Barstool Pizza Review - Papa Gino's Frozen Pizza

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One Bite Pizza Reviews

One Bite Pizza Reviews

Hace 2 meses

A New England favorite, Papa Gino's gets their frozen pizza reviewed by the quarantined pizza king.
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Dingo Jones
Dingo Jones Hace 3 días
Now I know why there's not a single book in your apartment.
Pablo Cruise
Pablo Cruise Hace 3 días
Stephen Hawkins..... and Huey Lewis
Alexander Braddock
Alexander Braddock Hace 6 días
What’s the difference between a math guy and Papa Gino’s?
Alexander Braddock
Alexander Braddock Hace 6 días
Papa Gino’s can feed a family of four
Patrick Dunham
Patrick Dunham Hace 9 días
So wanted that Ginos to be good, that sucks. Now I know not to buy though, thanks man.
Joseph mannix
Joseph mannix Hace 11 días
He always overdoes the pizza
Pat Loria
Pat Loria Hace 16 días
Can you turn your TV off while you're doing the pizza review?
Kyle Reitz
Kyle Reitz Hace 27 días
One slice everyone knows the rules
notillustrated Hace un mes
It doesn't resemble a Papa Ginos pizza whatsoever. This looks like crap generic frozen pizza with a PG logo on it. So sad. They are struggling financially and shutting down alot of stores but their pizza is a NE classic. Wish they had better strategy and follow through.
88Doug Hace un mes
Pi is 3.14 I know that And pizza is a pie I also know that.
Mossow MotoXtremes
Mossow MotoXtremes Hace un mes
I tried this pizza tonight it’s disgusting you rated it 4.9😂 that’s being nice I would rate it 0.5/10 I no longer trust your reviews
Jak Meoff
Jak Meoff Hace un mes
When I was in Burlington Massachusetts which is not to far from Boston...we were building the yardjouse and one of the big wigs from darden inc. bought us Pappa Gino's it was delicious but Pizza days which also in Burlington Massachusetts was some of the best pizza I've eaten
Kyle Blake
Kyle Blake Hace un mes
TIL: Dave can't say "Pop"
Kyle Blake
Kyle Blake Hace un mes
Is Dave capable of doing anything correctly?
4Research 007
4Research 007 Hace un mes
Moved to Florida and I miss Papa Ginos so much. I guess I'm not surprised the frozen one wouldn't match the pizzeria. It was too much to hope for. #2 Grande to go please. That's all you need to know.
Hermit620 Hace un mes
I love Papa Gino's, and about a year ago they closed in the last Papa Gino's up here in Maine. I bought the Papa Gino's frozen pizza about a month ago to get my fix. Very disappointing. And now I can't even drive down to Massachusetts to fix the problem. So sad
Wally & Tony
Wally & Tony Hace un mes
Being from Canada I've never heard of Papa Gino's. Thanks for showing a review.
Jonathan Nader
Jonathan Nader Hace un mes
Can I get his address
Mary Dillon
Mary Dillon Hace un mes
Do pizza rolls
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto Hace un mes
“What’s a cup?”
Joe Picone
Joe Picone Hace un mes
Safe to say you arent the math guy lol
Kasey Mackin
Kasey Mackin Hace un mes
OMG You are Frekin Hilarious!!
Chris Bouvé
Chris Bouvé Hace un mes
One “Pup-a Gino’s” review, everyone knows the rules
RO'K Hace un mes
Not nearly BURNT enough for POTAO CHIP DAVEY.
Chase J
Chase J Hace un mes
as a newton pythagithoriam i dont understand the project/homework but i think i missed the turn in date anyways
Lil Dangle
Lil Dangle Hace un mes
Hawkins?? 😂😂😂
Boston Blues
Boston Blues Hace un mes
*Math Guy* - Puts Dave in a mental pretzel
Evan Brad
Evan Brad Hace 2 meses
Do delessio pizza
league of legands
league of legands Hace 2 meses
he chooses newton over Einstein when Einstein had to pretty much fix newtons laws of physics...and Einstein was a 'math guy' lol ever heard of E = mc
California Dreaming
California Dreaming Hace 2 meses
I randomly found this weird chowdahead, subscribed.
Artemio Perez
Artemio Perez Hace 2 meses
Josh Bryant
Josh Bryant Hace 2 meses
Thanks for putting me up there with the greatest minds in history. 50 calories per cup, 4 servings per container. 1 serving about 3 cups. So 1 serving is about 150 calories it’s 50(calories) x 3(cups) = 150 or 150x4=600 calories per bag 😂😂
Jerome Lock
Jerome Lock Hace 2 meses
Pythagoras did not eat beans. Stop eating beans Dave, your math will get better & most likely your apartment will smell much nicer.
Adrian Musliu
Adrian Musliu Hace 2 meses
El Presidente you're the man
Alexander L
Alexander L Hace 2 meses
Why do you say one bite? When you take multiple bites? It makes no sense....
MrUncleHerb Hace 2 meses
Dave, did you know math guys can't win the Nobel peace prize because a math guy banged out Nobel's wife? And you're thinking Steven "Wheels" Hawking.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Hace 2 meses
