BEST AND WORST SPRING 2020 FASHION SHOWS (gigi confronts chanel runway crasher marie s'infiltre)

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Fashion Month this year was definitely interesting to say the least. From Gigi Hadid confronting Marie S'Infiltre, the infamous Chanel Runway Crasher, to Bella Hadid's opening of Mugler, to Jennifer Lopez closing the Versace fashion show.
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Those Mentioned:
1. Zac Posen
2. Jeremy Scott
3. Christopher John Rogers
4. Christian Siriano
5. Brandon Maxwell
6. LaQuan Smith
7. Sies Marjan
8. Pyer Moss
9. The Row
10. Tom Ford
11. Coach
12. Oscar de la Renta
13. Proenza Schouler
14. Michael Kors
15. Marc Jacobs
16. Kiko Kostadinov
17. Matty Bovan
18. Molly Goddard
19. Victoria Beckham
20. Simone Rocha
21. Erdem
22. J.W. Anderson
23. Christopher Kane
24. Burberry
25. Richard Quinn
26. Jil Sander
27. Fendi
29. Prada
30. Bottega Veneta
31. Moschino
32. Marni
33. Versace
34. Salvatore Ferragamo
35. Gucci
36. Marine Serre
37. Dior
38. Saint Laurent Paris
39. Margiela
40. Mugler
41. Dries Van Noten
42. Y/Project
43. Rick Owens
44. Off-White
45. Loewe
46. Paco Rabanne
47. Balmain
48. Issey Miyake
49. Celine
50. Comme des Garcons
51. Balenciaga
52. Thom Browne
53. Valentino
54. Givenchy
55. Alexander McQueen
56. Chanel
57. Louis Vuitton


Kay cass
Kay cass Hace 2 días
I don’t understand half the things he’s saying and I know nothing of fashion but this video was really interesting actually.
Eva Termeulen
Eva Termeulen Hace 4 días
Those white Burberry dresses would have been nice without the strange afterthought of the lettering on it, making it UNWEARABLE. The fashion that's trickling down into cheaper departmentstore brands is all.. that. Beige and bleached stripy things and uninteresting silhouets. Meh.. Jill Sander had some nice moments, thanks for showing me that! Fendi was great, give me some 70's infusion any day, Louis Vuitton had some nice pieces at the beginning in that same style. But seriously, Fendi over Prada in this video, only the Prada plateau loafers are nice. That second dress from Bottega Veneta, the brown one, had a great neckline. Could be a great wearable look. Margiela was creating a nice nod to fashionable 1940's midwives and war-widows. I loved Muscino's hairdo's they were fun, some of the pieces in that show are good too. The Gucci and Marine Serre shows were to die, but Loewe is le future. AND OH MY GOD Thom Browne, theatrical, love!
Expression of Lotus
Expression of Lotus Hace 8 días
"Without the belt MARIA!!" hahahaha
Expression of Lotus
Expression of Lotus Hace 8 días
the more i watch the more i can relate to the references hahaha
Katherine Hace 9 días
I dunno, Marine Serre print looks like transit bus seat fabric to me...
gabrielamonken Hace 9 días
I loved chanel...
zeena zaid
zeena zaid Hace 9 días
i thought versace was beautiful... but i love you tho 👉🏼👈🏼😔💖
Venn F
Venn F Hace 10 días
13:52 that poor dog
Pitty for the planet
Pitty for the planet Hace 12 días
5:09 is that Sanne Vloet? I can't tell.
Elizabeth Duffy
Elizabeth Duffy Hace 12 días
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Sam P
Sam P Hace 14 días
man does he hate posh spice
independent Hace 15 días
Wow @brandon Maxwell!! Finally a wearable fashionable collection just woow!! He gets it ! This designer gets it!!
