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Benedict Arnold’s love for his wife, Peggy Shippen, led him to change allegiances in the middle of the Revolutionary War.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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MasterOfRavens Hace 2 días
Peggy? *AnD pEgGy?*
MAATHEW Hace 3 días
What is the censored word at 2:08?
Joni Hace 3 días
Michael Engelmann
Michael Engelmann Hace 4 días
Did it say 1778 in the beginning?🤣
robert lavedas
robert lavedas Hace 6 días
damn Winona Netflix now drunk history..... what's next midnight on Broadway knob jobbing?
Randy Fuentes
Randy Fuentes Hace 8 días
Benedict Donald
Micah Snow
Micah Snow Hace 8 días
Great skit but was disappointed that they didn't use Benedict Cumberbatch lol
Arrowheart Wonder's Studio
Arrowheart Wonder's Studio Hace 9 días
*aND pEggY*
Ikarus Gopher Show
Ikarus Gopher Show Hace 10 días
This enraged G.W who punished him severly
barnoldwhv Hace 12 días
You shouldn't be a traitor, but daaaammmmnnn, 2:18
Ray McGrath
Ray McGrath Hace 12 días
I think that I would need to admit that she was drunk... There once was a woman who tried to get a job working in a factory and they did not want her for the job position because she did not like to wear shoes... And so they did not use her for the factory Employment Position But they wanted to find out when her birthday parties are... And celebrate her birthday... So she decided that if they wanted to be her guest... Then they should all take their shoes off, when they come into her house And visit her on her birthday at her birthday party... So she was like somebody that takes your shoes off... Because she never wears any shoes at all... She just... Wanted to become an actress and so I give you my blessing... If that's what you mean by that then... Sure I can understand... It's either fancy Or it's shmsncy... Not just like working in a factory Where you make factory, merchandise...
Royane E Khalil
Royane E Khalil Hace 13 días
Well yes, to americans he is a traitor now but was he really a traitor to America? We are talking about a time when America as a country still didn't exist to anyone but the "rebels" as the people fighting against Brits. It was a colony populated by people who were, by nationality and descent, british. His beliefs changed and he sided against the people with whom he started, betraying their trust... But betrayal to his "country", not truly possible since his country was still Britain technically.😝
Robert Brent jr
Robert Brent jr Hace 13 días
Listen if I worked for Congress and they denied my pay for months to the point where I couldn't live any longer, then when I get appointed governor an take on the same benefits that any other governor did during those days, but I get courtmarshalled because a few generals were jealous of my abilities, then I'd fan defect too
Black Magician
Black Magician Hace 14 días
😮Oh. And Erin Mcgarthy from Harmon Quest. Edit: And John Lithgrow as Washington.
anabeth chase
anabeth chase Hace 16 días
Are we sure it’s not Peggy Schuyler
pea bee
pea bee Hace 16 días
Derek is kinda hot
Mae McCardle
Mae McCardle Hace 17 días
“Washington’s my daddy!” Alexander Hamilton is shaking
CryptCat Hace 9 días
CaLl mE sOn OnE mOrE TiMe
Ray McGrath
Ray McGrath Hace 18 días
Ally Sheedy does something interesting...
Ray McGrath
Ray McGrath Hace 18 días
Gwen Stefani
Michael Moretti
Michael Moretti Hace 19 días
Bear in mind that Peggy Shippen was only 18 years old when she met Benedict Arnold.
The Antichrist
The Antichrist Hace 19 días
Winona Ryder is the best
Ray McGrath
Ray McGrath Hace 20 días
These are the homeless people and the women who love them... In today's... European mystery of that... ? Sorry no so this is not that one like Benedict Arnold betrays his country... If not for being Canadian... Irish I might say... Was that The Boston Tea Party... And wouldn't that be like a great stretch For the imagination? ? Something interesting... Are you sure we would not be the same... People from Europe for instance... Who looked like John Lithgow... During our time of persecution for instance... Who looks a little bit like George Washington himself... Or maybe that's a couple different conversations like those I guess... There are many in the west... There are many in the west who will sit down at the feast There are many in the west who will sit down and eat with their ancestors There are many in the west who will sit down at the fesstand eat with their ancestors Abraham Isaac and Jacob and they will be cast out into the outer darkness where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth...
Ray McGrath
Ray McGrath Hace 20 días
Well I think she's doing an interesting performance Of this... Canadian girlfriend I guess... Or like... I mean what would you say to that? For instance... If you went back all the way to the early settlers... These might not actually be the representations of people... For instance... Who are these people? For instance called the... Religious ancestors... What if that's like this... Problem for instance... Relating to like... Homeless people and women who love them? For instance...
Thomas Dragt
Thomas Dragt Hace 20 días
The moral of the story is NEVER listen to or trust a female
Jonah Irene
Jonah Irene Hace 23 días
Fun fact: Alexander Hamilton was also with Washington when they went to see Peggy
M Hace 23 días
4:16 Ffff. Fff.
Edward Kim
Edward Kim Hace 24 días
Our culture is in a sad state if history lessons need to be given by the Comedy channel vs. the actual History channel.
Apollo9898LPs Hace 26 días
Benedict Arnold: "I'm a messy bitch, and I live for the drama"
It’s Isa
It’s Isa Hace 26 días
That was Winona???
Mr Sauce
Mr Sauce Hace 26 días
Man I thought this was about doctor strange Benedict Arnold
Tony Hactavish
Tony Hactavish Hace 27 días
darn.. Winona Ryder is still haaawt
Emily Hace 27 días
Sophias war anyone?