“Pagatheorem?” A Michigan Man, everybody.
Luffaman Hace 2 meses
first sentence and the foul mouth begins. Stick your channel where the sun don't shine!!!! I'll be hearing NOTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!!
Graydon Kinard
Graydon Kinard Hace 2 meses
Tony's pizza
Patrick Boyer
Patrick Boyer Hace 2 meses
That ass awful popcorn substitute has almost 1/3 the calories of pirates booty per serving. 50 calories for the ass corn to the booty corns 140. There you go davey. Dont do so much blow, you got ma worried. Ya ass clownl
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Hace 2 meses
Hip Hop Junkie
Hip Hop Junkie Hace 2 meses
It don't even look like Papa Gino's
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Hace 2 meses
the future and what is coming.
Gus K.
Gus K. Hace 2 meses
I had no idea papa ginos made frozen pizza
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace 2 meses
Losing taste is the first symptom of corona, everybody knows the rules
david brown
david brown Hace 2 meses
gay looking
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Hace 2 meses
I tried one of these pizzas not too long ago, its hard to duplicate the texture of a Papa’s pizza in a home oven, its just not the same.
senni bgon
senni bgon Hace 2 meses
These videos are getting painful.
mnika voli
mnika voli Hace 2 meses
Pres out here slowly turning in to Pattinson in The Lighthouse
Mark Reilly
Mark Reilly Hace 2 meses
Hands down the funniest pizza review I have seen so far (I have seen probably 150-200 of them). Pathagorem, isn't that what it's called?
Jeff Meyer
Jeff Meyer Hace 2 meses
Ok f New England f the Pats but Papa Ginos is the best chain pizza and its not even close. Not the frozen pie though. Bears no resemblance to the PG recipe. Papa Ginos fresh pizza? 10 fucking 2. 10.2. Thats a review
mnika voli
mnika voli Hace 2 meses
i thought he was thinking rain man
Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas Hace 2 meses
Over cooked pizza
Mister Pep-Aae
Mister Pep-Aae Hace 2 meses
no you have not eatean pizza!
Ryan M
Ryan M Hace 2 meses
This idiot can't film a pizza review where's Frankie he's needed.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace 2 meses
One missing note, everyone knows the intro didn’t hit the same.
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis Hace 2 meses
Hey Dave send me all the pizza you don't like..
Damien Tong
Damien Tong Hace 2 meses
Thats more retard than dyslexic
Gurl Canic
Gurl Canic Hace 2 meses
Give it to a crack addict!!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace 2 meses
"if this is better for you than this is better, if pirate booty is better for you than this is better"
DT123 Hace 2 meses
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Hace 2 meses
Raymond Babbitt? Or someone real? Einstein or Newton.
Claire Baudouin
Claire Baudouin Hace 2 meses
make a fort using the boxes. idiot
Timothy King
Timothy King Hace 2 meses
These videos are getting painful.
Hap P
Hap P Hace 2 meses
Losing taste is the first symptom of corona, everybody knows the rules
Batman The
Batman The Hace 2 meses
This is how everyone should deal with haters he handles it the best
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Hace 2 meses
Everybody knows when your on a coke binge during a quarantine You don’t shower do your hair We all been there. Everybody knows the rules.
Oprimi Hace 2 meses
One bankrupt mediocre regional pizza chain everyone knows the rules
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Hace 2 meses
3 weeks into quarantine: so this place is called franky’s dead body. Looks good but we’ll see. One bite everybody knows the rules
Aj Rosas
Aj Rosas Hace 2 meses
i thought he was thinking rain man
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Hace 2 meses
one free ad train everybody knows the camera tried to escape
emily Hace 2 meses
The ending was so.. I do not know what is happening anymore at this point. Why this anger
echardcore Hace 2 meses
Rainman. Tree Tavern.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Hace 2 meses
one dry ice box everybody knows's its hazardous
Jack Emond
Jack Emond Hace 2 meses
Papa Ginos the best from New England POV
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson Hace 2 meses
Million Dollar Train Wreck.
Sullivan Domarchuk
Sullivan Domarchuk Hace 2 meses
"if this is better for you than this is better, if pirate booty is better for you than this is better"
Sauce916mcnasty Hace 2 meses
One Cup 2 Girls know the Rules
Jack Voogle
Jack Voogle Hace 2 meses
Keep snapping. The math guy’s going to come to you.
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