Benedict Arnold Betrays His Country for Love (feat. Winona Ryder) - Drunk History

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Benedict Arnold’s love for his wife, Peggy Shippen, led him to change allegiances in the middle of the Revolutionary War.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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Chloe :3
Chloe :3 Hace 6 horas
*a n d p e g g y* I’ll leave.
Dmitrisnikioff Hace 4 días
Benedict didn't betray the US: he stayed loyal to the true country
Lance Taber
Lance Taber Hace 5 días
What a simp
Traci Morales
Traci Morales Hace 6 días
I'm convinced they got John Lithgow to play Washington purely so he could lip sync that "bbbrrrr" noise she made.
Eli Valore-Caplan
Eli Valore-Caplan Hace 9 días
Get a load of this SIMP
Colin o
Colin o Hace 10 días
He was a hero @ more than just Saratoga
Taricus Hace 12 días
They're day drinking :P LOL!
Jhaney Hamlett
Jhaney Hamlett Hace 14 días
the title said betrayed his country for love and i read betrayed courtney love
Ava Kelly
Ava Kelly Hace 20 días
is it bad that i wrote a full-blown musical about this guy
wittylibrarian Hace 22 días
they got Lithgow to play George?!?!
Destiny's gacha world
Destiny's gacha world Hace 22 días
Man Benedict Arnold was a simp
Pedro Scott
Pedro Scott Hace 23 días
Country before hoes
poopley Hace 23 días
Benedict Arnold was such a loser
Amr Fyz
Amr Fyz Hace 23 días
Benedict Arnold biggest simp ever 😂
CJ Sheu
CJ Sheu Hace 23 días
that YEEEUGH was executed perfectly
Halle Hagan
Halle Hagan Hace 24 días
I actually love Erin McGathy so much she’s so funny
Dusty Nesmith
Dusty Nesmith Hace 26 días
2:18 his eyes LOL
Griffin Brown
Griffin Brown Hace 26 días
Tyler Castaneda
Tyler Castaneda Hace 26 días
Culper spy ring
OAT351 Hace 26 días
Hey we all make mistakes. Trump dodged the draft, and colluded with a hostile foreign enemy to become president. And he's still in office and beloved by white supremacists, beta cuck incels in their moms' basements, and toothless neo-confederates.
Brendan Cobb
Brendan Cobb Hace 27 días
yamiaainferno Hace 27 días
I am pretty skeptical of any narrative that involves a man being "seduced" into doing something morally wrong by a woman. History is very quick to entirely blame the sins of men onto their wives. Peggy was definitely very involved, but Benedict made his own decisions too.
bbr64 bbr64
bbr64 bbr64 Hace 27 días
America: You are on this counsel, but we do not grant you the rank of master. Benedict Arnold: ...
dclaire 788
dclaire 788 Hace 29 días
Petition for lin Manuel Miranda to make his next musical: ‘Arnold’
Nihal 542765
Nihal 542765 Hace 29 días
When comedy Central is more historical accurate than full on movies. Corset not on bare skin
C Greeley
C Greeley Hace 29 días
4:25 is honestly so hilarious.
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton Hace un mes
Luv these !!!
Natyeli Olivares
Natyeli Olivares Hace un mes
I saw Winona, I click
Ajehy Hace un mes
Hey, I’m descended from that plastic baby Washington was totally not going to kill! Fun times.
mika Hace un mes
It's not a phase It's a romance
It's not a phase It's a romance Hace un mes
Emma Doesn’t Know what she’s doing
Emma Doesn’t Know what she’s doing Hace un mes
“George Washington is my daddy!” Hamilton fans: so it’s confirmed
Dominique Meehan
Dominique Meehan Hace un mes
Omfg she's adorable I love her
crithon Hace un mes
.... I'm gonna betray this country if it's for Winona Ryder. And I want to do it like Heathers.
Lord Poompa Doompa
Lord Poompa Doompa Hace un mes
Casually just tosses baby
Jwen7836 Hace un mes
Why did I think this would explain why they're called Eggs Benedict.
Michael corrigan
Michael corrigan Hace un mes
Dear Erin Mcgathy, you are a beautiful inebriated woman. Lets grab a drink sometime?
Lunaura Matsuo
Lunaura Matsuo Hace un mes
I just realized this. The actor for Peggy, you know in the beginning, she kinda looks like the actor for Joyce from Stranger Things. Is it just me? No?
Ana Renteria
Ana Renteria Hace 19 días
Yes it's her twin.. lol. Kidding. It's her.
ᴡʜɪᴍsɪᴄᴀʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ
ᴡʜɪᴍsɪᴄᴀʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ Hace 25 días
Nah, I don’t see it. She kinda looks like Kim from Edward Scissorhands though.