Odin Vik
Odin Vik Hace 29 días
Cool motive, still treason
KYTim89 Hace un mes
Has anyone met Winona in person?
Cesre Lawrence-Towner
Cesre Lawrence-Towner Hace un mes
John Lithgow!!!
Mr Eboric
Mr Eboric Hace un mes
We kinda drove him to it. He was dismissed and looked down on his entire adult life and almost all of his military accomplishments were claimed by others. He was passed over for promotion multiple times and the only people who showed him any real respect was the British. It's not suprising at all when you consider just how many people back then had British ties.
Nicole the Weirdo
Nicole the Weirdo Hace un mes
Fun fact: Eliza Hamilton was said to have once had a crush on John André which caused Hamilton to be crazy jealous.
Nicole the Weirdo
Nicole the Weirdo Hace 22 días
anabel b.-glaude That’s just perfect.
anabel b.-glaude
anabel b.-glaude Hace 22 días
@Nicole the Weirdo pretty sure yeah haha
Nicole the Weirdo
Nicole the Weirdo Hace 23 días
anabel b.-glaude Really? Is that why John Laurens was said to be jealous of André?
anabel b.-glaude
anabel b.-glaude Hace 23 días
fun fact: alexander hamilton also had a crush on john andré. once he discovered that john andré was a spy for the british, he didn't want to get rid of him because he was too "respectable" (aka hot)
yeusha gamale
yeusha gamale Hace un mes
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini Hace un mes
Poor Benny, he was just wanting that promotion .'(.
Gilbert Nicholas
Gilbert Nicholas Hace un mes
I love Lithgow he's a great actor
Vicky R.
Vicky R. Hace un mes
John lithgow and winona ryder in the same DH clip, well done 👍👍
Voice_Actor_12 commented
Voice_Actor_12 commented Hace un mes
I see Winona Ryder, I click. This is the first time I'm watching Drunk History btw so if I accidentally start liking this blame Veronica
Kadesh Vega
Kadesh Vega Hace un mes
Omfg that's WINONA RYDER? Dude I didn't even read the title until now :o
Kryptnyt Hace un mes
George Washington, the head of... (LIFE)
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté Hace un mes
Benedict Arnold, the original flexer...
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté Hace un mes
So back then it wasn't keep the hat on, but keep your powdered wig on, apparently...
tyhyin1 Hace un mes
Ok but Derek Waters is so handsome.
Amin Haekal
Amin Haekal Hace un mes
Why does this reminds me of Luis telling stories from Ant Man?
Jamestown Hace un mes
The three guys who arrested Andre also have a cool story. Andre offered to bribe them with a small fortune to let him go, but they turned him in anyway out of loyalty. As a result those three got the first US military medals.
Ari L
Ari L Hace un mes
can we get Christopher Jackson to be Washington sometime or is that too hard on the budget
Emanuel Voelker
Emanuel Voelker Hace un mes
I don't know about back in the day, but I would DEFINITELY betray the MODERN America for that woman.
Lycan Hace un mes
Why did George Washington have a beard?
Piece of trash.
Piece of trash. Hace un mes
Wait, was that Winona Ryder?? The woman who played Peggy looked a lot like Winona Ryder.
orth82 Hace un mes
"Whom do we trust now? Hbrrrhhhh!!" - George Washington
polar cook
polar cook Hace un mes
Hah, this is one of the best
Charlemagne Hace un mes
If Winona Ryder was flirting with me I’d walk through broken glass to screw her
Olivia Hace un mes
I live next to one of the forts he betrayed, we learned about him a lot in elementary school!
Smiley.Rylie.G Hace un mes
THAT’S MY WOMAAAN 😭🙌🏻😍 #winonaforever
Connor Bond
Connor Bond Hace un mes
Legit mistook the thumbnail for a Contrapoints video and got super stressed
Michael Hace un mes
They skipped the part where Arnold leads an invasion force against his home state, Connecticut, massacres surrendered militia men in Groton and burns New London.
Noel Santiago
Noel Santiago Hace un mes
Swear to god...all the chicks he gets stories from would bet piped down with their drunk flirty selves
Luiz Alex Phoenix
Luiz Alex Phoenix Hace un mes
Reality check, that skinny girl isn't worth betraying anyone, you facetious morons. And this girl wasn't drunk, just clearly stupid.
Fairy Ninja
Fairy Ninja Hace un mes
Luiz Alex Phoenix what are u talking about
Badgercom 22
Badgercom 22 Hace un mes
4:34 Haha get it Hysteria cause Winona played Abigail in the Crucible haha
rocali Hace un mes
Winona Ryder is still pretty after all these years
Rose Aleph
Rose Aleph Hace un mes
Is this fake?
Fairy Ninja
Fairy Ninja Hace un mes
Rose Aleph yeah
Lens Perspective
Lens Perspective Hace un mes
Winona Rider really stole the show...
_Rosettastone Ishy_
_Rosettastone Ishy_ Hace un mes
Winona ryder FORCED me to be a gay when I first watched the heathers. ESPECIALLY the the stripping croquet scene .
Sarahwritestories Hace un mes
I’d betray America for Winona Ryder in a heartbeat
heliopheaches uwu
heliopheaches uwu Hace un mes
its weird all these, since i love TURN series
Z Z Hace un mes
Erin you're the most beautiful woman who has ever existed. I would move mountains and slay armies for just a single chance to be able to call you my own.
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