Renata cerini
Renata cerini Hace 15 días
felt like gossip girl when I saw Emma Chamberlain in the Louis Vuitton show
Sarah Burke
Sarah Burke Hace 18 días
1. Zac posen 2. Jeremy scott and dear fucking god...that was bad. 3. Christopher John Rogers. 4. Christian Sirriano 5. Brandon maxwell 6. Laquan smith 7. Sies marjan 8. Pyer moss 9. The row 10. Tom ford 11. Coach 12. Oscar de la renta 13. Proenza shcouler 14. Michael kors 15. Marc jacobs 16. Kiko kostandinov 17. Maddy bovan 18. Molly goddard 19. Victoria beckham 20. Simone rocha 21. Erdem 22. J.W Anderson 23. Christopher kane 24. Burberry. 25. Richard quinn 26. Jil sander 27. Fendi 😍😍 29. Prada 30. Bottega veneta 31. Moschino 32. Marni 33. Versace 34. Salvatore ferragamo 35. Gucci 36. Marine serre 37. Dior 38. Saint laurent 39. Margiela 40. Mugler 41. Dries van noten 42. Y/Project 43. Rick owens 44. Off-white 45. Loewe 46. Paco rabanne 47. Balmain 48. Issey miyake 49. Celine 50. Comme des garçons 51. Balenciaga 52. Thom brown 53. Valentino 54. Givenchy 55. Mcqueen 56. Chanel 57. Louis vuitton
Christian Cinque
Christian Cinque Hace 18 días
Agree with most of your reviews, but I'm confused as to your comments on Dries? What do you not understand?
boo boo
boo boo Hace 23 días
First of all Donatella had a fcking trauma going through Gianni's death,do u even know how much it takes to continue your genius brother's work.She's still traumatized,we all are,and in every collection Donatella tries her best to create something what Gianni's did,only a fcking horrible nasty person would say something bad about this woman.People like u will never ever create something beautiful if u can only reject other human being's passion for his work.T R I G G E R R E D
Ottilia Hace 25 días
I stumbled upon your Alexander McQueen videos and was so blown away by him and this whole world. So I've been spending the last hours just watching fashion videos and it's so interesting. I've never been interested by it but I'm starting to se the appeal.
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 Hace 26 días
21:10 the shoes are too pointy
TheUltimateMar Hace 27 días
So many of the models were basically sprinting 😭
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace 29 días
Can someone call a real model to teach these people how to walk? I'm getting anxious with these zombies
LatinaKamilla Hace 29 días
Brandon’s Maxwell’s clothing is ready to wear and I’m OBSESSED with it. About time I see a designer use clothing that’s ACTUALLY WEARABLE DAY TO DAY. I Stan Brandon Maxwell.
Little Lyrebird
Little Lyrebird Hace un mes
Comme des garcons was beautiful :O
Sierra Molinary 시에라의 일상
Sierra Molinary 시에라의 일상 Hace un mes
i’ve never been into fashion, and i for sure don’t keep up with any of these brands mentioned, but it’s interesting to see people who do. i seriously can’t figure out what is considered ugly or beautiful in the realm of high end runway fashion these days. most of it (in my opinion) is god awful tbh. some of it is okay. but i know literally nothing, so...
Fatumata Djabula
Fatumata Djabula Hace un mes
What’s happening with the fashion industry???
Sydney Ojala
Sydney Ojala Hace un mes
18:26 iS tHaT dOg oK
Dream House The Movie
Dream House The Movie Hace un mes
I think the world you and these designers promote should be burned to the ground. Could you please drop some of the affected and overly defended verbal tics and mannerisms? I feel so tense after watching you, I need a klonopin.
Vlogs by Elle Bassa
Vlogs by Elle Bassa Hace un mes
Genuinely watch the Michael Kors bit of this and was wondering what the heck is going on like seriously I’m confused
Katherine Martinez-Fuentes
Katherine Martinez-Fuentes Hace un mes
'WITHOUT A BELT MARIA" lmfaoo 29:06
Luis Diego Morataya
Luis Diego Morataya Hace un mes
the girl with her tits out at 24:32
alyssa marie
alyssa marie Hace un mes
how in the hell did those models walk down the saint laurent runway without getting blinded from the 100 rotating spotlights jesus christ
La Veda Davis
La Veda Davis Hace un mes
"Some of it was vile!"-Paco Rabanne
La Veda Davis
La Veda Davis Hace un mes
New fan here. Carry on with your fashion critiques. Refreshing.
Laura Apolo
Laura Apolo Hace un mes
"If you didn't realise that fashion is going down the sh*tter, then now is the time..." 😆
Jaki T
Jaki T Hace un mes
Gigi really has improved her walk tho
Luca-Julian Hahn
Luca-Julian Hahn Hace un mes
I actually had to turn down the speed to understand the opening. This guy talks real but fast AF. ❤️
Maia Therese Coronel
Maia Therese Coronel Hace un mes
Who saw that 24:33 slip
Sophia Hace un mes
3:25 she really needs to work on her walk...
S B Hace un mes
U R amaaazing
Radtech_ CA
Radtech_ CA Hace un mes
Check out michael cinco
fabmaxmm Hace un mes
So bluntly direct, how refreshing!