Ivan Sanchez-Aguilar
Ivan Sanchez-Aguilar Hace un mes
So Benedict Arnold betrayed his country because he was a simp? 😂
PigIA Hace un mes
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz Hace un mes
If only it worked... wonder if life would be better ... probably, cause no trump and slavery would’ve ended sooner and we would’ve been like Canada. Damn.
Plx ThaGod
Plx ThaGod Hace un mes
Idk if we all get the same ad for this video or not but in my ad there was this thiccccc bitch dancing around and oh my god I can watch that shit like 1500 more time she’s bad afff
Gabriel Castaneda
Gabriel Castaneda Hace un mes
They bullied the crap out of Benedict Arnold. As a final insult they dug up his leg Benedict lost earlier in the war before his betrayal to bury it with honors.
Tippi B
Tippi B Hace un mes
Good old Legs Benedict
Ben Weissman
Ben Weissman Hace un mes
Please do an episode about Josephine Baker. #JosephineBaker
Tenninch Hace un mes
So Benedict Arnold was a simp.
crazy afrobaby
crazy afrobaby Hace un mes
Benedict Arnold is buried down the road from my house (in London)
Joel Covington
Joel Covington Hace un mes
well shit i would betray my country for winona ryder too
xxxFEMTOxxx Hace un mes
Is this how Trojan war started? :D
Vale :3
Vale :3 Hace un mes
the head I lovd this line so much 🤣
Pieter leegte
Pieter leegte Hace un mes
is that peggy from alaxander hamilton? that would be sick
sahabat disciples
sahabat disciples Hace 2 meses
j cole
instertaname Hace 2 meses
she dont even look drunk lmaooo
titanicgazette Hace 2 meses
Are we not going to talk about how John freaking Lithgow is playing George Washington?
Jessica Shanabarger
Jessica Shanabarger Hace 2 meses
George Washington’s my dadddeeee!!! 😂😂
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow Hace 2 meses
I can’t wait to see the Drunk History of Donald Trump’s final year as president.
If Antifa and BLM Had a baby
If Antifa and BLM Had a baby Hace 2 meses
Winona made my face pregnant
Allison Arnold
Allison Arnold Hace 2 meses
Lmao he is my great great great grandfather or something we love the Arnold family history
Devi Destiani
Devi Destiani Hace 2 meses
I get it why Johnny was insanely attached to her...
Burning Waters
Burning Waters Hace 2 meses
Ethanos097 Hace 2 meses
The first simp
Paddy I
Paddy I Hace 2 meses
Basically the plot of Turn Season 3
Robbie Garnz
Robbie Garnz Hace 2 meses
George Washington: the head Lol!!
RC0001 TV
RC0001 TV Hace 2 meses
2:17 he snuck a peak
zw0lfb4um Hace 2 meses
I would absolutely betray my country for Winona Ryder ❤️❤️❤️
NightShift54 Hace 2 meses
jerry smith looks very different here
Alexander Marquardt
Alexander Marquardt Hace 2 meses
Red haired woman is great on telling stories.
Alexander Crack-ilton
Alexander Crack-ilton Hace 2 meses
Benedict Arnold is a simp
Sandy Hardstone
Sandy Hardstone Hace 2 meses
OMG You guys got John Lithgow???? O.O P. S. John Arnold was accepted by the British army. There's some rather unfortunate misinformation in this video.
C Smith
C Smith Hace 3 meses
"Head"?!?!? Drunk or not, she should have been able to do better than that! Yeah, names for the various and sundry forces can be very complicated, especially back then, but Washington had one of the easiest positions to remember as tip-top man up the totem pole for the Continental Army--super easy! Besides, being drunk a substantial amount of the time didn't keep those in the various and sundry forces with all their complex names from fighting the war and keeping things more or less straight. I agree that Andre was a romantic figure and great loss; Arnold was a different story. That there will be changes in sides in a civil war is part of the nature of the beast. Yet while one can take oneself over to the other side and even try to induce the men under your command to do so as well, giving up fortifications and trying to use the position of trustee to lure the top general into a trap to become at best a prisoner of war is simply unforgivable. Also, the British DID give Arnold some commands to make use of his talents and knowledge. It's a bit to grim for the humor of drunk history to report leading a raid to set fire to lands near one's childhood home and then slaughter the prisoners surrendered to you is something quite different. THAT is why Arnold became hated even by many of the British, with the irony that it was only the most loyal royalists who would receive him in merry old England, and a brief attempt at a return to "home" in Canada quickly ended, as even they wouldn't have him.
ACGAMER 65 Hace 3 meses
Shes a boring drunk
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