanchez Hace 7 días
Wow OMG 😱
Brenda Dickson
Brenda Dickson Hace 7 días
You guys are cute God bless you n your new babygirl😘😍
Hellen Atieno
Hellen Atieno Hace 9 días
That dance is good oo. How do you go about giveaways please
GLADY MILLS Hace 9 días
so happy for you two ....
gio amous
gio amous Hace 10 días
We're going to make sure EVERYTHING has been updated and the results will be positive for ONCE we have your data 3,😚
Jake Barrantes Vlog
Jake Barrantes Vlog Hace 10 días
I’m die hard fan with both of you Godbless!
Subeyda Hussein
Subeyda Hussein Hace 10 días
I'm new to this I have never been watching it.
Beverley R
Beverley R Hace 11 días
Beautiful exercise your baby wont delay it will come faster with that kind of exercise
sibonakaliso mdluli
sibonakaliso mdluli Hace 11 días
You guys are so cutee together 🙏
Alisha Fowlin
Alisha Fowlin Hace 11 días
That was great
lucky singh
lucky singh Hace 11 días
Wow super bro and congratulations
Khangpa Khangpa
Khangpa Khangpa Hace 11 días
Woooo... It's wonderful, love to see a pregnant woman dance.
Wilma Hamm
Wilma Hamm Hace 12 días
She is so beautiful. I did that dance 31 years ago 2/13/89 and she 2/14/89 .
Maritza Raquel Riche Mercado
Maritza Raquel Riche Mercado Hace 12 días
Thanks dhar mann and show me this new channel can i win one of ur giveaways plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls🙏🙏🙏🙏
Adelina Dickerson
Adelina Dickerson Hace 12 días
And the babies going to be like Slow down
Rachelle Alzate
Rachelle Alzate Hace 13 días
So beautiful Laura ❤️
Mona Pandya
Mona Pandya Hace 13 días
When do you post new videos
Leanne frost
Leanne frost Hace 13 días
Amazing just subscribed watching all the way from England. Gosh she is so beautiful she is glowing.
Oluwaferanmi Aruaji
Oluwaferanmi Aruaji Hace 13 días
I had to watch this video up to 3 times #pregnancy
Lawrence Shelby
Lawrence Shelby Hace 14 días
You guys are my relationship goal. That was soooo adorable. I know I am late with watching this video but that doesn't take away the fact that you two were made for each other. Take care and God Bless.
Sunshine Gibson
Sunshine Gibson Hace 14 días
That was awesome
Jade Solis
Jade Solis Hace 14 días
Silia Kata
Silia Kata Hace 14 días
who LOVES dhar man like if you argree
Anees Ahmed
Anees Ahmed Hace 14 días
Dhar and Laura do you know Tik tok
FLOOF_GACHA Hace 14 días
Ella is adorable but if I done this it would be cringe but this is brilliant
karen mcginniss
karen mcginniss Hace 15 días
Congrats!! You guys are so AWESOME! Dhar I can't even express my love and appreciation for your very special and direct approach in your videos, they are so direct and personal and so very personal to every one who has been through every kind of situation possible! TY! you make me cry and smile with every video. So TY AGAIN! and You Guys are going to be the BEST PARENTS~~ Your child is what I hope all future children can be raised as, because then we will all have a beautiful future and beautiful loving, caring and happy lives, without hate and judgement.
Nazema Khan
Nazema Khan Hace 15 días
Omg I soooo loved the dance 😂❤️ and Dhar was so funny, I enjoyed it😂
Fer Fer
Fer Fer Hace 16 días
Hi I’m a new subscriber I think you guys are awesome 👏
Saniah .H
Saniah .H Hace 16 días
Make a house tour
Gloria Ukwuije
Gloria Ukwuije Hace 17 días
That was fun keep it up
#DJCess Chien
#DJCess Chien Hace 17 días
Wow nice dance for pregnant God bless you both guys!!! Like and subscribes guys and give you back too
lmknightsmokie Hace 17 días
I loved it you guys did great.
Judy Cooper
Judy Cooper Hace 17 días
You two are so cute! Love the dance.
MrsCaptainbob Hace 17 días
I loved the dance it's so cool and cute
Vilma Villalba-Ellis
Vilma Villalba-Ellis Hace 17 días
Best baby mama dance ever !!!
Regina Mosby
Regina Mosby Hace 17 días
You were very limber and full of energy for someone who was ready to go into labor soon!!! Praise God for the beautiful daughter you gave birth too!!! You guys are a great team and we all love you!!
Angel Leiba
Angel Leiba Hace 17 días
LMBO you guys are the best
diamond shan lewis
diamond shan lewis Hace 17 días
Awww aren't they Da cutest😇🙊😉💕❤❤❤yes baby mama show them😂Dhar u got moves u guy's
Debbie Appleby
Debbie Appleby Hace 17 días
What a cute video! God bless you for being able to dance like that at 9 months along!!
•Dëmøn• Hace 17 días
She even jumped! I was so scared when she did!
Vibin Vibes
Vibin Vibes Hace 18 días
Anyone here after Laura gave birth?
CvteStrawberriez Hace un día
Me :O
hafsa's world
hafsa's world Hace 7 días
Not me
Serene Morin
Serene Morin Hace 9 días
Amy Zaruma
Amy Zaruma Hace 10 días
Vibin Vibes me
Sonal Maisuria
Sonal Maisuria Hace 11 días
Carol Deaton
Carol Deaton Hace 18 días
Granny from Kentucky how to watch this again and Ella Rose is already here 16 days old today
Silvia Reyes
Silvia Reyes Hace 18 días
Omg it was so funny when dhar put the pillow to think that he’s pregnant lol
Virginia Williams
Virginia Williams Hace 18 días
Love it! 🥰
Booda S
Booda S Hace 18 días
I just lovr you Dhar and falling for ur wife she got moves to be 9 mos preggos. Stay safe and I pray ur new bundle is healthy and brings u both ultimate joy. Amen
Shanaz shaheed
Shanaz shaheed Hace 18 días
Omg I really enjoy the baby mama dance
Shanaz shaheed
Shanaz shaheed Hace 18 días
Omg I really enjoy the baby mama dance
Sondra Miller
Sondra Miller Hace 18 días
Laura is absolutely beautiful!! Most beautiful Momma to be ever!! 💕💕
Diane Nelson
Diane Nelson Hace 18 días
So happy to the arrival of Ella Rose ... GET MARRIED!!! Love should move you to give your beautiful daughter a stable life with two loving parents (natural)
Sufia Akter
Sufia Akter Hace 18 días
Love for both of you.♥♥♥
MrRoyalPowder Hace 18 días
Dhar we need different accounts for baby princess..
Aoudjit Naima
Aoudjit Naima Hace 18 días
That so funny thank god I'm a boy
PATRICK ELIS Hace 18 días
Gachaclaire 118
Gachaclaire 118 Hace 18 días
Laura is like so attractive and brave Other mom:Oh I cant do that it will hurt my baby,he/she didn't see the earth yet and then you told me to dance look look at my bell in its big enough!! Laura:Meh "dances"my baby is healthy its even healthier after u move
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