Angela Michele
Angela Michele Hace un mes
Tell me, how did we go from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, Valentino Garavani, Oscar de La Renta (when they were the designers). When the looks were AWE-INSPIRING and innovative, when they would hold your eyes hostage. There is inspiration al around (architecture, geography, history, nature, art). Everything looks so bland. The Picasso influence was amazing, Moschino rose to the occasion.
chahra Hace un mes
ralph and russo's show was my favorite this year breathtaking
Terrell Johnson
Terrell Johnson Hace un mes
16:42 ( Paul Andrew is the creative director for Salvatore Ferragamo not Wes Gordon....Wes Gordon designs at CH)
Amber G
Amber G Hace un mes
Jlo is obsessed with herself in a grotesque way tired of her saggy cleavage
Samar Barakat
Samar Barakat Hace un mes
Elie Saab review please!
Rafiel Rosario
Rafiel Rosario Hace un mes
Why the hell am I so attracted to Luke. Fuck I hate it
Heather Mcrobbie
Heather Mcrobbie Hace un mes
‘He really needs a kick in the fucken ass, in some direction’ i love your lack of pc self-censorship along with all the sounds of dry retching 😂 and lets not forget to mention the ball bag sucking, keep your snout out babe recommendations! Plus ‘a walk only a mother could love’ ‘looking to get your nipples cut off by your own dress’ also highly amusing
SIKE Hace 2 meses
Feel bad for the dog in the Serre collection
Fufu issue
Fufu issue Hace 2 meses
“I’m not holding my breath waiting, You will all die and I will take your place” go guy go 🤣✌🏾
Janeene Blank
Janeene Blank Hace 2 meses
He talks to fast.
Beatrice Coquilleau
Beatrice Coquilleau Hace 2 meses
HowcanyounotmentionSOPHIEexplodinginthebackgroundofthatLouisVuittonshow. Excuseme. ItsSOPHIE.
Scarlett Hace 2 meses
24:34 where she had to pull the dress up, YIKES
Roselienchen Hace 2 meses
I‘m certain Richard Quinn used latex, not pvc
Maria Matsumura
Maria Matsumura Hace 2 meses
How come most of them models so horrible to walk? Only few make the walk and clothes look stunning
Erica Reed
Erica Reed Hace 2 meses
I just started watching your channel, it's great, I love it. Thank you
15:25 she's walking so fast you'd think she's about to fight a bitch
Ana Davis
Ana Davis Hace 2 meses
Is PCP the new drug again? Have mercy.
DAVID CHANC Hace 2 meses
People should not use feathers unless they can do it like Mugler
DAVID CHANC Hace 2 meses
I watched your 20/20 haute couture review a sad to say no YSL but other than that you were on target what you said about Chanel was so correct and what you said about the or was just on point I love some of the Valentino that you loved and some of the Gautier more power to you kid strike up the band
Glitter Fallout City
Glitter Fallout City Hace 2 meses
The only thing I like from Tom Ford are his perfumes and eveb those are overpriced
Ms Pea
Ms Pea Hace 2 meses
Just came across this video. Can't understand a word, he talks so fast. I don't know what the video is about. Slow down, dude.
fendi gucci
fendi gucci Hace 2 meses
Who does Tom ford think he is anyway charging $550 for a leather belt? that’s more than the equivalent Gucci or Prada belts by over $100
Pauline Hace 3 meses
ok but being all "omg climate change, oils spills, post apocalypse blah blah" and then using LEATHER?? like...isn't that rly against the point if u wanna critique how we destroy our environment
S Y A Hace 3 meses
Did Margiela tell the models to walk like Frankenstein?
nieceypiecey100 Hace 3 meses
...And yet you’re sitting there in that slouchy basic sweatsuit circa 1986. Ironic.
Mihail Dimitrov
Mihail Dimitrov Hace 3 meses
Me: that looks ni..... Luke: that's fucking ugly Me: no not good that's ugly Still don't know what looks great and what not.
Marcia long
Marcia long Hace 3 meses
Why does he work to be so clever at just running down other peoples work? Seems a bit trite to me.
Fatima Ayoub
Fatima Ayoub Hace 3 meses
Why do some of these models look like they're about to beat somebody's ass😂
Hereisa jakualin
Hereisa jakualin Hace 3 meses
20:25 a walk only a mother could love 😂😂
Kool Blue
Kool Blue Hace 3 meses
You are a master.
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