Bella Thorne's Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and Glitter Eyes | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Actress Bella Thorne takes Vogue inside her beauty routine, from taking care of her acne-prone skin to tracing on glitter-flecked teal eyeliner.
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Bella Thorne's Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and Glitter Eyes | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Arbe Bitbit
Arbe Bitbit Hace 51 un minuto
Yas Jeffree Star!
Gina Bezpala
Gina Bezpala Hace un hora
I fell in love Bella in this video great tips
Pili Sánchez
Pili Sánchez Hace 2 horas
I just love her!♥️♥️♥️♥️
Avacado Eilish
Avacado Eilish Hace 3 horas
She is misunderstood i don't know why people dislike her i would be friends with her she is so pretty and chill she reminds me of billie eilish
Melike Bala
Melike Bala Hace 4 horas
Where is mascara ?
Hello Rachel
Hello Rachel Hace 4 horas
she’s so pretty i love the blue liner on her
Raquel J. Soares
Raquel J. Soares Hace 5 horas
She is not really "Vogue".
Jamie_Xclusive !!
Jamie_Xclusive !! Hace 8 horas
Bella: I’m pretty tan right now What I see:🥚
Mei Akira
Mei Akira Hace 9 horas
Remember when she had a squeaky voice? Yeah, me too.
Cris Rocha
Cris Rocha Hace 9 horas
marian mdize
marian mdize Hace 10 horas
Are you somehow related to Jeffreystar?
Marana Blake
Marana Blake Hace 10 horas
“I’m pretty tan right now” Me when I’m a different shade of white
hannah !
hannah ! Hace 13 horas
Her voice is sooo soothing😍😍😍
ArtismFun Hace 13 horas
There's no other word for her. She's cool.
Tara Jovanov
Tara Jovanov Hace 14 horas
i'm obsessed with her lips
Gil Stein
Gil Stein Hace 14 horas
«Hello guys and thank you for waisting your time» 😂😂 It shows that celebrities are also actually just normal people
Ceci Coronado
Ceci Coronado Hace 20 horas
Can yall put billie on here 😭 i would really like to see her skincare routine
tittyshit the 4th
tittyshit the 4th Hace 21 un hora
Why tf is she so pretty?😭❤
Tšäpäniis thighili Cheese geik
Tšäpäniis thighili Cheese geik Hace 22 horas
Amber Stools
Amber Stools Hace 23 horas
She really edgy and 80s vibe I like her makeup style
Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald Hace un día
Fee face said “🦶🏻”
Wander Islander
Wander Islander Hace un día
ramen noddles
ramen noddles Hace un día
Shake it up!😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
B R U H ._.
B R U H ._. Hace un día
She’s actually kinda cute in a weird way
karina valdez
karina valdez Hace un día
i know her lips are fake but they fit her so well
Karoline. Hace un día
she’s so pretty❤️
antonella moya
antonella moya Hace un día
Give tana one of these videos
Alexander Chevalier
Alexander Chevalier Hace un día
I love her so much
Häññâh Mëïër
Häññâh Mëïër Hace un día
Honestly to me she looks better without makeup
gatchalover_2019 tehehe
gatchalover_2019 tehehe Hace un día
Aye wassup meet me at the restaurant by 5th Street I'll pick you up XD
gatchalover_2019 tehehe
gatchalover_2019 tehehe Hace un día
My eybrows are filled in so when I get older I don't need to put makeup on then bc well all I have to do is fix then a bit like thw shape but other then that my eyebrows are filled
PIREX MEDIA Hace un día
How to makeup like crack addict Bella :
vaneh Hace un día
Her voice is so annoying
Hana Waitere
Hana Waitere Hace un día
shes done lazarbeam
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Hace un día
Aalya Qureshi
Aalya Qureshi Hace un día
Bella Thorne is me in front of my mirror, but she’s actually being viewed by millions. 😂
Erica Lopez
Erica Lopez Hace un día
At least she doesn’t have hyperpigmentation, i dont have acne anymore but it looks like i do because of the red spots left behind
Kait Perez
Kait Perez Hace un día
"I dont like the whole perfection look" *literally has lip filler*
Kait Perez
Kait Perez Hace un día
Why do all these women not put their hair up while doin makeup???
Jenny Tan
Jenny Tan Hace un día
She gives off big crackhead energy and I love it
Faya00001 pebble
Faya00001 pebble Hace un día
Can this make up style be worn by women of all skin shades?
Alexandra Long
Alexandra Long Hace un día
Everyone judges her but like, love her now wtf??💕
Ana R
Ana R Hace 2 días
Did she get her lips done?
debbie v
debbie v Hace 2 días
are you kidding me the "one for good luck" was adorable
debbie v
debbie v Hace 2 días
my oily skin NEEDS to be washed twice a day ... oh the time id save in the morning if i didnt have to
Purple Panda
Purple Panda Hace 2 días
Her lips tho yesss
ashley caramba
ashley caramba Hace 2 días
I love this girls personality
Michelle Flores
Michelle Flores Hace 2 días
I don’t like her Edit / ok I watched the whole thing she’s kinda funny
Layan Alotaibi
Layan Alotaibi Hace 2 días
أوكيه درينا عندها فلوس بس مو لدرجه تلبس ساعتين اذا احد سالها الساعه كم بتشوف اي ساعه؟؟😭😂
Luanny d' iemanjá
Luanny d' iemanjá Hace 2 días
Eu olhei e gritei: Rainhaaaaaaa❤
berta xx
berta xx Hace 2 días
Julia Andersson
Julia Andersson Hace 2 días
I would take you out on a date😂
no ideas
no ideas Hace 2 días
okay but how goergeus she can be...doesn't even need makeup wtf
Antuhanett VQ
Antuhanett VQ Hace 2 días
Why did you VOGUE erase the comments?!!
Ken bats
Ken bats Hace 2 días
Her beauty can go out without make up..
jin-lucas-d.o my babie
jin-lucas-d.o my babie Hace 3 días
Kacey Balseca
Kacey Balseca Hace 3 días
Small youtuber ✨ just starting
Preaching Sarcasm
Preaching Sarcasm Hace 3 días
Am I the only one who seriously thinks her and Winona Ryder look alike?
Faiz Ammar
Faiz Ammar Hace 3 días
Owen wilson daughter
ALITZELH Hace 3 días
her voice 🤤😔
Trinity G.
Trinity G. Hace 3 días
at least she doesnt have that upside down cross drawn by cranberry juice on her forehead lol
K3Z! Hace 3 días
Hmm! I am gonna try her eye liner tip with aubergine colour!
Kylie Creates
Kylie Creates Hace 3 días
I really don’t like Bella, but lil oily me immediately tapped when I saw “acne skin care”😪
Leticia Maria Cavalcante
Leticia Maria Cavalcante Hace 3 días
She is looking like a person how smoked a LOT
神zKBlank Hace 3 días
*Xeroderma Pigmentosum* If you watched _it_ you should know this
Ian Eyd
Ian Eyd Hace 5 horas
I have seen a thousand things...
神zKBlank Hace 3 días
Just came back after a week. I watched her movie Midnight Sun and it was spectacular. WATCH IT!
adanya salaam
adanya salaam Hace 3 días
she scares me
mary catherine
mary catherine Hace 3 días
I love her!! She's like the friend you need when you're taking everything too seriously😂💖
len Hace 3 días
She's basically Kristin Stewart but on the other side of the anxiety spectrum
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 4 días
Hi Bella, it's too much make-up it clogs your facial pores.
Mariana PTKS
Mariana PTKS Hace 3 días
too much criticism clogs your brain pores
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